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0s welcome back survivors my name is Anton
2s I'm a community associate here at Qi
4s games and I will be hosting today's Vlog
6s it's been a minute since we've done one
8s of these so let me briefly catch you up
10s to speed on what's been going down in
11s 2022 at the beginning of the year we
14s restructured Qi games in order to
16s achieve our goals for an early access
18s release over the past year we've hired a
21s new team tackled plenty of technical
22s debt and begun to mold the gameplay of
24s dead matter so it can live up to the
26s initial Vision we set out to accomplish
28s we've hired several industry veterans to
31s lead our company and their experiences
33s helped us expand our team size as well
35s as ensure that we have a steady
36s production Pipeline with more senior
38s leadership we've seen a huge boost to Qi
41s games productivity over the last several
42s months over that time we've managed to
45s launch three closed Alpha updates to our
47s backers with each update bringing
48s drastic changes to dead matter and with
51s the combined pedigree of new and old
53s staff laid a clearer path to Early
55s Access for today's Vlog we're going to
57s focus on where the game is right now and
59s the changes we're making for our next
61s closed Alpha update as well as the scope
63s for our initial Early Access launch what
66s you'll see today is the work we're
67s putting in to release a solid initial
69s Early Access version of dead matter
71s there's a lot to talk about so let's get
73s into it
75s first we're going to talk about infected
77s we're currently working on improving the
79s infected spawning system and AI systems
81s to increase the level of immersion in
83s dead matter what this means is that
85s infected should spawn in a way that
86s feels natural in the game World on top
89s of that our AI changes should improve
90s other infected behaviors for example
93s when you alert when infected they will
94s alert other nearby infected within a
96s certain radius causing them to form a
98s horde this also opens up our infected
101s Behavior so we can start to incorporate
102s different play Styles like stealth
106s aside from infected Behavior we've also
108s begun remodeling are infected using
110s unreal's metahumans but we're also
113s adding our own custom detailing to give
115s them that Undead look these new infected
118s models are already looking a lot better
120s and we're excited to expand these models
122s as development progresses it's not just
124s our infected models getting an upgrade
126s we've also done the same with our player
128s models our initial model set will be
130s limited but we will expand over the
132s course of development moving away from
134s our previous models is another step in
136s the right direction for improving the
137s overall look of dead matter the scope of
140s our initial Early Access launch is
142s something else we'd like to clarify in
143s this vlog
145s we've decided to limit the initial size
147s of the map for Early Access launch so we
149s can focus on refining key locations and
151s creating a more interesting and
152s immersive open World experience the
154s initial map will focus on the town of
156s Dead Man's Flats as well as some
157s surrounding locations outside of the
159s town and getting into the mountains
161s don't get it wrong this map is still
163s large and there will be plenty of things
165s to explore in this slice of the game
166s alone also as development continues
169s after Early Access launch and after our
171s full launch we will continue to expand
173s the map in future updates another thing
176s I'd like to announce is our composer
177s we've hired Alexander Brandon to score
179s dead batter we're excited to start
181s implementing these tracks into the game
182s and we're using some of the music he
184s wrote for dead matter in today's Vlog
186s now let's take a look at some of the
188s locations that will appear in Early
189s Access
191s keep in mind that all of these locations
193s are in our closed Alpha and therefore
195s still a work in progress as we highlight
198s a few of these locations I want to
199s discuss a few of the graphical changes
201s we've made as a team over the past
203s couple of months first off is the
205s implementation of lumen which allows for
207s far more Dynamic and realistic lighting
209s scenarios in dead matter we have also
211s spent our time creating a volumetric
213s cloud system and a retro reflector
216s system that improves the look of road
218s signs and other reflective materials
220s we've also optimized our virtual
222s texturing system which assists with the
224s amount of memory being used to render
226s Textures in our open world thereby
228s improving performance
230s this combination of Technologies is
233s really elevating our game into another
234s level of graphical Fidelity and it's
237s helping us achieve our goals for
238s capturing a realistic aesthetic for dead
240s matter now let's take a quick look at
242s some of the more subtle gameplay changes
244s coming to dead matter the first thing I
245s want to discuss is the changes to
247s looting that our team is currently
248s making loot is an important element of
251s any Survival game and we needed to
253s overhaul our looting system to improve
255s the gameplay of dead matter the first
256s thing our team did was redesign
258s containers to spawn loot based on the
260s container's location in the game world
262s so if you open a drawer in a hunting
264s cabin it will spawn loot that is
266s relevant for that hunting cabin whereas
268s a drawer in a town home will have a
269s different set of loot to draw from this
271s loot change is based on a dynamic loot
273s volume system in short this system
275s allows us to set loot spawning rules for
277s different locations all over the map
279s moreover we can add additional layers
281s like differentiating a kitchen and a
283s bathroom within that Dynamic Loop volume
285s as a result we can make loot spawn
287s randomly but also be much more
288s contextual to the location that you find
290s it on the map our team has also worked
293s hard on creating a tier system for loot
295s this tier system ranks items based on
298s their value it is important for us to
299s structure the flow of each player's
301s gameplay experience and having a tier
303s system helps us do that this Works hand
305s in hand with our map design and other
306s gameplay elements so players get a sense
308s a progression as they play the game when
310s you first spawn into the world you're
312s going to typically find lower tier loop
314s as you continue to explore you will come
316s across more dangerous locations that
318s will obviously have a much better loot
320s it's a simple concept but it gives the
322s game an actual sense of momentum as you
324s play through the game for several hours
326s the last thing you'll share today is the
328s changes we've been making to our medical
329s system our team is dissecting and fixing
332s our medical system to ensure that status
334s effects and damage are properly being
336s applied additionally our team is making
339s sure that these ailments to the player
341s character can be treated with bandages
343s or medicine and that those items are
345s having an effect on the player it sounds
347s simple but what we're going for here is
350s not a system that just works but one
352s that actually adds to the gameplay
353s experience of dead matter we're striving
355s for a fairly in-depth system here and we
357s want to ensure that this system is easy
358s to expand in the future and interesting
361s for players during gameplay we will have
363s more to share with you as this work
364s continues in the future that's it for
366s this road to Early Access Vlog I highly
368s encourage you to read our September blog
370s post written by our development team to
372s get a more in-depth breakdown of some of
374s the changes discussed in this Vlog by
376s the way dead matter is available to
377s wishlist on Steam so please consider
379s hitting that wishlist button so you can
381s be among the first to play the game when
383s it reaches its Early Access phase stay
385s tuned to our blog for more details about
387s dead matters development and we will
389s return with a new Vlog around closed
391s Alpha 0.10 thank you for watching