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does dead matter purchase assets? cause im working on my own project and i purchase models since i dont have a 2 million dollar kickstarter to hire artists with, and one of the guns (i wont say which since im not sure if its an nda violation) is the exact same as one that i bought for my project. it was a $10 model.

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We do. Like many studios, we purchase assets from time to time from third party artists. Some of these were purchased/included as placeholders until we move forward with our own tailor-made assets to fill that role, and serve as a kind of testing placeholder. Others were purchased for use outright - it's very much a case-by-case thing.

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thats understandable, but you probably want to get zRaiders name in the credits section - as well as use his other AKs for consistency in the game. going from the akm to the ak74 felt weird, it was like it was a different game, and the akm model is insanely detailed

As the assets are still in flux at this stage of the game, there's still quite a bit to be changed before we lock in anything with assets. I'll also note, because there appears to be some misinformation here, that the norm is typically not to credit the authors of assets from storefronts.

The license on most storefronts is for the asset as a clean piece of work, without any artist name attached. In some cases this is because it's not purely their work that has been purchased, and the artist may be using art they purchased from somebody else as a basis for their work or had others contribute to the work they created or the work was done as a collaboration. In other cases it's because their name has not been properly attached to the work. As well, in some legal jurisdictions it can raise issues to credit individuals without their express permission.

All that said, we will be looking at crediting any people we can for their asset work that is used in Dead Matter at a later date - the current credits provided with the Closed Alpha are not complete by any stretch of the imagination, and will be seeing a revamp at the time of the launch of the EA release of the game.

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