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1s foreign
8s [Music]
11s hey survivors it's likely been a while
14s since you've last heard my voice my name
16s is Nick and I'm the lead developer of
18s dead matter
19s saying that there has been a lot of
22s change brought to dead matter over the
24s last few years is a bit of an
26s understatement
28s this Vlog aims to clarify the current
30s situation with the project what we've
32s been up to over the last few months and
35s the direction we're going to be heading
36s towards in the future all of the footage
39s in this Vlog is representative of what
41s is currently available in our nightly
43s build it's a sample of what's on the
45s plate for the next closed Alpha update
47s we also recently refactored all of the
49s materials in the game to use a small set
52s of Masters this is so we could set up
54s virtual texturing as well as additional
56s weather effect we should talk about the
58s zombies that you're seeing on screen
60s because there are quite a few of them
62s back in 2018 we established that one of
65s the most important things to debt matter
66s is that dead matter is a zombie game
69s it's not a survival game it's a Zombie
73s Survival game what you're looking at
75s right now is Pitbull AI Pitbull was
79s written entirely in-house we wanted to
81s build a total solution for zombies in
84s our game from the ground up this wasn't
86s our first time around the block trying
88s to pull something like this off though
90s we never really showed any of that
92s publicly because it honestly never
94s really went anywhere what you're seeing
96s on screen right now is the flocking
98s behavior for the AI zombies in Dead
100s matter will naturally form hordes and
102s they'll naturally dismantle them there
104s are different factors that feed into
106s what agents decide to form a horde but
109s generally they have a very temperament
111s and you should expect to see them moving
113s in groups around the map this next clip
115s is just basically a bit of a combat demo
117s unfortunately UV 5.2 actually ended up
121s blocking me from being able to show this
122s in the proper Vlog hence why I'm just
124s using an older clip to demonstrate that
126s the idea is there and it generally Works
129s any glitches and bugs that you're seeing
131s related to the position of the Ragdoll
133s is because I was actually working on the
135s networking module of pitbull at the time
138s that I recorded that video If you're
139s looking really close those aren't ants
142s they're zombies the session that I
144s recorded this in had
146s 2751 zombies to be exact this is just
150s for one town and the server is capable
152s of simulating a lot more this is without
155s any sort of system to enable or disable
158s simulation which means we have a lot of
160s room for optimization we are extremely
163s excited for the system Payton AKA
166s dogtooth CG is excited to be bringing us
170s a proper replacement to the prior Gore
173s system get your guns ready and plan
176s accordingly Grant polished up the hands
178s material because quite frankly the last
180s iteration really didn't look that great
182s for those of you that are out of the
184s loop since we rewrote the game shortly
186s after the closed off launch we actually
189s ended up going in a bit of a different
191s direction for the Player's character to
192s hand the camera and the controls we use
195s a sort of quote-unquote diet true first
198s person it's off by default but it's also
201s on in most of the footage that you're
202s seeing it's really subtle and it allows
205s us to really easily coordinate the
206s camera with the third person mesh
208s representation thank you there's a few
210s bugs here and there especially when the
212s camera doesn't align exactly what where
215s expecting it to be but it feels a lot
218s nicer you might have noticed that I just
221s walked up to that car got inside and
222s drove away this is all thanks to the new
224s vehicle system that Sasha has been
226s putting together they use chaos physics
228s and serve as a stable foundation for our
230s vehicles moving forward Cody one of our
233s coders implemented a new harvesting
236s system for the game this means that
237s bushes and even trees can now be
240s interacted with you can pick grapes and
243s berries from bushes or you can get an ax
246s out and start chopping some trees down
248s using an ax to deal damage to the logs
250s will result in firewood spawning there's
253s still a few more particles and a bit
254s more polish to go but overall the system
257s works and we're excited to bring it to
258s the next patch
260s the next system that we're talking about
261s is actually something that was developed
264s almost two years ago we did show it off
266s in a few of the blog posts that we were
267s doing recently however in 2022 the
271s feature was cut entirely Braden AKA
274s Nomad has been hard at work in fact he's
278s created multiple NPCs that you can
281s interact with in the world not only that
283s you can actually do jobs for them jobs
286s can also be triggered from Random
289s Encounters of the world such as the
290s strong jobs can also have branching
292s storylines which is something that we're
294s really excited for granted these
296s probably won't feel like a million
297s dollars until they're properly voice
299s acted but we do feel that they give our
302s players a lot more to do in the world
304s than the current version of the game
305s offers
307s next up we have a tour of the entire map
309s I'm going to cover each individual
311s region of our world currently we have
314s three primary regions in our world the
316s regions are dead man's flat x-shaw and
320s CB there is also a fourth region that is
322s currently in production right now that
325s region is Canmore
327s currently what you're looking at is the
329s CB region of the map it's characterized
332s by its large hydroelectric Dam
335s EB also features a summer camp a small
338s rural region campgrounds as well as a
341s quarry there's honestly too much to
344s actually show here in one Vlog so we
347s highly encourage that people download
349s 0.10 and give the area a tour for
352s themselves
353s if you are currently not a backer of the
355s project well there's no Indiegogo link
358s to go to anymore since we are nearing
360s the end of the closed Alpha for dead
362s matter if you do not already have access
364s to it we may actually consider lending
367s you a key keep in mind that we have
369s limited quantities and we are generally
372s prioritizing people that have made
373s themselves visible in the community next
376s up on the map tour we have the one and
378s the only Dead Man's flat
381s oddly enough a lot of people actually
383s think that we renamed the town that this
385s is based off of but no dead men's Flats
388s is an actual town in Alberta near
390s Canmore and near extra it's actually
393s right in between the two while all of
395s the Town names in dead matter are up for
396s grabs by backers that paid for them the
399s region will still be referred to as dead
401s men's flats for realism purposes the DMF
404s region also includes Pasco Lake this
407s part of the map has plenty of hiking
409s trails for you to follow as a player
410s there's also a few other locations in
413s the area such as this massive Timber
415s yard as well as the Mountain Gate Resort
417s one of the first few additions that we
420s made to dead men's Flats in the original
422s version of the game another blast from
424s the past is that there are a few crashed
426s military helicopters in the area the
429s next area on the map tour is extra known
432s famously in Alberta for its massive
434s concrete plant if you're from the region
436s and if you've ever driven to Banff then
439s you've actually likely seen one of the
440s buildings that I'm about to show off in
443s real life however that depends on
445s whether or not you've taken Highway 1 or
447s Highway 1A both of which are represented
450s in dead matter if you've driven on 1A
453s then you might actually recognize this
455s plant with all the green Windows on it
457s this plant is a lot lesser known but it
459s is a lot prettier in our opinion Ken and
462s Patrick both did an excellent job on
463s these locations I personally cannot wait
465s to hunt down players in my own game at
468s these locations I guess if you've ever
470s really wanted to kill me you'll finally
471s get your chance good luck though you'll
473s need it
477s and this is the plant that I was
480s referring to earlier if you've driven to
482s Banff you've definitely seen this in
484s real life speaking of banth and other
486s towns that are near Banff the last place
488s that I'll be taking you to on the map
489s tour will be Kenmore however this part
492s of Canmore isn't actually a part of
495s Canmore proper which is actually going
497s to be the games for small sized city no
500s these are actually a suburb that exists
502s outside of Canmore Ken Patrick and Dusty
505s have done a fantastic job on this part
508s of the map Ken and Patrick have been
510s working on a lot of the exteriors Ken
512s has been working on blocking out all of
514s the different buildings Dusty has been
516s primarily focusing on environment art to
519s make sure that the level designers can
520s work ahead of the art team this allows
523s us to get a feel for the region as well
524s as allowing the level design team to
527s work ahead of the art team
529s is crucial because level design often
531s involves far more iterations than
532s environment art will not only that we're
535s actually creating buildings because we
537s need them rather than the other way
539s around where we were creating buildings
541s and then finding a use for them on the
543s map while this is much more of an
545s industry standard approach and we're
547s pretty much anything but industry
548s standard at this point we found that
550s this is an approach that works really
552s well as seen by the school that Dusky
555s has been working on originally created
556s as a blockout by Ken and then passed
558s over to Dusty for completion there's
560s still a bit of work that needs to be
562s done to make sure that it fits the
563s setting but overall this is actually one
567s of the largest if not the largest
568s building in the game right now it also
570s wouldn't have been possible without our
571s pipeline changes we hope you're as
573s excited as we are for the direction that
575s the game will be going in moving forward
577s we decided to go down a lot more of a
580s realistic simulator style direction does
583s that mean that we're not a game no not
586s necessarily does this mean that we are
588s deviating from the original vision of
590s the game no we feel that this actually
592s all lines us more closely to the
594s original vision of the game realistic
596s simulation but also we want to remain
600s realistic as playable which is a key
602s element for us lastly I really wanted to
605s thank everyone from the bottom of my
607s heart for tagging along for the journey
609s most of us on the team were about 18 19
611s years old when we originally started and
613s committed to this project while there
615s have been some Peaks and valleys on the
617s way to getting dead matter onto steam we
620s are incredibly grateful to have the
621s amount of support from the community it
624s really means a lot to us once again
626s thank you guys so much we really really
629s appreciate it if you're interested in
631s helping the project in any sort of way
633s or if you're interested
634s this is normally where I would show the
636s Indiegogo scroller but since we don't
639s really have an Indiegogo page anymore if
641s you want to support Us wishlist us on
643s Steam sharing the video also helps us
645s tremendously until next time stay safe
648s survivors