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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Dead by Daylight’s Year 7 Anniversary Broadcast has officially come to an end, and we’ve got you covered with a brief recap of everything we revealed, including upcoming content, gameplay updates, a new Event, exciting collaborations, and much more.

YEAR 8 ROADMAP To open things up, Product Director Justin Brown and Sr. Producer Stéfan Beauchamp discussed several topics included in Dead by Daylight’s Year 8 Roadmap, outlining our pillars of focus for the next 12 months. Topics include:

  • Events Evolution
  • Trust & Security
  • Live Balance
  • Quality Of Life

What once aided our survival became the catalyst of our destruction. Dead by Daylight’s End Transmission Chapter features a new Killer – The Singularity – and a new Survivor, Gabriel Soma. A new Map, Toba Landing, is available for all players. Try it out in the upcoming PTB!

It's the collaboration players didn’t know they needed. The Dead by Daylight team is thrilled to announce the arrival of the incomparable Hollywood legend: Nicolas Cage. In his deadliest role yet, the award-winning actor will step into The Fog as himself, yet another Survivor doomed to fight for his life in The Entity’s Realm.

Honor the legacies of Iron Maiden and Slipknot with two new Collections centring around two of metal’s most prolific bands. The Iron Maiden Collection features Outfits inspired by their iconic mascot Eddie, while The Slipknot Collection features 9 Killer masks that mirror those worn by the band members. We also announced the Artists From The Fog Collection, a collaborative effort featuring Outfits designed by five artists, including renowned Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura.

Last, but certainly not least, we have an Outfit that we at Behaviour Interactive hold close to heart. Channel your own inner Naughty Bear with a Legendary Outfit for The Trapper, which comes complete with a unique Mori.

It’s been a wild ride, and The Entity's Realm is only getting bigger. Not only is there a Dead by Daylight movie in development in partnership with Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, but we’re also thrilled to announce the arrival of two new games set in the Dead by Daylight universe.

The first is a single-player interactive story game in development from Supermassive Games, the acclaimed studio behind Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry. The second title is currently being developed by Midwinter Entertainment, who recently joined the Behaviour Interactive family in summer of 2022.

As per tradition, we revealed several live balance updates coming throughout the next year, including a few highly requested features.

The first is an Anti-Camping system, which will prevent specific instances of face-camping – which is to say, when a Killer player stands directly in front of a Hooked Survivor for the entirety of the game. Secondly, we’re continuing the process of Live Map Balance with a rework of the Coldwind Farm Realm, starting with updates to Fractured Cowshed and Rancid Abattoir.

This year, we’re focusing on several key Quality of Life updates, including the long-awaited loadout search bar, new Player Cards for additional profile customization, Survivor disconnect Bots, and new procedures for player trust and security.

The Twisted Masquerade is back. Featuring limited-time unlockable Cosmetics, event-themed décor, and plenty of mischief to go around, this is one party you won’t want to miss.

The Anniversary Event kicks off on June 22nd – more details to come shortly – and we’ve got plenty of surprises to tide you over Before the Masquerade.

We hope you enjoyed catching up on everything announced during our 7th Anniversary Broadcast. Don’t forget to try the End Transmission Chapter, featuring The Singularity, Gabriel Soma, and the Toba Landing Map, available in the PTB on May 23, 11AM EDT.

See you in The Fog...