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Latest Patch NotesDedicated Servers | 2.7.0 PTB Learnings (16 days ago)


Year 3 anniversary | Trailer

about 19 hours ago - Dead By Daylight on Youtube - Thread - Direct

22 May

21 May

For its year 3 anniversary, Dead by Daylight will be hosting its biggest livestream

Major reveals, drama, laughs, cries, surprises. It’s a date!


May 31st 2019

What time?

at 3PM EST

Where can we watch the livestream?



19 May

18 May

16 May

Developer Update | May 2019

8 days ago - not_Queen on News - Thread - Direct

 Last month, we were happy to release our first Developer Update, a blogpost focusing on some of the most pressing issues and how we are working on solving them.  

The last Developer Update was very well received and this time around, we will be revisiting our topics from last month and give you an update on their progress, as well as some new topics, including disconnection handling, hitboxes / hit registration and more. 

Update on previous topics 

Optimization – Still on track  

Last time we communicated about optimization was in March and we thought it was time to give you an update on o...

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15 May

08 May

On April 25th 2019, dedicated servers were enabled on the PTB to allow for our first infrastructure tests. Shortly after being enabled we reached a peak concurrent user count of 1503, and over 22 000 unique players played on the dedicated servers during the 5 day period in which there were turned on.

What were the results from the PTB?

Our main objective was to test our infrastructure and confirm it could handle a large number of players simultaneously. The results from the PTB gave us a greater insight into what we can improve to ensure that it is as stable as possible for our official release.

Choosing a server

The process of c...

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07 May


17 days ago - Patricia on News - Thread - Direct


  • Content - Re-implemented the full translation for Traditional Chinese.
  • Feature - Added a delay before the ping indicator appears in the online lobby for Killers & Survivors. This delay allows for the ping to stabilize before being displayed to the player. 
  • Feature - Games that would start with less than 5 players are canceled, and all players still connected to the server will be returned to the tally screen (keeping their items, add-ons and offerings) and notified about the cancellation.
  • Feature - Re-added the theme music for DLC characters.

End Game Collapse

  • Closing the hatch instantly powers up the exit gates.
  • End Game Collapse starts when an exit gate is opened or when the Killer closes the hatch.
  • End Game timer starts at 2 minutes. Timer is slowed down when a Survivor is downed or hooked.
  • Survivors are sacrificed by the Entity when...
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05 May

04 May

02 May

Data Sheets | Community Requests

22 days ago - Peanits on News - Thread - Direct

Earlier this week, we asked you what statistics you would like to see. Since then, we have collected data on some of the most popular requests and designed some fancy graphics for them. There are a few things to note:

  • This data does not include the recent PTB.
  • Data involving rank was collected shortly before a rank reset (April 1st to April 7th).
  • These are very general statistics, so use caution before drawing any conclusions.

Average Party Size

This is the overall average, between all ranks and platforms, of how many other Survivors players are queuing up with. More than half of the total Survivors are playing solo, while only 3-6% are playing in a full Survive With Friends group. This is based on the group size out of the total number of matches.

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01 May

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