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Latest Patch NotesThird Anniversary | Contest Winners (1 day ago)


After careful considering, we are happy to announce the winners to our third anniversary contests! If you don't see your creation here, don't be discouraged. We receive an astounding amount of entries, and selecting three winners was incredibly difficult.

As a reminder, the prizes for the artwork, video, and cosplay contests are:

  • 1st place: 24,000 Auric Cells
  • 2nd place: 18,000 Auric Cells
  • 3rd place: 18,000 Auric Cells

Winners of the design an in-game cosmetic contest will receive 10,000 Auric Cells, and their creation will be turned into a cosmetic available in the game!

Entries were judged creativity a...

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17 Jul

16 Jul

15 Jul

14 Jul

13 Jul

10 Jul

09 Jul

People of the Fog,

The 3.1.0 update is now live on the Player Test Build. This update includes the Nightmare and Springwood reworks alongside various other changes. For more info and instructions on how to join the PTB, click here:

See you in the Fog...
The Dead by Daylight team

The New Nightmare | Content

10 days ago - Peanits on News - Thread - Direct

People of the fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team is happy to announce the upcoming release for The Nightmare rework. As per our presentation of the rework on the Third Anniversary Livestream, we have done major changes to The Nightmare’s general gameplay, power and add-ons. 

Sleeping Mechanics 


On the verge of falling asleep, Survivors facing The Nightmare constantly dip in and out of consciousness. The Killer is invisible at a distance, intermittently visible from 32 meters to 16 meters, and always visible in close range, making him difficult to track as he approaches. 

New Sleep Cycle  ...

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08 Jul

07 Jul

06 Jul

05 Jul

Developer Update | June/July 2019

14 days ago - Peanits on News - Thread - Direct

We are back with our third Developer Update, a blogpost which focuses on some of the most frequently discussed issues and the steps we are taking to resolve them, upcoming features, and general improvements coming to the game. As we have done previously, we’ll be revisiting our topics from the previous Developer Update and share our progress before jumping into new topics.


The Nightmare Rework

We have revealed new details about Freddy through the Third Anniversary livestream as well as a follow up stream this past Thursday. If you missed either of these streams, you can find the archived versi...

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04 Jul

Dead By Daylight | Freddy rework

15 days ago - Dead by Daylight on Youtube - Thread - Direct

Dead By Daylight | Freddy rework

15 days ago - Dead By Daylight on Youtube - Thread - Direct
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