19 days ago - DeadByBHVR - Direct link
We’re extending the testing of our new Matchmaking System. You may notice a larger disparity in Ranks during the test, as Ranks are no longer used for matchmaking. For more details and our next steps, click here: https://bit.ly/32C9SrG #DeadbyDaylight #DBD http://pbs.twimg.com/media/EdZbkjsXoAAPj1a.png
19 days ago - DeadByBHVR - Direct link
@DanielHildrum We want to make sure everything's working smoothly before we push it out to everyone. The smaller tests have gone really well so far, so fingers crossed we'll be able to have it out for everyone soon.
19 days ago - DeadByBHVR - Direct link
@CoDTX371 For now, yes. We're hoping to bring it to all PC & console platforms soon if this test goes well.

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