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This year’s show features an exciting Chapter reveal, upcoming gameplay updates, and plenty of surprises to come.

The Anniversary Broadcast features:
  • Year 9: Roadmap
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • New Chapter Reveal
  • What Lies Ahead
  • 8th Anniversary In-Game Celebrations

Join us on Twitch[www.twitch.tv] or YouTube on May 14th (11AM ET).

See you in the Fog,
The Dead by Daylight Team

Transcript (by Youtube)

0s e
165s is a huge franchise that I've always
167s enjoyed so much so seeing that world and
171s dead by daylight kind of Come Together
173s High RPD locked the characters brought
176s in the Cosmetics even for like a blight
179s uh Rebeca AA Leon the puppy dog and a
184s most immortally Wesker dude which was
186s absolutely awesome as
187s well Nemesis Wesker incredible Oro BOS
213s p
242s hello everybody it's Paul eester here my
245s favorite reveal from past anniversary
248s streams would have to be the Silent Hill
251s chapter because I think that one
252s surprised almost everyone I think my
256s favorite reveal for a dbd anniversary
258s was dbd's fifth year anniversary because
262s that's when Resident Evil came to dead
264s by daylight and I remember everyone
266s being so excited for it I know I was it
269s was also around around that time I
270s became a fog whisper as well so I think
272s year five was my favorite year it's
274s always exciting to see your favorite
276s franchise be announced as a new chapter
279s and I'm not going to lie I'm kind of
280s excited to see what other horror icons
282s we might see in the future question two
286s what are you looking forward to or what
287s do you think will be revealed in the
289s dead by daylight 8 anniversary stream
292s what I'm looking forward to and what I
294s hope will be revealed in the eth
298s anniversary stream for this stream I
301s think is I don't know dude can we please
306s get it or you know a lot of people been
308s mention Five Nights at Freddy's but
310s mainly it or Headless Horseman bring it
314s home bring headless horseman in
317s everyone's everyone's making fun of me
319s in the comments aren't they I can
329s tell for
376s this year for the 8th anniversary live
378s stream I feel like there's just one
380s important character that's missing from
381s that Hall of Fame of killers for dead by
383s daylight and it would be the cherry on
385s top if we can get that character so
387s fingers crossed we get a big license
389s revealed and if we're just talking about
391s game stuff couple of quick little things
394s maybe utilization of unreal 5 I would
396s love to see it in DVD maybe a crafting
398s mode where we could get a new currency
399s or even some Prestige 100 rewards would
402s be so cool to be announced this year
406s [Music]
427s what am I looking forward to the most in
430s this anniversary stream I just love
432s hanging out with the fog family seeing
434s the amazing set decorations and all of
437s the reveals that are here to come but
439s hey you know if you were going to
441s announce Candyman today I I wouldn't
443s complain happy anniversary
446s everybody for our eth year anniversary I
448s have no idea what dead by daylight is
450s planning it's always something big and
452s exciting and I love the events that come
454s along with it so I'm honestly just so
457s proud that we are going to be
459s celebrating 8 years with dead by
461s daylight and going into our ninth year
463s so I'm excited for anything I'm really
466s hoping we can find more information
468s about the casting of Frank Stone I think
470s this is going to be a really cool and
471s exciting experience with the expansion
473s of the Dead by daylight lore really
474s looking forward to all the upcoming
476s announcements this year for dead by
477s daylight happy anniversary
485s hello it's your boy Mr flat face
490s himself never mind holy all
495s right
501s my push
538s MO
543s fore spee
550s speee Noe
572s [Music]
584s dude I'm telling you he did not see that
587s coming and he's going to see this coming
589s even less
593s [Music]
600s [Music]
602s what this one you'll just walk past it
605s honey he's out of
606s knives
608s [Music]
615s oh SC me someone here right now oh my
621s God my God my God please please please
623s please please please
644s oh
648s [Music]
654s God oh my God y'all better be careful
657s today cuz I my pH I my face at any
661s moment I might face at any
678s moment he's right there on the hill he's
682s on the hill what we
684s no you don't know I'm here you don't
686s know I'm here yes he does yes he does
687s yes he does yes he does
697s I
699s [Laughter]
700s [Music]
702s [Laughter]
736s please F don't step in this only trap on
738s the
739s stairs thank God he was he was super
744s close I stepped on the trap in the
747s stairs I did I did
750s I did bro I stepped in the trap on the
753s [Laughter]
756s stairs oh
761s no was that a 360 wall flash yeah you
765s want to see something cool I'll show you
767s something cool you just wait till I do a
770s 520
774s uh oh I found the hatch
780s wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
781s wait wait
804s wait what is the name of the coffee shop
807s that seel and mcka were work dot is it a
812s moon cake b moonlights c
817s Moonstone or D Sunstone
880s [Music]
886s speee
963s by
1042s want the
1048s blue for
1127s hi darling it's is your girl die hard de
1128s and I have a question for you the
1130s community which of the following
1132s offerings grants 107% bonus blood points
1135s in all categories to all players is it a
1138s fr FL B bloody party streamers C
1142s Survivor pudding or D Terror misu
1211s congratulations to the 8 years dead by
1212s daylight I so excited to see what
1214s happens next happy
1219s anniversary hi my name is Jean and I am
1221s a senior game designer hi this is Pema
1224s lady white designer on dbd hi everyone
1226s my name is Nick and I am a killer
1228s designer designer on dead by daylight
1230s hello it's comedian manager dork and I'm
1232s super excited to be looking at your fan
1234s art today so I'm going to go ahead and
1236s start uh with the first one I'm super
1238s excited so here we go I love this look
1241s of the unknown especially the broken gun
1244s so that's like their weapon it's like
1246s the unknown ate both the Deer Hunter and
1249s the deer at the same time he was like
1251s okay well that works
1254s together the the bones protruding from
1257s everywhere is so
1259s uncomfortable in obviously a great way
1261s for the
1263s unknown oh toita and
1265s Rado yeah this is just perfect I I love
1268s those carrots so much yeah in one of the
1270s first chapters I work on so it's it's
1273s great I like to see them here this was
1275s for the blood moon event wait is this
1277s illustration or is this CG I actually
1279s can't tell like I I'm just like stopping
1282s myself because this is amazing the
1284s trickster In This Very like black lit
1288s room that is so cool I think it very
1291s much goes with some of his Cosmetics
1293s that give off that kind of neon oh I see
1296s everything from Brazil here I love it
1298s the reference Rio Jano Italo oh this is
1302s great this is great this is like a
1304s really cool way of showing like what
1305s Michaela looks like like boony I really
1307s love the uh style in her hair I think
1310s that's very unique a naughty bear oh
1312s it's felt oh my God I'd be really
1315s interested like if you do do another one
1317s to see like a video of how you did it
1319s wow this skull Merchant is really
1322s incredible like I wish I could zoom in
1324s some more on the on the uh mask piece
1326s looks like there's so much detail in
1327s there holy crap the prop work and even
1330s even like the hairs on point I have been
1333s seeing you on Twitter and I've just been
1335s so excited about your journey of Cosplay
1338s and making Cosmetics this is so good
1342s okay this like comic art graphic art of
1346s sable and Michaela against the unknown
1348s that is is horrifying but very very very
1352s cool great composition really like it
1355s really makes me think of like American
1356s 7s Comics like with the cross-hatching
1359s very illustrative very Dynamic I don't
1361s see enough art of the death Slinger and
1365s this is a really good one I love the
1367s chains I really love that they obscured
1369s one of the eyes and made one of them
1370s glow I think that's a an important
1373s detail of the death linger this is great
1375s lighting that is a badass one I I I love
1379s the the details even put like the
1381s caution uh tag here like the oh so good
1384s okay this is like really interesting to
1386s see like all of the aspects of how you
1387s create the
1389s cosplay this is like fine and work like
1391s this is attention to the max up details
1394s I love this and this purple that's such
1396s a pretty
1397s purple that's gorgeous I I wanted my
1400s desk oh the black finish okay okay that
1404s is an amazing mask oh my God my little
1408s with the me hair oh with the me
1412s hairstyle I I love having the the
1414s specific like pointing out it's a p 100
1418s on that's doing the stomping on this
1421s full Meg Lobby love the spirit really
1425s love the spirit and I like the shards
1427s coming out there the hair going out of
1429s frame is really fun it just keeps like
1432s it's going forever this is fantastic
1435s this is a really great piece of the
1437s artist like I love the use of the colors
1440s this is the most
1441s colorful I've ever seen the artist I
1443s love how one of the crows is a lot
1445s cooler and the other one's a bit warmer
1446s and I love that she enjoy companionship
1450s with her crows is is a really nice idea
1452s it's really cool look at
1455s her she's
1457s gorgeous all the all the little details
1460s and like like with all the little Rings
1463s going up along the crown such a hard
1466s work I love this I cannot even think how
1469s many hours was this how many days it's
1472s just really good production so this is a
1474s really great spirit I really love how
1477s you captured this entire mood that's so
1481s cool like this I could see this as a
1484s poster I'd love to have this poster to
1486s be honest so perfect it feels like her
1490s yeah oh my even the the necklace the
1493s expression it's Sable it's Sable you are
1495s sable
1497s yeah no way
1499s The Dredge how did you make this
1502s possible how did you do that I'd scream
1505s if I saw you like I do in every
1509s trial mhm mhm yeah okay I see I see who
1513s doesn't like this one
1515s right look at
1519s him I I honestly would love to see this
1523s I would love to see the unknown like in
1526s cosmetics of survivors I don't know how
1529s you guys can make the unknown acute
1531s character but you just made something
1534s possible like please do a series I want
1536s to see more of these oh this is one of
1539s my favorite Fong men skins with the
1542s headphones and the blue hair that's so
1544s cool oh I didn't even notice the game
1546s was in the background I love that people
1548s understand that you're never clean in
1550s the en's realm it's just yeah you never
1553s have a
1554s shower gosh not going into the woods
1557s anytime soon trying to stay as far away
1559s from this as possible this came out
1562s amazing it's like a one for
1564s one which one is the game right now I
1566s cannot even
1568s tell this skin for clawdette I need it
1570s this is so cool I love it let's go out
1573s on this one I can use this outfit let's
1576s go oh that's kind of cool way to present
1580s Sables invocation perk cuz like it's all
1584s the different hands that um would come
1587s to help her to her invocation weaving
1590s spiders perk in the basement oh in the
1594s spirit this feels like a real anime like
1596s a screenshot from an anime I think
1598s that's so awesome it's just amazing how
1602s you make it yeah I want to watch this
1605s can we make
1606s it this is great The Entity is actually
1610s an infant compared to the other eldrich
1612s God and the entities's realm is like a
1613s drawing currently attached to a
1615s fifth-dimensional
1617s refrigerator it's like that's actually
1619s really good I really like that idea it's
1620s cool and again maybe who knows you know
1623s this game is 7 eight years old now maybe
1626s in 88 years uh who knows where it's
1629s going to be you know everything's
1631s possible
1753s [Music]
1760s [Music]
1766s he
1771s [Music]
1812s what
1815s the never
1825s [Music]
1826s mind mind f
1828s [Music]
1844s [Music]
1848s Jesus don't you walk away from
1854s me oh man that is so beautiful I really
1857s like that
1861s woo no no oh my
1867s [Music]
1871s God you're dead
1877s [Music]
1886s [Music]
1893s [Music]
1905s we are live thank you everybody for
1908s joining us uh that trailer gets me so
1910s hyped so hyped oh my goodness it's so
1913s good and the jump scare at the end is
1914s necessary yes so hi everybody around the
1918s world and YouTube and twitch and open
1921s wck we're in Japanese we're in
1923s Portuguese we are in Spanish and of
1926s course English because that's what we're
1928s capable of uh thank you everyone for
1930s tuning in uh this is DVD's official 8th
1933s anniversary celebration yes and it's
1936s truly amazing to already know that we're
1937s on our third live stream of the year
1940s with only more to come and we just have
1942s to say thank you on behalf of the entire
1944s dead by daylight team for eight amazing
1947s years of support from Community
1950s worldwide yep so today we are going to
1953s be looking at everything that's coming
1955s over the coming year uh we're going to
1957s be starting pretty soon after our little
1960s intro here with something that we
1962s already teased last few days ago uh and
1965s that's Dungeons and Dragons coming to
1967s dead by daylight so it's going to be a
1969s full chapter we're going to dive into
1970s that and in fact after the show today
1973s that will be playable on Steam on the
1974s ptb yeah I'm really looking forward to
1977s it um but this wouldn't be a dead by
1979s daylight anniversary live stream without
1981s a couple of surprises so you're
1982s definitely going to want to stay for the
1984s full broadcast to see everything we've
1986s got to reveal today um but we've also
1989s got a live Q&A so if you have any
1991s questions please do make sure to drop
1993s them in your respective chats so we can
1994s answer as many as possible at the end of
1996s the stream but let's go ahead and take a
1998s look at what our run a show is for today
2000s yep we've got a great one lined up we're
2001s going to be joined by our buds Steph and
2003s Justin to walk you through our year nine
2007s which is a crazy number year n content
2010s and design road map and then after that
2012s senior product manager Derek is going to
2015s join us to talk about upcoming gameplay
2018s and quality of life improvements coming
2019s to the game including one that you're
2021s not going to want to miss yes and then
2024s we'll have Dave and janic here to reveal
2026s everything coming with the latest
2027s chapter for dead by daylight then we're
2029s going to have some updates about the
2031s other projects we've got in the world of
2033s DVD that being the casting of frankstone
2036s by super massive and an unnamed
2038s multiplayer PVE game by midwinter then
2042s we'll have Justin a completely different
2043s Justin from the one Eric talked about um
2045s coming in to break down this year's
2047s ingame Shenanigans for the anniversary
2050s and last we'll have our Q&A uh which
2053s once again drop your questions in the
2055s chat so we can answer as many as
2056s possible and who knows we might have
2058s some other little surprises and while
2060s you're dropping your questions we
2062s thought we would drop some content on
2064s you you like that yeah I like that I
2066s just made that up twitch drops are back
2068s so if you've watched our streams before
2070s we like to offer twitch drops to our
2071s viewers and and uh today is no exception
2074s so they're live right now uh and you can
2077s get them by connecting your behavior
2079s account to your Twitch account so there
2081s should be a QR code you can see there
2083s should be links in the twitch chat to
2084s jump over and get that hooked up if
2086s you're not already yes and if you're new
2088s to Twitch drops with dead by daylight
2090s all you need to know is that by watching
2092s any dead by daylight stream in the
2093s twitch directory you'll be acre watch
2095s time which will allow you to claim three
2097s of the twitch drops we have active today
2100s until May 28th the first one if you've
2103s already been with us since the start of
2104s our stream you're already on your way to
2105s claiming which is going to be the totem
2108s in-game badge and then after this if you
2110s watch any other dead by daylight stream
2112s um for 4 hours you'll get the Crimson
2115s Hue in-game banner and then lastly for
2118s eight years eight watching time y uh
2121s you'll be able to get the Greenville
2123s welcome to Greenville ingame Banner yep
2125s so enjoy those drops but uh we me
2128s surprises and uh we've got one to kick
2131s the show off with so the first of which
2135s is actually a new game oh my God what
2139s what the we've got a game that we
2140s haven't told anybody about yet uh it's
2143s from the world of dead by daylight uh
2144s we're going to share it with you right
2145s now it features some familiar faces and
2148s most importantly it is super duper fun
2151s and I think you'll be surprised so let's
2153s take a look
2178s well you've done it now Dwight you just
2180s had to touch the first board game now
2184s you and your friend are trapped in our
2186s world and danger is is everywhere but
2190s don't despair use your new magic
2192s abilities against the Swarms of monsters
2195s that want you dead run jump and shoot to
2199s collect blood points to repair
2200s generators increasing your powers along
2203s the way unlock the door to escape
2208s together did you just die it's not over
2212s yet use spells to keep your friend alive
2215s until they can revive you
2218s do you and your friend have what it
2220s takes to survive Ponder this as you ask
2224s yourselves what the
2237s f oh my God that song is so earworm he's
2240s going to get stuck in my head it the
2242s game itself is like the guitar solo of
2245s video game yeah like I'm already going
2246s to walk away and just gender
2248s okay but anyway yes you saw that
2251s correctly what the fog is now available
2254s and it's not only that but it's free for
2257s current behavior account holders and new
2259s subscribers um but we do have a limit of
2262s free keys so you're going to want to
2263s make sure that you make your behavior
2264s account after the stream of course or in
2266s another tab just don't leave um but go
2269s ahead and grab that claim it on your
2271s account and if you're unable to um then
2273s you're able to get it on Steam which is
2275s exclusively on Steam for $4.99 USD yep
2279s and uh as you might expect with the
2281s drops now a free game a lot of people
2284s watching the stream there might be some
2286s load on our uh on our Behavior login
2288s system so if there is bear with us we
2290s will get you in the door and don't worry
2292s you'll get the game uh so as you might
2294s have been able to tell from that trailer
2295s what the fog which is just the best
2298s title uh is a two-person Co-op Rog light
2301s uh the simple goal of surviving and
2303s escaping with each increasingly
2305s difficult level so to do that you go
2308s head to head with swarms of monsters and
2310s bosses and as we mentioned lots of heavy
2312s metal guitar yes so Eric and I got to
2315s play it um before launch and honestly it
2317s was so crazy fun like I had that song
2319s stuck in my head for weeks but uh you
2322s need to make sure that you get your
2323s hands on it so that you can have fun
2325s survive and then get the fog out nice so
2329s that out of the way see you weren't
2330s expecting that a lot of people like wait
2331s what surprises uh we're going to dive
2333s into the show so we're going to hand
2336s things over to Stefan and Justin to talk
2339s about dead by Daylight's year n road map
2366s [Music]
2380s [Music]
2399s [Music]
2406s thank you for joining us it's great to
2408s be back with you celebrating dead by
2409s Daylight's 8th year anniversary I'm
2411s Stefan bosan head of production and I am
2413s Justin Brown product director really
2415s excited to be here with you today to
2417s talk a little bit about dead by
2419s Daylight's year n road map I'm going to
2421s take a second here at the top of the
2422s show to give a big big shout out to our
2425s absolutely phenomenal team that's
2427s working on the game game day in day out
2429s they are the reason we are here with you
2431s today and celebrate eight amazing years
2433s of dead by daylight before going any
2435s further I just want to address something
2437s that's probably going to get talked
2438s about quite a bit in in the chats across
2440s different uh the different channels uh
2443s we know since the last uh the last
2444s update there's been a rubber bending
2446s issue that's been plaguing the game the
2447s team has been working extremely hard at
2449s it over the last few few weeks we have a
2452s tentative fix that the team has been
2453s working on that we're hoping to test on
2455s the ptb later today if everything is
2458s successful with that we will be
2459s deploying that fixed to live and
2460s hopefully it should improve the
2461s situation but it's still to be confirmed
2464s so keep up uh keep keep an eye on our
2466s channels for that we'll keep you all
2467s posted about this moving into the future
2471s a little bit the coming year for dead by
2473s daylight is going to be huge and that's
2475s saying something coming off of our
2476s biggest year to date since the last
2479s anniversary we have released amazing
2482s licensed content such as alien Chucky
2485s Alan Wake and a personal favorite of
2487s mine Nick Cage such an amazing addition
2490s to the game on top of that we've also
2492s released our most popular original
2494s chapter to date all things Wicked of
2496s course and we can't forget we did the
2498s Halloween event which was bigger and
2499s better than ever with the introduction
2500s of the Void this year we introduced the
2503s concept of modifiers in dead by daylight
2505s starting in February uh lights out we
2507s followed it with my little Onie and soon
2509s later this week we'll introduce chaos
2511s Shuffle the third one we took a few
2513s steps towards improving the player
2515s experience uh between anti face Camp
2517s blood web ux improvements uh the killer
2520s fov slider Survivor DC Bots and even the
2523s search bar uh so there's a lot there uh
2527s and finally we've taken a few big steps
2529s towards increasing our transparency our
2531s communication with regular live streams
2533s on each of our content releases thus far
2537s and I've talking about the past let's
2538s dive into the future and what's really
2540s coming up for this year we're happy to
2542s announce today that we have six new
2544s chapters currently in the works and two
2546s of those chapters will be Survivor only
2549s chapters for this year on top of that
2551s we'll have the usual four new TOs that
2553s are going to be coming out spread
2555s throughout the year as we've talked a
2557s little bit and teased even earlier last
2559s week the first chapter that's going to
2560s be coming out is Dungeons and Dragons
2563s and we're actually going to Deep dive
2564s that in a soon to come segment right uh
2567s shortly after this uh this one and it
2569s really promises to bring great game
2571s playay and new characters to the world
2573s of dead by daylight of course we're
2575s going to follow that with a licensed
2576s Survivor a charact who truly embodies
2578s the meaning of that word after that an
2580s iconic killer survivor duel will be
2582s coming into the fog and if you stick
2584s around to the end of the show you're
2585s going to get a little uh preview as to
2587s what that will be we'll finish off 2024
2590s with an original killer and Survivor
2592s chapter and we'll finish off the year n
2594s road map with a licensed killer only
2597s chapter followed by an original Survivor
2599s only it's a lot of stuff coming up
2602s moving a bit away from our content road
2604s map um we're going to take a closer look
2606s at the four pillar out of which the the
2609s the year will be uh based on for those
2612s of you who have been with us for a long
2613s time you'll see that there's consistency
2615s throughout the years with the four
2616s pillars that we're focusing on but we're
2618s really adjusting the contents of each so
2620s that we're working on the features that
2622s have the most value and the most
2623s interest to all of our players in ways
2626s where we can expand the game further and
2627s further of course and we're going to
2629s start off with the trust and security
2630s pillar firstly we're thrilled with the
2633s response to our regular broadcasts uh
2636s and we're really happy to let you know
2637s can fully expect more to come as we
2640s progress uh throughout the year
2642s accompanying all of our major releases
2644s security is a topic we rarely talk about
2647s publicly uh for good reason uh but one
2649s thing I will inform you all of is last
2651s year we set out to start tackling this
2653s AFK Bots problem that we see uh
2655s especially in some regions of the game
2657s phase one had very promising results and
2660s we're certainly going to be uh taking
2661s that forward another step into phase two
2663s in the coming year our next two pillars
2666s live balance and quality life we won't
2668s discuss too much of course you can
2669s expect regular live balance updates
2671s throughout the year and new quality of
2672s life but my friend and colleague Derek
2675s will be coming up in the gameplay
2676s Improvement segment to cover more on
2678s that topic including uh an announcement
2681s on one of the most highly requested
2683s features ever in dead by daylight this
2684s one's going to be really really exciting
2686s stay tuned for that because that is
2688s really something interesting coming up
2690s last but not least our fourth pillar
2692s events Evolution events have always been
2695s a fundamental part of the game
2697s especially the seasonal events and this
2699s is something we're going to keep pushing
2700s forward over the coming year uh with
2702s with this year we're starting to to do a
2704s bit of a split where 're we're going to
2707s have our events happening on a separate
2708s matchmaking queue which essentially
2710s means that at any time there's an event
2711s ongoing you can decide to still play
2713s normal dead bylight if that's what
2714s you're looking for but you can also go
2716s into the event specific queue and play
2718s some of that gameplay this is really
2720s going to allow us to push gameplay
2722s further and further away from the
2724s typical way that by daylight normally
2725s works and it's going to be a very
2727s interesting way for us to approach
2728s events in a different way on top of that
2731s we can also expect more modifiers to
2734s make it in the game whether it's the one
2735s we've talked about just before that are
2738s going to be re Revisited throughout the
2739s year or interest uh in introducing new
2742s modifiers that are either tweaks on
2745s something or something completely
2746s different but modifiers is just a little
2748s sliver of what we're planning to do this
2750s year and I think we have something a
2751s little bigger that might be coming up
2753s absolutely and that's why I'm so happy
2755s to be here and let you guys know that
2757s for the first time ever this summer dead
2759s by daylight will have a new mode not
2761s modifier but a mode coming to you all
2765s we've been listening and hearing your
2767s feedback and I'm really happy to let you
2769s know that this summer replacing
2770s scorching barbecue will be the first
2772s ever time limited 2v eight mode in dead
2774s by daylight we'll be doing a full
2776s breakdown of what this mode is when we
2778s get closer to the release but for now
2781s I'm going to thank my friend Stefan for
2782s joining me invite my friend Matt to the
2784s couch to talk a little bit more about
2786s this and here's a snippet bit of what's
2787s to come
2827s boom thank you for joining us Matt well
2829s I know it's still early and everything
2832s is subject to change I think it's going
2834s to be really fun to sort of let the
2835s community in on some of our plans for
2837s this upcoming 2v eight introduction
2839s absolutely thanks Justin so yeah 2v is
2843s coming to dbd this is a new game mode
2846s which is really cool other gameplay
2848s events that we've done before so lights
2850s out my little Oni soon chaos Shuffle
2853s these are what we're calling modifiers
2855s and modifiers basically take a dbd match
2858s change a few things but ultimately
2861s you're still playing dbd with this new
2863s game mode 2 V8 we're fundamentally
2866s changing the way that you play dead by
2868s daylight in this particular case there's
2871s two killers eight survivors and a bunch
2873s of new changes that we're going to get
2875s into very shortly
2878s the focus with 2v we really wanted to
2881s hone in on what's exciting and fun and
2884s chaotic with dbd and we're leaning more
2887s into a party mode kind of vibe rather
2889s than something that's super
2892s competitive it's also worth mentioning
2894s that the way that we're building this
2896s it's an iterative process right and this
2899s is just the first iteration so we'll be
2901s looking to add more content more
2903s gameplay in the future based on
2905s community feedback and absolutely and
2908s I'm super excited to see what everybody
2910s says about this mode when it comes out
2911s so first let's break down a few of the
2913s key changes that we know are going to be
2915s coming for 2v eight this summer I mean
2917s of course there's still generators
2918s there's still exit gates there's just
2919s more of them uh We've made five Maps
2922s bigger to accommodate all of the action
2923s all of the chaos uh and we're also doing
2926s way with perks in this mode instead
2928s introducing a new sort of 2v eight
2930s exclusive system called classes for
2932s survivors that's right yeah so when it
2935s comes to survivors basically once you've
2937s chosen your character you can select and
2940s equip a player class and this class is
2942s effectively your power for the match and
2945s it helps players identify what your role
2947s is within the
2948s team so instead of mixing and matching
2951s perks instead we really wanted to focus
2954s on a particular play style for this and
2958s uh whether it's generator repair healing
2961s uh looping speed that kind of thing
2963s that's what we're really going for with
2965s these classes of course and there's also
2966s just cowering in the corner which is my
2968s own preferred play style for Survivor uh
2971s which is great uh and it'll work a
2972s little differently for Killers uh you'll
2974s be able to choose from one of the five
2976s original Killers each with their own
2978s specific gameplay Killers obviously have
2980s powers so they don't have classes in
2982s this mode but we will be introducing a
2984s new mechanic which is a team power for
2986s example if you are The Wraith when you
2989s cloak yourself if your teammate is
2990s within a certain radius of you uh they
2993s will also get the undetectable status
2994s effect allowing you to coordinate a sort
2996s of Team stealth attack should make for
2998s some entertainment uh the reason that
3000s we're focusing on the five original
3001s Killers is just to make sure that this
3003s is as accessible as possible they're all
3005s free everybody can play them everybody
3007s can have fun we want you to enjoy the
3009s content and give us your feedback and in
3011s my opinion the best part of this whole
3012s mode is the two it's the the first time
3016s ever that success and failure as a
3017s killer does not rely solely on your
3019s shoulders you have a teammate to sort of
3021s benefit from learn from or even you know
3024s blame uh when things go poorly so
3026s working together is just going to make
3028s the match so much more fun so much more
3029s efficient absolutely uh lastly it's
3032s worth mentioning that uh for this mod we
3035s really wanted to keep the action pace
3036s and the momentum flowing uh during our
3040s play test uh we found that the process
3042s of Downing a Survivor picking them up
3044s carrying them to the hook it really
3046s started to slow things down for this
3048s mode in particular so we're doing away
3050s with hooks as well there's no hooks in
3052s 28 instead once the killer Downs a
3055s Survivor they'll be able to send them
3057s into a cage this works very similar to
3059s Pyramid Head it will teleport the
3061s Survivor to another part of the map away
3063s from the killers and of course this
3065s still counts as hook States so once
3068s you've been hooked three times you'll be
3070s out of the
3071s match and as Justin said before there
3074s will be five original Killers coming to
3076s this iteration of this game mode but we
3079s will be looking to add more as we
3081s iterate on it and add more to it uh of
3084s course we'll also be uh improving the
3086s game as goes along so content uh will be
3089s coming in as well as updates to classes
3092s and gameplay awesome thank you so much
3095s for joining me Matt and to all of you at
3097s home if you want to learn more about 2v
3099s please join us in our July live stream
3101s we hope you're looking forward to this
3103s year nine for now back to you Eric and
3106s dork
3145s oh my God that road map Great segment
3148s great beard Stefan people were loving
3151s the wet beard in chat uh but the real
3154s story 2 V8 2 V8 yes I cannot wait to
3157s dodge hatchets and chainsaws at the same
3160s time I I can't wait for our Killers to
3162s finally have friends that they can play
3164s with get some friends in the fog Forge
3165s friendships in the
3167s fog but uh that was a great segment to
3170s watch I love the reactions in chat I
3172s think the guys did a really good job of
3173s explaining this is a first iteration and
3175s there's going to be a lot of changes is
3177s based on community feedback so that's
3179s why we're not just flipping the switch
3180s and making it Perman permanent all of a
3181s sudden you need to actually get the mode
3183s where we want it but we're using the
3185s word mode which means a lot so pay
3187s attention uh and speaking of paying
3189s attention uh the website that's that's a
3192s transition that doesn't make any sense
3194s but the website for what the fog uh has
3196s been overwhelmed by demand uh as as
3199s predicted people love that cute little
3201s game uh so we're working on it stay
3203s tuned don't worry we have lots and lots
3205s of keys uh for it so uh just as soon as
3208s we're able to tell you it's back up
3210s we'll give you a mention on the stream
3211s here or in the chat yeah we definitely
3214s know you guys want to get your hands on
3215s it but what we can do is tell you about
3217s something you can get your hands on
3219s today yes and so the Recently I think it
3224s was December we released three DLC Packs
3226s they're called maddening Darkness Old
3227s Wounds and maob tales that was a way for
3230s players to get a big bunch of our older
3232s content all in one or three goes um and
3236s so we're actually going to be doing that
3238s again yeah so this pack is actually
3240s going to pick up exactly where the left
3242s last one left off which is going to be
3244s the endless hunt pack um and in this
3246s pack um you're going to get nine
3248s playable characters um starting with
3250s portrait of murder roots of dread uh
3253s Forge in the fog and tools of torment
3255s and along with these this pack is going
3257s to be all the additional outfits and DLC
3259s exclusive items um but of course if you
3261s don't want to get the pack they will be
3263s individually marked down in the in-game
3265s store so you can get from there yes so
3268s that endless hunt pack is actually
3269s available right now it is the best way
3271s especially if you're a newer player to
3273s dead by daylight to get a big bunch of
3275s great content so that out of the way we
3278s want to keep the train rolling next up
3280s we're going to be welcoming Derek right
3282s where you're sitting he's going to tell
3283s us all about game play game play
3285s improvements and quality of life
3287s improvements coming to dead by daylight
3289s including a very big one that people
3291s have requested for ages ages so let's
3294s talk to Derek
3306s welcome back everybody and welcome Derek
3309s to our stream for the first time uh
3311s Derek is from our product management
3313s team he works with the dev team on
3315s creating all sorts of cool quality of
3317s life updates gameplay updates and he's
3319s here to tell you about some good ones
3320s today Derek how are you I'm doing good
3323s how are you I'm pretty good going to be
3325s even better after this segment when we
3326s hear what you get to say um so I already
3329s know what you've got to say but I think
3331s people are going to be excited to hear
3332s about it the upcoming challenge system
3335s this isn't something we've told people
3336s about why don't you tell them about it
3337s right now how is it going to benefit our
3339s players so we really wanted to deliver
3341s new in-game challenges to players and
3343s new ways for them to be constantly
3345s rewarded outside of just Toms and
3346s archives so we're going to be
3348s introducing a new challenge system which
3351s is a system of challenges hence the name
3353s perfect that players are going to be
3355s able to complete completely pass L that
3357s means that players don't need to
3359s actively select the Challenge that they
3360s want to complete and they can complete
3362s multiple of them at the same time
3364s initially we're going to start with
3366s daily challenges weekly challenges and
3368s event challenges and later on we want to
3371s expand those into other parts of the
3372s game as well we think that this is going
3374s to be a great way for players to be
3376s constantly rewarded just for logging in
3377s and playing DVD and it's going to be an
3379s amazing experience for everybody I think
3381s that's a really great addition I think
3382s people in the community are going to
3384s really appreciate just being rewarded
3386s for doing what they already do uh not
3388s having to go out and seek it but just
3389s it's it's happening in the background at
3391s all times that's really great um so
3393s another great thing that we're adding
3395s actually is how we talk to our players
3399s um that's the main job of my team is
3401s talking and listening to our players uh
3403s but we do it out in the world we do it
3404s on social media we do it on Tik Tok and
3406s Twitter and other places uh but in-game
3409s is obviously the best place to talk to
3410s people and you've got some updates there
3412s yeah we're here to make the players
3413s lives easier and your life easier as
3415s well so we're going to be introducing a
3417s new inbox base system that will help
3419s connect players with the news that you
3421s have to announce including patch notes
3423s announcements rewards and a lot more
3426s that way players will see less popups
3428s when they launched into the game and
3430s they'll be able to get into their games
3431s quicker and overall the players will be
3434s able to stay connected with the world of
3436s DVD and the news that you have to
3437s announce yeah and it gives us new tools
3439s right like being able to tell people the
3441s the patch notes and detail is something
3442s we couldn't do before and now we can so
3445s again you have to go find it on the
3446s you'll be able to get it in the game uh
3448s popups not popups but notifications for
3451s rewards as well is another great
3453s Improvement so really good work there by
3455s the team uh but we're not done uh
3458s actually this is something people are
3459s familiar with the finisher Mory system
3461s we tested it out a while back in ptb got
3463s a ton of great feedback from the
3464s community uh the team took that feedback
3467s went back to the shop to Tinker with it
3469s and we've got the final version to tell
3471s people about now right I love finisher
3473s moris I think they're a really amazing
3474s showcase for how deadly and gruesome AR
3476s can be but we also acknowledged that
3478s there was some room for improvement from
3480s the survivors perspective so like you
3481s said we've taken the feedback we've
3483s reiterated on it and tried to land on
3485s what was the best player experience so
3488s in a coming update finisher mories are
3490s going to become a baseline feature for
3492s all killers in the game that means that
3494s killers are going to have access to the
3495s killer finisher moris by default but
3498s they're only going to be able to use
3499s them on the last remaining Survivor that
3502s way if the Killer is able to
3504s successfully pull it off we get an
3506s exciting conclusion to the match and the
3508s survivors can feel that the games ended
3510s in a fair way and the move went and this
3512s match went smoothly and it was a really
3514s exciting experience for
3516s everybody more offerings are also going
3518s to be updated to instead give bonus
3520s blood points so that it'll be a more
3523s rewarding experience for Killers if
3524s they're able to pull it off so the
3525s Killer is going to want to land that at
3527s the end it happens at the end like you
3529s said so we're not killing the flow of
3530s the match I think it's a really great
3532s balance from where we started and the
3534s feedback that we got so kudos to you and
3536s team MH and that's all we've got from
3538s you today unfortunately you have to go
3541s but the show is far from over next up
3543s we're going to hear about the new
3545s chapter coming to dead by daylight uh so
3547s stay tuned everybody and thank you Derek
3549s for your time thank you for having me
3557s [Music]
3564s [Music]
3580s I'm already so excited for the
3582s challenges and the finisher Mori I I
3584s just want to shout out Derek for
3586s dropping so casually such a highly
3589s anticipated feature with cross
3591s progression yes cross progression is
3594s finally coming super excited and it's
3596s another reason for you to make your
3597s behavior account so not only will you be
3600s able to get what the fog for free but
3602s you also be prepping yourself for cross
3603s progression um which we know that's
3605s something you know you're once again
3607s going to have to be waiting to get your
3609s hands on um but we can now talk about
3611s merch which you can get your hands on
3613s right now um so with the merch store
3616s we've got the always popular mystery
3618s boxes coming back for this anniversary
3621s um and obviously because of the name I
3622s can't tell you what's in the box um
3624s maybe I'll try you know but uh anyway um
3628s in the boxes you're going to see four um
3630s very exclusive dbd items specifically
3633s for this release um it's also going to
3635s include an art print um where some of
3637s them are actually signed by our credit
3639s creative director Dave Rashard which is
3641s pretty amazing I had Dave sign my chest
3643s backstage I won't be sharing that to
3645s save you all but he's got a great
3647s signature one of the best uh it's a
3649s really cool uh piece too if you haven't
3651s gotten a mystery box in the past it's
3653s always just a fun it's a fun unboxing
3655s process so follow the QR code on screen
3657s scan it and go get it but we also have
3660s an update to the dbd board game oh yeah
3663s you're right um there is going to be an
3664s expansion pack for the dead by daylight
3667s the board game um and this is going to
3669s be called the malicious expansion it
3671s comes with three new Killers the artist
3673s The Dredge and the Knight and four new
3675s survivors uh Michaela Jonah Hattie and
3678s Victorio um it's also going to come with
3680s two new maps um which is going to be the
3682s garden of joy and The Forsaken Boneyard
3684s that's super exciting and I'm so happy
3686s to see the success of the board game I'm
3688s such a tabletop nerd that uh it's just
3690s such good quality and I'm glad that
3692s people are resonating with it so shout
3693s out to level 99 games.com which is where
3696s you want to go to pre-order it you'll
3698s get it later this summer uh obviously
3701s the DVD merch shop as well is available
3704s you can open it up on your phone with
3705s that QR code you can go to another Tab
3707s and get some shiny shiny stuff yes it'll
3711s be really nice especially like you said
3712s in the summer you know play it outside
3714s touch some Grass at the same time um so
3717s other than that uh if you have any
3718s questions about the content we've been
3720s dropping so far because been a lot of
3721s content we will have our live Q&A
3723s segment at the end of the stream so make
3725s sure you're dropping your questions into
3726s the chat but other than that roll
3728s initiative because it's time to talk
3730s about Dungeons and
3733s Dragons poor misguided
3739s Wanderers first there were
3742s many and now so far
3747s o how little you must value your lives
3753s to take a sinkle
3756s insignificant breath in my
3763s sanctum I'm afraid there will be no
3767s quick death for
3769s you no escape from this suffering
3781s I shall draw out your ending as I see
3793s fit for in Dark places such as this
3799s [Music]
3806s one must keep
3811s themselves
3829s entertained Hello friends I'm matu cot
3832s head of Partnerships for Behavior
3834s digital and I'm extremely happy to be
3836s joined here today by Sean from our
3839s friends at wizard of the coast uh who is
3842s going to be with me talking about what
3844s we just saw hi Sean hey Matthew great to
3848s see you pleasure uh we just saw the
3851s trailer here I still have Goosebumps
3854s this is so amazing like I was saying
3856s earlier I have a inner child in me
3860s that's thrilled right now I've been
3861s playing Dungeons and Dragons since I'm
3863s what 10 years old and it's an absolute
3866s absolute dream come true so thank you so
3867s much for being a part of that of course
3870s yeah my pleasure I I you know
3872s 10-year-old Sean wakes up every day
3874s realizing that he works at wizard of the
3875s coast same job so we're we're super
3878s alied on that so dungeons dragons is
3882s probably one of the the biggest gateways
3885s that people have had to how to craft
3887s stories how to design games how to
3889s create experiences for other people uh
3892s we've seen it of course within the dev
3894s team there's so many people who got
3896s their first taste of designing games
3898s through Dungeons and Dragons have you
3900s seen this to be true with uh other
3902s developers that you worked
3904s with oh absolutely yeah I always say
3907s it's the the easiest thing about my job
3908s is I never have to teach people what D
3910s and is or what the brand is about
3912s because when I'm working with the
3914s developer there's I guarantee you the
3916s person that I'm talking to has played
3917s and everybody on their team has played
3919s or at the very least is like very aware
3920s of of what the game is and what it
3922s entails it makes it makes my job very
3923s very easy um you know I I I always show
3926s ground D andd is kind of this like the
3928s building block or like the connective
3929s tissue between game designers you can be
3931s at a gaming convention and you're
3933s talking to other developers and if you
3935s have nothing else in common just start
3936s talking about D and D yeah it's true
3938s it's kind of a Common Language there's
3939s so many common references there uh yeah
3943s for me personally like I said it's a
3945s dream come true I still play Dungeons
3946s and Dragons every week with my group of
3949s friends I'm the forever DM in that group
3952s and uh I know that there are a couple of
3954s other people on my team who were
3956s absolutely thrilled to be a part of this
3959s what made it made sense for Wizard of
3961s the coast to enter into this
3964s collaboration uh that's a great question
3967s uh I think that exploring horror is
3969s always something that's really really
3971s interested us um Dungeons and Dragons
3973s has dipped its toes in in in horror
3976s before you know we've got modules like
3978s curse of strad we've got um a lot of um
3981s different horror elements we've brought
3983s together in some of our monsters um
3985s obviously like VNA have have been super
3988s horror driven so when the idea popped up
3990s on our radar hey you know uh what do we
3993s think about working together with
3994s behavior on a dead by daylight module um
3997s it like the light turned on instantly I
4000s don't think anybody was qu there were no
4002s question marks it was mostly just
4003s exclamation points it's like how how do
4005s we do this the best right like let's
4006s find the coolest character let's find
4008s the coolest setting let's let's really
4009s make this uh a true sort of celebration
4012s of D and inside of dead by daylight and
4015s make it a way that feels super native to
4017s that game yeah and and you mentioned
4019s horror I mean I know a lot of people
4021s will probably think that their first
4023s thought when they think of Dungeons and
4024s Dragons is not necessarily horror but
4027s there is quite a lot of potential for
4029s Horror in there I mean it is a very
4031s flexible medium to tell stories and
4033s horror stories are some of the stories
4035s that will provoke the most intense
4038s emotions and reactions in players so for
4040s us it it it made sense yes yeah I'm I'm
4044s I'm also slightly in the forever dungeon
4046s master box you are uh I try to inject a
4049s little bit of horror into all the
4050s campaigns that I run I think that it's
4052s just a great tool to use to tell stories
4054s if your players never get scared right
4056s there's you're probably doing something
4057s a little bit wrong um and like you
4060s mentioned Dungeons and Dragons is just a
4061s really flexible system for telling
4063s stories at the end of the day the
4065s players and the dungeon Masters you're
4066s not fighting each other you're just
4068s there telling a collaborative story
4069s about what happens and horror is just a
4071s great tool to include in that box of
4073s Storytelling um it's yeah it's it's D
4076s and D hasn't always been hey we are a
4078s horror game but the tools are there if
4081s you want to do it and I think some of
4082s the best storytellers out there
4083s definitely Implement those tools yeah
4085s yeah there are many examples out there
4088s now uh why vcna I mean we've seen it in
4091s the trailer he is an absolutely
4093s terrifying presence I think that whether
4095s you're a Survivor or a killer and you
4097s play with vcna in that game it's going
4099s to be a really really intense experience
4102s so tell me a little bit why VNA and why
4105s it makes sense
4107s uh for me the main reason that vcna was
4110s very clearly like on the top of the
4112s podium the entire time we were
4113s discussing potential Killers is that
4115s vcna has always had this horror movie
4120s monster vibe to him I mean as a lich
4123s he's always had the ability to you can
4124s even kill him and he just pops back up
4125s and will come back it might not be
4127s tomorrow yeah might be a couple years in
4129s the future but like VNA is always going
4130s to come back uh he just has this real
4133s inevitability to him right you you know
4135s it's
4136s and the thing about D and D is very
4138s quickly in a D and D setting your party
4140s becomes a group of powerful adventurers
4142s right you're you're defeating all these
4144s other monsters that you know like
4146s dragons and stuff and then VNA shows up
4147s and you're like oh we need to run away
4149s vna's here like he's he's such a scary
4152s inevitable threat in the universe that
4154s even his earliest appearances were just
4156s items with his name on them and
4157s everybody was wondering oh who's who's
4159s this guy VNA that's got this eye and
4161s this and this hand and um it was just
4163s like Whispers of this ancient evil that
4165s was so powerful you couldn't even print
4167s a stat block for him because he was just
4169s that strong yeah it's the terrifying
4171s presence that few talk about but if
4173s you've heard about him it's probably
4175s already too late it's uh it's true that
4177s it's got that absolute flavor and he is
4180s he has been part of the Dungeons and
4182s Dragons Universe for almost 50 years now
4185s right he was there at the very very
4186s beginning like you said as Whispers as
4189s just a note in there but he does have a
4191s stat block and and reading it is is all
4194s it's not ridiculous but it's so much
4197s power in those pages like you understand
4200s that he is like you said inevitable but
4203s also he is able to scare a party of
4207s level 15 adventurers who are technically
4210s almost Unstoppable by that point right
4213s right yeah it's it's kind of fun it's it
4216s it's it's always like I've lost quite a
4219s few player characters myself to VNA and
4222s you know Eve of Ruin we've got the new
4224s book coming out and as soon as you see
4225s VNA evu and I was like oh looks like I'm
4227s going to lose a couple more but that's
4229s part of the fun that's writing stories
4232s with your friends so before we let uh
4235s jenck and Dave take us through the the
4237s details of how we implemented vcna with
4240s the gameplay mechanics of dead by
4241s daylight how we presented him to our
4243s players uh I wondering if you have a
4246s message for the hardcore DND fans out
4248s there who may not be familiar with dead
4251s by
4252s daylight yeah I I I do actually and it's
4255s uh try this chapter out even if you
4257s don't play it like watch somebody stream
4259s it because this uh this chapter it's a
4262s love letter to Dungeons and Dragons from
4264s a very passionate and very talented team
4266s of developers at Behavior it was super
4269s obvious throughout the entire process
4270s that you know from the sound design work
4273s to the animations and the modeling and
4275s like even like yeah it's I I can't
4277s stress enough how easy it made the
4279s approvals process on our end that all of
4282s this work came in very obviously driven
4284s by an incredibly level of passion for
4286s Dungeons and Dragons um if you are a d
4289s and fan there's really cool Easter eggs
4290s in the map uh there's really cool Easter
4293s eggs all over the place there's there's
4294s just a ton of a ton of love for D and D
4297s in this thing and if you're a fan
4299s there's something in here for you I
4300s promise even if even if you don't think
4301s that horror is your thing give it a try
4304s it's super
4305s fun thank you so much for the kind words
4307s seriously it means the world to me now
4310s uh I think we'll wrap this up for now
4313s thank you so much for taking the time to
4315s be here with us today in our anniversary
4318s and uh I hopefully will see you in the
4320s fog
4351s hey hi I'm not Dave you're not Jan janic
4354s no we're uh quickly interrupting our D
4357s and segment there's a lot more stay
4359s tuned Dave will be right where I am in
4360s just a second uh to give you an update
4362s on Cross progression so this is a live
4365s show we're having a live TV moment as we
4368s speak uh so apologies uh you might have
4370s noticed even though I was dressed the
4372s same our segment with Derek that was uh
4374s just before uh was pre-recorded it and
4376s in fact we played the wrong one so we
4378s want to give you more details on Cross
4381s progression here so that's what we're
4382s going to do so take it away dork yeah so
4384s cross progression is hands down one of
4386s the most requested features every single
4388s stream every single post you guys are
4391s wanting cross progression and we're
4392s giving it to you later this summer uh
4394s players will need to own the base game
4396s on any platform that they're playing on
4399s and have a behavior account I'm sure you
4401s heard me talking about cross progression
4402s with an account you're like what are she
4403s talking about um but uh yes so make sure
4406s you have that and uh you'll be able to
4408s use cross progression later this summer
4410s we do understand that the website is
4412s currently down because so many people
4414s are trying to get to the website and
4415s make their account um but we're working
4417s on it and we'll have this to you shortly
4419s yep and just as a clarification in case
4422s we have a few folks in chat that aren't
4423s aware dead by day this is cross
4425s progression for console and PC dead by
4428s daylight we're not talking about dead by
4429s daylight mobile it's really its own
4431s experience if you've never played it
4432s it's a different Beast uh from the dead
4435s by daylight core as we call it
4438s internally um awesome so along with the
4440s twitch drops and a chance to get what
4442s the fog for free players now have
4444s another reason for their behavior
4446s account and another reason to crash our
4447s website so uh like we said bear with us
4450s this the the site will be brought back
4452s up and all this will happen um regarding
4454s cross progression though any exceptions
4456s about uh uh in how the system is going
4458s to work well while every platform will
4460s have cross progression there will be a
4462s few exceptions of to what can be shared
4464s between those platforms but stay tuned
4467s we'll have a full FAQ coming very soon
4470s um so that you can go ahead and learn
4471s more about cross progression for dead by
4473s daylight yep so and uh as mentioned now
4477s we're going to pass it to Dave and janic
4478s for some great deep details on our
4481s Dungeons and Dragons chapter
4529s all right thank you dor Eric for this
4533s cross progression information just to
4535s prove that we are live um so we're super
4539s excited uh today to be able to talk
4541s about the dungeon and dragon chapter I
4543s am Dave creative director on dead by
4544s daylight and I'm joined by my good
4546s friend Jenik hello Jenik never principal
4549s game designer on dead by daylight uh
4551s today I'll be talking about all the
4553s intricacy of the gameplay on this
4555s chapter
4555s but first I will mention uh dead by
4558s daylight 8 years introducing dungeon and
4560s dragon it's a big milestone for us but
4562s we're not the only one hitting a special
4565s Mind Storm yeah it's it's crazy to think
4567s that dungeon and dragon turns 50 this
4569s year uh and we are super proud and happy
4572s to be part of the celebration um and um
4575s um we just want to say that maybe when
4578s we turn 50 we do something else with you
4581s wizard of the ghost or maybe sooner yeah
4584s we'll probably be in retired home but
4585s we'll be glad to join the party uh so
4588s first uh Dagon in dead by daylight I
4591s have to be honest here uh the first time
4593s you told me about uh what's going to be
4595s uh coming next I was surprised because
4598s I'm a big RoR fan but when you think
4600s about RoR D and dragon is not the first
4602s thing that comes to mind but thinking
4604s about it more I realized no wait there's
4606s a lot of horror in Dungeon and dragon
4609s and RAV enough being my favorite module
4611s uh so uh like you really specifically
4614s Focus on certain element of the brand uh
4617s so please tell us about those pillars
4619s yeah so when we start a chapter we
4621s always uh have a Sandbox created so that
4623s we stay um you know around some specific
4626s pillars like you said um and of course
4629s when we think dungeon and Dragons the
4631s first thing that come to mind is a
4633s magical world a high fantasy magical
4636s creatures wizards magic um all sort of
4639s things that don't necessarily fit
4641s exactly well into a horror setting but
4643s because dndd is a world of imagination
4646s where we can create whatever we want
4648s there's also a way to make it happen so
4650s for us the first pillar was to make sure
4651s that we had a good J position with
4653s fantasy so fully embracing that type of
4656s content but make it horrific as well and
4658s like you've seen in the trailer having a
4660s character like vcna made perfectly sense
4663s for that horror setting the second
4665s pillar is creative role playing so in
4667s the image of dungeon and dragon we
4668s wanted to make sure that players add a
4670s lot of agency a lot of choices um so
4673s that goes from uh an amount of spells
4676s you can choose from in the power which
4678s we'll talk about later or even
4680s customization so a way you can you know
4682s kind of create your own character in
4684s some way uh we just wanted to make sure
4687s that we had a lot of gameplay choices uh
4689s in the dbd trials and the last pillar we
4692s worked with is chaos so that's actually
4694s one of our main pillar in dead by
4696s daylight um but you know a lot of what
4698s happens in Dungeon and dragon is based
4700s on Randomness you throw a dice and with
4703s you know critical success critical fails
4705s everything in between you see the result
4707s and you adapt to it so we wanted to
4709s recreate that feeling inside the dead by
4711s daylight trials as well yeah dungeon
4713s dragon is really about exploring a
4715s fantasy world but also be Trill about
4717s what's going to be the monster you're
4719s going to meet the next time you open a
4720s door so let's talk about that killer
4722s you'll meet the next time you open the
4724s door so of course dungeon and Dragons
4726s has a lot of iconic monsters we could
4728s have chosen from a lot of iconic
4729s villains as well and with our friends at
4732s wizard of the coast we've established
4734s that our next killar would VNA VNA is
4736s just a perfect fit for dead by daylight
4739s he's a lich so a powerful wizard that um
4743s turn himself into Undead to be able to
4745s continue his uh villainy is that even a
4748s word I'm not sure so uh he wanted to
4751s continue to do his horrible stuff uh for
4753s as long as he could he VNA also has
4756s access to every spell in the books uh so
4761s that was very interesting for us to
4762s create an interesting power
4765s of course we also have a survivor in the
4767s chapter uh so The Bard um a very
4771s interesting class there's many many
4773s class that we've could have chosen from
4775s but The Bard was really the one that fit
4777s the most into our or setting you know
4780s for example when we think uh about a
4782s class like the Paladin um you think of
4785s the ability to turn the undead magical
4787s sword um big plated armors um and all of
4792s this doesn't fit really well into the
4794s world of dead by
4796s The Bard with abilities like Bic
4798s inspiration the ability to sing to play
4800s musical instrument to know lore uh and
4802s even to insult the villain is just so on
4805s brand that it was a perfect fit so
4807s that's why we chose the B uh as you've
4809s seen in the image in the trailer we're
4811s doing something uh special with this
4813s Survivor um it's akin to what we've done
4816s with Legion so through the Cosmetic
4819s customization you'll be able to choose
4821s between two specific character inside
4823s the same Survivor so you'll have the
4825s choice between IC tree uh a female elf
4828s or barar a human
4831s male um yeah it's interesting but uh
4835s when I was younger playing uh dung and
4837s dragon like in my friends group uh the B
4840s was not really a class that people tend
4842s to play true uh compared especially to
4844s other class that you had but through
4846s throughout times like there's been many
4848s change ination on the class and has now
4850s become like such popular class to play
4853s uh really really fun now definitely and
4856s has become uh kind of a like an emblem
4858s to dungeon dragon as much as a red
4860s dragon now absolutely every party uh
4863s nowadays as a Bard and we've also seen a
4866s lot of Bard love into other content that
4869s dungeon and dragon produce like the
4870s movie for example yeah so we have an
4872s undead wizard we have a tadu do we have
4875s a new map absolutely uh we're super
4877s proud to have a full chapter for the
4880s anniversary and shocking no one uh the
4883s map is a dungeon
4885s uh absolutely so in the Borgo realm we
4888s have a new map with a new building uh so
4891s there is a top part set in The Marvelous
4893s new lighting of the Borgo realm um and
4896s you can find this uh isolated Tower in
4898s the middle you can go inside and go into
4900s an extensive dungeon underground uh
4904s packed with surprises and Easter egg
4906s related to dungeon and Dragons um the
4908s goal with this map is that we've
4910s imagined that vcna knowing about
4912s different Realms and plane uh now
4915s trapped into the realm of the entity
4917s would find a place to make his own to
4919s make his home his lair um and so that he
4922s can study where he is the world The
4924s Entity and potentially find a way to
4926s escape maybe maybe not um we are also
4930s introducing a new gameplay mechanic in
4932s this map called passage um so these are
4936s basically doors magical doors which you
4939s can use to teleport from one area to the
4941s map to the next and we think it's going
4943s to add a new interesting spice to
4947s chases the map the Easter egg uh it's
4951s super fun like if you're a fan of D
4952s Dragon uh just exploring you're going to
4954s be thrilled to see all the small and the
4957s big one uh on the gameplay side now for
4960s VNA so the way we tackle or approach the
4963s the the killer this time interestingly
4965s he comes from a game so he has a game
4968s mechanic that are existent so we look at
4971s all like stats block and and try to come
4973s up with like the best spell that could
4975s be translated into game mechanic for for
4978s us and also make sure that the these
4981s will be like tring and exciting to use
4984s but then uh so Defy is a spellcaster a
4988s very powerful one so the goal was to
4989s make him uh feel as such uh in our game
4993s uh but like I was saying uh Magic it's
4996s something that we have never really
4998s tackled not not that way before uh
5001s something we try to uh stay away from
5004s like our power are really visceral or
5006s like grounded as much as possible uh
5009s it's something that uh do you want to
5011s talk about a bit magic yeah yes please I
5013s hope uh some of our team colleagues are
5017s laughing right now they're uh I kind of
5019s have of a bad rep internally about magic
5022s uh it's almost a taboo word that we
5024s can't use uh but now making a dead a DND
5028s chapter for sure we had to embrace magic
5031s and of course there is a space for magic
5034s in horr games but it has to be taken
5037s with the right tone so in this case
5039s we're talking necromancy blood magic
5041s magic of the Dead um and there's a touch
5044s of realism uh and visceral that we
5047s wanted to add to to Magic uh versus
5050s something more flashy like a magic
5052s projectile or a fireball for example
5054s there's also something quite interesting
5055s out of dungeon and dragons and these are
5057s the utility spells um they're spells
5060s that are not used to kill or damage but
5063s they're used in very creative ways and
5065s we wanted to uh highlight that with
5067s delich with VNA uh so that was our
5070s approach now do you want to talk to us
5071s about the spell that we actually chosen
5073s sure so you have access to four
5076s different type of spell uh pretty much
5078s any any time they have their own
5080s individual uh cool down uh but so the
5083s first one is called fly a very popular
5085s uh wellknown dungeon and dragon spell in
5088s in in or game it lift up the Killer and
5091s uh you're pushed forward um obviously
5094s faster so it's really like the traversal
5096s aspect of the power uh it lasts for a
5099s short amount of time and uh it it's
5101s going to also end if you Vault uh a
5104s pallet or a vault location and uh this
5107s is really useful to uh get uh closer to
5110s Survivor and uh get to the next gen as
5113s soon as possible the next one is called
5115s Flight of the dam which is it's not
5118s really a d Dragon spell it's more
5120s connected to uh vcna it's an actually an
5123s ability that he has uh what it does is
5125s that it cast four five sorry different
5128s uh individual projectile and then it
5131s shoots them in a cone radius effting in
5133s front of him uh these projectile pass
5136s through obstacles they don't go very far
5138s but if they hit the Survivor they get
5140s damage instantly um it might sound very
5144s powerful and easy to use but it's not
5146s the case uh Survivor have a lot of
5148s counter but the spell can also be used
5151s to Zone uh in in in this aspect you can
5155s also go for the the basic M1 attack
5157s during that time uh the third spell is
5160s called um dispelling sphere which is
5163s actually it's a combination of different
5165s uh existing dungeon and dragon spell we
5167s just felt it was more compelling to
5170s combine them into one spell uh so what
5173s it does you cast a large sphere in front
5175s of you and that sphere moves slowly
5177s throughout the level Survivor do not see
5179s that sphere and uh if they get uh in
5182s contact with that sphere they get
5183s revealed for few second by Killer
5185s Instinct and also have their magic items
5188s disable for a minute uh and the last but
5192s not least spell is Mage hand very well
5195s known uh dungeon and dragon spell what
5198s it does in dead by daylight you as the
5200s killer you can tag up a nearby pallet uh
5204s and if the pallet is upward it blocks
5206s the pallet for a few second uh cannot be
5208s interacted by Survivor and if it's
5210s downward it's lifted up for you so you
5212s can fully pass without any uh obstacles
5217s uh so the idea with the scalar he has a
5219s lot of tools and tricks uh in his bag
5222s and it's really about managing all the
5224s force spells the cool down and try to uh
5228s activate them at the right moment uh so
5230s that's really how you're going to
5231s improve uh as a killer is learning how
5234s to use them at the right time and be
5237s efficient with them so let's of
5238s strategic and tactical um choices here
5241s correct so you've mentioned very quickly
5244s uh during um the dispel sphere the
5247s magical item did I yeah what's what's
5249s that okay uh so this is the new toy for
5252s Survivor uh it's it's called magic items
5255s but keep in mind it's not an actual
5257s items uh that they use so this time if
5260s you face VNA uh you're going to have a
5263s Survivor going to have seven different
5264s chests that's going to spawn through
5266s help the level uh Survivor go interact
5268s with those chests and while during the
5270s opening of the chest there's going to be
5272s a D20 dice roll yes it's and dragon we
5275s couldn't do without the dice roll so
5278s this dice roll will determine the
5279s content of the chest so if Survivor roll
5282s from uh from two to four they get a
5286s basic um uh dead by daylight Brown item
5290s so better than nothing yeah well maybe
5292s that round mid kit might save your life
5294s I don't know uh but the fun part is when
5297s you roll from 5 to 19 that's when you
5299s get the magic items and the way it works
5302s is that each Survivor has an equipment
5304s slot a two equipment slot they have the
5306s bracers and the boots uh so there's two
5309s type of magic items and each magic item
5311s is going to be randomly link uh the
5313s first time you open the chest to ve one
5316s of the four vcna spells and uh once they
5320s are equipped uh each time the killer
5322s will cast the spell that is linked to
5324s one of your magic item you're going to
5326s gain a passive bonus uh to help out uh
5330s uh kind of uh avoid the spell or help
5333s you out against ve in general so uh for
5336s to be more precise so if you have
5338s bracers against the fly spell you're
5341s going to see vcna AA during the
5344s traveling that while use the the spell
5346s if you have a boots for example against
5350s the Flight of the dam you see the aura
5351s of the projectile very useful because
5353s the projectile goes through collision
5355s and the best way to use that spell is
5357s through walls uh if you have magic items
5359s against the displaying sphere Survivor
5361s see the sphere so they can Juke and
5363s around go around the the sphere as much
5366s as they can and if you have a counter
5369s against the Mage hand you see the aura
5371s of the hand on the pallet and also gain
5374s a little um a effect so that help you
5378s out around the the loop okay yeah so
5382s it's really important to uh search those
5384s chests yeah correct because uh the way
5386s that we we tackle this like the the
5389s balance in this case is that we made
5391s sure that the the magic items do not
5393s trunker the Killer's power it's it's
5396s made or balance uh to face Survivor who
5399s have them equipped so if you don't get
5402s those uh defitely the killer might feel
5404s a bit oppressive so it's really help to
5406s Survivor to get to those chests and uh
5409s equip them as soon as possible great and
5411s just to be clear you can also equip a
5413s normal item with that so you can have
5414s your flashlight bracer and Boots correct
5416s it's a very different uh so everybody
5420s heard you talk about a lot of numbers
5421s here on the dice but you've not
5423s mentioned the critical one and critical
5425s success on the 20 for people that uh
5428s don't play DND these are like events the
5431s best event that can happen in Dungeon
5433s and Dragons when you get that critical
5434s fail or that critical success so what
5437s happens in that by daylight when that
5438s happens yes so we have critical role in
5440s the game if you roll a one uh you get
5443s sorry a big nothing although I've heard
5446s sometimes people get a Green Key guess
5449s luy you uh but I know what you get if
5452s you roll a 20 so anyone who's familiar
5455s with vcna in the lore of dungon and
5457s dragon there are two uh very specific
5460s artifact that exist that is called the I
5463s of VNA and the N of VNA and we introduce
5465s them in our game so you roll a 20 you
5468s get one of the two you never know uh but
5471s uh these Works more like a normal item
5474s so you have to pick them up and use them
5476s once it's called a tune so you merge
5479s with the items uh and then you unlock a
5482s very powerful ability up to like perk
5485s level uh yes it's very strong uh I guess
5488s you want to know say okay sure so if you
5492s ATT tuned with the eye of VNA uh they
5495s use with lockers so if you fast exit a
5497s locker you're going to be unseen unheard
5499s by the killer uh for 15 seconds and on
5502s top of that you gain a haste boost
5505s effect and if you attune with the end of
5508s VNA you fast enter a locker and you're
5511s going to be uh teleported further down
5513s uh the locker so uh very powerful uh I
5518s forgot a little details because they
5519s might sound super strong uh said like
5523s that but they come with a cost so to use
5526s them you have to be full health and once
5528s you use them you instantly lose a hell
5530s State uh and also at the end of the
5533s effect you get revealed by caner
5534s Instinct so be very mindful the way you
5537s use them because we've seen very a lot
5540s of situation where it backfire at the
5542s the Survivor and the the killer has uh
5546s definity a spell to help him out get
5548s back at the at the Survivor and get the
5550s down it's very on brand with what a
5552s curse item should be indeed thank you so
5554s much Jenik um as you can see there's a
5557s lot of stuff uh coming with VNA um and
5561s we had no time today to talk about
5564s anything more about the the killer perks
5566s or the Survivor but I have to say very
5568s quickly uh that uh the Survivor perk
5571s will allow you to create Illusions uh to
5573s perform on the loot you can even perform
5576s with uh other survivors to do the full
5578s Melody there's also a dice roll mechanic
5580s uh for one of the the perk uh so if you
5583s want more information after the show uh
5585s you can go on our website dead by
5587s daylight.com and get all of the details
5590s you need merik for all the information
5594s and U thank you so much to all of you
5596s happy anniversary and I'll be passing it
5598s back to Eric and DOR
5641s oh my God Dungeons and Dragons in dead
5643s by daylight you are a pretty frequent DM
5646s yourself right yes I do DM on occasion
5648s forever player as uh they said in the
5651s interview uh well no forever DM never a
5655s player please make me a player you must
5657s be so psyched so psyched I'm so psyched
5659s I'm so excited I just cannot wait to see
5662s what we have in store and to go against
5663s VNA hopefully people have noticed your
5665s your dice uh necklace my nice D4 I got
5669s okay um but yes just like Dave said
5671s don't forget to head over to dead by
5672s daylight.com right after the show for
5674s the full breakdown on vecta and all of
5676s his powers um you'll also be able to see
5678s the perks that we've got for him and our
5681s Bard coming into the fog and also don't
5683s forget to ask questions in the chat when
5685s you're not spamming nonsense garbage uh
5689s ask real questions and we'll answer them
5690s later in the Q&A you don't need to say
5692s clay please stop saying clay you're not
5694s claiming anything by saying claim stop
5697s but we appreciate your enthusiasm um but
5700s uh next we're going to be um well I'm
5702s going to be joined by Dave Rashard back
5704s on the couch for him to walk us through
5706s the ever expanding world of dead by
5708s daylight
5749s hey I'm over here now uh so I'm super
5752s excited for this part of the stream
5753s because not only do we get to talk about
5755s two upcoming projects in within the
5757s world of dead by daylight that being
5759s super massives the casting of Frank
5761s Stone and an unnamed multiplayer PVE
5765s game by midwinter but we get to do it
5767s all with Dave Rashad so Dave can you
5770s please tell me why we chose these games
5773s to be the right games for us to expand
5775s the world of dead by daylight yeah
5776s absolutely uh there's uh there's a lot
5778s of stuff um going into that choice for
5780s sure uh so first of all we are super um
5784s happy to and grateful to have a
5785s community already there playing that by
5787s daylight so of course we listen to what
5790s they want to see what they want to play
5792s um so that comes into the recipe of the
5794s choice we're going to make um we also
5797s want to make sure that we will create
5799s something new to experience something
5801s that's completely out of what we are
5803s used to in dead by daylight so that
5805s comes into the genre we want to create
5807s um also we want to interest new players
5810s into the world of dead by daylight um
5812s some people that never heard that by
5814s daylight but also some uh viewers that
5817s are interested about the world of DVD
5819s but that don't play DVD because maybe
5823s it's not their style of game so we want
5825s also these player to be with us and
5827s experience the world of dead by daylight
5829s and just like you were saying with
5830s people being interested in the world of
5832s dead by daylight as the creative
5834s director why do you think there's so
5835s much interest in this in the lore of a
5837s multiplayer game that's based in action
5840s well it it's been very important uh for
5842s us since day one when we started started
5844s working on this project um uh the the
5847s story and the narrative around
5848s everything we create we want to make
5850s sure that uh every little component in
5852s dbd as a as a story and a reason to live
5855s in the universe we take great care into
5858s making that happen so um you know
5861s there's a lot of mysteries within
5862s Mysteries a lot of layers to our
5864s narrative uh which I think are super
5867s interesting and players want to know
5869s more um so these games will allow us to
5873s discover these these elements that we've
5874s SE it in the past M you know like every
5877s killer and every Survivor in dead by
5879s daylight could have their own movie or
5880s their own game really yeah they've got
5882s so much lore it's really amazing to just
5885s dive into and speaking of lore I mean
5888s this is something we want to expand on
5890s with the world of dead by daylight so
5892s we're doing that in one of our upcoming
5893s games the casting of Frank Stone so can
5895s you tell us a bit more about that uh
5897s right I I can tell you a little bit um
5900s um yes so of course there's a different
5903s type of t stories in games right there's
5905s uh there's games that have a static
5907s narrative that you experience that's
5909s great uh there's also games that the
5911s narrative is is made very organically by
5914s the players like dbd is a good example
5916s of that um the casting of frankstone
5920s is somewhere in between right it's a
5923s it's a game where there is U multiple
5925s narrative and based on the player choice
5929s uh and you know different things will
5931s happen and and um based on their choice
5933s different endings and different
5935s branching in the story will happen um so
5938s the casting of frankstone is very
5940s interesting for us because it brings the
5943s origin uh of a killer and potentially
5946s survivors um and the players are able to
5949s play that um for the first time you know
5952s some things that we are used to see as a
5954s lore or a bio or a to entry in DVD now
5957s will be playable it's still in the
5960s entity's universe it's still very much
5962s part of the world of DVD but it's going
5964s to be out of the trials so that's going
5967s to be an interesting uh take on our
5969s universe okay so we know that the
5972s casting frankstone is still in that that
5974s realm but what about our other project
5976s um this unnamed multiplayer PVE game is
5979s that also going to be taking place in
5981s the entity's realm absolutely so uh it
5984s it is in the world of the BD it is in
5986s the entity and one one cool thing about
5989s the entity is that uh we know very
5991s little about exactly what it is but we
5993s do know that it's a living Universe it
5996s is uh it is huge and we can't really
5998s comprehend everything that's happening
6000s within it so we know that dbd trials are
6004s a way for the entity to feed um it's a
6007s very kind of organic process U so we can
6012s imagine that there are other parts in
6014s The Entity that serves other purposes
6017s and that's is exactly what we want to
6019s explore uh so that allows us to create
6022s new narrative new way ways to experience
6024s a game New Way new you know gameplay
6028s opportunity uh new set of rules so these
6031s are thing that we talked about in the
6033s past um and that we always wanted to uh
6036s explore so that's exactly what we want
6038s to do with with this uh new Untitled
6040s game so in a way the world of dbd that
6043s we've created is like um a a book with
6046s infinite Pages we can add new stories to
6048s it forever hopefully just keep on
6051s reading oh yeah um well you did talk
6054s about that and like is there any
6056s gameplay that we'll be able to see uh
6059s that we'll be able to see well yeah I
6061s think so all right well thank you Dave
6063s for talking us through that but now I
6065s want to see the gameplay let's see the
6066s game
6073s [Music]
6082s play hey everyone I'm Audrey lead
6085s producer at midwinter entertainment last
6087s year we gave you a very small glimpse of
6089s a project we started working on set in
6091s the dead by daylight Universe I'm happy
6093s to say that we have more to share with
6095s you on this game codenamed project T
6098s instead of showing you a close to final
6099s game with some polished gameplay we
6101s wanted to let you in on the development
6103s process right now project T is a work in
6105s progress more than a fully-fledged game
6108s our goal is to craft an experience with
6110s all of you and create something that you
6111s would be eager to play Let's Hear more
6114s about project t with our creative
6116s director hey everyone first I want to
6119s say what an honor it is to be working in
6120s the dead by daylight Universe we love
6123s DVD's multiplayer Thrills and its dark
6125s mature setting brings just the right
6127s kind of tension and danger for a game
6129s like this in Project T you play as
6131s trespassers Rough and Tumble characters
6133s who have been whisked away from their
6135s realities and trapped within the
6137s entity's real there in a vast region
6139s called the Backwater they discover they
6141s must work together if they're to have
6143s any chance of survival and of course
6146s they're not alone the Backwater is home
6148s to horrific monstrosities known as the
6150s thw these Terrors come in many forms and
6153s have different deadly abilities their
6155s Origins and nature are unclear but they
6158s certainly don't take kindly to
6159s trespassers within their domain to
6161s achieve your objectives you'll have to
6163s battle the thrw with every weapon at
6164s your
6165s disposal the world of project T is
6168s called the Backwater it's a unique Place
6170s Another Twisted realm within the
6172s entity's grasp you be eager to explore
6174s this familiar yet ominous world and
6177s it'll definitely give you the
6179s creeps to add even more attention to
6182s your experience we're building the back
6184s Bard as an Ever Changing landscape which
6186s offers a lot of possibilities
6188s gameplay-wise
6189s to navigate the backb we're thinking of
6192s adding trucks in the game since it's a
6194s pretty big area you would need a way to
6197s go from one point to another while
6198s escaping the hordes of throw but there
6201s could be other uses for the truck that's
6203s something work we're thinking about and
6204s we'd love to see what kind of ideas you
6206s might have as DVD fans we're having a
6209s lot of fun creating this new experience
6211s as part of the Dead by daylight
6213s Universe DVD is all about horror and we
6216s want to make sure we're cting something
6218s that horror fans will appreciate from
6220s the different biomes of the bo quar to
6222s the look of the
6224s thr project T is still in early
6227s development but that doesn't mean you'll
6228s have to wait another year to get more
6229s news we're looking to get your opinions
6232s and share information so we're creating
6233s a platform called The Insider program
6236s this is a place where all the players
6238s excited about this new take on the dbd
6240s universe can gather and be active
6243s participants in the development of the
6245s project as an Insider you'll not only
6247s get exclusive information but also
6249s in-game rewards and even the chance to
6252s join our Clos play tests and give us
6254s your feedback join us to help shape and
6256s experience you'd like to play and make
6259s project T the best that it can be see
6261s you soon
6264s [Music]
6286s Cedar Hills is not exactly a noted hot
6289s bed of criminal
6291s activity what is that
6296s that's not entirely true there was that
6298s whole serial killer thing why do you
6301s hate Cedar Hill so much used to be like
6303s Town
6305s mascot ladies and gentlemen I present
6309s the mill you spend enough time in my
6311s line of work realize every place has got
6314s its demons think that belongs to the boy
6316s you're looking for you can't shoot a
6318s movie in
6320s here this is a condemn Still Mill Mr
6325s Rivera I suggest you immediately vacate
6328s the
6329s premises and you do not under any
6332s circumstances sit one foot back here in
6335s the Cedar Still Mill ever such a joy to
6338s see young people so passionate about the
6343s RS everything's all
6346s right either of you heard of murder
6351s M there was a whole during their
6354s disappearances kidnappings really
6357s murders so what was this guy's
6364s name I don't think the police ever found
6367s this place [ __ ] whoever did this might
6371s still be here we can't stay okay we got
6374s to
6379s go and cut
6386s when you make dangerous cinnamon you
6388s walk a dangerous
6393s line oh my God that was such a cool
6395s trailer some chills there I see a
6398s hunting mask bringing bringing it uh I
6402s murder Mill is that that seems familiar
6405s fans might know that one uh super cool
6409s uh it's so cool to see the way that the
6411s the DVD ex universe is expanding oh yeah
6415s I want to mention project T you saw un
6417s mention of The Insider program so that's
6419s our team is is uh there waiting for you
6422s on Discord uh so you can join the uh
6425s Insider program to get upto-date
6428s information on Project T and get
6431s involved in it and be part of the game's
6434s development it's really the idea there
6436s is we're making the game with the
6438s community um so getting on the ground
6440s floor now yes with project te like Eric
6444s said we are taking this idea to a whole
6446s new level with making the game with you
6448s instead of just making it by ourselves
6451s um so if you love dead by daylight and
6453s you want to help with this new session
6455s based multiplayer PVE game and bring it
6458s to life sign up for The Insider program
6460s so that you can be in the know and get
6461s next steps um you also want to make sure
6464s you wish listed on Steam because that
6465s really helps us yes and so project te is
6468s quite a ways off because like I said we
6469s actually want to make it with our
6471s players um but the casting of Frank
6473s stone is right on the horizon so super
6476s massive as uh hopefully folks know in
6478s the chat they're just an amazing
6479s developer of of single player narrative
6482s horror games and now we're bringing dead
6484s by daylight uh into that genre and it's
6486s just so cool to finally be there uh and
6488s it looks super terrifying it looks super
6491s super crisp and Polished and awesome I
6493s can't wait so as you mentioned wish
6496s lists do help a lot so if you would do
6498s us a kindness kindly uh give us a wish
6501s list we would uh greatly appreciate it
6504s yes and speaking of dead by daylight um
6507s the ptb I know a lot of you are itching
6509s to get into that um that will be at 1
6511s p.m. as a reminder today instead of
6513s 12:00 p.m. so be ready to download that
6517s so you can go ahead and hop in and test
6518s out the new chapter I can't wait to see
6521s people's reactions to all the things
6522s that are in chapter I cannot wait
6524s especially for the locker one I'm so
6526s excited for that one but um as we said
6529s this is you know we're getting pretty
6530s close to our live segment where it's
6532s going to be the
6533s uh live Q&A um so we'll have Justin uh
6537s different Justin from Eric's Justin come
6538s out to talk about this year's Twisted
6541s masquerade in-game anniversary
6553s event back again this time I'm joined by
6556s Justin Banks our senior product manager
6559s Justin how are you I'm doing great happy
6561s to be back yes welcome back to do the
6563s anniversary show uh and what would an
6566s anniversary be without the Twisted
6568s masquerade right so the Twisted
6570s masquerade is back it happens every year
6572s during our our anniversary in game and
6574s Justin's here to talk about it so what
6576s have you cooked up this year so this
6578s year we got some amazing stuff honestly
6580s I think it's our best anniversary event
6582s yet but before we get to it we have what
6585s we call before the Masquerade so that is
6588s going to be something that actually
6589s starts right after this Stream So for
6590s everyone who's watching once this is
6592s over go
6593s go play and we've got lots of really
6596s cool stuff as a big thank you to all of
6598s the players it's really stuff from all
6600s of dbd's history and includes a lot of
6603s presents I love presents I know you love
6606s presents our community probably loves
6608s presents too I think details so details
6611s about said presents we've got lots of
6613s login rewards so lots of currencies for
6615s players to end just by logging in
6617s whichever day throughout all of this
6619s we've also got two recolored outfits one
6621s for Meg and one for the huntress that
6623s players can earn through each week so
6625s each week you'll be able to earn a
6627s different piece of this so if you log in
6628s just once each of these initial three
6630s weeks you'll get the full outfits which
6632s I think is a really cool way to get your
6633s hands on some cool outfits now each of
6637s these initial three weeks is going to
6638s focus on a different period of dbd's
6640s History so a different collection of
6641s years what that means is that we're
6643s going to have map boosts and outfit
6646s sales of character out outfits that were
6649s released during those years so we really
6650s want to take you through this history
6653s with with us we want to to celebrate the
6655s history of dbd that's really cool then
6658s the cool stuff that I think everyone's
6660s really going to dig is we have some
6662s currency boosts a different one for each
6664s week during before the Masquerade so for
6667s the first week we have a Blood Feast so
6670s three times the blood points during week
6673s two we are going to have three times the
6676s rift fragments so if you want to
6678s progress towards the rift this is a very
6680s good chance to do it then during week
6682s three we've got three times the XP so
6686s again if you want to progress to the
6687s rift this is also good but this is a
6688s really good chance to earn some
6689s iridescent shards damn and then after
6693s DND D releases the last week and a half
6696s will'll be doing double XP and double
6698s blood points right oh we're doubling
6699s down yeah yeah so everyone can play the
6702s new chapter they can get hyped for the
6704s Masquerade they can NAB some of the
6706s older anniversary charms as well is that
6708s true exactly so we want to give people a
6710s chance who haven't earned them during
6711s previous years you know to celebrate the
6714s buildup to the event Itself by earning
6716s you know like some really cool
6717s masquerade crows or things like that
6720s awesome okay so what about the event
6722s itself so the event itself now that
6724s we've tackled before the Masquerade the
6727s big new thing that is coming for this
6729s year's Twisted masquerade is the reveal
6731s of the host of The Masquerade tricks
6735s herself so players might have seen her
6737s hinted at during previous anniversary
6739s events or during out in outfit
6741s descriptions referenced as the mad
6743s designer or zizzle tricks so she's
6745s finally making her appearance and
6747s throughout all of the event we want to
6749s make it very clear like this is her
6751s party she's everywhere she's the
6753s entity's biggest fan celebrating holding
6756s this party in its honor and she's not a
6759s playable character so we want to make
6760s that very clear she is there pushing
6763s everybody to engage and celebrate I love
6766s that so does this mean we're going to
6767s see a lot more of her in the Twisted
6770s masquerade absolutely so we have lot of
6773s the UI that is themed you might have
6774s seen some last year so we've done a lot
6776s of updating for that we've got father
6778s Campbell's Chapel coming back with the
6780s whole party taking place inside some
6783s updated content in there to show that
6785s the party is progressing or dying
6788s slightly might find some
6790s corpses then in addition to all that
6792s stuff really permeating the game we've
6793s got the lobby the loading screens she's
6795s going to appear in Trials you will hear
6797s her laughing at you or cheering you on
6800s around the exit gates there's really
6802s voice lines that's going to appear
6804s everywhere really accentuating the
6805s gameplay it's going to be amazing like
6808s we we loved hearing all the voice lines
6810s that we had recorded for this with all
6813s that stuff like we got a lot of really
6815s cool gameplay that I'm going to talk
6816s about in just a second but one thing I
6818s wanted to mention is that all of our
6820s event gameplay now is going to take
6822s place within a separate event queue so
6825s if you want some of the the normal dbd
6828s like in the core mode you can have that
6831s but if you want the event stuff go over
6832s to the really cool event queue and take
6834s part of trix's you know Twisted
6836s masquerade and I I have to say as well
6838s if you go to the core mode it's still
6840s going to have a lot of the decorations
6841s so you get the vibe with the core
6843s experience and that's a really good
6846s quality of life improvement over last
6847s year right like giving players that
6849s option to choose you if they want to
6852s just do classic dead by daylight they
6854s can with some extra flare on it or they
6856s can choose the uh the event queue that's
6858s a nice nice Improvement so uh you
6860s mentioned it so what are some of the
6862s gameplay changes that are coming with
6863s tricks so tricks is bringing what we
6866s call her bag of tricks to the party she
6868s wants to spice things up she wants
6870s everyone to have a lot of fun so what
6871s we've got is that as a match progresses
6874s one of a series of abilities or sorry a
6877s one of a tricks is going to be played on
6879s our players and these are going to be
6881s things like giving everybody haste
6883s giving people undetectable spawning
6885s anniversary special chests or totems
6888s some really cool stuff that's going to
6889s spice it up and this is going to happen
6892s uh um Whenever two points are
6895s accumulated during a match so at first
6897s I'd say one tricks actually takes place
6898s at the match start following that
6901s whenever two points are accumulated from
6903s you know doing a gen first hook things
6906s like that each which each gives one
6908s point that is then going to trigger
6909s another Trix to a maximum of five during
6912s a match so like we want to really keep
6913s things interesting and when a Trix is
6916s actually activated you're going to see
6918s Trix herself appear alongside or take
6921s the spot of one of the dancing
6923s marionettes she's going to even deliver
6925s a line that hints at what has been
6927s played so if you're not paying attention
6929s she's going to give you this really cool
6930s audio queue that's awesome and so in
6933s addition to all of that I think we're
6936s also doing some sort of update for the
6937s invitation mechanic yeah absolutely so
6940s the invitations last year we had players
6942s run around gather those and you could
6944s either spend it to use an ability while
6946s inside a Chase or escape with it to help
6949s you earn a mask this year there's no
6951s need to escape with it to earn a mask
6953s that's a different thing and we've even
6955s added outside of Chase abilities to the
6958s invitation so if you're someone who
6959s doesn't necessarily want to always be
6961s chased by a killer or wants to have a
6963s more diverse use for it we've added that
6965s so survivors can now go into quiet mode
6968s so making a lot less noise and can even
6970s do things like quickly enter a locker
6972s without alerting the killer it it's
6974s super useful to get out of that chase
6976s right away that's fantastic um or if
6979s they're nearby and you don't want to
6980s alert them for killers they can now use
6983s an invitation to immediately send a down
6985s Survivor to a nearby hook and as I can
6988s say from play tests it's really fun I
6990s think the community is going to love
6992s that can't wait for them to play but uh
6994s also I think there's challenges we've
6997s added so you can earn masks right yeah
7000s exactly so this year all earning all of
7002s the masks is going to be related to
7004s engaging with event challenges and
7005s earning event currency so all of them
7008s are going to be earned like this that's
7009s going to be how you earn most of the
7011s rewards um um and past masks and outfits
7014s that were earnable or in the store last
7016s year are also coming back so if someone
7019s was not able to get those during
7021s previous years those are all now going
7023s to be available inside the store for the
7024s duration of the event and I have to say
7027s that we have also a licensed guest
7029s showing a mask this year a Mr detective
7031s tap amazing amazing that's so cool um
7035s look at those masks those are fantastic
7036s there they are heck yes fantastic good
7039s Lord um so it wouldn't be a party with
7042s out lots of rewards what can you tell us
7044s about the event toome so we've got a few
7047s Staples that are coming back that we've
7048s done and seen huge success with in the
7050s past for the event to one is the
7052s community challenges so we know people
7055s love to play together to towards earning
7057s things so we've got a lot of those so if
7059s people engage with the event work
7061s towards those targets hit their own
7063s Milestones I think they're going to earn
7065s some really pretty cool stuff also in
7068s the event toome is some really
7069s interesting lore about the Observer
7071s discovering trix's world
7073s so you want to know a little bit more
7074s about
7075s her play those challenges earn that
7078s lore then we've got some really cool
7080s stuff I have to say the Twisted mask
7082s grade is one of our favorite collections
7084s to work on every single year as soon as
7086s the art team's Concepts hit the table or
7089s I guess the monitor screen these days um
7092s we're like enamored with them like we
7094s love working on this collection so this
7096s year we've got two new 100% earnable
7099s outfits that you can earn through the
7101s event we have one for Bill overbeck
7103s another licensed guest making his
7105s appearance in the Masquerade and one for
7107s the unknown who is maybe trying to blend
7110s in a little bit at the party
7112s successfully in addition to all that
7114s really cool stuff we've got some tricks
7116s themed charms and player cards that
7118s people can earn now obviously with Taps
7122s mask making an appearance as a reward
7124s there's someone who accompanies him so
7126s if people check out the in-game store
7129s during the Twisted mask raid they'll be
7130s able to find a really cool event themed
7132s outfit for the pig yeah there is huge
7136s fans of this I mean it's it's got so
7138s many touches from the saw franchise in
7140s there I think it's amazing Pig fans were
7142s on the edge of their seats hoping hoping
7143s you'd say that uh amazing uh so we've
7147s covered a lot are there any last
7149s presents for the players that we haven't
7150s mentioned so there's a lot already but
7153s we've got more so the same as previous
7155s years we're giving out lots of daily
7157s rewards to players so there's going to
7158s be lots of currencies like more blood
7160s points more Rift fragments more irent
7162s shards
7163s we have a huge login calendar throughout
7165s the entire event people are going to be
7167s earning stuff no matter what they do and
7170s for the first time that no matter when
7172s the player logs in we're going to give
7173s them enough event currency to get a
7176s single reward from the event so as soon
7178s as you log in we want to get you started
7180s and start enjoying the party I love that
7183s players are going to love that thank you
7185s Justin for your time and all that detail
7187s so much detail I hope people are psyched
7190s um just as a as a note
7193s the event in game starts June
7195s 13th but the before the Masquerade event
7199s actually starts now right after this
7201s show uh today um and there is one last
7204s thing that we have not mentioned it's
7206s all part of this wrapper of Celebration
7211s and it actually ties back to Dungeons
7213s and Dragons oh does it yes so very very
7216s excited to say that uh we will be
7218s putting some Dungeons and Dragons dead
7221s by daylight dice that's a lot of D's a
7224s lot uh up for sale in the merch store uh
7227s you can pre-order it right now it's not
7228s available you can't get it right away
7230s but you can get your pre-order in right
7231s away and in fact if you do the pre-order
7233s the next 48 hours you get a discount
7235s super psyched about this there's tons of
7237s Dungeons and Dragons fans within the
7239s office I'm sure there are in the
7240s community as well so why not put them
7243s together with a cool new pair set of
7245s dice um and that is all we have
7249s unfortunately Justin you're done thank
7252s you for your time I was honestly always
7254s happy to be here so we're going to toss
7255s it now to dork for our live Q&A and
7258s we'll bring it home take it away
7278s dork all right well I've been like
7280s teleporting all around today now I'm
7283s over here um so we've covered so much
7285s content today we've been talking about
7287s gameplay updates to dead by daylight we
7290s the 2v eight mode the new titles uh The
7293s Dungeons and Dragons chapter and
7295s obviously with all of this content comes
7297s loads of questions which we will be
7300s taking the time to answer for you I say
7302s we because it's me Dave Rashad and
7304s Justin Brown so let's go ahead and get
7307s started so for Dave uh question one in
7310s the Dungeons and Dragons segment you
7312s mentioned two bars in one what does that
7314s mean are we getting two unique survivors
7317s no so there is one Survivor uh same
7320s perks um but there is a different
7324s customization system around this
7326s character so it's it's similar to what
7328s we've done with the legion so instead of
7329s having like normal headed torso uh legs
7333s parts for The Bard we have headed and
7335s torso in one piece the legs in another
7338s piece and the accessories and so
7340s changing the Ed torso piece you can
7342s modify which character you want to be
7345s okay awesome thank you so much um okay
7348s so question two um how big of an impact
7350s will the project te Insider program
7353s actually have on the finished game I'll
7354s actually go ahead and take this one um
7356s we really want this project to meet
7357s player expectations at launch um so we
7360s want to make an open Dev route and this
7362s will allow us to proactively check in
7364s with you our community and find tune the
7366s game as we go uh we'll be actioning
7369s Insider feedback um the whole time we're
7371s building the game um as your input and
7374s your Insight will be highly considered
7376s throughout the entire process so thank
7378s you uh question three for Dave uh will
7382s you see or will we see any existing dead
7385s by daylight characters in the casting of
7386s Frank Stone oo well I I don't want to
7389s spoil anything I can say that uh the
7391s game features a new cast of character
7393s they're they're original um it's an all
7396s new story but there are a ton of little
7401s things here and there to discover a
7403s linking to dead by daylight for the fans
7405s okay thank you now you got a little
7407s treat uh all right our next question
7409s question four for Justin and 2 V8 you
7412s said that there will be classes for
7414s survivors but not exactly for Killers
7416s what does this mean and will more
7418s Killers be added in the future all right
7420s I'll start with the easy one yes of
7422s course there will be new Killers added
7424s each iteration we do after this first
7426s one we strive to add a few more Killers
7429s uh as we move forward as far as classes
7431s go it's something that we're still
7433s really waiting for uh there's a
7435s possibility we do something like a class
7436s system but we're going to wait until we
7438s get this iteration into your hands and
7440s work with your feedback and and see
7441s where we take this mode all right thank
7443s you Justin uh question five what is the
7446s difference between a game mode and a
7447s modifier for Justin okay uh it's just
7451s like what Matt said a modifier is really
7453s something that takes a a little piece of
7455s a standard trial and sort of adjusts it
7458s like a Darkness effect maybe changing
7460s how fast or how many gener ERS there are
7462s to do or random perks a mode is
7465s something that's going to fundamentally
7467s change the way the game's played
7468s something really big and and
7470s all-encompassing something like 2 V8 all
7473s right thank you uh again Justin uh I got
7476s a question for you question six can I
7478s Duo killer with my friends in TV8
7481s absolutely you can queue up with your
7482s friend um you know we can get on Discord
7485s and talk to them and and play killer
7487s together okay so I'm super excited for
7489s that that's going to be amazing um all
7491s right right our next question can we
7493s play two of the same killers in 2va
7497s Justin uh no the the easy answer is no
7500s you won't be able to play two of the
7501s same you'll be able to mix and match uh
7503s between the five but uh two of the same
7505s killer will not be available okay oh
7506s yeah yet can you imagine hearing both
7508s chainsaws reving like oh go overload uh
7512s all right question eight um I didn't get
7514s my blood points from grade reset
7515s yesterday will I get them back um I'll
7519s go ahead and answer this one yes we're
7520s working on refunding the missing blood
7522s points to players and you should receive
7523s them within the next few days really
7525s sorry about that uh question nine can
7528s achievements and trophies be earned in
7530s the 2v eight mode when it releases
7531s Justin the simple answer is yes uh there
7534s are no specific 2v eight achievements or
7537s trophies uh but if you're making
7539s progress towards one that already exists
7540s like how many generators you have to
7541s repair progress uh is is still made
7544s towards those trh all right thank you uh
7546s question 10 um are there plans to keep
7549s TV8 permanent after some iterations
7552s Justin so this is something we're still
7554s working out uh but I can tell you for
7557s sure in year nine there it will not be
7559s permanent at any point uh it's a going
7562s to be an ongoing discussion it's going
7563s to depend sort of the engagement level
7565s the feedback we get from you uh and when
7567s we feel the mode is is fully ready
7568s before we continue those conversations
7571s so when the mode is active make sure you
7573s are playing it okay do this for us um so
7577s other than that uh what is uh is what
7579s the fog couch Co-op or online Co-op only
7583s I'll answer this one as well uh what the
7585s fog is online co-op only available as
7587s soon as we find a fix for the website
7590s really sorry about that but thank you so
7591s much for trying to claim the game right
7593s now um all right uh question 12 for you
7597s Dave um is Matt Mercer voicing
7601s vcna good catch he is we're super
7605s excited to have Matt Mercer bring vcna
7607s to life in the trailer in game it's it's
7611s awesome especially having one of the
7613s kings of Dungeons and Dragons coming and
7616s voicing VNA what a treat absolutely but
7619s we don't have any other questions thank
7620s you all so much for submitting your
7622s questions no matter where you were
7623s watching from and thank you so much Dave
7626s and Justin um regarding cross
7628s progression just going to fill this in
7630s really quickly we also want to reiterate
7633s that we can't share specific plans just
7635s yet um as we are still finalizing the
7637s last details but rest assured that as
7639s soon as we are clear to do so we will
7642s and we plan to also push out a public
7643s FAQ so once the FAQ is posted we'll
7646s announce it across all of our channels
7648s for your full awareness um once again a
7650s big thanks to everyone who submitted
7652s questions and we hope these answers were
7654s helpful and we'll be talking more about
7656s this stuff in the next coming months um
7658s as a last gift for our players if you're
7661s already signed up for the dead by
7662s daylight newsletter you'll receive 250k
7665s blood points and if you are not you can
7668s still register until May 15th to get
7670s that sweet sweet reward uh and another
7672s big thanks once again to just uh Justin
7675s and Dave uh for sticking around to
7677s answer all of these amazing questions
7679s and since this is almost the end of our
7681s show we don't want to forget that the
7682s ptb goes live in 22 minutes um so now
7687s we're going to have Eric and Matt here
7689s on the couch one more time to wrap up
7690s the show with one final surprise
7702s [Music]
7709s all right this is it this is the end
7711s we've made it to the end of the show
7713s it's been a great show it's been a long
7714s show but and we thank you for sticking
7716s with us we had so much to tell you about
7719s so we had to do it all but uh thank you
7722s so much um and look who's here to join
7724s me on on the the couch over there Mr
7726s Matt cot Matt welcome thank you so very
7729s much well nice of you to make it at the
7731s end yeah sure I mean eventually got here
7733s yeah uh well I was a little late I had
7736s some surprises to work on it's always
7738s something that's true but I think all
7740s the surprises are wrapped up for now uh
7742s thank you again um hopefully you'll join
7744s us on one of our upcoming streams we're
7747s going to keep these rolling maybe you'll
7748s join us on one of our upcoming streams
7750s I'd be delighted fantastic and that's it
7753s thanks everybody have a wonderful uh yes
7756s I just want to say before we leave so
7758s the people who have been with us until
7761s the very very end we have one last
7763s surprise for you uh we like to close the
7765s show with a surprise it's a bit of a
7767s tradition nowadays so this summer we are
7770s going to be welcoming yet another
7773s legendary set of characters into the fog
7777s dmer I don't think we're supposed to say
7780s that featuring
7783s over featured in over 30 Games an
7786s animated series an absolutely
7788s Unforgettable soundtrack and much much
7790s more we hope you are as excited as we
7793s are to welcome into the fog this classic
7795s franchise
7814s [Music]
7851s I
7946s [Music]
7962s he
7976s [Music]
7992s [Music]
8000s he yeah
8020s [Music]
8044s [Music]
8121s e
8210s e for