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1025s hi everyone i'm matsukote head of
1028s partnerships for behavior digital and
1030s game director on dead by daylight and it
1032s is my pleasure to welcome you once again
1035s into the fog
1037s now whether you're joining us on youtube
1039s twitch or from anywhere else if this is
1042s your first time here let me tell you a
1044s little bit more
1046s into the fog
1047s is this glorious battle with three teams
1051s of five fog whisper
1053s fight to the death
1056s sorry we just told me no we're actually
1059s seeing an amazing battle for twitch subs
1062s it's much safer
1064s now all of those battles will be live
1067s narrated by the absolutely skillful oh
1070s tofu and ox darva
1073s and
1074s to make sure you are well taken care of
1077s throughout this old thing we have the
1079s absolutely wonderful frisk to host this
1084s take it away frisk
1089s thank you so much matthew hello everyone
1092s and welcome back to into the fog for
1096s those of you who don't know me i'm frisk
1098s uh fog whisperer host voice actress
1100s disrespectful
1102s survivor oh man what are words what's
1103s english and so much
1106s more if you are new to into the fog this
1109s is a reoccurring event where behavior
1111s highlights and showcases the immensely
1113s talented creators in their fog whisperer
1116s program
1117s if you are unfamiliar with the fog
1118s whisperer program instead by daylight's
1120s partner program that originated in 2019.
1124s as fog whisperers we are pillars of the
1127s dead by daylight community and it's
1129s always growing since the last into the
1131s fog there have been four new fog
1133s whisperers on boarded to the program
1136s which include lily pie 101 critical
1138s bartiana avidius 515 and ready said ben
1143s today you can expect to see fog
1145s whisperers old and new
1148s as they compete for twitch sub prizes as
1150s well as bragging rights speaking of fog
1153s whispers we've got two returning fog
1155s whisperers ready to commentate today's
1157s matches otsdarva and tofu
1162s come on in uh it's how are you doing
1165s today hello i'm doing wonderful have to
1167s be here again for the fourth time damn i
1171s know fourth one i'm so excited how about
1173s you tofu yeah doing good happy to be
1176s here excited to do this again again i
1177s mean every year it's been fun so you
1178s know i'm excited to hang out and cast
1180s some more games
1182s yes absolutely and we have so
1185s many wonderful fog whisperers competing
1188s today
1189s and
1190s i'm just i'm excited to see what we're
1193s gonna have because in our previous into
1195s the fogs we typically have a good mix of
1198s you know competitive and then of course
1200s you've got the fog whisperers who really
1202s are just playing for fun but there are
1204s twitch subs on the line similar to the
1206s past odds do you think we're gonna have
1208s a little bit more of uh competitive
1210s group uh groups today or do you think
1213s they're gonna be kind of fun
1215s i believe that we have some very insane
1218s players in in many of these groups that
1221s are very very seasoned uh killers also
1224s many many good survivors
1226s i i'm honestly hoping that they try just
1228s a little bit harder and they they
1231s remember that this is a competition
1232s because that makes commentating and
1234s watching
1235s very very fun obviously uh fun um
1239s and just light-hearted uh comedy is also
1241s appreciated i know we've laughed a lot
1243s with some goofs
1245s uh in previous editions so i'm also
1247s looking forward to to a bit of that
1249s yeah i'm curious to see how it goes i'm
1251s hoping we get some people that play kind
1252s of hard but also i wouldn't be surprised
1254s if this have fun too so i guess we'll
1255s see
1257s yeah i think we'll definitely see as the
1259s day progresses for sure but you know we
1262s can sit here and talk about the event
1264s all day or we could take a look at the
1267s format
1272s all right so
1274s frisk run us through it how exactly is
1276s this going to go down what are we
1278s looking at how do we decide who wins
1279s here in each of these groups
1282s so taking a look at the format looks
1284s like we're going to be have
1286s be having survivor a role each uh each
1289s group is going to play killer once and
1293s um and then for the rest of them they're
1294s going to be playing survivor depending
1296s on how they do as well as
1300s how many of our challenges they complete
1303s um will dictate how many points they get
1306s in the end and in the end the player
1308s with the most points is going to see
1311s just subs reign upon the chat so it's
1315s it's gonna be pretty it's gonna be
1317s pretty great pretty straightforward
1319s and it's very similar to our formats of
1320s the past so it is not something that
1322s people are going to be unfamiliar with
1325s yeah it's very very very like round
1326s robin style or so like it seems like
1328s it's going to be pretty neat you get to
1329s see everyone take their turn and you
1330s know try their best at it so kind of
1332s curious i'm also really interested to
1334s see what kind of wild card challenges we
1335s have this year because every year before
1337s they've been we've i feel like some of
1338s the most fun games we've seen in the
1340s past have been from like these really
1341s weird like funky wild card challenges
1343s that require them to do like really
1344s off-the-wall stuff so i'm really curious
1346s to see what are they tough what are the
1348s wild card challenges
1351s i'm not i'm not revealing them yet i
1353s can't look i am i ain't spoiling them
1355s all right we got i i have a page here
1357s that shows all 15 but i ain't telling i
1359s didn't tell until we get there
1361s but if you want to if you want to
1362s explain what they are in general i mean
1364s it's
1365s basically a challenge that the survivors
1366s have to do
1367s and the chat actually gets to vote on
1369s them before the match starts you just
1371s kind of type and chat and we'll talk
1372s about that when we get there but you can
1374s basically vote on it and you guys get to
1376s pick the name of the challenge we'll
1377s only provide the name of the challenge
1378s though
1379s and then once it gets voted on we'll
1381s explain what it is and if the survivors
1382s can manage to pull it off they get a big
1384s bonus of subs right it's five or ten
1387s something like that they get extra
1389s points basically
1391s extra rules that spice up the gameplay a
1393s little bit and makes it a little bit
1396s more tricky for survivors to win
1398s the killer doesn't have any wild card so
1400s they don't have to worry about that you
1401s just need to worry about killing
1402s everyone and getting the most points and
1404s the person that once they played all the
1406s games has the most points will win now
1408s for the person in chat that said that
1410s i'm going to win thank you very much but
1411s i'm not participating i'm a commentator
1413s all three of
1416s get to watch all of it so in a way yes
1418s we will win but not the actual prices
1421s that goes for the 15 fog whispers that
1422s you're going to be seeing today
1424s yeah
1426s yeah absolutely and the thing is is that
1427s like these wild card challenges really
1430s do
1431s put the players into just like overdrive
1434s because you know you have to keep in
1435s mind these are fog whisperers these are
1437s people who regularly and continuously
1439s play dead by daylight who are for the
1441s most part almost seasoned veterans so
1444s just playing survivor and killer just on
1446s a you know on a regular day it's you
1448s know it's it's cake it's nothing but
1449s then when you introduce these wild card
1451s challenges it's really going to change
1454s the shape and the way like the shape of
1456s the game and and honestly the way they
1458s play
1460s yeah i think that's what the most i
1461s think that's the thing i'm the most
1462s excited for i think like
1463s in the previous years we've seen a lot
1465s of interesting builds come out you see a
1466s bunch of like weird perks you wouldn't
1468s normally see because of the challenges
1469s that he'd done that's the kind of stuff
1470s that excites me the most you know when
1472s you load in and you see a bunch of like
1473s off-the-wall stuff and you're like oh
1475s you know and then they do a bunch of i
1476s don't know i i'm just so excited to see
1478s like what actually comes out of the
1479s challenges i'm hoping we see some really
1481s spicy cool stuff from it
1484s yeah we're personally very looking
1486s forward to seeing what people come up
1488s with when they need to play a role that
1489s they're not used to we have some big
1491s time killer mains that don't play a lot
1492s of survivor and some very experienced
1494s survivors that don't touch killer all
1495s too much what are they gonna do to try
1497s to keep up with the other players i'm
1498s interested in that a lot yeah
1501s that's true as well that's so that's a
1503s very good point because they are i mean
1504s again everyone's taking turns so they're
1506s all going to have to at least go at
1507s least once a killer so
1509s i mean we'll see i don't know
1512s yeah honestly we'll we'll see how it
1514s goes we'll definitely see how it goes so
1516s so as of right now you all know how the
1519s format is and you know what the pricing
1522s is it's gonna be gift subs and of course
1523s bragging rights and
1526s honestly we need to get this game
1527s started so i'm gonna head into the fog
1530s otts
1531s tofu
1532s happy commentating we'll see
1535s take care frisk see ya bye bye
1541s there she goes all right yeah there she
1543s goes we're not going to see her again
1544s until the matches are over
1546s all right well i think we should
1549s maybe possibly be getting a match
1552s graphic up soon that'll show us who's
1553s playing on the uh on the first game
1556s so um i am back here forgive me for the
1559s little uh it looks like part of me
1561s wanted to leave as well and
1563s technically i think i think this court
1565s is being a bit difficult today we're
1567s having a people man people are dropping
1569s out and coming back left and right i
1570s don't know what is going on
1571s but
1572s yeah odds should be back in i am here at
1574s least in spirit your disembodied your
1576s disembodied voice is here you know so
1578s that's good enough that's good enough
1580s right do we do we get to see what the
1581s first group is yet or do we need to
1583s speculate about it still
1585s uh i think we i don't think we've seen
1588s we haven't seen the graphic yet so i
1589s don't i don't think we actually have
1591s seen who the first five are
1593s so i wanna i wanna wait because i could
1595s you know i could spoil it but you know i
1597s i didn't talk about it just yet now tofu
1600s um is there something preventing our
1602s friends here from bringing the best
1604s toolboxes the best med kits are there
1606s some rules in place
1608s to keep this a bit more fair do you know
1609s about them i actually am not a hundred
1611s percent on that to be honest with you i
1614s i think i was actually going to ask you
1615s that myself as far as i'm aware i
1617s thought that they couldn't bring like
1618s higher than green add-ons yes that's
1620s that's what it is they can yeah anything
1622s higher than green on both sides and this
1625s is a little peek at our first group of
1627s fog whisperers we have five folks
1629s uh scorpions a very very
1633s long time player with over ten thousand
1634s hours in the game
1636s renowned as being one of the best pigs
1638s in the world is having a go at killer
1639s first and of course uh we're expecting
1641s him to play pick that would be
1644s that it would be really stupid you know
1645s yes i will say i i'm actually some i
1648s know scorpions pretty well i've known
1649s him for a long time he plays a mean
1652s nurse like a me nurse no that's
1654s absolutely so
1655s like if if he hypothetically wants to
1657s like take it seriously and like try to
1659s like win you could just bust out nurse
1661s honestly i feel like he could he could i
1663s feel yeah he's so known for pig though
1665s that i kind of agree i feel like he's
1666s most likely just gonna play pig and have
1668s fun with it and like you know do what
1669s he's known for but you never know i mean
1671s it could happen yeah on top of being a
1673s big man he's also a bit of a purist he
1675s likes to play in a certain way just to
1677s show the fun of it he doesn't want a lot
1679s of slow down perks he plays in a very
1681s particular way and i think that
1684s permeates every aspect of his of him as
1687s a player he likes to just play with his
1689s own style i would be very surprised if
1691s he actually takes the arguably easier
1693s route of playing nurse very strong
1695s killer we're most likely going to see a
1698s pig
1699s yeah i i agree
1700s will he go with his standard build that
1703s he loves to use or will he spice things
1705s up he can choose the map and choosing
1707s the map as a big player is
1709s very dangerous for survivors many maps
1712s spawn boxes in places that are very
1714s difficult to quickly uh traverse so
1717s depending on how mean scorpions is
1719s feeling he could he could make it very
1721s difficult for survivors even with very
1723s modest add-ons i think i think it could
1725s be really really difficult so
1728s not the kind of match i would like to
1729s play as a survivor in in my first
1732s game of this big event that's what i was
1734s thinking
1735s from the survivor side i feel like they
1736s might be sweating because that is like i
1738s feel like the first match kind of sets
1739s the pace for how everyone's going to be
1741s right so
1742s it's kind of
1743s i don't know man i don't know how i feel
1745s about going against a 10 000 killer for
1746s the very first game you know i don't
1748s know you want to play it nice not to not
1750s to stick out and then everyone does all
1752s the gems in two seconds or do you want
1754s to play super mean and then destroy
1756s their morale honestly also a difficult
1758s choice for for the killer yeah
1761s if we're gonna get to do the voting on
1763s the wild cards right about now is that
1765s something we can jump into soon yeah i i
1768s think we might be ready for the wild
1769s cards too and i'm not 100 i think we're
1771s uh
1773s we should have a graphic that we can
1774s pull up at some point that could show us
1776s like the names of it and people can vote
1778s but it will be the the twitch uh
1781s watching folks at twitch
1784s oh okay actually we're gonna okay we're
1786s gonna throw in a video for uh scorpions
1788s this is a video that kind of introduces
1789s scorpions and kind of tells you guys
1790s what he's all about so we can just throw
1792s it over to that and we can uh give you a
1793s little introduction so let's do it
1798s yeah what is going on guys it's
1799s scorpions here now as i'm sure some of
1802s you may know i am a killer main in fact
1805s not just a killer main i'm actually just
1806s a primarily a pig main
1809s i tend to primarily focus around
1811s education people teaching people how to
1813s play the game
1814s not just pig
1816s but other killers as well but you know
1818s mainly mainly her we focus on
1821s in fact i've also got a
1823s substantial pig guide that i'm sure a
1825s lot of you may have seen on youtube
1827s which goes probably in a bit too much
1829s detail to be honest everything about her
1831s her power all the add-ons etc and a lot
1834s of that is kind of what led to
1836s my channel growing the way it did on
1838s twitch and me ending up where i am now
1842s the thank you to behavior for organizing
1844s the event i'm i'm excited and i'm sure
1846s my other thug whisperer friends are as
1847s well and i can't wait to see what's
1849s going to happen
1851s i don't know where you're going
1861s it's close enough
1865s oh [ __ ] it out what blink
1884s legend
1904s we didn't quite lie we we have seen a
1906s bit of nurse and a bit of pig
1908s what do you find most impressive the 4
1910s 000 tapes that he has in his inventory
1912s is pig
1913s the fact that he plays nurse with only
1915s shadowboard yeah i was actually going to
1917s mention that like when he was pulling up
1919s his like pig collection there's like 4
1921s 000 of everything i was like oh my lord
1924s my god yeah i don't i don't know i mean
1927s i enjoyed that i enjoyed the pig park
1929s more than anything else the the dashing
1931s through windows
1933s oh he's got so many more clips than what
1936s we just seen honestly this will this
1938s will be something we will be saying
1940s repeatedly over the course of the day
1941s there are 15 folks that you're gonna get
1943s gonna get to watch today and you can
1945s watch them in their own channels on
1946s their own socials to see more of this so
1948s if at any point you see something you
1950s like
1950s please check them out you can check out
1952s josh scorpions and everyone else on
1954s their socials give them a follow if you
1956s want to see more of what you'll see
1957s today
1959s yeah sounds good okay it's time for the
1960s for the challenges it's time to vote on
1962s the wild card so here you guys go these
1964s are five names of challenges we are not
1966s going to explain what they are until you
1967s guys vote so just kind of pick whichever
1969s one sounds like it might be the most
1971s interesting to you and then type the
1972s number corresponding to it in chat for
1974s instance type 1 in chat if you want to
1975s wrote if you want to vote for run the
1976s gauntlet you could type four if you want
1977s to vote for master of unlocking cash
1979s your vote now and we will tally up the
1981s the votes and we'll figure out exactly
1982s what it is and once we have a winner we
1984s will explain what it is and then you
1986s know the survivors will have to adapt
1988s and overcome at that point so i'll these
1990s all sounds
1991s [Music]
1993s some of them sound interesting i'm i'm
1994s trying to like get a vibe for what they
1995s might be myself and i honestly don't
1997s know
1998s well i know there's a bit one of them is
2000s a bit descriptive and maybe a hint of
2002s what it could be some of the other ones
2004s i honestly don't don't think i could
2006s guess if i didn't know already what they
2008s were about so this looks pretty exciting
2012s yeah i'm curious to see what chat goes
2013s for that's that's kind of like like i
2015s feel like from my point of view i wonder
2016s what looks the most interesting to
2018s people that don't know what the
2019s challenges actually are you know
2022s huh
2023s all right well we have a winner so let's
2025s see what it is
2026s it is i'm a medic not a mechanic so one
2029s survivor must play as rebecca as rebecca
2030s chambers using her teachable perks and
2032s rebecca is not allowed to work on
2034s generators
2035s and then it just says if rebecca escapes
2037s the trial
2039s i'm assuming it's a victory i'm assuming
2041s i mean it's just as if she just keeps
2043s the trial so say that means they win so
2045s yeah rebecca cannot do gems we're gonna
2047s assume the best yeah so we're gonna have
2049s to keep a close eye on the rebecca
2051s player
2052s they'll need to start out between
2054s themselves who wants to take this
2055s difficult role of not ever touching
2058s generators
2059s that means that if you are being chased
2061s you need to be chased for a very long
2062s time
2063s if you don't want to force your team
2065s to to come and save you or
2067s if you're not being changed you need to
2068s make yourself very useful and there are
2070s some perks that you can bring with that
2072s luckily
2073s rebecca's own three perks are quite
2075s helpful we have a helium perk called
2077s better than new that will let you boost
2079s your teammates if you heal them
2080s reassurance allowing you to
2082s help someone stay on the hook a bit
2084s longer we also have hyper focus which
2086s doesn't work on uh works and it works it
2089s works on healing as well so it could
2091s help a little bit
2095s oh okay if rebecca escapes the trial all
2098s survivors get the points that's what it
2099s is
2100s oh okay i'll
2104s there's a lot of pressure for everyone
2106s else to help rebecca perform well
2108s and also escape themselves
2111s that's interesting though because if you
2112s can't do gens then
2114s really all that's left is like either a
2116s getting chased or b
2118s like saving slash like maybe hovering
2120s for flashlight saves or something but i
2122s feel like when you're doing that you're
2123s kind of putting yourself at risk so the
2124s fact that she has to escape is
2126s interesting because if the killer just
2127s watches out for it
2128s you might have a great point here that
2130s might be the best thing you can do okay
2132s we're thinking oh we can play a support
2134s role we have three teachable perks and
2135s one free perk slot so she could bring
2137s something like say adrenaline to boost
2139s her own survival late later into the
2142s game and then just play very
2143s aggressively so that she is the person
2145s taking the advantage uh taking advantage
2147s of the fact that killer will chase her
2148s and everyone else can do gems because if
2150s she can do gent obviously
2152s yeah she's sitting dogs there so it
2154s makes perfect sense that she could be
2156s very aggressive if they want to take the
2157s risk
2158s of
2159s um
2160s perhaps she dying her dying early on so
2163s if everyone else brings protection perks
2165s to protect rebecca at the end this could
2167s work otherwise maybe play it safe bring
2169s healing
2171s or or hear me out what if we do the
2174s opposite and she instead of being a
2177s medic becomes a
2179s a combat medic and then she becomes like
2181s a tank where she's taking protection
2183s hits for other people and that's kind of
2185s her role like metal of man style you
2187s know like bringing a med kit taking the
2189s hits healing
2190s that could work right that is brilliant
2192s but there's one tiny problem
2194s okay what happens like
2196s by the very definition of taking it to
2198s someone else that means two people are
2199s not doing gents
2201s yeah so
2202s i mean i think that's the idea right she
2203s can't do jen's so i think that's all she
2205s can do right if someone else is getting
2206s chased
2223s [Music]
2231s [Music]
2234s so
2238s [Music]
2256s like we're in actually yes perfect good
2258s perfect timing good good good
2261s okay so it is the pig all right so is
2263s the pig he didn't go with nurse so
2265s that's a that's it's interesting because
2266s again when the nurse was on the table
2268s wait wait wait wait wait a minute did
2269s our commentator leave i think our
2271s commentator left uh or spectating
2273s account left accidentally oh
2276s we might need to tell our contestants to
2278s maybe stop what they're doing
2280s um
2281s and pause real quick
2286s it seems like the game is broke yeah i
2288s think i think something happened in the
2289s game broke is what happened so i think
2291s they're gonna have to restart and
2292s probably remake the lobby
2294s perhaps
2297s all right between you and i do you do
2298s you have any peek at the survivor perks
2301s real quick all right i didn't i didn't
2303s see him no
2304s i should have paid more attention but i
2306s was i was too focused on on trying to
2308s figure out what the pick was running and
2309s i i didn't i didn't like i should have i
2310s should have looked all right we can't
2312s see their items though from the
2314s weekend quick glimpse here and this is
2316s like yeah i was going to say we can see
2318s who's playing rebecca that's kind of a
2319s big deal right because that's
2321s it looks like it's sammy that's playing
2323s rebecca so that's that's interesting
2325s that always tells us something this
2326s tells us like who's in charge of
2328s basically dealing with the challenge
2329s essentially
2330s and
2331s i figure
2332s probably they would put someone there
2334s that's confident in their ability to
2336s loop right because yeah yeah
2339s yeah so like because if you can't do
2340s gems i mean what else really can you do
2342s and it is a pig so it's not like like
2343s you know pig is relatively
2345s you know playable against as survivors
2347s so i feel like
2348s i didn't it didn't even crush my mind
2350s that we're we're dealing with this wild
2351s card with a pick yeah imagine anyone
2353s that gets hooked
2355s needs to be useless for a couple minutes
2356s getting rid of that trap you will have
2358s maybe one person or two people at a time
2360s doing dance that's really scary i'm
2362s surprised i didn't bring multiple
2364s toolboxes to try to
2366s uh alleviate that issue yeah again again
2369s against against a ten thousand hour
2371s killer too so yeah no pressure it's okay
2374s yeah i i was something i wish we could
2376s have saw before i cut out what's the map
2378s because i'm so curious to know what map
2379s he's gonna pick like it's kind of like
2381s you said there's definitely some maps
2382s that you could probably pick that would
2383s be really mean
2384s yeah um i feel like i i don't know i
2387s mean it depends on if he's going for
2388s like meanness with boxes too or what
2391s because i but i feel like he can go to a
2393s few right like i feel like rpd could be
2395s mean for boxes although i don't know how
2397s much he'd want to play on our guy if you
2399s if you want to go the meanest map to
2402s make survivors have a really tough time
2403s finding boxes that might just be rpd
2405s because it's a large map with lots of
2407s different pads that you need to take
2409s boxes might be close but a floor above
2411s you and you need to take round about
2412s ways and if the killer is in any one of
2414s those hallways you're not getting
2415s through
2416s but it is very difficult to use your
2418s power there as a pig drop a palette you
2420s need to break it nothing else you can do
2422s that doesn't scream to me like a great
2424s idea for uh scorpion's playstyle he
2426s doesn't like that
2427s we could see perhaps a midwitch midwitch
2429s has many times where the killer has an
2432s amazing chance to use their ambush to
2434s basically guarantee his survivors are
2436s not playing it super smart while still
2438s having very off
2440s box placements um that are difficult to
2442s navigate so if we're gonna see
2445s if i had to put money on on what he
2447s would pick it would be bitwitch yeah and
2449s again then again maybe he has something
2452s else in mind hey you can always see the
2454s dead dog saloon right any like m1 killer
2456s like pig dead dog saloon is you know top
2458s notch so i wouldn't i i wouldn't put
2460s that past him either
2462s and i might be like that would also be
2464s very
2464s strategically good for the survivor's
2466s walk card because that's the kind of map
2468s where you need to break a three gem and
2470s it's not just about doing gents really
2473s fast it's about which gens you do
2475s and that might be good for them they
2477s might want to play a very safe game or
2479s no one goes goes down to the start they
2481s knock out the the one or two gems that
2483s need to be done
2484s oh okay cool
2487s rebecca already got found immediately
2490s okay all right so
2492s we need to talk about this so we have a
2494s proof itself a perk that allows
2496s survivors to do gems with higher speed
2498s when they work together awesome or
2500s rebecca's already being chased so so far
2502s that's pretty optimal we do have a
2503s person with a build gear towards
2507s uh doing gents pass which is very good
2509s since they're shorter person for the
2510s gent so this chase right now started
2513s really well
2514s for the for the for the killer can it
2517s end really well that's an amaliers i've
2518s shown the other survivors and a great
2521s dash oh
2524s enzina early down for the killer one
2526s trap placed before the first gem pops oh
2528s josh that's the gem pops in fact this
2530s will be active
2531s yes that actually will be active yep and
2533s this is also rebecca who can't do gems
2535s so
2536s i mean it kind of may be a good thing
2537s for the survivors that she got changed
2539s first because it's not like she could do
2540s gems anyway so if she wasn't getting
2542s chased she would kind of just be sitting
2543s around doing nothing
2544s so maybe not terrible also did did
2547s scorpion send himself the suffocation
2549s pit is that he sounds weird that he's a
2551s weird pick oh man
2554s why do you want to introduce people to
2555s this map is he confident okay so uh
2557s suffocation but it's a map on on
2559s macmillan estate where there's these
2561s things called maze tiles which are the
2562s high wall structures that are one of the
2565s only consistent spawns in the game
2567s they're very static spawns you know
2568s where they're going he's about to get
2569s into them
2570s right this map has five of them all
2573s right beside each other right in here
2574s you can see all these high walls all
2575s these tiles here all these all these
2577s like pallets and windows that are here
2578s they're all together and they're strong
2580s together because you can combo them this
2581s is generally a pretty tough map
2585s yeah and again this killer can choose
2587s their maps as far as i'm aware so it's
2588s very interesting that he
2590s either decided to come here or maybe he
2592s let it be random i mean i wouldn't put
2593s it past i wouldn't put it past scorpions
2594s to let it be random as well i mean that
2596s could be something yeah it's possible he
2598s just got this map completely randomly if
2600s it's not the case and he did in fact
2602s pick this bill
2604s and this map together the most sense i
2607s could make out of it is the fact that
2608s he's using ammo layers uh a pig a perk
2611s from ghost phase that allows you to see
2614s auras of people behind walls that can
2616s actually be really strong in this map
2617s because there's lots of windows and
2619s people constantly try to hide behind
2621s obstacles and move these things together
2624s and for a for a killer that can read
2626s those arrows and act on them fast that
2628s can be pretty good so maybe maybe that's
2630s what his plan was looking at so we have
2633s a running man
2636s critical skill running man looking like
2638s me out here
2639s all right
2641s you want to explain what his bill is
2643s about if we if we get a glimpse at it
2644s back yeah running man is running hyper
2646s focus and stakeout which is a really a
2648s pretty popular combo nowadays where
2651s you essentially hyper focus is a perk
2653s that makes your your great skill checks
2654s on gens better if you hit a great skill
2656s check you get a stack and then for every
2657s consecutive great skill check that you
2658s continue to hit beyond that you continue
2660s to get stacks and as you get stacks the
2662s skill checks become harder the bar moves
2663s faster like the little needle moves
2665s faster but every great skill check gives
2667s you a bigger bonus so you essentially
2669s can slam out gens ridiculously fast if
2672s you can get a high amount of stacks and
2673s then continuously hit skill checks and
2675s snake out also turns your good skill
2677s checks in the great skill checks on
2678s occasion so it's just a it's a really
2680s good
2681s several problems here though that maybe
2684s running man didn't anticipate number one
2686s he missed the skill jack at the start
2687s which reduces the progress of a gen by
2690s ten percent it's a big deal so that
2692s sucks number two he got interrupted so
2694s even if you're hitting skeletons if you
2696s get interrupted these are great filler
2698s palettes for vegas man
2700s yeah i mean it's tough because we're
2702s trying to talk about builds but
2703s scorpions just gotta just go into town
2705s here yeah he's got he's got someone like
2707s uh lexi is about to go to struggle it
2709s looks like running man is currently is
2711s currently hooked i believe in basement
2713s uh
2714s strong life play there yeah giving her a
2716s bit of a boost out of that area funnily
2718s enough there are void in the middle and
2719s they are suffering in these killer
2721s palettes where
2723s pig is really powerful with her
2725s with her ambush
2727s yeah but amy goes down i think they
2729s actually might have saved lexi before
2730s struggle which is interesting i wonder
2732s if that was reassurance that kicked in
2733s there because i feel like she i'm pretty
2735s sure her bar was like sitting right
2737s above second hook stage so i'm not sure
2739s what happened there but i think they
2740s might have insurance there that might
2741s have been
2742s we could have sammy with reassurance in
2743s their build so that would be yeah
2745s sometimes but if you look at the
2747s we have the snapshot of work to open
2749s lockers and the steve the killer
2751s absolutely failing to do anything right
2752s there
2753s yeah i don't think he was very deceived
2757s [Laughter]
2767s let's get it together man get it
2769s together
2770s running man has been healed presumably
2773s sammy really quickly with their bill
2775s awesome
2776s and they're out of basement but if you
2778s look at the hud you'll see that three of
2779s them have traps that they have to remove
2781s still
2782s yeah i don't i don't see them slamming
2784s gems oh my goodness alexa goes down
2786s again too yeah amy if they do get a
2788s before struggle but yeah this is this is
2790s just a ton of pressure yeah they got to
2792s get these hats off again sammy's the
2793s only one without yeah
2795s and he's also the only one that can't do
2797s gens so it's very unfortunate too
2799s because again if you look at the hud you
2800s see that sammy has two notches which
2802s means he's been hooked twice
2804s so if you can cook twice you want to
2805s stay away from the killer maybe do gents
2807s in a far away corner play it safe but
2809s you can't do that because of the wild
2810s card
2811s it might
2813s be
2814s honestly might be a bad idea to try to
2815s complete the wild card these uh these
2817s players might just
2818s might just opt to ignore it and and just
2821s try to survive right now it's
2823s it's a free-for-all
2824s yeah it really is i feel like they might
2827s come to a point where they're just like
2828s you know what name we just do gens just
2829s do giants for the love of god we need to
2830s get out of here you know because yeah i
2832s mean at this point like the l why don't
2834s the wild card matters if they don't
2835s actually escape so it's kind of looking
2837s rough really good prediction there on
2839s that t-wall and catches them before we
2840s can rotate to the next one which is
2842s really sick so again even though this is
2844s a difficult map and these these maze
2846s houses together can be really strong
2847s he's playing this really well he's just
2848s kind of doing what they're doing
2849s perfectly he's got two tl worlds right
2851s together i'm gonna say right now this is
2853s a pretty decently good
2855s variation of this map for killer if you
2857s roll this map a few times you could get
2859s things way worse than this so survivors
2861s do have it a little bit harder and they
2863s honestly need to three drop failure
2865s palettes and understand how to play
2866s against pick really well if they might
2867s if they want to make a comeback here
2869s with three people soon to be that if
2870s they get caught
2872s yep and they have two active bear traps
2874s as well too oh that's that's rough it's
2876s like a red light says sami just running
2878s around like i don't know what the medic
2879s is trying to help
2881s let me know i just can't do gens all we
2883s could do is just run around and try to
2885s help but
2887s one of the reverse veritas just came uh
2889s off would you explain to us though what
2890s the reverse bear traps are and how they
2892s work for maybe the people that don't
2894s know about them reverse the reverse bear
2896s traps get set by the pig basically on a
2898s down survivor and they get active
2899s whenever a gen gets completed and
2902s essentially it's like a timer and it
2903s takes down it does it stops sticking
2905s down if you're either in chase or if
2906s you're downed or hooked but if the timer
2908s hits zero
2909s uh your head explodes and then you die
2911s right we just saw an example of that it
2913s can turn red when it's active and it
2915s pause for a second for lexi
2917s amy is in the unenviable position of
2920s having a halfway completed one even
2922s though it's not ticking maybe that's
2924s a hot issue but yeah these need to be
2927s removed or you will die to them
2930s yeah and it's it can be pretty brutal
2932s sometimes you find yourself in
2933s situations where
2934s you it's like it's really dire for time
2936s especially if you waste some time like
2937s if you waste any bit of time with an
2939s active bear trap like doing gems or
2940s healing or anything sometimes you find
2942s yourself in weird positions where
2944s it's very close and you just sometimes
2946s you sometimes just end up dying
2948s you want to mess around with we have
2949s someone fortunate moves by the way
2952s what's the unfortunate news uh uh seems
2954s like our rebecca didn't quite make it oh
2957s yeah she's she's a goner huh yeah
2961s yeah well what are you gonna do i mean
2965s what can you do i mean scorpions is kind
2967s of just killing everything right now
2969s it's tough he's had so much pressure
2971s this whole game he's been he's had like
2972s multiple downs multiple hooks he just
2974s got lexicat out as well so now it's just
2976s down to running man and amy and
2978s okay i mean correct me if i'm wrong but
2980s i believe survivors get points based on
2982s whether they escape or not and whether
2984s or not they complete a slight amount of
2986s gems so best case scenario here they
2988s might
2989s just be able to do two gems and maybe
2992s get one two people out i think would be
2994s a miracle at this point because how are
2996s you gonna shake off the killer from one
2997s of them but yeah right now this is not
3000s looking so good for scorpions it's great
3003s he's the nine points on any survivor
3005s that escapes from the walker if they
3006s manage to escape and they might not and
3008s he's using his perks and his add-ons
3010s beautifully here this giving extra speed
3013s and making those ambushes much harder to
3016s avoid when the killer really knows where
3018s to go this is this is so neat to see
3020s like the on ball ears and then last
3022s wheel combo because he gets to just like
3023s when they vault he gets to just see
3025s exactly what they do and he just sits
3026s there and waits and waits and then gets
3028s like the perfect position in order to
3029s get a
3031s really fast dash it's been so nice to
3033s see i feel like
3034s [Music]
3035s giving a second win to our fang and
3038s making a one escape very very possible
3041s right now is to split up on grades oh
3043s can you make it to a palette though i
3044s don't know there's no no she does have
3047s windows opportunity which would have
3048s highlighted any safety but i just think
3050s there's none left
3061s [Music]
3066s scorpions what are you doing these
3068s people will be at your throat later you
3070s did not have any mercy he's too nice
3073s he's too nice
3074s yeah i mean hey in the end if if
3076s scorpions ends up not winning the group
3078s by a small amount we'll probably look
3079s back at this and wait
3080s what if amy gets the hatch here hold up
3083s oh whispers is off whispers is off it's
3085s now it turned on right now uh our left
3087s perk indicates that the survivor is now
3089s nearby but they might just find the
3090s hatch randomly oh goodness nah he got it
3092s he's got it
3094s oh he he probably swear for a minute
3097s there thinking that maybe that could
3098s happen well played by the survivors uh
3100s honestly the fact that they had such a
3103s difficult workout to follow and such a
3105s difficult start of the game and still
3106s managed to do all gents
3108s is still pretty damn impressive yeah i i
3110s honestly i'm impressed with those two at
3112s the end how they managed to like get out
3113s of that situation i mean running man
3115s with the heads up play to drop the item
3116s for the killer i mean keep that in mind
3118s you know if if all else fails it's give
3120s us a little try right so
3122s so heads up play by him
3124s like i i joke around but realistically
3126s that could end up being like the
3127s difference maker between him like
3128s winning this whole thing like what if in
3130s the end he wins by a little bit and it
3132s comes down to that you know so
3134s one little reminder that we might want
3136s to tell or or survivor friends is if a
3139s walker says that you need to bring
3140s teachables it means that you need to
3142s bring those three teachable perks but
3144s not just those so all rebecca player
3147s here sami could have brought a fourth
3148s perk maybe you will have someone remind
3151s them of this fact moving forward so that
3153s they don't
3154s uh put themselves at a further
3156s disadvantage than they have to yeah i
3158s did notice that yeah the rebecca was
3160s only running her perks and not any other
3162s ones so yeah that was definitely
3164s maybe something they didn't understand
3165s so hopefully that could be cleared up
3166s yeah in the in the future yeah for sure
3168s that was like that was a good match i
3169s mean i feel like everything happened so
3170s fast but i i mean
3172s very very solid i mean i enjoyed i
3173s enjoyed watching it the ending was
3175s poetic i loved it perfect
3178s i i'm i'm really happy with it some
3180s folks in the chat are asking what is a
3182s teachable perk because that i think that
3184s that term no longer exists in the game a
3186s teachable perk are the three personal
3188s perks that come with each play which
3191s each character killer or survivor and
3193s also of tofu i think we're froze and all
3196s now i'm just i'm frozen you're back
3198s you're free you've escaped
3200s god you've escaped
3202s what's it like out there get me out it's
3204s a skill issue
3207s your internet bills
3209s oh yeah yeah sorry about that you you
3211s did get frozen on a very good frame
3214s though i wasn't looking quite as i
3216s didn't have quite that dignity so
3218s okay yeah this this is surprisingly
3221s pretty decent for me i feel like pretty
3222s good yeah there's definitely a lot of
3224s worse ones they could have gotten so i'm
3226s not i'm not too disappointed with it
3228s but yeah that was a i mean that was a
3230s solid match i'm excited to see who we
3231s have up next it's the perfect it's the
3233s perfect start oh
3235s yeah
3236s mercy at the end you know good balance
3239s of friends and foes and maybe sets the
3241s tone for some tough games going forward
3243s that's that's what i want to say see i
3245s feel like again we were talking about
3246s like whether he was going to play nice
3248s or play kind of like hard or mean he
3250s felt like he feels like he went like
3251s right in between right like he obviously
3252s was killing people yeah then at the end
3254s he let him live you know so it feels
3256s like a nice like it feels like a nice
3258s like even tone where you're eating it
3260s yeah it is very difficult to strike a
3261s balance of of not picking like
3266s of not going too far on one side you can
3268s be very nice and lose four gems
3269s immediately and then
3271s feel like a fool or you can play super
3273s hard and and then think that you played
3275s a bit too mean uh scorpion scorpions did
3278s not pick the easiest map
3280s at all and still played fair and still
3283s uh was very very graceful uh as a winner
3286s here so massive congrats to him if he
3289s didn't let go of that one survivor which
3291s he totally could have
3293s his points would be even higher but i
3295s guess he's taking the gamble he assumes
3296s that he can still win despite the small
3299s uh loss of points there
3301s yeah yeah i mean hey with ten thousand
3303s hours i don't really blame him for being
3305s confident you know
3306s i i feel like that's that's pretty
3308s worthy of confidence and he has i mean
3309s and again i've known him for years he's
3310s a really good player i i guess it's hard
3312s to blame him but we'll see again
3315s it's not like the others here are
3316s pushovers like they're all very skilled
3317s we saw we saw a lot of them perform in
3319s like previous years as well yeah i know
3321s we've seen sammy in the past a lot of
3322s these guys are maybe new to the events
3323s but they're people that we know
3325s personally they're definitely not
3326s pushovers i mean it's definitely a big
3328s risk they might not play as nice as
3330s scorpions that when it comes to picking
3332s taylor and map i know i know i wouldn't
3334s if i saw
3335s one strong toolbox two good medkits a
3338s little flashlight that might annoy me uh
3340s i'm not sure i would be feeling super
3341s charitable man oh man
3343s and gift stubs on the line dude like i'm
3345s sorry
3346s you could be my best friend but if
3347s someone like got for me five gift subs
3349s to like face camp you i'm sorry you're
3351s going down like i'm i'm picking bubba
3352s and you're going down like i it's just
3354s how it works so i don't yeah i would not
3356s be surprised to see you know if these
3358s other guys just come in here and they
3360s they just play really really hard and
3361s could maybe potentially make them regret
3363s it yeah but and
3367s and don't forget your point as a
3368s survivor might spike up a lot if in the
3371s new in the
3372s upcoming matches we see successful wild
3375s cards so yeah
3377s that could really tip things around a
3379s lot
3381s let's say running man now has amazing
3383s survivor games and then he kills it as a
3385s killer
3386s i would be a bit concerned
3390s yeah i agreed agreed for sure it looks
3392s like we have another challenge uh coming
3394s in so this is the same thing as before
3396s you guys can vote on whatever challenge
3397s you guys would like to see again you
3399s guys have already voted for number five
3401s but you can vote for it again but uh you
3403s know you've already seen it so feel free
3404s to vote for whatever you'd like you vote
3405s by typing in the number that's
3407s corresponding next to the challenge name
3408s that you guys see you'll find out more
3410s about the challenge once one wins so
3412s you're not going to know anything about
3413s it yet but vote for whichever one sounds
3415s the most interesting and then once we
3416s have a winner we'll go through we'll
3417s explain it and you know we'll give you a
3420s quick explanation and we'll run through
3421s it
3425s thank you everyone for voting and tofu
3427s do we know who is going to be our next
3429s killer do we have any info on that yet
3431s um
3433s i think i'm seeing a list right now that
3435s i think
3436s i'm not confident but i'm pretty sure i
3438s know who the next killer is
3440s but i'm hoping what if i told you that i
3442s think i know what killer they might play
3445s oh i think i might know too i might also
3447s have some info no
3449s now i'm curious to know how you know i
3451s wanted to bring the exclusive why are
3453s you learning it you know too oh well
3455s well well
3456s how did you know wait i thought only i
3458s do no how do you know i'm interested
3461s yeah i don't i don't know this person
3463s may have have reached out for some
3465s assistance
3466s but did they reach out to toad yeah they
3468s reached out to two of us and they didn't
3470s tell us oh we've been double crossed did
3472s we tell them the same thing wait what
3474s did you tell them
3475s what do you do
3477s all right i i've never suggested them to
3480s play a certain killer that starts with w
3482s and ends with race
3484s me too with this one serpent shadow
3486s dance combo do we recommend the same
3488s thing
3489s um
3491s oh okay we have a winner okay i'm sorry
3492s i got distracted we have a winner run
3494s the gauntlet survivors must have three
3496s wiretaps active at the same time oh
3499s wow okay so wiretap is a new perk that
3502s got added with ada wong
3504s and this perk is neat you have to work
3505s on a gen for i think it's 33 of its
3507s progress if i'm not mistaken and once
3509s you do it activates and when you're
3512s working on a gen you can then press e to
3514s put it onto the gen you basically
3515s wiretap the gen you you hack into the
3517s system and then if the killer comes
3519s within 14 meters of the generator i
3522s believe
3522s uh you see their aura and everyone in
3524s your team sees their aura and it's
3526s actually kind of insane the killer can
3528s get rid of it by kicking the generator
3529s but also the killer sometimes doesn't
3531s know that it's there and
3533s like this perk is interesting because a
3535s lot of people myself included kind of
3537s maybe didn't realize how good it was
3538s when we when i first saw it but
3541s man this part can be nuts and having
3543s three active at once which is the
3544s challenge yeah that's a lot of order
3546s reading that's uh that's a lot a lot of
3549s ore reading so in order for this walker
3551s to happen we'll need survivors to work
3553s on different gens build it up and then
3555s coordinate don't forget their own comes
3557s during a call then coordinate the moment
3559s where they're all gonna use it and for
3562s some time the killer unless they have
3563s some kind of stealth power or perk
3565s they'll basically be exposed whatever
3567s they are and they they won't have much
3569s of an element of surprise so that's
3571s that's really fun and good job chad for
3573s picking that option i think that's gonna
3574s spice up things a lot
3576s um
3577s yeah we don't know exactly what we're
3579s gonna be dealing with but perhaps we can
3580s see who our killer is already can we
3582s have that information revealed yet or do
3584s we have to still um yes we'll see
3588s yeah because i'm i'm so curious man no i
3591s didn't know all this was going on behind
3592s the scenes now i you know i'm so curious
3594s to know like maybe you know who who
3597s they listen to
3598s your girl i'm going to feel insulted if
3600s they pick mine i'm going to feel jealous
3603s maybe i think i might i might feel a
3604s little jealous if they pick yours over
3605s mine yeah i'm like oh so what you don't
3607s trust me
3609s damn this is uh
3611s this is one of those
3612s moments where kids ask what do you
3614s prefer mommy or daddy and there's just
3616s no right answer you're just gonna piss
3617s someone off man
3619s it's tearing us apart i don't know man
3621s yeah
3623s all right i think we have a killer video
3624s coming up for the killer uh so we can
3626s introduce him so you know we've been
3628s sitting here trying to uh contemplate
3629s who it is or whatever let's just let's
3631s just find out we have a we have a video
3633s so let's just send it over there
3636s hi guys my name is amy also known as
3638s aims at you here on twitch if you look
3640s very closely you can see my co-streamer
3642s is back there milo and peanuts
3645s my channel is very community focused so
3647s you will see
3649s me mostly playing with viewers every
3651s single day i'd say about
3654s 99.9 of my gameplay is in survivor so
3657s i'm a little bit nervous for the killer
3659s part of the tournament today but i'm
3661s very excited for the opportunity and i
3663s wanted to share with you guys some funny
3665s recent moments from my stream
3678s [Laughter]
3680s he does want to give me hatch
3684s that's so nice of you boobs for you
3693s he's going
3697s low oh
3713s [Music]
3725s got him
3727s oh my god
3734s oh you're gonna fall you're gonna fall
3735s start you gotta oh god
3740s [Laughter]
3746s please no
3747s there's no blood water please no blood
3749s warden please have blood
3752s [Laughter]
3757s okay there were some moments there that
3759s i i think were really really [ __ ]
3761s [ __ ] i'm sorry
3764s i honestly her laugh coming out of
3766s basement she just kept it consistent the
3769s whole time i was dying
3772s remember drop these folks a follow now
3775s if you like what you see um all right so
3777s what do we know about amy's choice of
3779s killer okay she's gonna play wraith
3783s wraith yes so
3784s the things that we know as far as i'm
3786s aware is that she does not play killer
3788s much at all so i mean all the clips you
3790s saw were survivor and uh yeah she may
3793s have possibly reached out to both of us
3795s and maybe we're in competition here to
3797s see who she listened to or maybe not i
3798s don't know allegedly i don't know i have
3799s no idea
3801s um
3801s but it sounds like yeah it sounds like
3803s we both gave her the same advice for
3804s playing wraith so i'm curious to see
3805s what map would you have advised her to
3807s play i advise dead dog that's what i
3809s said really okay that makes a lot of
3811s sense with what you said so your play
3813s your idea there for someone that doesn't
3815s play a lot of killer but that can maybe
3817s still pick something difficult uh is to
3819s go that dog small map great a few
3822s breakable walls here that might be an
3823s issue a few pallets but you bring the
3825s atom to break them fast and unclog
3826s that's brilliant
3828s um i advise them to run in larry's one
3831s of the smaller maps very in dorsey and
3834s considering the the add-on restrictions
3835s to run the muffled bell and some auto
3838s reading and some some
3840s some confusion generating perks because
3842s i think that even good teams in a map
3845s that is so uh difficult to tell apart
3848s it's all indoors i think they could
3849s crumble there and i think actually their
3851s idea is not to listen to either of us i
3853s think they have their own
3855s practicing
3856s so i think we're both going to be upset
3858s here but i'm looking forward to see if
3860s they pick up any ideas or improvise or
3862s come up with something new
3863s honestly that's probably the best result
3865s for us not you know fighting light into
3866s this so i think it's fine you know it's
3867s keeping us together as friends i like
3869s right
3870s right you know
3871s so yeah i mean hey we'll see i i am
3872s excited to see though i mean rayth is
3874s one of my favorite killers like of all
3876s the classic dvd like when dbd first
3878s released years ago because i've been
3879s playing this game forever wraith was
3881s like the classic right the classic basic
3883s simple killer like just simple fun
3885s stealth killer
3887s and i never i honestly never get bored
3889s of watching wraith honestly it might
3891s sound silly like some people might be
3892s like i don't know about like because he
3894s is simple but i just find him to be like
3895s so like
3896s i don't know there's something like
3897s beautiful about his simplicity i don't
3898s know i just i just enjoyed it
3900s so i'm really curious to see like how it
3902s goes and again also one thing that you
3904s glossed over is the fact that this is a
3906s stealth killer
3907s for the most part is cloaked and thus
3909s undetectable and when you're
3911s undetectable you do not get picked up by
3913s other reading perks like wiretap so
3916s we're gonna have three maybe four
3917s survivors running perks that may well do
3921s absolutely hecking nothing to this
3923s killer which i think is really funny
3925s yeah that is that is very very true i
3927s mean if they if they basically catch her
3929s off in the middle of a chase then you
3931s know sure but
3932s all right so it seems to us
3935s that um amy has picked aside and um
3940s let's see what's uh what's the reaction
3942s from the team to this to this map
3945s oh
3947s okay i'm in the far corner of the uh
3949s the cactus fields
3953s okay she went back i don't know she went
3955s back four corner i think yep yeah
3958s uh yeah realize that
3968s should i install my trap as soon as it's
3970s ready or no we have to have them up at
3972s the same time don't we okay just
3974s do we have a code word
3977s why
3990s well this makes it a bit tricky because
3991s i don't want to finish the gem
3993s yeah
3995s mine's nearly ready if you've got one
3996s ready as well i've got one yeah yeah
3997s because we all just hit it then
4000s wait
4002s yeah hit it
4004s while we're at the same time hit it
4011s [Applause]
4013s you guys get it yeah yeah
4015s and i helped
4021s oh no we're jen rushing hold on oh no
4028s i'll go get running man
4030s yeah
4036s man so uh
4038s that was uh that was pretty interesting
4040s they managed to get the challenge done
4042s like compared to the previous rock car
4043s this one seemed like a breeze they
4046s they just got it over with very early
4048s into the game managed to do a couple
4049s gems while running man was holding off
4051s the killer making some risky plays
4053s our killer um
4056s no this dude
4058s no
4060s oh no
4063s oh
4064s break down what happened there for for
4066s the initiated what happened there
4069s oh man so yeah likes the cat used the
4071s deception to fake going into the first
4073s locker because it opens the locker and
4074s makes an explosion sound which basically
4076s imitates jumping in but then jumping
4078s into the second locker with quick and
4079s quiet which makes the the the getting
4081s into the locker silence and then stun
4083s the wraith with head on so that's
4086s oh man that's
4087s we we call that getting smekeldorf in
4089s the business that's what we call that
4090s and you know you never want to get your
4092s door smuckled so you hate to see that
4094s you hate to see it all right now we see
4096s a bit of action concerning the add-ons
4099s that our killer has brought we have
4100s shadow downs which lets you break pilots
4102s a little bit faster while you are in
4104s cloak form it doesn't work outside of
4107s clock form though so this will be a
4108s normal power breaking animation and now
4110s this might be a lengthy chase you want
4112s to wrap this up as soon as possible and
4114s if it doesn't work out move on to
4115s someone else to make those perks of
4117s yours uh really really shine we have
4120s sloppy to slow down healing color brine
4122s to make regression a little bit more
4124s nasty and a few other perks to get in
4126s the way of survivors
4128s yeah i mean she looks like she's trying
4130s to take advantage of the her gen kicker
4131s perks she goes up and kicks the gen
4133s marshall with eruption hits it with call
4134s of brian which is which is pretty good
4135s that's going to progress a good bit
4137s but a pretty strong medicaid here with
4139s lexicat so the heal is going to get
4140s that is a really really powerful item to
4142s have against the run hit and run type
4144s killer yeah
4146s we have at least two med kits and one
4148s flashlight which can also be powerful
4150s towards uh against wraith
4152s yeah absolutely for sure i think at this
4154s point in the in the game with there
4156s being only two guns left on the
4157s survivors and like kind of the state of
4158s the of the hook states as well it feels
4160s like the only way to really way to come
4161s out of this with a relatively good
4163s result is gonna be out there holding
4164s down like a certain like area of
4165s generators i'm curious to see like what
4168s they maybe have going on with that it
4169s looks like there is a bunch over here
4171s the problem with this is it looks like a
4172s lot of the gems that are available are
4173s kind of on the side of the map where
4175s there's strong pallets and strong
4177s windows like this side of the street
4178s here is very powerful in this map so
4181s oh she almost finds it down and running
4183s man though
4184s looks like she's gonna get it
4186s running on taking a big risk downing um
4189s a survivor here triggered the perk
4190s eruption it's a perk that set ups a type
4192s of trap on the generator that you kick
4194s and makes anyone there basically useless
4197s for the next uh few seconds also
4199s regressing the gem in the process so
4200s that was really really big because this
4202s gen here might have gone uh much much
4204s faster without that perkin in play so
4206s that was really really good timing
4207s honestly if amy wants to have the best
4209s shot here
4210s perhaps getting rid of running man right
4213s now who by the way is in the leading
4214s points from the survivors it might just
4216s be the play just get rid of him by any
4219s means and see if you can get more kills
4221s on top of that what's your take on that
4223s yeah i kind of agree but then i think
4225s the call of brian alerting her to people
4226s being on this gen is a little bit too
4227s much it's a little it's a little too
4229s tempting for her to handle so i think
4230s she had to come over here instead and
4232s but i do agree i think that would
4233s probably be the the best strategy from
4234s now but running man does get healed
4236s unless he's gonna go back into the map
4237s so i don't think that's gonna be how it
4238s ends up going and they do actually pop
4240s that gen i'm pretty sure someone might
4242s have been crouching in that bush
4243s whenever she kicked it yeah that was
4245s really fast yeah yeah and it it got done
4248s basically instantly and now she kind of
4250s has an awkward split she has two gems
4252s down on one side of the road and then
4253s there's one way up at the other end so
4255s it's gonna be really difficult to try to
4257s defend these at this point
4259s survivors are doing the smart thing
4260s grouping up together making sure the
4262s heel is not interrupted so that there's
4263s no loss of progress with mangled uh and
4266s it seems like they are getting away with
4267s it so far maybe we can see where the
4269s killer is and if oh well there you go
4271s question answered
4272s oh oh oh
4275s this is a good position to be in get a
4278s good chance with the running man get him
4279s out of the game goodbye and then see
4282s what happens
4283s yep get rid of some of these pallets a
4285s lot of these pallets are definitely not
4287s that strong either
4289s we've gotten rid of some of them yeah i
4291s would stick to that ash like glue
4294s yeah but i'll say it's scary right
4296s because i don't think she does her
4297s generators either because she knows that
4298s they're over here being worked on it's
4300s it's a tough balance to do and again
4301s keep in mind that amy doesn't play a lot
4303s of killers so it's it's tough to know
4305s exactly what the right decision is in
4306s situations like these so
4308s she's
4308s she's fighting her way she's fighting
4310s her way
4311s that was a really good uncle
4313s unfortunately didn't lead to a proper
4314s hit but that's another palette around a
4316s contested gem gotten rid of
4318s and it might make a difference if
4319s someone gets a bit greedy here but
4321s kicking generators like this repeatedly
4323s sometimes just makes you predictable and
4325s allows survivors to split up to other
4326s generators so we really need to find
4327s someone to down
4329s we'll find in the uh fun of the felix
4331s again
4332s should get at least one hit here i think
4334s maybe i think the unclug actually didn't
4336s come in so the hit doesn't come in
4337s either gets the pallet throw i feel like
4340s i feel like everything is kind of
4341s happening on this side of the map right
4343s now on this generator and i'm kind of
4344s curious to know if the other gems now
4346s yeah we are getting done
4348s is active there we can tell by the
4349s yellow color yeah someone who's working
4351s there the the clock is thickened and
4354s wait sami seems very very happy he is
4358s perhaps plotting something
4360s i i think sami might have been the one
4362s that's been sitting with us this whole
4363s time oh oh my goodness would you look at
4365s that eruption triggers again making
4367s sammy unable to work on that jen and
4368s what do you know the person to go down
4370s here is running man who's out of being
4371s twice it seems like the team could have
4373s done something to prevent this maybe
4375s take a hit for him help him out this is
4378s looking fairly good for our killer yeah
4380s not too bad at all honestly like getting
4382s getting running man out which is also
4383s good as well because like you said
4384s earlier he is currently in first place
4387s so like getting him out is also good
4389s just as like a group setting maybe
4390s that's what i didn't save him
4394s oh sorry you're in first place i'll have
4396s fun with that race buddy
4399s you never know i mean to be fair they
4401s are all kind of competing against each
4403s other even though they're playing on the
4404s same spot right now honestly the the
4406s thought didn't cross my mind they might
4408s find themselves in a bad situation
4410s though if now they are sure one person
4412s and they suddenly need them to to make
4415s it out safe who's going to be there left
4416s to save this ada if she gets caught for
4418s example yeah yeah for sure she does have
4421s a pretty strong palate earlier she does
4422s throw they did get the last gen done too
4424s so now it's basically just the extra
4425s gates no in-game perks to speak of
4426s either so nothing really
4428s too too crazy here to try to slow them
4430s down it's basically just gonna come down
4431s to whether or not she can get it down on
4433s somebody before the gates get open
4434s looks like this gate is not being
4437s actively
4438s pun
4439s and we might be too late for the other
4441s one oh that looks to me like two people
4443s will make it safely and the other one
4445s might even have the hatch
4447s no nothing to do here let's try to find
4449s ada would be the plan
4452s yeah at this point it's basically just
4453s trying to find ada and get down oh
4455s there's a scratch mark so not gonna be
4456s able to get it he's just gonna get out
4458s of the gate
4459s honestly very well played by sammy uh
4461s rotating from all the way from the
4464s opposite side of the map to here safely
4467s and decent decent result for him to do
4469s at least um getting one person killed
4472s who might be in the lead on points other
4474s than scorpions obviously because he
4476s played killer so that strategically
4478s might work out with a good performance
4480s on the other games anyone could come out
4482s on top right now so that's really really
4483s good yep yep it's still it's honestly
4485s still it still could be anyone's game i
4486s mean that was it's like seeing how you
4488s got the first the first place person out
4489s like like early that kind of like leaves
4491s you open for future things so really not
4493s bad i mean again with her like not
4495s really playing killer much at all not a
4496s bad performance at all the survivors
4498s also played really really well they got
4499s the wiretap challenge done like really
4501s early
4502s yeah they managed to do that basically
4504s instantly so that was good they used
4505s their their crazy absurd code name
4508s secret agent style they used the code
4510s name wiretap to do it which was crazy i
4512s mean i would have never guessed that
4513s that's
4515s that's that's uncrackable code right
4516s there
4517s yeah because we had running man not
4520s survive
4521s but the other ones did survive and got
4524s the wild card bonus so this might
4526s actually
4527s bring them all relatively close to each
4529s other in terms of points
4530s so
4532s yeah i wonder what
4534s like what the standings will be after a
4535s few more games it's going to be exciting
4538s and of course
4540s we now have someone else who will be
4541s playing killer and showing us what they
4543s can come up with yeah yeah i'm really i
4546s again it's like it's it's that setting
4547s the pace thing right i'm curious to see
4549s how it continues to be and especially
4550s now with like running man dying there i
4552s i don't think he's up next but i'm still
4554s curious to see how he's gonna play it
4556s given the fact that he's been kind of
4558s like the focus here in terms of like how
4559s he survived the first game he died the
4561s second game so i'm wondering if he you
4563s know if i wonder if any that's going to
4565s affect how he plays or if he's just
4566s gonna go in with the same mindset yeah
4567s honestly he might be he might be
4569s bothered that his team failed to perhaps
4571s protect him there he did after all ronda
4574s killer at the start allowing
4576s uh allowing
4578s uh everyone to get the walker done and
4580s then when push came to shove no one was
4582s there to help him out so maybe he will
4584s be a bit more
4585s vengeful than he would have been
4587s otherwise yeah i think we can uh take it
4589s over and see who is up next though i
4590s believe so um we might we're gonna take
4593s a little break before that tofu oh okay
4596s okay and be ready for the remaining
4599s three players in this bracket
4635s foreign
4685s so
4699s so
4714s so
4797s so
4811s so
4859s oh
4910s so
4931s okay and
4933s we are back
4935s we are good we're ready yeah i'm i mean
4938s i'm ready i'm ready to watch some more
4939s games
4940s sounds like some of the fog was spilled
4942s into your background you want to tell us
4944s about that
4945s oh did it
4946s sorry i had to i had to i had to i had
4948s to cancel that phone call real quick oh
4949s there is oh yeah oh yeah there was some
4951s fog back there huh
4953s that was that was supposed to be that
4954s the whole time was that not there before
4956s because if so that means i'm you know
4959s it's fine no you're right you're right
4960s it's crazy it found its way in now
4961s that's bizarre it definitely wasn't
4963s there before
4964s uh but hey we uh we we have a new killer
4966s coming up so uh i think we should maybe
4970s have a graphic for them but i also have
4972s a pretty good idea of who i think we're
4974s gonna see well actually
4976s i know who i've seen them play before
4978s but i don't know actually i did a bit of
4980s research if we can if we can get
4982s confirmation of who's going next we can
4984s begin to talk about it yeah i i'm
4987s curious to see what you know because i
4988s feel like you're you're very you're very
4990s good at doing the player research i feel
4991s like that's a it's a big strength of
4993s yours so i'm curious to see
4995s all right we got some notes here
4997s um assuming and this is a lot of
4999s assuming assuming that our friend sammy
5001s j goes next
5003s there is actually a president sammy has
5005s played in one of these events before and
5006s they played
5008s huntress in midwich made it quite
5010s difficult for the survivors that
5012s wouldn't be bad at all but um you might
5014s get a hint from his profile picture here
5017s of what they might play next
5021s yeah i wonder
5023s i mean scorpion's picture is a pig
5025s sammy's picture is you know it feels
5028s this feels like maybe yeah you know
5030s yeah so they're definitely going to be
5031s playing the hillbilly that's that's what
5033s we're getting at
5034s clearly
5036s yes
5037s hey honestly i actually really hope so i
5039s feel like trickster is a killer that i
5040s don't see enough of i feel like that
5042s could be really really fun so i would
5044s not be opposed to that at all but i i'm
5046s not not opposed to hunters either you
5048s know tricky killer though because they
5049s have a small terror radius difficult to
5051s take protection heads against depending
5053s on the walker that we get this might be
5055s one of those really tough games where
5057s they make one tiny little mistake one
5059s main event comes up 25 knives to the
5061s back later bam everybody now um that
5063s could be bad for the survivors they need
5065s to be very careful when they get close
5068s to this killer because the the nature of
5070s the trickster is just being
5071s unpredictable
5072s with how much damage they can do from
5074s close up so
5076s yeah definitely
5078s it could definitely get out of hand
5079s really really fast so i i also i think
5081s the wild card challenge is probably
5082s going to play a big role in how the game
5084s goes depending on what it is and how
5085s they handle it so that's that's very
5087s very interesting i'm curious to see how
5088s that goes too and and that's again
5089s assuming he even plays trickster because
5090s we don't know i think i actually do
5093s recall him playing a bit of plague too
5095s so like that could be
5098s but i don't that might be arguably worse
5100s imagine we have a healing yeah a wild
5103s card and everyone is infected and broken
5105s oh yeah either way
5107s so a lot of things that could happen so
5109s it's hard to say i mean there's no
5110s there's really no way for us to know
5111s until we get into it so i i guess all we
5112s can really do right now is you know make
5114s assumptions and
5116s and and try our best to predict but
5118s there's really no way to know i do know
5119s that he did i'm pretty sure he did
5121s perform super well last year right i
5123s think so i think we'll most likely see a
5126s pretty i would expect to see a good
5127s performance from him oh yeah
5129s that that is for granted and of course
5132s chad you will be picking the wild card
5134s so if you want to know this little bit
5136s of
5137s if you want to use a little bit of
5138s information and guessing to pick one
5140s that makes it very difficult for the
5141s survivors that might be a bit exciting i
5143s wonder if we can already get to voting
5145s tofu do we have that ready yeah i'm not
5147s sure we might have the uh the five ready
5149s because we are using the same five as
5150s before so
5152s there there they are there they are so
5154s feel free to pick again you guys uh have
5155s already picked a couple of these before
5156s but feel free to pick again you guys can
5158s vote by typing the corresponding number
5160s next to the challenge you guys have two
5162s three and four left so those are the so
5164s those are the three that you guys have
5165s not chosen two three and four so if you
5167s guys would like to vote feel free to
5169s punch in one of those numbers in the
5170s chat and it'll cast your vote and then
5172s once you guys have all voted we'll tally
5173s them up we'll figure out what the winner
5175s is and then we'll quickly explain what
5177s the actual challenge is
5179s as a reminder does the killer know about
5182s these challenges
5184s no
5185s yeah i don't think he does yeah they're
5187s not unless some leak occurs um the
5189s killer doesn't know about
5191s the challenge that is ongoing so the
5193s swappers need to be a little bit subtle
5194s and try not to make it too clear that
5196s they're throwing everything to to
5200s to complete one particular goal because
5202s otherwise
5202s take advantage of it yeah perhaps time
5204s to learn more about our killer yeah
5206s let's go take a look
5210s hey everyone i'm so excited to be
5211s participating into the vlog this year
5213s for those of you that don't know me my
5214s name is samia mj and i'm a variety
5216s killer maine here on twitch i'm also an
5218s avid cosplayer and bodypainter you may
5220s see me dressed up as anything from a
5221s generator to a hook to white with a
5224s huntress hatchet lodged in his face
5227s i'm here to show you some silly builds
5228s have some fun and maybe hide in the
5231s grass while my teammates die around me
5233s enjoy the stream and i'll see you in the
5234s fog
5238s hey that one was uh short and sweet i
5240s liked it you know yeah and there's no
5243s shortage to the amount of insane
5247s um cosplays that sammy has on so
5249s definitely definitely check them out
5252s because they are all really really
5253s gorgeous and you know it's a kind of
5254s talent that i honestly find insanely
5258s difficult to to even begin to understand
5260s how do you do this yeah every everything
5262s i see from sammy is always like a wow
5264s moment i feel like when you first see it
5266s it's just like a whoa
5267s like you could stop it just be like wow
5269s that is that is crazy so yeah super
5271s talented and uh yeah it's also just
5274s super super wholesome uh nice guy as
5276s well i also love his accent you know
5278s maybe that
5279s maybe that's just the personal thing but
5280s you know love the asset as well so
5283s super wholesome and hey we have a winner
5285s of the challenges we have hang time hang
5287s time is the one that won this is three
5289s survivors must keep the fourth survivor
5291s in the first hook state for no less than
5293s 60 seconds
5295s so basically
5297s reassurance is essentially what this
5299s means there is no other way to do that
5301s without reassurance is there uh yeah
5304s because cause yeah come right well it's
5305s not coming yeah
5309s yeah that's definitely reassurance
5310s that's 100 richard so if you guys don't
5312s know there's a perk that got released
5313s with the most recent chapter called
5315s reassurance it's a rebecca chamber spark
5317s where you can basically go up to the the
5319s survivor that's currently on the hook
5320s you give them a thumbs up and you're
5322s saying hey buddy you're doing great on
5323s that hook and then it gives them 30 more
5324s seconds on the hook where they don't get
5326s any progress towards their hook states
5328s and that's essentially what they're
5329s going to have to do though i don't think
5330s there's any other way to get this
5331s challenge none other than that so
5332s someone's got to go up thumbs up the guy
5334s on the hook and then just
5335s walk away and come back 60 seconds later
5337s i guess to actually save them and then
5340s someone's just gonna have to chill on
5342s the hook yeah a little bit yeah no no
5345s no biggie
5346s actually a bit risky having one person
5348s not be useful for the team for that long
5351s can quickly result in everyone else
5353s being overwhelmed or the gens and the
5355s objectives that we're all going very
5356s slowly
5357s um luckily for them though they have
5359s multiple chances to do this there's
5361s nothing stopping them as far as i
5363s understand from
5364s trying to do this on anyone yeah so um
5368s they i guess they have four chances yeah
5370s they could attempt to all bring
5372s reassurance or have a couple people
5373s bring reassurance and try to do this on
5375s multiple
5376s different people until it's done or
5377s until the right occasion
5379s comes so
5380s seems to me a bit risky but on the easy
5382s side they don't need to prepare or or
5386s bring very specific bills to pull it off
5387s so i i can i can see this happening
5390s on the other side we have killers that
5392s are very
5394s very good at defending hooks if if we
5396s are going to trickster or play groud so
5399s it might be very risky to leave someone
5401s and don't forget reassurance requires
5403s someone to get really close
5405s and press meters i believe right next to
5408s the person on the hook if you're in the
5410s basement there's no way to do that
5412s without dipping your toes down there you
5414s need to get very very close and then
5417s maybe then you have to leave oh this
5419s could be super super dangerous if they
5421s try to force it too early
5423s they they might actually fail uh really
5425s so badly something i'm kind of thinking
5427s about too is like what if they like run
5429s up to somebody hit them with reassurance
5430s right away and they're like cool they
5432s always gotta come back in 60 seconds
5433s right what if during that 60 seconds
5436s more people go down what if there's a
5437s second person on the hook and what if
5439s the killer starts snowballing right
5440s because in that situation you gotta you
5441s gotta start unhooking people right yeah
5443s yeah yeah it might very well be that the
5445s person that needs to be there 90 seconds
5447s necessary for the team before that
5449s i have two ideas for that that maybe
5451s they'll improvise and come up with
5452s number one just give up on the idea go
5455s rescue and try to do it later
5458s or have someone with deliverance a perk
5460s from adam you can be on the hook someone
5464s can give you reassurance you can chill
5466s there for
5467s 61 seconds do the wild card whatever
5470s and then at the very last second you
5472s just unhook yourself
5474s for free with deliverance yeah so you're
5477s chilling in there and then you do it
5479s yourself
5480s seems
5481s seems like a pretty good idea that they
5482s should perhaps consider so that they
5484s don't run into the problem you just uh
5486s described so that's
5488s that's an option um
5491s if the map is small enough i don't know
5493s if if the killer is just going to stand
5495s there and watch i don't know
5497s yeah
5498s i mean that's true but either way i mean
5500s they can still unhook themselves and and
5502s force kind of the reset which would
5503s still be good and it like you said it
5504s guarantees like the 60 seconds so that
5506s would be solid it basically just puts it
5508s on the on the hook driver to take care
5509s of it and that sounds great
5511s wait wait a minute
5513s uh what if the killer plays pyramid head
5516s what if there's no hooks in the first
5517s place oh what if they play sarco and
5520s they try to condemn everyone without
5522s hooking anyone
5524s i'm thinking that is very unlikely to
5526s happen but that would be a really
5528s hypothetically that would be horrible
5530s yeah they would just they would not be
5532s able to do it yeah
5534s oh okay all right it's not it's not but
5536s sami gets a quick look with lethal
5538s pursuer
5539s yeah and uh it is midwich and it is
5541s trickster so
5543s pretty interesting i think this is a
5544s pretty decent map right these long
5545s hallways that kind of people are like
5547s people notoriously just kind of like get
5549s distance and then run around these
5550s hallways and kind of use their distance
5552s to to keep distance doesn't really do
5553s anything against trickster because you
5554s can kind of just lob knives looks like
5555s we have a firsthand initiative we should
5557s zoning on the action perhaps we can get
5559s a point of view from one of the in
5561s involved individuals
5562s oh no not the place you want to be
5564s against uh oh yeah he's gonna be going
5567s down for sure yeah running man goes down
5568s already really quickly really really
5570s quickly brilliant check it out
5573s legal pursuer to get you started and
5575s then dirt is revealed so every time he
5576s reloads he will see auras of people that
5578s are within a certain range of lockers so
5580s he'll get a lot of work a lot of we're
5581s reading and that orbiting will actually
5582s be extended by lethal so really solid
5585s over leading every time he reloads
5587s oh i think sammy or killer went out of
5590s their way to make it to a white hood to
5592s trigger their perks
5594s but they they had actually been carrying
5595s this flower for a very long time lexi
5597s might have been able to take a hit there
5598s to maybe save running man and prolong
5601s this first hook from uh from happening
5603s like
5604s prevent it from happening in the first
5605s place
5609s [Music]
5611s oh this is see this is what i'm saying
5613s like if they if they reassurance running
5615s man hypothetically i think if they were
5616s trying to do this early but they would
5617s not be able to yeah no the the play here
5620s would be to reassure perhaps lexi
5622s and quickly lick your wounds and come
5624s back uh from this really difficult start
5628s yeah it looks like running man's bar is
5630s going down so i don't think he got the
5632s thumbs up i think i i think he's
5634s actually just sitting on the hook plus
5635s people have to reassurance we see that
5637s at least um
5638s amy doesn't have it yeah true that's a
5641s good point maybe maybe doing a quick
5643s uh look through the swappers perks would
5645s tell us who is even capable of
5647s procking it in the first place
5649s scorpio just stayed at a hook state
5650s somewhere on the map so he's currently
5651s getting chased two people are sitting on
5653s hook running man's gonna need to be
5654s saved down below he's gonna get a shot i
5656s think i think he's been he got paused he
5658s would pause if you look at the
5659s card
5660s man just
5661s uh got hit by reassurance we can tell
5664s because the the
5666s the bar is moving and it's actually
5667s blinking yeah it's flashing yeah you're
5669s right so that's actually the challenge
5671s right there he i'm pretty sure he was
5672s definitely up there for 60 seconds
5674s because the whole hook stayed at 60
5675s seconds so he was like it was about to
5677s change and then he sounded like at least
5679s 10 15 seconds we might get the referee
5681s out on this one but i think that was it
5684s that was another
5687s despite the start lexi is about to hit
5689s stage two meanwhile sami is doing
5691s is doing some insane uh move because
5695s yeah we should
5696s yeah yeah yeah we should we should hop
5698s in and do a listen and see what's going
5699s on with the survivors let's do it how
5700s did they know maybe i'm going to
5703s think you were just right outside the
5704s tear radius
5706s or whatever radius yeah
5713s [Music]
5717s i'll go get josh
5719s yeah
5733s what do you think about that
5735s yeah uh
5737s they honestly it's it sounds like it's
5739s all business right now and i think it
5740s happens
5741s this is difficult for them yeah we see
5743s sammy aiming at their toes trying to
5746s thread the needle thread the needle
5748s through some of those holes and
5750s demonstrating great knowledge of this
5751s killer
5752s anytime an unhook happens and he or he
5755s reloads we see auto reveals that in this
5757s map basically cover the entire
5760s length of all the corridors so no
5762s escaping um the auto reading here
5766s yeah uh darshan field is so good on this
5769s map this is like the prime map for it so
5771s every single time you reload there's
5772s just oral readings everywhere and also
5774s they get extended by lethal so it's
5775s really really long overreading he has
5777s eyes when people base it all the time
5778s whenever you unhook whenever he on every
5780s reload so it's it's very difficult they
5782s really don't have anywhere to hide and
5784s you know he's
5785s just coming out for them with daggers i
5787s mean i don't know it seems like the
5788s first gen here in the music room will be
5790s done no way to stop it but
5792s amy's been not too far from the other
5794s one we might be a fortunes for a very
5797s long time and and do and dude like look
5799s at the hook states man two people on
5801s death hook the other two have been
5802s hooked once like it's getting close to
5804s people dropping you know and yeah
5808s is that in cook
5809s they don't cook which means that if he
5810s goes down right now it's it's over for
5812s him
5814s and running man was the first one to die
5815s last game as well yeah he's i think he's
5818s taking it upon himself to try to run the
5820s killer at the start
5821s a very difficult task sometimes
5823s especially against this killer on a
5825s pilot like we saw
5827s all that out of reading is evil
5829s doesn't quite get the he's like one shot
5832s away from it and
5834s i still think this is a completely
5836s unbelievable position
5838s oh
5845s um but
5847s right man is dead and tammy i mean i i
5849s don't
5850s that to me doesn't look like someone
5852s ridden by guilt
5854s [Laughter]
5859s but hey i mean that's that's the first
5861s kill with three gens left that's a
5863s really really good spot i mean that's
5864s probably the best position we've seen so
5866s far he could end up ending this with a
5868s really really good escaping
5872s oh man there's one day hook stay oh so
5874s close lexi gets around the corner with
5876s one dagger left before going down so
5878s that's gonna be really really nice might
5879s be able to get that regression to kick
5880s in but you never know because
5885s no way okay that was that was worth a
5888s shot
5889s yeah if you would have got that dagger
5890s from the whole way across that courtyard
5891s and got that down that would have been
5892s so dirty doesn't quite get it though but
5895s does find scorpions on this gen
5899s yep oh again one knife away from damage
5902s there it is very bad place to be in pick
5904s up
5906s yeah here comes the insane war reading
5907s probably uh
5923s i think what he was trying to do was he
5925s was trying to bait him into thinking
5926s that he dropped down the hole but he's
5928s in the locker but yeah
5929s if there wasn't auras there that could
5931s have actually been really cheeky because
5932s they might have thought he went down the
5934s hole and then you know dove down after
5935s him but yeah the overrating just
5937s diseases didn't know and then you know
5939s ended up looking like a fool
5941s this is the reason why bringing one or
5943s two people with distortion would be such
5945s a good idea in matches like this you
5947s would immediately be able to tell that
5949s some artists being blocked and maybe
5950s call that out for your teammates but as
5953s it is right now they are a little bit
5955s uh clueless as to why exactly this
5958s killer knows where they are all the time
5960s yeah yeah let's see what happened
5962s through the with their killer can we see
5963s uh get a peek on this chase awesome
5966s yeah but he is he's chasing the only
5967s survivor that isn't on death hook so
5969s even though amy is in a pretty rough
5970s spot your pal is not very strong
5972s though
5974s that is ridiculously difficult oh the
5976s fact that they lasted this long is
5978s honestly quite remarkable very difficult
5981s loops against trickster
5983s that's obviously the reason why killer
5985s brought himself here yeah bought a lot
5987s of time though which is nice but like i
5989s don't know if it's gonna be enough now
5990s now everyone's on death so once again he
5992s gets unhooked everyone will be dead on
5993s their next hook and again
5996s it's really sad that the baby went
5997s through so much trouble
6000s oh no they just know
6003s oh
6006s oh my
6007s oh my god so the atoms or killer has
6010s brought in because you're curious is the
6011s melodious mother the usb stick makes you
6013s reload faster so has great synergy with
6015s darkness reveal the perk that reveals rs
6018s when you reload
6020s and then the arcade shoes which are
6022s actually intended on this killer they
6024s allow you to throw knives and not slow
6026s yourself down nearly as much helps a lot
6028s to just get those knives even loops like
6030s this so yeah very very nasty combo yeah
6033s scorpius goes down now it's a 2v1 and
6035s again there's still two gens left so
6038s and gens that they get done matter that
6039s that plays towards the points that they
6041s get so for instance if he forks them at
6043s two gens that's better than him 4k them
6045s at all five gens being done so
6047s we'll see if they can manage to maybe at
6049s least get like one more done if not both
6051s but if you manage to get this 4k at two
6053s gen's left that's gonna be a really good
6054s result like a really really good result
6056s okay so we have a problem here amy's not
6058s being chased
6060s and they are injured if we
6062s if we're looking for hats and you're
6064s injured you're gonna give yourself away
6065s so easily not to mention the auto
6067s reading part i'm not even sure hatch is
6070s gonna be easy for these folks oh one
6072s more dagger that damage these pallets
6075s are all just so strong this is such a
6077s good like killer plus map combination so
6079s it was a really good choice for standing
6081s here like he really put himself in a
6082s position would you say this is the
6083s meanest we've seen so far because i
6085s would say so by far yeah i don't think
6087s his playstyle was mean but as far as
6089s like the selection yeah this was like
6091s sammy definitely strategically picked
6092s something here that is very very strong
6095s so
6096s okay maybe maybe trying to
6098s oh that's really good that's really good
6100s amy's out of that little vine
6102s please find the hatch they might be able
6104s to find it they gotta oh
6106s no that window that's going to be death
6108s yeah oh
6109s that's so lucky
6111s no
6112s and there you go sammy against the 4k
6114s two gens that is like that that's
6116s definitely the best result we've seen so
6118s far so i mean as a matter of fact that's
6119s the first 4k yeah because because
6121s actually scorpions didn't forget he let
6123s running man go no no no no no so yeah
6126s this is not over uh sami's now realizing
6129s the one downside of this map there are
6131s like three hooks on the bottom floor and
6133s he's already gotten rid of three of them
6136s amy no amy what are you doing do not try
6138s to be friendly oh
6140s all right well i wish someone could have
6142s uh share that lesson
6144s with amy it's not a good idea to try to
6146s be friends with a killer wait maybe it
6149s is oh maybe that's good
6150s and that's a good idea don't listen to
6152s us don't do it it's a good idea
6157s we still have a lot to learn about this
6159s game after all
6162s no just just ignore us for the remainder
6164s of the event i suppose we
6166s we know well i say we but i know nothing
6169s at all okay
6170s i mean
6171s is the thing look i i didn't see it
6173s coming too i just i saw an opportunity
6175s under
6183s and what a gentleman that was really
6184s really nice of them oh yeah and again he
6188s played that super super well that that
6189s map was really really strong for texture
6191s he showcased exactly why he had the
6193s perfect build for it too darner's
6194s revealed on that map is absurd there's
6196s so many lockers everywhere you basically
6197s always get over reading so yeah just
6199s super super solid
6201s um
6202s let me see here
6205s look at how he aims for the toes through
6207s those
6208s uh through those openings yeah all those
6210s little holes in the loop so you can
6211s throw daggers through so it's just so
6213s dangerous and it's hilarious
6216s yeah
6217s he almost got away with trapping him
6219s he almost got away if you somehow
6221s managed to get the killer in there and
6222s and not go down right after
6224s that could have been really really big
6225s maybe a turning point even yeah and here
6228s like they just can't hide they could not
6230s no
6231s they they did they never even suspected
6233s that they were constantly under
6234s surveillance by all of these auto
6236s reading perks which by the way as you
6238s pointed out get longer and longer
6240s because of lethal pursuer so you see
6242s survivors for even longer an extra two
6244s seconds and what a finish oh my goodness
6247s uh sami should be very happy about this
6249s performance oh yeah i'm sure he's
6250s definitely really happy about that one
6251s he played super super well and that's
6253s gonna put him like probably very very
6255s steadily in the lead above everyone else
6256s i mean we did have that one game where
6257s running man escaped it has to be right
6260s yeah but
6260s that was definitely a much better killer
6262s performance than we've seen from from
6264s others so far so
6266s he's going to be in a pretty good
6267s position here to possibly win but i mean
6269s there are two people that are still yeah
6271s it doesn't take too much from other
6273s people
6274s to to get in the lead themselves with a
6276s good escape plus wild card or with a
6278s fantastic killer round and we still have
6281s two killers left in this uh group
6283s one running man and we also have lexi
6287s yeah and i believe lexi will actually be
6289s the next killer so
6291s uh i'm curious to know do you have any
6293s predictions in terms of what you think
6295s lexi will play i do but i think there
6297s might be a bit out there we might be
6299s faced with something completely new i
6300s think lexi's favorite killer is that
6302s that's linger which is
6304s um i don't know if we if we can really
6306s compare it to the killer twisting before
6308s it is a range killer that brings you in
6310s close with his harpoon and then
6312s bank bonks you on the top of the head
6315s with his weapon it's a really fun one to
6316s watch and a really challenging one to
6318s play especially for someone like lexi
6320s who i think plays more on the survivor
6322s side so i would be a little bit nervous
6324s if i had to play such a mechanically
6326s commanding killer against survivors of
6328s this caliber
6330s yeah for sure although again kind of
6332s like you said dustfinger is capable of
6334s some pretty crazy stuff i think i've
6335s been seeing some clips from lexi as well
6337s that has shown some stuff there's a lot
6338s of like
6339s very little like cracks and holes and
6341s things that you might not think would be
6343s dangerous but slinger's his projectile
6345s is so small that you can get it through
6347s any any little hole that you see you can
6348s get it through and get hits on it's it's
6350s crazy like there's a lot of really
6352s flashy cool stuff you could do with
6353s slingers so i'm curious to see how this
6354s goes and we're here's the challenges we
6357s we can vote again the only the other
6358s ones we have not seen yet are number
6359s three and number four so feel free to
6361s cast your votes in chat to vote you just
6363s gotta type in the number that is
6364s corresponding to the challenge you wanna
6365s vote for so type it in cash your vote
6367s now when we have a winner we'll pull it
6369s out and we'll explain what it does and
6371s we'll go from there
6375s i think
6378s hey everyone i'm lexicat i'm a full-time
6380s dead by daylight content creator that
6381s you may have seen on twitch or tick tock
6384s i play both killer and survivor i'm
6386s notoriously a felix mane for
6389s no reason in particular he's so hot and
6392s for what these days i'm also known to
6395s shoot my shot as deathslinger
6406s and i definitely under no circumstances
6409s pointed lockers when nobody is in them
6411s never
6412s they're in that one
6415s they're in that one
6416s come on
6418s hurry up
6426s i'm thrilled to participate today in the
6427s into the fog four and i hope you all
6429s enjoy please enjoy some clips of me
6433s being myself
6435s bye
6436s can i get a flashlight save for funsies
6457s [Laughter]
6468s oh
6470s [Laughter]
6474s [Music]
6483s [Music]
6487s somebody in there
6490s there's somebody in there
6492s [Laughter]
6505s all right well definitely showed some of
6507s the destiny shots you can get but also
6509s just
6510s complete shenanigans as well
6512s let's make it clear we do not condone
6514s this behavior pointing at empty loggers
6516s is highly frowned upon it is evil
6520s not do it
6521s you don't know you can't do that that
6523s being said
6524s watching a good splinger shoot through
6526s those holes you were mentioning isn't
6528s that just the most fun thing ever i'm
6530s looking forward to this match if we're
6531s going to see it that's thank you yeah
6533s yeah i'm really hoping we see some cool
6534s stuff in this match because again that
6535s is probably in my opinion one of the
6537s most exciting things to see in this game
6538s is like some of the really interesting
6540s stuff you can get so that's what i'm
6542s hoping for uh like clearly we can talk
6544s about the survivor stuff we saw as well
6545s but
6546s you know she's not going to be playing
6547s survivor in this next round so i think
6549s the killer is more what i'm what i'm
6550s thinking about so i i in my opinion
6554s okay what i'm curious about is what do
6555s you think map she's gonna play for
6557s slinger like assuming she plays slinger
6558s which seems pretty likely from what we
6560s saw right okay
6561s so the the slinger's old map that he
6564s came with has a lot of holes and areas
6566s that are kind of designed for those
6568s shots so salud is a great option can't
6570s go wrong with that
6572s i do think that if you are going to
6574s bring
6575s ibidescent addons to instagram that
6578s could be nasty but those are not allowed
6579s so considering that we're probably going
6580s to see green add-ons which don't change
6583s the gameplay too much
6585s um
6586s perhaps uh an open small map like saloon
6589s or wrecker's yard makes the most sense
6590s to me
6591s yeah maybe something small like coal
6593s tower uh right
6595s there's honestly a lot of really really
6597s really cool uh shots you can get on even
6599s just like your average azeroth map so i
6601s think that could be it as well
6602s i think we have a challenge winner as
6603s well that we could reveal i believe so
6605s we can kick it over oh we got fixation
6607s survivors may only select perks
6609s containing the word aura in their
6610s description oh
6613s interesting
6614s this is actually a huge test of
6616s knowledge for survivors
6618s huh so that's interesting because if it
6620s has aura anywhere it could be the
6622s survivors or like it could be the
6624s survivor seeing the auras but it could
6625s also be the killers you're seeing
6627s it could also it could also be a perk
6629s like small survivor to hide your from
6632s the killer yeah and then maybe try to
6634s open the gate if you're the last one
6635s left like there are many many perks that
6637s reference artists in one way or another
6639s i think any of them
6641s that reference blindness
6644s uh has the tooltip that explains what
6646s blindness does so you could bring for
6648s example
6649s hattiesburg a residual manifest and i'm
6652s pretty sure that references uh ara's so
6655s there's actually
6657s dozens if not
6659s more yeah
6660s a hundred perks but no there's actually
6663s a big selection of perks maybe more
6664s interesting is what perks can they not
6667s bring because of this yeah that's really
6669s that's super interesting because i feel
6670s like you i for them they'd have to sit
6672s there and probably go through everything
6674s and figure it out i know a lot of the
6675s there's definitely a lot of popular
6676s perks that they can run like off the
6677s record i believe hydro aura after you
6679s get unhooked there's a lot of things
6680s that hide your aura and then there's
6681s also a lot of aura showing perks and
6684s obviously i'm i'd be blown away if we
6686s didn't see at least one person running
6687s open-handed with all these with all this
6689s stuff going around because that extends
6691s auras so yeah open-handed only one
6694s person needs to bring it and then anyone
6695s would benefit from it seeing artists
6697s from even further so we might have
6698s things like kindred bond open-handed
6701s um
6703s you could also bring things like alert
6706s there are actually so many choices it's
6708s going to be really interesting to see
6710s what each person is most uh comfortable
6713s with and whether or not someone comes up
6714s with some interesting choice maybe a
6716s perk that you don't really think fits
6718s the description but has aura in it so
6720s that's really interesting oh yeah i'm
6723s i'm really hoping that that's what
6724s happens i hope we see a perk and we're
6725s like wait a minute and then we have to
6726s like investigate it like our
6728s encyclopedia and be like oh wait a
6729s minute it does happen
6731s i'm hoping that happens but we'll see i
6732s mean i feel like they might end up going
6734s with like some more standard like
6736s orbiting perks like kindred can be
6737s really good especially with open-handed
6739s because the killer's aura gets extended
6740s from the hook to like pretty ridiculous
6742s amounts
6743s uh you can do things like distortion to
6745s hide your auras you can do
6747s benefit a lot from from perks like that
6749s it seems very um sometimes to an
6752s outsider it seems like
6753s information perks are redundant when
6755s everyone is on a call
6756s but when the information is really
6759s readily available and people can quickly
6761s pick up on it without having to talk
6762s then they can use
6764s that time to talk about other things
6765s like who's going to do what who needs to
6767s come here for a body block and that kind
6768s of coordination we haven't seen that
6770s much
6771s yeah i think in the previous games
6775s i will say a lot i think a lot of people
6776s reverse i mean that as well like a lot
6777s of people think that yeah you're right
6778s like information perks like aren't
6779s needed when you're in comms but right
6782s like if you're playing like shelter
6783s woods and you go down in one of the
6784s sides of the map like what are you gonna
6785s say like hey jimmy i'm down by the tree
6787s and the rock and they're like wow thanks
6789s bobby
6791s that tells you so much thank you thank
6793s you thank you so much so like i think
6794s having having words and being able to
6796s like actually have that like instant
6798s information where you can see directly
6800s what it is where it is
6802s it is definitely really really useful
6803s regardless of you know comms or no
6805s columns so yeah i mean we could even i
6808s guess even like
6809s funnily enough if we had say three or
6812s four distortions last game literally
6814s half the build would have started to
6816s come apart from the killer side so
6818s true that's yeah that's actually really
6820s lucky from sammy's part that he didn't
6821s get this challenge yeah
6823s it's kind of crazy that
6825s the these wild cards line up the way
6827s they did they've actually made this a
6829s lot more entertaining i would say yeah
6831s yeah and i think we have to we have to
6834s discuss is what perks we're going to see
6835s from the killer i don't know if you
6836s notice in the clips but i saw a perk
6838s there that i think is really interesting
6840s called the solution from
6842s the
6844s from the dredge and that is a perk that
6846s allows you to hit a survivor and if they
6848s vote the pallet you can shoot them and
6849s then reel them as the pilot breaks and
6852s yes we do have this solution and yes we
6854s do have saloon so so far good for us
6856s we've been
6859s relatively relatively accurate in our
6860s predictions we're like basically no
6862s tradomas
6863s and i'm really curious to see okay
6864s there's a couple bill okay deception
6867s there's other being a shot it might have
6868s been aimed at running man here that was
6870s on the on the balcony if not we might
6872s want to quickly stretch up to see who's
6874s being chased seems amy is the unlucky
6877s uh wait no hold up we might want to see
6879s the killer running man the obsession is
6880s being uh chased right now let's see if
6882s we can focus on the action there's i
6883s don't think there's any open-handed
6885s there's no open-handed how's that
6888s i mean it has to be in the description
6890s okay sammy tried to hide not
6892s not too good of a place to hide but
6894s that's fair and we're going to see lexi
6896s focus now see if they can bring down
6898s this first of all
6900s that was really really close
6904s yep down goes sammy not quite being able
6906s to make it the shack palette and hey
6908s there's uh pain resonance and rancor
6910s that's an interesting perk as far as
6912s like the first session goes right or
6913s it's not something you see super often
6914s but another one it's actually a great
6917s idea in such a small map where it's hard
6918s to shake off the killer at the end game
6920s yep and
6921s the information you get from it is very
6923s very good too you get uh like a a screen
6925s bubble every single one every survivor
6927s every time a giant gets done so it just
6928s kind of gives you periodic information
6930s on where everybody is which can be
6931s really nice
6932s right and at the end the obsession needs
6934s to be very mindful because rancor allows
6936s them to be insadon and insta morit no
6938s matter what so it's a pretty big deal
6941s yep
6947s scorpions played that really well he
6948s actually kind of faded baited the the
6951s the vault
6952s somehow
6953s uh with the auto reading
6955s yeah that shack is dangerous though you
6957s see all those holes in the back of it
6958s those are all death traps for slinger
6960s you can shoot through like all of those
6962s cracks so it's going to be really if
6963s anyone ends up going there and tries to
6964s play that against against lexi we might
6966s see some pretty insane shots possibly
6969s running one's taking the heat right now
6971s and being um being chased running one
6973s might be the one target you want to
6974s leave for last because they are the
6976s obsession
6977s um but either way decent pressure uh at
6980s the start of the game on a small map and
6981s here complete info
6983s i it is interesting too that alexia has
6985s of all ears because there is the current
6987s overall reading aspect of the whole
6989s build but i don't know if i saw when we
6991s were going through their builds i didn't
6992s see i think i saw off the record maybe
6993s once or twice but i didn't see
6995s like
6996s i believe we have one distortion was
6998s there one distortion yeah because
7000s i didn't see a whole lot i thought there
7001s would be more i wouldn't i would not
7002s have been surprised if he went into this
7003s with like four distortions but it seems
7005s like there's no that would have been
7007s really smart okay so what we see here
7008s from our killer is a bit of a tricky
7010s play we've seen just recently thanks to
7012s rancor that all the swabbers are on the
7014s opposite side of the map which means
7015s that kicking this gen maybe leaves it
7017s unattended for a while but it also has
7019s meant that any momentum has been lost
7020s they're not currently chasing anyone so
7022s yeah it's a bit of a risk dude because
7024s sammy just sneaks over right there and
7025s hops on it
7027s i think i think sammy is loving getting
7029s this map so much because every time we
7030s put the camera on him he's like
7031s crouching in the bush and then smiling
7035s i think he's having a good time with it
7036s so
7037s yeah he's always sneaking around and
7039s working on jen's she does find scorpions
7041s though here at this you know pretty
7042s decent tile though we talked a lot about
7044s scorpion's experience as a killer
7046s because they're pretty much the killer
7047s but they're no they're they're not bad
7049s at survivor at all
7050s and they're showing it right now
7052s it's really tight making that shot very
7054s difficult i mean hey put it this way 10
7056s 000 hours of playing killer you're gonna
7058s know what works against the killer so
7060s that's the camera idea yeah he
7061s definitely is uh gonna know what to do
7063s here and how to play and how to play
7065s against it and uh this is probably gonna
7067s have to do it i like i like this from
7069s both sides i really really like how
7072s scorpions just waited to see and i also
7074s like the way lexie used that other
7076s information to know that the best place
7078s sometimes just to wait
7082s i'm gonna get this hook
7088s we can maybe cut to that
7107s she's coming up
7112s all right so we listen in for a good 15
7114s or 20 seconds and we've heard almost
7116s nothing i think what we see here is just
7118s pure
7119s focus on each of these players
7122s objectives they're doing well though
7124s yeah i mean they're they're doing really
7126s really well there's only two gens left
7127s and only two hook states so they're kind
7129s of in a pretty good position to get out
7130s here they're doing a really good job of
7132s winning the shots oh what thing is say
7134s because hitting that palette and this is
7135s again this is that really dangerous shot
7137s you gotta be careful here it's all these
7138s holes but doesn't quite get it
7141s and he's going to use that every missed
7142s shot
7146s okay so the two atoms that we have
7148s actually were super instrumental in
7150s letting that happen we have an add-on
7151s the wiring keys that lets you reload
7153s have a second tuner big deal but then
7155s the tin can oil also helps you recover
7157s from a missed shot half a second tuner
7159s too so one entire second was shaped off
7162s between that missed shot and the
7163s successful one
7165s big big stuff these atoms really really
7168s given value
7169s yeah that was that was really really
7171s good there like absolute max range shot
7174s just just barely got i was actually in
7175s the middle of saying like they're using
7177s the missed shots as an opportunity to
7178s get distance and maybe try to get out of
7180s range and
7181s raiders was about to leave my lips they
7183s got hit with like the most maximum range
7185s shot possible so
7187s very very very very good from lexi and
7188s now sami is going to be on a second hook
7189s so gonna be a little bit dangerous going
7191s to be close to being out but there's
7192s only one gen left so there yeah
7195s a screen from a distance which i think
7197s means that that was a
7200s a a white scorch hook pain dress must
7202s have done some damage
7204s yeah so that might just give a bit more
7207s time if we look at the hut right now we
7208s see that two people are done which is
7210s awesome great place to be in oh he wants
7213s to be careful because he's the obsession
7216s oh my god
7219s immediately dead look at him look at his
7221s face she's like oh man no no no no no he
7225s should he should have known too because
7227s his obsession you can see the killer
7229s zora every time uh every time a jen gets
7230s done it is it is true wait but maybe
7233s that's what got in the way he has object
7235s of obsession i think he didn't realize
7236s oh you're right he probably just thought
7238s it was
7240s realize that he's such a horrible
7241s coincidence oh so rancour has the
7244s downside of allowing the obsession
7246s survivor to see your order repeatedly
7248s throughout the match with which gives
7249s them a pretty good warning before they
7250s get the final warning but i think our
7252s friend running man just didn't realize
7254s that that's what was happening and when
7256s they finished that gen and saw the
7258s rancor pop up well by then it was too
7260s late and well uh the rest you've seen
7263s with yourself yeah
7265s oh no
7267s that's so nice too because he didn't
7269s have any hook states that's just a
7271s kill on someone that has like literally
7273s not been touched the whole game and now
7275s scorpions and and sammy are both on
7277s death too so if either one of these guys
7278s get caught out here while opening the
7279s zexagates then that's just another free
7282s kill
7282s right i i think that's what our killer
7285s should be looking into here try to catch
7286s someone in a bad spot and secure an
7288s extra kill at least
7290s yeah basically anyone other than amy is
7292s probably the uh the ideal target
7295s can we have a quick look to see what the
7296s killer is doing where they're
7297s controlling exactly oh i think they're
7299s actually chasing amy right now over
7301s there by the pallets while they're
7303s opening both gates no they're far away
7305s from both gates i think they've realized
7306s i'm afraid too late
7309s that these guys are gone and the
7310s survivors are probably not gonna linger
7312s uh oh never mind this one's not open
7314s yeah not quite there oh my god someone's
7316s out of place i think you're not out from
7318s that one you're dead you're dead you're
7320s dead
7321s yep no
7325s the gate instead of just opening it that
7327s was a strange play perhaps running to
7329s the other it might be the communication
7331s was lacking here some survivors had
7333s everything they needed to make a play
7335s um
7337s so no point in staying to try to help
7339s them out
7340s yeah so all right so
7342s let's be
7343s visibly excited and happy as she should
7345s be because damn that was a good
7347s performance and a great value from
7349s rancor maybe the most clutch perks so
7352s far
7353s honestly a really really good comeback
7354s from how the match was going at the
7355s beginning i was a little bit worried at
7356s the start but that rancor play is the
7359s final gen popped and then you know also
7361s taking advantage of the mistakes really
7362s well there at the end
7364s unbelievably unlucky for him right now
7367s oh my god he's been chased first almost
7369s every time
7371s he he got locked into place in midwich
7373s and now he didn't know that there was a
7376s big target painted on his back that was
7379s that was honestly really tragic but
7381s running man i believe he's our final
7383s killer player in this group yeah so he
7386s has a chance to maybe
7388s undo all of this and still come out on
7390s top
7391s i feel like he has been like getting
7393s like almost like unintentionally bullied
7395s like every game yeah like every game
7396s we're mentioning him in some way in
7398s every game whether he's getting ranked
7400s or he's like the first one dead or the
7401s first one chased
7402s there's always free game and i think
7404s like that's the only break they've had
7406s since this whole thing started yeah yep
7410s all right well we got some highlights
7411s for lexicate coming up so i think we can
7412s probably take a look at that real quick
7415s this is a good shot on shaq there just
7418s oh toy being going to make a second
7420s later and that palette comes down and
7421s there's no way really yeah yeah there's
7424s just like there's like there's like
7425s nothing that can be done that was a
7426s great play as well decent amaliers uh
7430s yeah and that's the crazy real crazy
7432s musical and
7433s a very very distant shot that was
7435s probably as you said at the very very
7437s limit of what's even possible yeah look
7439s at look at how far they had to pull like
7440s the the chain was like about to break
7442s they had to get it so
7444s let's look at running man's reaction now
7446s knowing that he'll know he's like
7450s no
7450s [Music]
7452s i i was trying to read his lips and it
7454s looked something like oh god oh no
7458s something like that though oh man set
7461s himself up in such a
7463s lucky way
7465s oh that's so good
7467s that was very very unfortunate but these
7469s are the moments we live for honestly
7470s yeah yeah these are the moments we live
7472s for i am now
7474s terribly excited to see what running man
7476s will come up with
7477s yeah and that's really it's really good
7479s too because uh scorpions and amy both
7481s get out so that that helps them a lot in
7482s the long run too and uh i think we
7484s actually have a break coming up i think
7486s we're gonna take a quick break before
7487s our final game
7488s all right get some popcorn the next one
7490s might be very very exciting and some of
7491s these players are very close in scoring
7493s let's see who comes out with the highest
7495s score
7528s so
7600s so
7779s so
7799s yeah
7801s all right we are back
7803s and uh
7804s how are you feeling so productive break
7806s for everyone
7807s yeah i'm i'm ready i'm ready to go
7809s because i am so curious because again
7811s we've been talking about running man a
7812s lot through these news games and like
7814s he's he's been a big focus like a big
7816s like center focus in pretty much every
7818s survivor match because there's always
7819s something weird going on with him so
7821s do you know that he's playing killer do
7823s you know how many hours riding man has
7825s in this game
7826s probably a ridiculous amount i would
7828s assume a lot he plays a lot he has
7832s devotion 47
7834s [Music]
7835s i have i have over 9 000 hours and i'm
7838s like 30 something
7840s i think i think running man legitimately
7842s has like 15 000 or some insane amount
7847s and he plays mostly killer so far all
7850s the previous games he's been playing
7851s survivor the role that he's arguably
7853s maybe less
7854s uh focused on during his normal gameplay
7856s so now he's going to show us what he's
7858s capable of
7860s yeah um i'm really curious to see what
7861s we see i mean i i don't know he can play
7863s basically anybody uh i think we have a
7865s video that can showcase a little bit
7866s more about him so maybe that'll tell us
7868s something so let's throw it over to that
7878s [Music]
7881s hey there i'm running man
7883s i was born 39 years ago as a baby
7886s a lot of boring stuff happened after
7888s that but then eventually i became a dead
7890s by daylight full-time streamer and a fog
7892s whisperer very excited to be
7894s participating in the event today
7897s i'm going to show you a clip of my
7898s twitch stream
7900s somebody's on my totem right now maybe
7902s one time oh my god they got it as i hit
7905s her
7907s that was a good time anyways excited to
7910s see you in the fog
7914s oh is it is it is it still recording
7922s all right i don't know i don't know if
7924s you found that transition from that cool
7926s title scene to
7928s his face in the center i don't know if
7930s you found that funny but i personally i
7932s can't say that i kind of enjoyed it all
7934s i feel like that like like the beginning
7936s like the first like five seconds i was
7938s like oh my god this is professional this
7940s is good and then he like immediately
7942s just started like deadpan like sarcasm i
7944s was just like oh okay
7946s all right all right okay well uh that
7949s was great and again a reminder that
7951s we're gonna be saying this
7952s uh throughout the event all of these
7954s people most of them are full-time or
7957s part-time streamers that stream for 24
7959s hours a day sometimes please go watch
7961s them find out their socials we'll
7963s probably be giving them shout outs in
7964s the chat and so on find them and watch
7967s them if you enjoy what you see today
7969s and now we need to speculate what killer
7972s are we going to see and is it going to
7973s be wesker
7974s yeah is it going to be wesker is it not
7976s going to be western i don't know
7978s it has to be westbrook it will be it
7980s will be wesker it'll be west i'm hoping
7982s it'll be wesker we haven't seen him
7984s wesker yet and he is like you know like
7986s the new kid on the block he's the
7987s current hype i mean i know people that
7989s play survivor may be sick of seeing him
7991s but let's be real he's very very
7993s exciting to play he's very excited to
7994s see i i i really want to see somebody
7997s play him and like pop off today so i'm
7999s hoping this will be the one and again
8000s like we said running man has a ton of
8002s hours on killer i'm sure he's been
8003s playing wesker
8005s an insane amount it just hit me it just
8007s hit me playing wesker and choosing the
8009s map is actually a really it opens up a
8012s whole odd kind of worms to to to deal
8015s with because you can have
8016s huge stereo radius built
8018s that embellish yeah entire map you can
8021s send yourself to a map that's really
8022s small so you can slam survivors into
8024s everything you can turn yourself to an
8026s open mat and use the addons to throw
8027s people from afar there are so many
8030s options and all of them are so mean and
8032s require such precise contrabler
8034s uh i would be sweating a little bit if i
8036s were the survivors this round that's
8038s interesting
8040s yeah and here's our last challenge no
8041s need to vote this time we've already
8042s gone through all the except for one we
8043s have master of unlocking now survivors
8045s must escape collectively using four
8047s perks containing the words unlocking or
8049s opening all perks must leave or sorry
8051s wait did i say
8052s all perks supposed to leave out wait oh
8054s survivors must leave out the exit gate
8056s at the end of the trial okay i see i see
8058s all survivors must be about to get into
8059s the trial
8060s so you basically just have to run perks
8063s that contain so it's the same thing as
8065s it was with before with auras but now
8067s it's unlocking and opening so that's
8069s kind of interesting that there's a lot
8070s of things i i think i think we might be
8072s misunderstanding this i think that they
8074s have to run four perks but not four
8076s perks each i think they have freedom
8078s here if i read that correctly and maybe
8080s they try to
8082s figure it out
8083s they could have one person with four
8085s perks that have the word unlocking on it
8087s and then that one person escapes and
8089s they got it
8090s or they could divide that among
8092s different people so they have more
8093s chances to escape with four of those so
8096s they could all have
8098s four of those perks each so that anyone
8100s escaping ensures that the challenge is
8102s completed or maybe they'll take a risk
8104s and try to bring better perks but
8105s obviously lesser chance to have someone
8107s escape with the with the required perks
8110s so i think they have a bit of freedom
8111s here if i understand this challenge
8112s correctly maybe they'll just play it the
8113s simple way i'm trying to think odds can
8115s you think like what are some really good
8116s perks that you can run that have
8118s opening or unlocking i mean i
8120s immediately think of like exit gates and
8121s stuff with things like like wake up is
8123s it obvious because it gets faster
8125s okay here's one uh there are many perks
8127s that have multiple effects that include
8129s unlocking stuff so leader for example is
8132s a great one resilience is another with
8134s brazilians you can do gents faster you
8136s can vault faster but you can also open
8138s executes faster so you have a bit of a
8141s multi-tool perk
8142s leader would also do a similar thing
8144s survivors will walk by you would open
8146s gates faster unlock chess quicker but
8148s also heal you faster so i think they
8150s need to be smart if they bring four uh
8152s soul survivors or they or they bring
8154s four wake ups they might do the
8156s challenge but they're not gonna be very
8158s well equipped they need to
8160s take a little minute to identify these
8162s perks that could really give them a lot
8163s of value and have them strategically
8165s spread out between the school hours that
8166s could really work out
8168s yeah i mean i think maybe even getting
8170s someone to like dedicated you know like
8172s dedicate to running wake up and handling
8174s investigates like that's a really
8175s powerful thing to have on a team there's
8177s a lot of things that they could run here
8178s obviously there's the obvious choices
8179s like plunder's instinct and pharmacy and
8181s stuff you could run to but even that
8183s right i mean if all four survivors are
8184s running plunders or pharmacy that's not
8185s very efficient there's only three chests
8187s on that by default so maybe maybe some
8189s offers right now don't want to be
8190s efficient we are on the final round of
8192s this first group final game the fifth
8195s if you were to run wake up
8196s and show survivor to open gates in half
8199s the time that could really work out for
8201s you if your team just happens to
8202s magically die so you could let everyone
8204s else die and be like oh no my team and
8207s then suddenly open the gate in just a
8209s few seconds after the killer finds the
8211s hatch that's a very good point yeah i
8213s mean again we said it before but like
8216s even though the survivor team is a team
8218s they're all competing against each other
8219s in like the actual round-robin format so
8222s like we were joking about earlier
8223s whenever they let running man die like
8225s we they could be something right you
8227s could just let your team die like oh
8228s sorry oh you were on the hook oops i
8230s blanked out and didn't realize oh hey
8232s guys i'm just gonna get hatch now later
8234s and oh okay looks like we're on
8238s wait
8239s oh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my
8241s god oh my god i think i i think i just
8243s realized something
8244s broadcasting
8246s not just that there's something
8257s is that terminus as well oh no that's a
8261s oh lord yeah so no way out nowhere
8263s bloodborne in terminus that's gonna be
8265s brutal that is actually a really really
8267s nutty build uh do you wanna rush through
8269s to what these perks do oh yeah
8272s sure i would love to no way out
8273s basically makes the exit gates blocked
8275s whenever they go to work on them it gets
8277s stacks for every unique survivor hooked
8279s so it can it blocks for longer depending
8280s on this driver is hooked blood warning
8282s makes it so that if it gets opened and
8283s someone gets hooked it blocks the exit
8285s oh big man
8287s she's zoned out here yeah yeah she
8289s doesn't really have much to worry about
8292s that was huge people were huge even with
8294s the chili's
8295s running man probably now realizing he
8297s didn't quite have her huge play there
8301s though
8302s that's really really good she was
8303s honestly going to be dead there like if
8304s she didn't have lives she was dead in
8306s that corner she wasn't getting out of
8307s there
8307s so that was actually
8309s you can see i think you can see running
8310s man kind of focusing up after that look
8311s at that he's like yeah yeah he's getting
8313s anything slight now that being said most
8316s of the strength of this build if not all
8317s of it comes in the envelope as you
8318s pointed out uh
8320s with no way out the exits would take
8322s longer and it this bill has a bit of a
8325s psychological impact on survivors
8326s because when they see know it they try
8328s to find noise when they see terminus
8330s they know they can't heal until they
8331s open the gates and then they want to
8332s open the gates but when they open the
8333s gates then block warden comes into play
8336s and that can lock them in again so this
8338s has several layers of danger that i
8341s think
8342s are difficult to dodge if a group of
8344s suvirus is not absolutely killing it
8346s yeah agreed i do think it's a bit
8349s interesting to go with a for one game
8350s perk though considering again
8352s that you kind of get scoring based on
8354s the amount of gems done you know you
8356s would think it might be better to go for
8357s something you know where your perks kick
8359s in a little sooner that is true that is
8361s true
8363s he's already got two hooks pretty
8364s quickly yeah that that second that
8366s second down there was really really good
8368s in one of the last populated areas of
8370s the shelter woods with very little in
8371s there i think scorpions had nothing to
8373s do also if we point out the add-ons of
8375s the color for the variety that are
8377s allowed these are some of the best
8378s add-ons you can bring yeah i believe we
8380s have the chili and the was it the the
8383s beast marks yeah the yellow oh no you're
8385s right i think it was nice scratches yeah
8388s it's the best possible combination that
8390s you can have with this rarity basically
8392s so we have a chainsaw that is
8393s unpredictably fast once it starts going
8395s and goes for a very long time oh yeah no
8398s it's yellow chili then beast marks yeah
8399s yeah you're right yep that's a really
8400s strong combo i did see leader on the one
8402s survivor as well so yeah i think they're
8404s they're definitely taking your route in
8405s terms of like the perks of the running
8407s and that's actually amy's second hook
8409s so
8410s this is getting into dangerous territory
8411s now very very strong star for for
8414s running man and of course he knows it
8415s and he understands it this is going to
8417s look how quick the stone is getting done
8418s with the leader effect from someone else
8420s but what's the point of doing this
8421s thought in my wonder yeah i don't know
8423s maybe you know maybe scorpions isn't
8425s over oh my god maybe he's trying to
8427s counter know it yeah that's maybe that's
8429s what's gonna say but like how that's how
8431s how would he know i don't know wow that
8433s is that is a level of
8435s hey like
8437s maybe when they let running man die
8438s earlier maybe he was like you know what
8440s i'm gonna know
8442s how about we try to listen in and see if
8444s we have an insight on what's on their
8446s mind right now because worrying about
8447s knowledge so early that is honestly
8451s uh that is really smart about them yeah
8453s it's very interesting
8459s oh man the three the three man leader
8460s play
8461s i think he might be running barbecue
8464s yeah
8465s i don't know he came at me after he
8466s hooked so
8468s well bubba is hungry he just hit me on
8470s the horn
8472s is that because i'm felix
8475s probably
8476s and you know it's true
8479s that's because i'm worried him oh yeah
8482s oh yeah
8496s i feel like we are seeing some of that
8498s grudge from earlier games may be coming
8500s through so
8502s i don't think there's any beef i think
8504s it's just
8506s tenderizing the meat knowing the proper
8508s etiquette ah i think i think this is
8510s completely acceptable and survivors are
8513s definitely in a good spot and they have
8514s nothing to worry about
8516s yeah of course of course of course
8518s i mean realistically speaking they did
8519s recover really really well that was yeah
8521s they did they they filmed it actually it
8523s doesn't if you look at the numbers and
8524s the hooks and the gems left it doesn't
8526s quite look like a decisive victory but i
8528s think that's what happens when you bring
8529s four end-game perks yeah
8532s yeah this definitely could get out of
8533s hand really really fast remember the
8535s final gen pops i mean that's when this
8536s whole build's gonna kick in so that's
8539s gonna be where things get a little bit
8540s spicy and especially if he gets the four
8542s stacks in the way out this might be that
8544s everywhere there it is he's four stacks
8545s so it's for a second the way out there's
8547s going to be a big stall in next gates
8548s and everything else is gonna be there
8549s too like the broken the the one shot
8551s downs everything so yeah it's gonna be
8554s real tough once they get there uh we
8556s didn't hear anything about the comms
8557s either about no ed so i'm curious no no
8559s they they in fact seem to wonder about
8561s other perks so i would say they they
8564s might not be entirely ready for what's
8565s coming
8566s yeah not at all and there's another
8568s another down on lexi as well so i think
8570s this will put her on her second hook as
8571s well so this is there's now two people
8573s that are going to be on death hook
8576s just tenderizing again of course nothing
8578s you know nothing weird happening here
8580s totally normal behavior oh yes oh yeah
8582s okay i honestly can't explain this one
8586s oh is this one not tenderizing is this
8588s no i think uh uh oxygenizing the meat i
8591s i'm sorry i i will need to look up some
8593s youtube tutorials yeah exactly what's
8595s going on here yeah i might need to tune
8597s into hell's kitchen or something and
8599s maybe figure that one out but it looks
8601s like oh they did popular oh this is
8602s actually really bad they popped the last
8604s gen while two people were on hook so now
8606s all the they're joking yeah they need to
8608s open gates but they can't do it fast and
8610s everyone's gonna be one shot down like
8612s right here
8613s no
8616s scorpions is not that uncooked however
8618s yeah they do have a bit of oxygen here
8620s they they do have a bit of breathing
8621s room no it's been triggered too so no
8623s that's really good that's really good
8624s but here's the here's the problem
8627s survivors when that no way out goes away
8629s will feel like they have to open gates
8631s because look at them three of them are
8632s permanently injured right yeah um oh no
8635s deception failing to pull the killer
8638s unfortunately yeah if they do open the
8640s gate now they have to worry about
8642s blood water then on top of the noise
8644s yup yup and and lexie's actually on
8646s deathly doesn't off the hook he's going
8648s to be going after uh sammy here
8650s who has jackpot still yeah honestly
8653s they're doing a pretty good job of like
8654s trying to stabilize here i mean yeah i
8656s don't know if it's if it's our kill or
8658s not remembering don't forget the killer
8659s doesn't see the amount of hooks on each
8662s bobber they need to remember but the
8663s swabbers do know about it so
8666s he didn't hit lexi on hook and then he
8668s chainsawed her on hooks i feel like if
8670s there's anyone he's going to remember i
8672s feel like it's probably going to be
8673s legally
8674s but you know yeah you're not wrong like
8676s maybe he or maybe he's just opting not
8678s to kill her just you know for the sake
8680s of being a little bit nice by the way no
8682s way it's gone so now it's kind of oh
8684s he's opening himself
8686s he wants to go out in style here he's
8688s not gonna kill them normally this might
8690s actually give away his plan however
8692s yeah because you know you're not gonna
8694s keep this person here for very long you
8696s have to pick up and hold and and also i
8698s think that was within vision of lexi
8700s said lexi's probably like oh he's
8701s opening the gate you know and then yeah
8703s in fact if i you can see the artist of
8704s the old survivors
8706s yeah there they go they know yep they
8708s know actually scorpions scorpions bunny
8710s bunny you better go scorpions
8715s all right okay i'm not gonna lie i was i
8718s was following along this plan up until
8720s the ending i think opening the gate
8721s yourself might have just been a dead
8723s giveaway again two hours i've definitely
8724s seen everything before yeah but another
8727s one is beautiful game from running man
8730s and i think we we have a completed wild
8733s card because three surprises escaping
8735s with plenty of perks each i'm pretty
8737s sure that would count
8739s yeah i would assume i'm sure you know
8740s the people keeping sword behind the
8741s scenes will be able to be able to track
8743s that but it seemed like they most likely
8744s got it yeah with the only mexican dying
8746s i feel like that it's pretty likely so i
8748s mean hey he he got his revenge on
8750s mexican i guess but still in the one
8752s kill again like you said a little bit of
8754s a you know questionable move there
8756s opening the gate himself but i don't
8757s blame him he wanted to go out with style
8759s if he could have hypothetically killed
8760s everyone with blood warden that would
8761s have been the coolest thing ever so i
8763s can't i can't blame him for trying i you
8765s know in fact i kind of give them props
8767s for trying i think it'd be really cool
8768s if you could have pulled it off yeah so
8771s but we've got some replays coming up so
8772s we can go back and maybe catch some
8774s highlights of the game
8776s [Music]
8777s oh yeah
8778s yeah
8780s you feel like you're going to outrun the
8782s chancellor with these add-ons there's
8784s just no chance yeah he goes so far so
8787s fast with these like if you don't have a
8788s pallet or window or something nearby to
8790s hop into that is
8792s that is a lot higher than it looks
8793s sometimes and you pull that off really
8795s well
8806s yep
8807s that little bit might have given it away
8810s yeah yeah for sure
8817s well i mean that was the uh that was the
8819s first set of games so there we go what's
8822s your prediction we we have to estimate
8824s we don't know all the we i'm i'm not
8826s sure about you but i certainly did not
8828s keep up with all the points they could
8829s have gotten but it seems to me like
8833s it's sammy
8834s sammy had the best killer performance so
8836s if we're gonna go based off that oh yeah
8838s you got full screen time now buddy hey
8840s look at that uh it feels feels good i
8842s guess
8844s i think i think stevie had the best
8847s killer result so if i had to if i was a
8848s gambler man i would say it's sammy most
8850s likely came on top uh tofu i need some
8852s help um oh no i'm good never mind
8856s no yes no no i'm just gonna make the
8858s dumbest face possible so that it freezes
8860s what i'm what i'm looking silly
8864s you didn't get the good freeze frame
8866s that i got earlier very unfortunate damn
8868s dude
8869s but yeah i mean if i had to take a guess
8871s i would guess probably sami came out on
8872s top
8874s it was honestly really close though like
8875s the matches were super super close like
8877s but tammy did die in at least
8880s two or three of the games yeah you know
8883s you know i think scorpions
8885s scorpions lived in every while in every
8887s game where most people escaped he did
8889s pretty well in his own game i'm thinking
8891s he might be the one
8893s on the lead here it might come down to
8895s him letting running man live honestly it
8896s might come down to that that would be
8898s really sad if you missed out on like a
8900s million gifted subs just because you
8901s have a little heart
8903s a literal million he could have been a
8905s millionaire he gave it all up i'm
8908s rounding it up a little bit but it is
8909s we're talking we're talking big digits
8912s here yeah we're huge digits so
8916s all right all right well i think we're
8918s gonna be throwing it back to frisk she's
8919s gonna be coming back in i think she has
8921s some stuff going on that she wants to
8922s introduce you guys to so
8924s what's fun what's fun casting i think
8925s we're gonna take a backseat for a little
8927s bit
8929s and yeah that's it for us
8930s hello frisk
8932s awesome thank you so much guys it is
8936s great to be back we have had some
8939s pretty wild plays i mean i was not
8943s expecting our killers to be so
8946s competitive and and so cutthroat i feel
8949s like some of our past into the fog
8951s events we've had killer teams who were
8953s just in it for the memes they were just
8956s you know rolling with the punches just
8957s doing silly stuff all the time but this
8960s time like
8961s nobody nobody came to fool around and
8964s i've been really enjoying what we have
8966s going on so
8968s um i'm excited to bring in our mvp
8973s of this group
8975s lexicatt lexi hi how are you doing i'm
8979s the i'm the mvp of this group
8982s i mean
8983s maybe
8985s oh no i've lost lexi oh
8991s where are you
8993s i'm so sorry
8997s that's okay it's just a small issue but
8999s you know it's okay we can still hear you
9001s i can still talk to you and
9004s you know what that's all right that's
9005s okay
9006s so um
9007s you know i mean i started this off with
9009s a hello but i should have said uh howdy
9012s partner because the
9015s those gunslinger plays were incredible
9019s like
9020s you took everyone to the saloon you
9022s played gunslinger your gameplay was
9025s definitely giving um some yee-haw uh are
9028s you a gunslinger are you a gunslinger
9030s main was that intentional so i switched
9033s mains a lot i've played a lot of
9035s different killers since i started
9036s playing dvd i was first a spirit main
9039s ever and then i've switched a lot so
9041s i've most recently became a death
9043s slinger maine like within the past month
9045s i'd say and i was like you know what i
9047s might as well have a good time while i
9048s do this and just play someone that gives
9050s me joy and i'll wear a tiny hat and
9052s it'll just it'll just be fun
9054s oh my gosh look at the little tiny hat
9056s it's so cute i love your tiny hat i
9060s that's so adorable i love it
9063s thanks
9064s yeah so let's see so over the past month
9066s you've been playing death slinger and
9068s you were originally a spirit player so
9071s what what was uh what was appealing
9074s about the death flinger what made you go
9076s from like you know what spirit i'ma
9078s retire you for a bit i am i'm a yeehaw
9081s gal now
9083s i don't know i like to learn different
9085s types of killers all the time so i like
9088s to try one killer of each type so like
9091s you know spirit is mostly m1
9095s then i went on to let's see i played
9097s doctor for a while played freddy for a
9098s while i started dredge for a little bit
9101s because i really like locker place
9102s obviously and then i wanted you know i
9104s wanted like a long range to see how well
9107s i would do so it's kind of like a little
9108s challenge for myself
9110s okay all right so it sounds like you're
9111s really challenging yourself with those
9113s killers and um and that's you know
9116s that's really cool that you're kind of
9117s jumping out of your comfort zone because
9119s you know you've been a survivor main
9120s since what like 2017
9123s so you know
9124s it's like
9126s being able to jump into those like those
9128s killer roles and just step away from
9131s survivor
9132s have you have you changed which side is
9134s your favorite are you still do you still
9136s feel like a survivor main or do you feel
9138s more like you're becoming a killer
9142s i think
9143s i'm still in my survivor main era
9145s because i enjoy deception too much
9148s but since the dredge has an add-on to
9150s make it like backwards deception there
9152s might there might be a killer like
9154s villain era in the works you know you
9156s never know what could happen but
9158s currently i still love survivor the most
9160s i just really like the chase and i like
9162s to meme around and have fun
9164s oh my gosh yeah i feel that absolutely
9167s to my core so as a survivor made myself
9171s that entire play that you did against uh
9174s ames the like that ever epic locker play
9177s where you did the deception and then you
9179s quick and quiet um into the locker next
9182s to it and then you head on to ames that
9185s play spoke to my soul because being able
9187s to just fool a killer stun them it's so
9190s satisfying and you know that was that
9193s was an intentional play no or was that
9196s just a typical wednesday it absolutely
9198s was potential that's my favorite thing
9200s to do is deception locker a quick and
9202s quiet locker b and then head on and run
9204s away
9207s i love that i love that
9210s did you uh have you ever done deception
9212s plays and um what do you call it the uh
9215s freddy's map the elementary where
9217s there's like i call it the trap house
9218s because there's so many lockers in it
9220s it's the one with the single generator
9222s do you know what i mean oh yes yes and
9225s then you have to watch him open every
9227s single locker before he gets to yours
9228s they're like yeah i'm just gonna sit
9230s here and laugh
9232s oh yeah those are great those are
9233s wonderful
9234s oh man well lexi it was so great getting
9237s to interview you it was amazing watching
9239s you play
9240s um
9241s let let everybody know where to find you
9243s and if you have anything else going on
9245s that you want to highlight you know this
9247s is your chance
9248s okay
9249s uh well you can find me on
9251s lexicat i'm also on tick tock lexicat tv
9254s uh and you can just find me memen like
9256s 24 7. we just like to have fun in the
9259s fog and show people that it's not always
9261s about the win it's about having fun with
9263s your friends and just you know making a
9265s positive community for everyone i think
9267s that's important
9269s yeah absolutely as a survivor i mean
9271s having fun with your friends it's just
9273s it's top-notch thank you so much lexi
9276s thank you
9278s bye
9279s [Music]
9323s well um
9324s it's i saw today
9327s the 6th of september um on the dead by
9330s daylight mobile app and by the way i'm
9333s just for the interview they didn't tell
9335s me to say this i literally saw this a
9337s couple of hours ago adam is getting it
9340s costume for the dead by day like mobile
9342s at jamaican sort of get up and i
9344s immediately was like you know what if i
9345s that's me that's me well besides the
9348s fact that my hairline it ain't like that
9350s anymore but that would be me and i would
9352s have that entire get up i'm really
9354s hoping that you bring it to the main
9355s game because
9357s you know it's my heritage it's me
9360s by the way whoever made that that little
9362s movie i'm waiting for a dead by daylight
9364s movie now please can we just have one of
9366s those
9372s yes and it'll be the only time that i've
9374s ever had abs and i because i was
9376s laughing hysterically so and i was a
9378s little bit scared as well there's
9380s multiple parts of this we um decided you
9383s know it's a bit of daytime dead by
9385s daylight on the weekend with friends in
9386s a stream and we all dressed in the
9389s wonderful bright green t-shirt that
9392s claudette has and we had the pink hat to
9394s cut you know to complement it and we
9396s were gonna be sweaty we had plans to go
9398s in there and just go absolutely
9400s um
9401s with everything and uh i can't remember
9403s which map it was on but i know that was
9405s a bug fix the day before which stopped
9407s the hillbilly from jumping like running
9410s into something and jumping we were in
9412s the match and you know we begin doing
9414s the gens and we're all panicking because
9415s the terror radius was really big for
9417s some reason and we see hillbilly just
9420s running into a wall constantly and i'm
9422s thinking oh my god you know as a fog
9424s whisperer i need to report this this
9425s person's trying to bug something but we
9427s realized what they were doing didn't
9429s help that either i think it was a
9430s community manager or a developer came
9432s into chat just just to say hello so i'm
9434s even sweating even more but we were
9436s laughing so
9437s we're all trying to cheer on this
9439s hillbilly knowing that they couldn't do
9440s this bug anymore we rushed the gens
9443s decided you know what enough's enough
9444s after 20 minutes and we all stood at the
9446s gate then we begun the race so he
9448s knocked us all over and then we're all
9449s cheering for each other as we're trying
9451s to race through the exit gate as quickly
9453s as possible i have never laughed as much
9456s as i had then because
9458s i don't play
9459s like for meta and you know competitively
9461s i just play to have fun and you can make
9463s your own sort of memories and have a
9465s great time in dead by daylight things
9467s like that for me is what makes this game
9470s enjoyable um but there's been many many
9473s more like there's always the moonwalking
9475s myers or you know ghost face just
9476s popping up and me screaming profanities
9478s at top of my lung but um the that one
9481s sticks out for me the most because i i
9482s was laughing hysterically to the point
9484s where i was crying and sweating
9487s lovely imagery for you there but
9494s [Music]
9509s [Music]
9554s [Music]
9569s [Music]
9614s [Music]
9629s [Music]
9674s [Music]
9689s [Music]
9734s [Music]
9749s [Music]
9779s hey welcome back hey ots how you doing
9781s man how you been very good very good i
9785s um
9786s i need blood i need this next group to
9789s absolutely kill it just the way the
9790s previous one did and i want them to try
9793s really really hard because i know we
9794s have some
9795s mad talented killers coming up and
9796s really good for our students
9799s yeah i uh i i like looking at the group
9802s it's a really exciting one i think
9804s there's a lot of names in here they're
9804s really excited to see we also have some
9806s uh well at least one or two former
9809s former contestants as well from from
9811s last year so that's also interesting too
9813s some people with some experience and
9815s also some new faces so i don't know i
9817s think this is going to be very i think
9818s this could be really interesting our
9820s first killer is uh videos so that's
9822s going to be interesting uh i think we
9825s actually know a good bit about
9828s what killer is going to be selected
9829s right yeah we're suspecting plague
9833s or as videos calls them the bubonic babe
9837s the puke princess the uh there were some
9841s others but let's maybe not go there
9842s we're gonna do like and that's exciting
9845s i think you missed out on maybe vomit
9847s comet or something i think there's some
9849s other ones too i think demonic babe's
9851s the best though i think bubonic babies
9852s is probably the the standard status quo
9854s that we should go for
9855s uh and that's that's exciting because i
9857s think playing is pretty interesting i
9859s know plague is a kind of that you enjoy
9861s a lot i think i think plague is in many
9864s ways such a good killer it is a killer
9867s that deals with medkits and healing
9868s perks which are very common in public
9870s lobbies very well it is a killer that
9872s even sees play at the highest levels
9875s just because of how dangerous she is
9876s when she gets her red puke so it's a
9878s killer that can honestly keep up
9880s anywhere if you play her well enough and
9883s i think that's what we're gonna see
9884s today there's also so many disgusting
9886s perk combinations that are so strong on
9889s her and if you could pick the map and
9890s reduce one of her arguably her main
9893s weakness which is
9894s bad fountain spawns if you can pick a
9896s map where the fountains are all
9899s neatly uh centered
9901s you can do so much damage so this could
9903s be a disaster for the survivors if they
9905s don't handle it well but then again we
9907s might get surprised and see another
9908s killer i wouldn't complain if we saw
9910s wesker for his for instance yeah we
9912s still have yet to see wesker we've had
9913s five games with that one so uh
9915s kind of a shame but hey i mean there's
9917s still a chance we can see him before the
9918s night ends so it's all good i think we
9919s have a new poll of wild cards to choose
9921s from as well so here we go five new wild
9923s cards again if you guys have not seen
9925s this from before it's basically
9926s challenges that we're putting one of the
9927s survivors that they have to do in order
9929s to get more subs you guys can vote for
9931s which one we do it's just a vague
9933s description for now but you guys can
9934s vote by typing the corresponding number
9936s next to the one that you want to see in
9937s the chat and that will cast your vote
9939s once we tally up the votes we'll pick
9940s out whichever one was actually the
9942s victor of the of the poll and then we
9944s will explain what it is and the
9946s survivors will have to just deal with it
9947s essentially
9949s also
9950s the name of number five
9952s pretty quality i i like that i like that
9954s a lot i i don't see a world where number
9957s five doesn't get picked first
9959s so
9960s funny so absolutely funny that's that's
9963s that's quality i like that one i i feel
9965s like i was sitting there looking at them
9966s all and i was like you know one of these
9968s stands out a little bit more than the
9970s rest of me so curious to see what that
9972s is um
9973s that being said let's assume that
9975s that many people will play
9977s um dwight and aydah here that that could
9980s be really good honestly doing gems
9982s together would prove myself strong
9984s against her uh seeing the killer's aura
9986s actually really really critical if you
9988s can dodge and hide while she's getting
9990s her power up
9991s that could be really really huge so this
9993s might be one of those instances where
9995s the wildcard actually helps survivors
9998s and we need to remind them if um
10001s well if it comes to teachables they need
10003s to select the fourth perk
10005s um but we'll see exactly what the what
10007s the walker is all about in a minute when
10010s when we when we get to see it yeah
10013s yeah we're assuming the first one's
10014s going to win yeah
10017s we just saw the funny pun and we're like
10019s that's that's got to be the winner we
10020s don't actually know yet we have no ideas
10022s like something else entirely could win
10023s and we're not 100 sure yet but lots of
10025s fives in the chat though uh it's lovely
10027s to see people interacting with the
10028s stream and don't forget you can interact
10030s further uh drop a follow to all of these
10032s folks i will keep repeating it
10035s yup i think we have a killer video as
10036s well at the show so i think we could
10037s maybe learn a little bit more about the
10039s streamer that we'll be playing killers
10040s so let's hop to the introduction video
10047s hi there my name is avidia so but feel
10049s free to call me evie my pronouns and
10051s drag are she or they alright everyone
10053s get out it's your family photo okay
10065s was the gun
10066s would you do it don't you make it
10071s yeah
10081s oh my god don't do it
10084s what are we gonna do i don't know i'm
10085s hiding you're hiding
10087s it's sexy you think about it think about
10088s it think about it think about it
10090s you're thinking about it i'm thinking
10092s about it i'm still right here besties
10101s i got this i got this i got this
10112s i'm a working gal okay so now i'm just
10114s gonna get
10117s [Music]
10127s seems like we weren't the only ones with
10129s technical difficulties that's that's
10131s good to know
10132s about myself yeah i was literally
10135s thinking of the same things i had
10136s another one on the early ones
10138s honestly good stuff though i mean i'm
10140s excited to see what's gonna happen
10142s definitely seems like you know a little
10144s bit of a goofball so i'm curious to see
10146s like if like the game's gonna be taken a
10147s little bit more seriously or if it's
10148s gonna be a little bit more chill and
10149s like played for fun you know i think
10151s that we've been seeing a lot of that
10152s lately so i'm curious although you know
10156s you know it is the first game so it's
10158s kind of like we said i feel like the
10159s first game of every group is kind of
10160s like the dictating game
10162s yeah that is a really good point
10165s as i said i've voiced it before
10167s i want these people to try really really
10169s hard because there's just something fun
10171s as a commentator at least just to even
10174s if you don't understand how friendly
10176s they are with each other their history
10177s that goes back even if you're not in on
10179s their friendship if you see them all try
10181s and do their best that is immediately
10183s compelling and immediately fun to watch
10185s and for me as a commentator i think it's
10186s interesting to see as well
10188s we've seen many clips in that highlight
10192s we do need to remember
10193s we are not allowed to bring anything
10195s above green rarity so we won't see
10197s things like mirror meyers because that's
10199s a purple atom
10200s so we are limited here um if we do go
10203s the plague route though that's that's
10205s excellent green addon from plague are
10207s maybe her best pretty much so that's
10209s that's pretty good
10210s and being able to pick them up too is
10212s going to make a big big difference i
10214s can't wait to see what they come up with
10216s yeah same i'm really excited i think
10217s there's a lot of potential options that
10219s could happen as far as builds maps
10221s there's a lot of things that could
10222s happen here to actually make this really
10224s really strong but again it does depend
10225s on how serious they take it i know as
10227s much as you want to see people that try
10229s and i don't mean wrong i do too i don't
10231s know you know i feel like most people
10232s that are in this are probably playing it
10234s mostly for fun so i don't really know
10235s how serious it'll be but
10237s you know we'll see i mean i guess
10238s there's really no way for us to know
10239s until it starts and
10241s i guess we'll see but hey we have a
10243s winner to the challenge so we can see
10244s which uh wild card won it's a big
10247s shocker big shocker it's it's three
10249s wong's make a dwight so one survivor
10251s must play dwight and the other three
10253s must play as ada wong all players must
10256s use their teachable perks if dwight
10257s escapes the trial
10260s if the knight escapes the trials
10262s something happens what what happens if
10265s dwight escapes what happens we must know
10267s okay i i i feel like i just want to say
10270s something i feel like
10271s i love the name of this challenge and
10273s the challenge is like so simple i feel
10275s like this had to be does that mean a
10276s moment where like someone was in the
10278s office and someone just made a random
10280s pun
10281s of of this of this like someone just
10283s made this joke as a pun and they were
10284s like that's amazing
10286s yeah we need to make it well i don't
10287s care i don't care what it is if it's
10288s simple i don't care that's hilarious
10290s making a challenge and honestly i'm here
10291s for it because that's that's like the
10293s best day i've ever seen that person can
10295s get a race and can we know who it is who
10298s is responsible for this we must be
10301s informed yeah i i honestly i agree i
10304s think they need a raise for sure but
10306s that's interesting though because okay
10307s if we can actually think about the
10309s gameplay all right if i if i just take a
10311s step back from the actual challenge
10312s think about the gameplay that's three
10314s ada's and then a dwight with all their
10316s perks so like you said dwight will have
10318s like the teamwork perks like you'll have
10319s the leader improve thyself
10321s and bond and then that's probably good
10323s and then the adas will have what uh low
10325s profile uh wiretap
10329s and uh
10330s i'm blanking on our last perk even uh
10332s it's called reactive healing there you
10334s go yeah actually having people with
10336s reactive healing is actually a pretty
10337s good thing
10338s because basically if let's say dwight
10340s gets hurt and you're nearby bam have
10342s your healing is now completed if you're
10344s injured so a person with a green medkit
10347s with no i don't could heal themselves
10348s twice potentially
10350s really good comeback perk the kind of
10352s perk that makes you go huh how did they
10353s heal so quick what's going on so that
10355s can be really really good and let's not
10357s forget let's hope they don't forget they
10359s need to use their teachables but they
10360s can also use a fourth perk each if
10362s they're smart with what they bring that
10364s could be huge huge huge um
10367s people could be healing really really
10368s quickly they could use the other reading
10370s from someone could use for example
10373s um
10373s [Music]
10375s unbreakable so they can make ballsy
10377s plays and maybe go down and if they if
10380s someone else gets healed
10381s while they take damage but also be able
10383s to to bring themselves back into the
10384s fight and as we have guessed everyone
10387s gets the points if dwight escapes
10389s yeah so it wouldn't be crazy to have do
10391s i also have adrenaline some late game
10393s survival perk or have other people bring
10396s protection perks like for the people
10398s of all the time to make sure that they
10400s can get him out because otherwise
10401s everyone's losing the the wild card so
10404s far we've seen people try quite hard
10406s sometimes to the bitter end to do the
10408s wild card we haven't seen a team yet
10410s just flat out ignore it so
10412s yeah
10413s yeah there's definitely been no way that
10415s just completely ignores that they at
10416s least make somewhat of an effort to go
10417s for it so i think that's definitely
10419s going to happen here it's kind of funny
10420s that you mentioned reactive healing and
10422s and talked so much about it when we're
10423s also pretty confident that we're going
10425s into a play game yes
10428s yeah that's kind of interesting because
10430s i don't think it's going to do much
10431s healing basically doesn't exist against
10433s playing so it's really not dude
10436s best case scenario they're all not
10438s infected and then red pew comes in and
10441s maybe that helps a bit but yeah you're
10442s not wrong any kind of healing perk
10444s against plague is doomed to fail more
10447s more often than not
10448s yeah
10449s they might also not have done this kind
10451s of research and maybe you're gonna see
10452s them all roll into the game with four
10453s med kids or something like that which
10455s could be a huge huge mistake against
10457s blake which again it's a killer that
10459s naturally prevents healing with her
10462s power so
10463s yep that's true as well what okay so
10465s you're somebody that you're you're on
10467s team plague i know that i i'm on i'm on
10469s not team plague you know i was gonna ask
10471s you for your speculation on the map but
10472s never mind we need to figure it out it's
10474s that dog we figured out yeah this is
10476s good this is good hey we got the we got
10479s the one dwight it's spooky loops
10484s oh that bell's pretty spicy too okay
10486s let's do it listen let's see what's
10487s going on on this driver's side
10490s i'm down at the end in between water
10491s tower and shack on the gym
10493s oh she found me
10494s where are you where are you
10496s things are thrown up on jen
10498s oh my god i'm a big oh i'm dead
10509s no we can turn it around
10512s very pog let's go oh
10517s no shot i mean let me know when you're
10519s healed up i mean i just started yeah so
10521s you just probably be faster if you come
10522s down and give me all right yeah but
10526s let's play
10527s with it
10528s he does have leader there
10539s oh downed like i didn't count on him all
10542s right well we got you up that's what
10550s you might have missed it because it
10552s happened in an instant but the two
10553s add-ons absolutely came in clutch for
10555s our plague evie um the tincture gave
10558s cool down so that the the plate can
10561s recover faster after the puke and then
10563s grab immediately you notice that grub
10564s yeah yeah immediately yeah and that
10566s happened because he was infected and he
10568s was infected because the tincture makes
10570s stars much more much faster getting
10573s infected so those two atoms absolutely
10575s killed it on that first down and then a
10577s sabotage happened and now everyone's
10578s infected it's funny because even it
10580s sounds like it's not like spooky loops
10582s was caught off guard by it too he was
10583s like dead i'm just dead i don't know i'm
10584s just dead like it's not like he didn't
10586s even realize what hit him like it all
10587s just happened so fast then there was a
10589s sabo play and now
10591s suddenly everyone's infected everyone's
10593s injured just like that like it happened
10595s so fast bam all four people are injured
10597s they they're all one shot down from
10599s anything now there's also a pool of
10601s infection inside that building that can
10602s be used so that's really really
10604s dangerous if uh if everybody decides to
10606s go for that and actually and actually
10607s grab it that's gonna get really really
10608s dangerous survivors yeah it looks like
10610s they might just be able to power through
10612s this gen on the main building which to
10614s be fair is so hard to defend he's gonna
10616s die for it though okay what are your
10619s thoughts do you think this wasn't played
10621s to finish the generator this generator
10622s in particular yeah i don't think that's
10624s worth it that gen is again it's like you
10625s oh
10627s this this could start snowballing beat
10629s be ready for violence oh
10631s no
10633s oh no
10634s oh man i mean it's obvious that sabo
10637s plays are being going or being gone for
10638s two so this is kind of expected
10641s down goes lily as well that's gonna be a
10642s hook this is so dangerous because like
10644s [Music]
10646s at this stage plague is basically like a
10648s arranged leather face like it's terrible
10650s oh yeah
10651s yeah even if you wear a healthy you
10652s would lose clusters really quickly yeah
10654s linda did an amazing job delaying that
10656s down by using elevation since the flake
10658s has a hard time aiming down and through
10660s those grabs but that was even though it
10662s didn't last very long that was a really
10663s good play uh by lately buying a bit of
10665s time there might have helped a lot
10667s seems like cleansing is not in the
10669s vocabulary or survivors they're just
10670s gonna
10671s seemingly stay injured
10673s and i'm not sure if they're gonna run
10675s out of steam
10676s very soon or not but it it is a very
10678s dangerous position to be in and the art
10680s plague
10681s uh now i think has run out of phantoms
10683s so no more red puke until a cleanse
10685s happens
10687s this is interesting too do you think
10688s they're gonna not cleanse i don't i
10690s don't know how i feel about that
10691s strategy anymore the whole like not
10692s cleansing strategy it seems like they're
10693s gonna go for it like no one seems to be
10695s crying
10695s okay if you're not gonna cleanse you
10697s need to hope that the plague doesn't
10699s catch you fast which you will because
10701s she has brutal strength and this map is
10703s quite easy to play as a killer you don't
10705s have to worry too much about finding
10706s people and you also need to worry that
10708s she might have extra fountains from
10710s apples luckily that is not the case
10711s she's gotta use her one and only
10713s fountain his survivors pay attention
10714s they can kind of figure that out but
10717s look at this look at this they need to
10718s come to me to rescue they need to do all
10720s these uh important plays that they just
10722s can't easily
10724s uh
10725s when they're fully injured and giving
10726s themselves away constantly yeah it's
10728s also dangerous right you get caught up
10730s if you get caught out on your way to the
10731s unhook you're one shot down you
10733s literally have to just leave you can't
10735s even try to go for it anymore it's just
10737s so much harder to do everything when
10739s you're injured so it's really really
10740s tough
10740s and also keep in mind this is also
10743s there's also two late game perks and uh
10745s individuals build too yeah and so that's
10748s what makes what makes
10750s this combination so fear someone playing
10752s have you ever tried this one i have not
10754s tried this one no i'm curious to hear
10756s your opinion on it essentially uh
10758s terminus the modern perk from wesker or
10760s latest killer is a perk that makes
10762s everyone in endgame injured
10765s for a very long time until the gates are
10767s open and then some time after that and
10769s here's the kicker if you are infected
10771s and you try to use the fountains this
10774s port will still keep you broken so
10776s anyone that's infected is still broken
10779s even if they cleanse and that's
10781s basically what you want to do against
10782s plague at the end of the game when she
10784s cannot be in two places at once you all
10785s cleanse heal quickly and try to make a
10787s comeback well you can't do that you
10789s can't do that because you're still
10790s injured so it is a really really
10792s powerful combination with another perk
10794s that prevents the gates from being open
10796s i'd be willing to bet too that a lot of
10797s survivors would not realize that and
10799s they're just going to cleanse it oh no
10800s oh god wait i'm not injured
10803s yeah i don't know what happened this is
10804s going to be a little practical exam on
10807s what to do against terminus because if
10810s they can tell the perk is there once it
10811s triggers they might just know this part
10813s we just share with you all yeah yeah i'm
10815s curious to see if they know about it or
10816s not because again it's not something you
10817s run into often i mean i've i'm not
10818s saying that i mean
10820s it makes sense when you think about it
10821s but like are they gonna are they gonna
10822s do that on the fly are they just to
10823s naturally do what you know you always do
10825s against plague and there's cleanse in
10826s the late game yeah but hey they're
10828s they're doing a good job of getting gems
10829s done there's three i was going to say
10831s they they've done a remarkable job
10832s pushing pushing through these gems
10834s if we have a look
10835s they got the duncan
10837s yeah toki is going down again i know
10838s there's there's quite a few people that
10840s have a lot of hook states though so yeah
10842s it's definitely getting dangerous
10843s jason's on a second hood state right now
10845s it's going to come in here too the
10846s moment one of them is gone i think
10848s the last generator is going to be
10850s impossibly difficult they are managing
10853s remarkably well and
10855s and we have a bit of a spectating block
10856s here do not worry that plague isn't
10858s there she will reappear shortly
10861s in
10861s another location near you she will
10863s reappear i'm gonna say this out loud
10865s right now that if you switch cameras
10866s while the hook state is happening it
10868s bugs out i've been i've been spectating
10870s games a lot lately and that is a hundred
10871s percent a thing they'll be invisible
10873s while down happens no no no no no no no
10875s no look at the heart we have two people
10876s that one person in the basement oh no
10878s yeah
10881s which is good but if jason gets picked
10883s up he's out of the he's out of the
10884s picture here so
10886s some insane
10888s uh teamwork needs to occur here and
10890s cleansing is just not happening even
10892s though people are gonna hook they just
10893s refused to cleanse
10895s well i mean we we we had lily cleanse
10897s but that one
10899s but even when lily cleanses then she's
10901s forced to unhook and it's just thick
10902s again like it needs to be like a group
10904s cleanse but it's not really happening
10906s it's like one at a time and the
10907s infection comes right back all right and
10909s we're gonna see okay uh prevented a
10911s preventive measure there trying to
10913s cut off that window
10914s don't get stunned
10919s okay excellent play there did one of
10921s them go into a locker and the other one
10922s hid under the basement stairs that was
10924s really smart
10925s oh display here in my costume this eight
10928s is dead yes i think this is lily who is
10929s dead here for sure gonna go down this is
10932s also death hook as well so this is gonna
10933s be literally out of the game everyone's
10935s a death right now except for spooky
10936s loops so the the one dwight is the one
10938s who's not on death hook
10939s but oh it's looking rough at this point
10941s it's still two gens left everyone's
10943s injured a little bit left of red puke
10945s not a whole lot but
10946s it's starting to look a little grim
10948s they're gonna have to really really
10950s really went out of her way to help the
10952s team i hope letting the upcoming games
10955s to have favors return
10957s um i really really hope so her sacrifice
10960s might just be enough to get them to do
10961s the final gem but with these two perks
10963s that we mentioned in play i'm very
10965s confident oh that's the killer that was
10967s insanely good yeah
10970s guess it gets a good little double back
10971s mind game and gets the swing through the
10972s palace because it's not quite reactive
10974s in time
10975s food he's gonna go down but but he's not
10978s on death hook so this is actually good
10979s for the survivor he went down far away
10980s from the generators and he's not on
10981s death hook so that's not a teammate dead
10984s and it's happening far away from your
10985s generator how are we feeling about the
10987s car
10988s yeah it's not looking very promising
10992s yeah okay okay there is there's one way
10995s this could happen
10996s um our friend toki is the last survivor
10998s standing and her low profile has
11001s triggered which means no scratch marks
11003s no blood but you still puke and make a
11005s lot of noise unfortunately and also the
11007s center on the pop and
11009s this is about to see it too no no no no
11011s there's no way i'm pretty sure toki
11013s understood the situation yeah and just
11015s get the got the hell out of there which
11016s is a good thing because now they can
11018s choose to save someone else and try to
11020s come back or choose to save themselves
11027s all right let's see if they let's see if
11028s the couple can get out of here i don't
11030s know i don't i mean it's i'm very
11032s surprised to see the low profile
11034s actually maybe give some value that was
11035s awesome yeah right it's pretty rare for
11037s that perk to really like actually get
11038s crazy good value spooky moves cleanses
11040s right away oh no it's going down
11043s oh this chase had lasted just a little
11045s bit longer it might have just been
11046s around
11047s might get out though that's why i get
11048s out yeah
11050s he would technically guarantee points
11052s for himself right okay
11054s it's basically taking the money and
11055s running
11056s yeah it would get here it would be a big
11058s chunk of points for specifically him
11060s yeah so that's kind of
11063s puking on a gen there to guarantee no
11064s one can touch it without getting
11066s infected and showing you in the hot very
11067s smart evie
11069s is actually waiting here to check for
11072s hatch ponds knowing the likely locations
11074s of them so that's actually a really
11075s really smart
11077s move there
11078s uh spooky on the other hand is having to
11081s just come and check he's gonna find out
11083s the hard way that there's nothing here
11085s this is really easy
11088s [Applause]
11096s right i was just about to say this is so
11097s unfortunate because he's checking where
11100s they just kept yeah
11101s that's typically a bad sentence if you
11103s follow behind the killer the killer's
11105s gonna find it first but it just turns
11106s out that the like one inch further from
11109s where the killer was looking the hatch
11110s pawn right there which would have made
11111s this probably the last place the killer
11114s would have checked after going down the
11115s rest of the map
11116s that is
11117s not that is crazy okay but still but
11120s still if we look at it from the rest of
11123s it okay if we like aside from from
11124s spooky who clearly got a bunch of points
11126s there the rest of the survivors
11129s it just occurred to me do i have to
11131s escape through the gates is a hatch
11133s escape
11134s good enough we might need to check the
11136s rules all right i'm gonna i'm gonna pull
11137s my rule book here yeah yeah check the
11140s rules
11141s i'm gonna i'm just gonna say out loud
11142s that i think
11144s uh oh wait no we have killer highlights
11146s do we need to go watch let's go watch
11147s the killer islands
11148s well
11149s it did say that if dwight escapes
11152s dude okay this puke in the beginning was
11153s that
11155s was the 100 enabled by the add-ons yeah
11158s that was a risky play here uh short-term
11161s gen but long-term pain
11164s yeah i've got some door downs here just
11165s there's people injured all the time just
11167s everyone's injured all the time it's so
11169s hard to deal with it and then in here as
11170s well to be fair and i'm not this small
11172s if you all cleanse and she starts going
11174s crazy with repute that can be arguably
11176s even harder so
11178s yeah for sure it's hard to say that
11180s survivors had it easy especially with
11181s their available perks that was tough but
11185s that doesn't take away from the fact
11186s that our killer did adding an immensely
11190s good job oh yeah awesome phenomenal play
11192s honestly yeah yeah go to show just how
11195s difficult it is to play against a good
11196s killer on a good map
11200s and i just want to point out that even
11201s though spooky got out and got a bunch of
11203s points still a really good position all
11204s the other four survivors died with was
11206s still a gen left so that denies them a
11208s lot of points so the overall round
11209s robin's gonna be doing good
11210s and um i think we're gonna cut to a
11212s break before the next game so we can go
11214s hop and we can go hop into that and
11215s we'll be back in a short bit i'll see
11218s you then
11265s [Music]
11336s [Music]
11351s [Music]
11418s so
11437s [Music]
11491s so
11546s so
11598s hey what is up everybody welcome back to
11601s into the fog i hope you enjoyed your
11603s break i hope you're staying hydrated
11605s maybe you want to grab a snack i hear
11607s corn is very popular these days and um i
11611s know what you're thinking where'd tofu
11613s go well tofu's grabbing coffee walking
11616s his goldfish i think he might even be
11618s taking a nap so
11619s for this next couple of matches you're
11622s gonna be seeing me and ott commentating
11624s all these lovely lovely lovely people
11628s yup it's wonderful we have seen what six
11631s games so far five from the first group
11633s one from this one correct so that means
11636s they're still i'm not good at math
11637s there's still a lot of them left and a
11639s lot of lovely players many of whom i
11641s know you guys are very hyped about and
11643s the ones that you're not hyped about
11645s well you should be because they are mean
11647s and they are going to do some crazy
11649s plays coming up is lately pie 101. uh
11653s lily is one of our latest uh latest
11655s friends to join us in the fog whisperer
11657s program is that correct
11658s and and we think we know what killer she
11660s might play do you have an idea
11662s oh you know i'm going to be honest i am
11665s unsure i um
11668s i you know and even if i did i think i
11670s would want to keep it a secret just to
11672s surprise everybody because there's
11673s nothing there's nothing more just
11676s just so rewarding than just jumping into
11678s the match and then you see who the
11679s killer is
11680s so i think it's going to be a fun one i
11682s i'm i'm looking forward to this next one
11685s some people in the chat are going to be
11686s guessing so we might not be able to keep
11688s it as surprised for very long yeah
11690s let me is as i understand that one of
11692s those people that plays more survivor
11694s than killer
11695s no
11696s for me it's very interesting to see what
11698s people are comfortable doing when they
11699s play a role that they're not so used to
11701s so far we've had really good
11703s performances in fact lexi for instance
11706s i think came first in her group
11708s playing a playing killer which is not
11711s her her main role so we we've seen
11713s really really good stuff
11714s yeah
11716s yeah i think um i think killer is
11718s relatively friendly even with myself i'm
11720s a survivor maine as well but every time
11722s i jump over to killer it's not it's not
11724s too difficult to grasp there is a little
11726s bit of a learning curve depending on
11727s which killer you're playing you know
11729s especially skill-based killers like
11730s maybe nurse and
11732s um what do you call it uh yeah like uh
11736s what is it oh man i call him rafiki
11741s no no no not dress
11743s rafiki
11744s rafiki i call him rafiki all the time um
11747s uh he just splurts orange drops into
11750s walls why can't his name right now these
11752s five killers that do that first we need
11754s to narrow it down anyway we probably
11756s need to talk about the vlog cards
11760s oh man yeah i was talking about for some
11762s reason i couldn't remember his name for
11764s the life of me you get to vote on these
11766s uh we've seen number five and that was
11770s that was something but one two three and
11772s four are still available and you can
11773s pick which one we get to see next this
11775s will be a little bit of an extra
11776s objective for survivors to try to do
11778s while they survive against fiji maybe so
11782s yeah uh introduce your numbers press
11784s enter and thank you so much for
11785s participating we will know in a minute
11787s which one is the winner and what exactly
11789s it is about
11791s yes chat remember this is uh the power
11794s is in your hand so vote for the one that
11796s you want to see and you're not going to
11798s know until it's elected
11801s and i guess in a minute we'll know more
11802s about lily and maybe have a video
11804s introducing her so that you all can get
11806s to know her
11808s yes
11809s hi everybody my name is lily and i'm one
11811s of dead by daylight's newest fog
11813s whisperers
11814s my journey with dvd started around late
11816s 2019 and i instantly became addicted
11820s growing up i had always played video
11821s games for the most part but there was
11823s something about dvd in particular that
11824s really had a hold on me i think it was a
11826s combination of the fact that there were
11828s so many different characters
11829s customization options abilities really
11832s good lore and it had a lot of replay
11834s value
11835s but it wasn't until early 2020 when i
11837s built and formed a community that was
11838s more based around learning how to play
11840s survivor and not struggle wanting to be
11842s alone in solo queue
11844s the more that i stream dvd essentially
11846s the more that i learned and grew with it
11848s and so far i've got almost 6 000 hours
11851s and a survivor some of my favorite
11852s things to do are run head-on play pebble
11855s and then also go for risky flashlight
11857s saves
11858s even if i don't get the timing right
11861s with all that being said i'm alive early
11863s on twitch usually almost every day with
11865s a welcoming community that are super
11867s down to help you guys play we also have
11870s nights where we do community swift on
11872s the weekend and hopefully someday we
11874s will cross paths but until then
11877s stay safe in the fog
11878s [Music]
11881s i got you miss claudette i got you
11892s i'm not moving
11895s it ran out
11899s [Music]
11908s [Music]
11912s no
11915s no
11922s oh my god right
11939s oh my god oh my god oh my god please
11944s yes what are you doing head on
11948s ah stop it
11949s [Music]
11952s oh
11958s oh wow wow
11963s awesome so excited to have lily pie as
11965s our very first killer on this matchup
11968s here and
11971s i am impartial i don't have favorites
11974s but that was absolutely my favorite reel
11977s of clips so far that was so funny that
11979s little laugh when you get away with a
11981s play like that it's just so unbelievably
11984s funny well done um we're gonna now
11987s figure out if we have a winner for the
11990s wild card you guys have voted one
11991s through four what did we get and what is
11993s it about uh can we get to see it now
11995s let's see
12000s based all four survivors must claim an
12003s item from the basement chest but how is
12006s that possible uh there's only one item
12008s there's only one chest of frisk explain
12010s this to us how does this work
12013s yeah so uh so what's gonna happen here
12015s is in order for all four survivors to
12018s claim a single item from the basement
12020s chest they're going to have to have a
12022s certain perk one survivor perk that
12025s allows them to kind of rummage through
12028s um through the through the chest and
12030s that is an led perk right i believe
12033s that's another perk yeah no and chat
12036s very young point well done chad
12038s remembers that there's actually a
12040s franken perk that does that as well
12042s there's two perks that do that uh now
12044s one of them as you pointed out from lod
12046s uh allows you to rummage through an
12048s hourly search um
12050s an hourly search uh chest and yeah even
12053s from there
12054s on top of that we have residual manifest
12057s from hattie which also does that and
12058s guarantees that you find a flashlight
12060s and yeah you know that from some of
12062s these two hours are very cracked at
12064s flashlight saves so
12065s it's gonna be interesting
12067s yeah and you know looking at lily's uh
12069s past clips it looks like she loves using
12071s a flashlight but as a killer she's not
12073s gonna be able to do like do the
12074s flashlight you're gonna be doing the
12076s flashlighting to her i i do think that
12078s the survivors that have a good sense of
12080s how to use a flashlight also have a
12082s natural sense of how to
12084s avoid it and dodge it so that that
12086s should be that should amount to
12087s something that should be some kind of
12089s advantage
12090s funnily enough swabbers are not limited
12091s to to to certain perks um they actually
12094s can run a variety of perks to accomplish
12096s this they could even have one person
12099s go through
12100s pick an item for themselves then pick
12102s another item leave it there it only says
12104s that they have to come out with a
12105s basement item it doesn't say that they
12106s have to get it themselves so with a
12108s little a little bit of teamwork they can
12109s make this
12110s time wasting objective uh less uh
12114s burdensome for them so they could get it
12116s done relatively fast i'm very interested
12118s and i hope we can switch targets when we
12120s when we expect it to see exactly how
12122s they pull it off
12124s yeah and you know i am interested to see
12126s how many of the survivors are going to
12128s opt for residual manifest mainly because
12131s if they're trying to go for more
12132s aggressive survivor plays and really
12134s keep the pressure on lily residual
12137s manifest they're going to get so much
12139s more out of that considering um the
12141s killer will suffer from the blind uh
12143s blindness status effect for about 30
12145s seconds as well so
12148s i i just think that every killer here is
12150s very seasoned at least they know the
12152s game enough not to be too confused by
12154s the arda being removed by residual
12156s manifest
12158s if we're playing a certain killer like
12159s nemesis or hag killers that can
12162s sometimes extend games for a long time
12163s those flashlights could come in really
12165s handy blind zombies remove traps remove
12167s birds from artists there's actually so
12169s many killers where flashlights have uh
12171s nasty side effects but i'm expecting a
12173s spirit
12174s and i don't think spirit's too
12176s difficult to play against some bunch of
12179s flashlights let's see it is indeed in
12180s fact a spirit oh we have we have some
12183s very nasty person of is this a record
12186s yard uh what it seems to be record shot
12187s yeah very nasty map very good for spirit
12190s you see
12191s really good spirits uh routinely kick
12193s ass even in high level tournaments oh in
12196s this map and these addons are no joke
12198s either we see her hair being uh removed
12201s try to ignore that bit
12204s yeah we can ignore that just a little
12205s bit it looks like they we've got the
12207s very first chase happening got a hit
12209s early on
12210s it looks like louise deciding between
12212s the generators or the people oh she's
12214s gonna keep the pressure on this dwight
12216s here which is good old spooky loops run
12218s spooky loops do those loops oh with the
12220s pallets done that's gotta sting that's
12223s that's honestly that's honestly just
12226s very well played by the story but it's
12227s completely fine she's getting her power
12229s back she's getting her
12230s uh her recovery so
12232s getting a palette red while you are
12234s getting your power back spirit that's
12236s completely fine a little mind game here
12237s having the right glow absolutely helped
12239s i believe that is a hit
12241s oh the lunch maybe needed to come out a
12243s little bit earlier but it seemed like
12244s the distance was just fine let's
12245s remember that spirit moves a little bit
12247s slower than other killers when not using
12249s her power
12250s is that a super awkward face indeed
12253s just the lunch missing by an inch the
12255s spooky playing very solid here not
12257s dropping the pallet making himself a
12258s much more difficult target but
12259s eventually going down any generator near
12262s the killer will be affected by jolt the
12264s bottom perk going down immediately and
12265s if they're far maybe they'll be picked
12267s up by barbecue an outer reading perk
12269s let's see how little he deals with this
12271s and how survivors are
12272s are coping
12274s yeah it looks like uh okay so spooky is
12276s getting hooked you know spooky did a
12278s pretty decent run there um but
12280s unfortunately hooked right now now we're
12282s watching our jane here oh never mind
12285s we've got we've got a jason jason
12289s okay the survivors are working on
12291s generators and also frolicking through
12293s the grass which is one of my favorite
12295s pastimes love that um
12300s let's see let's see if we're talking
12301s about their their walker because it
12303s seems like at least some of them have
12304s come out of basement with items not that
12306s it's helping a lot against this kind of
12307s killer
12309s here we go we on the board
12312s [Music]
12314s all right and our challenge should be
12316s done now right what else you guys no i
12317s haven't got no no no not yet
12320s challenges as though the three of us did
12321s it um
12323s do you want to save again videos do you
12325s have fast hands
12327s save
12329s maybe
12330s not me okay i'm grabbing i'm going in
12332s the basement
12334s not on
12335s me
12337s uh yes on me
12344s oh
12345s the classic not on me guess of me not on
12347s me oh yeah oh me that is the that is
12349s every time i play with friends
12352s yeah it's always it's always those those
12354s call outs like uh tofu said earlier you
12356s know i'm next to the rock next to the
12358s tree
12359s [Laughter]
12360s um but it looks like you know they're
12362s actually you know they're communicating
12363s which is going to be very important and
12366s and will kind of help ensure the
12368s survival amongst the team
12370s it's such a bad spot to be in for toki
12373s she did take the action very far away
12374s from her team which i'm sure they'll
12376s appreciate
12377s by the sound of it it looks like they
12378s had their wild card challenge nearly
12380s done maybe done by now but that's come
12382s at a price because there are several
12384s hooks spread out among survivors and
12386s very little progress to show for it
12388s spirit going very fast with that yellow
12391s cup addon and i think jason might have
12394s been able to call out barbecue since he
12395s has distortion he dodged it maybe that's
12397s why
12399s he's been
12401s he's been ignored right now i hear it's
12402s gonna happen let's see if we can focus
12403s on the object on the on the action going
12406s on elsewhere
12407s because it seems like spooky loops is
12408s going to be for the second time
12411s absolutely
12412s coming in
12414s wow that dead heart was absolutely epic
12416s you know spooky is definitely keeping
12418s the aggro right now from lily and just
12421s taking her for a ride hopefully the
12423s other team members are taking this time
12425s to you know recover as well as work on
12428s some generators because they only have
12429s one completed so far oh
12433s that that that was a very you might have
12435s missed it if you blink uh lily actually
12438s used the husk the the body that the
12439s spirit leaves behind to body block the
12441s palette and it was impossible for
12443s spokane to go through it so she knew
12445s exactly what to stop facing and hit him
12447s she also has been using brilliant
12448s strength to stretch through the pallets
12449s really quickly and
12450s very quickly make them run out of it
12452s they've done really really well but
12454s geez uh it's incredible it's not giving
12456s them any breathing room there
12458s no no no and honestly she's getting a
12460s lot of usage out of that brutal strength
12462s it's like she's just been in constant
12464s chases there's been a couple pallets and
12466s oh there goes toki toki going down
12470s they rescued spooky which is good um
12472s that's spooky's second hook so one more
12474s hook and spooky is down and out for the
12476s count so they got to be careful with
12478s that barbecue even super critical
12480s information allowing lily to know that
12482s someone's being healed here and looks
12483s like she's gonna
12485s oh my god that could have been
12487s completely a disaster for survivors if
12489s that person got interrupted
12490s mid-heel there very very good play by
12493s lady who's you can tell she's very quiet
12495s she's just paying attention listening in
12497s volume at 300
12498s that's how you play spirit and let's see
12502s oh no
12503s oh man that med kit spooky's trying to
12506s heal but lily is definitely keeping the
12508s pressure okay i really could play
12510s happened here though did you catch that
12512s yeah i saw that i actually ended up
12514s going for evie yeah
12516s even tried to take a hit maybe make some
12517s noise to put the put the pressure on
12519s themselves instead and it kind of worked
12521s out it it did give some oxygen to spooky
12523s looks and look the gameplay the the
12525s timber is coming in here i don't know if
12527s toki should be taking hits though
12528s because arguably she's in a worse spot
12530s that car happened there no doubt to be
12532s had wow
12533s yeah this might actually turn out to to
12536s be a mistake it's a good thing to
12537s bodyblock and protect the teammate but
12539s you cannot protect the teammate with a
12540s teammate that's first off
12542s and yeah i mean here cookies absolutely
12544s vulnerable deron hook
12546s seems to be about to take a hit right
12547s now i know a lot of safety left on this
12550s map i would be
12552s panicking a little bit it seems like
12553s teamwork is still on the menu though
12554s because someone else is coming to help
12556s drop immediately
12558s yeah you can tell lily is definitely
12560s trying to go after some of the weaker
12561s links and the people she's already
12563s hooked um she the entire team was there
12565s just you know uh just scattering like
12568s roaches but also trying trying to take
12570s those body blocks for spooky early
12571s enough oh evie down okay damn uh it is a
12575s good thing they finished the gen next to
12576s this person just going down because
12578s otherwise that jen would have taken
12579s another blow
12580s but maybe lily identifies here that
12583s every doesn't need to be hooked right
12584s away it is much better to dump someone
12586s else hook someone else and now spooky's
12588s i'm also dead on hook
12592s lily
12593s yeah lily opted for that spooky hook as
12596s well and just left evie on the ground so
12598s spooky is down and out now it's three
12600s survivors left and we've got three
12602s generators still that need to be done
12605s this is not looking good ox
12607s i thought spooky loose was that a hook
12609s is just turned up dead i miscounted
12611s my mistake there this is looking even
12613s more green man i thought oh
12615s really playing this
12617s like the absolute coldest uh tournament
12620s you could possibly imagine
12621s playing super super well survivors
12624s honestly having a hard time playing
12626s around these perks that are beating up
12627s the gems
12628s uh possibly
12633s oh my goodness she
12635s completely anticipated where jason was
12637s going to be with the scratch marks and
12639s then just slayed him where he stood
12642s seems like no swabber has brought iron
12644s will or sometimes even off the record to
12646s make their chrysler paint quieter so
12648s once you're injured the spirit will have
12650s a very easy time zoning in on your exact
12652s location for someone as experienced as
12654s some of these players that this is bad
12656s no you cannot have toki exchange here oh
12659s it's okay no it's not gonna be an
12660s exchange she does get the rescuer before
12663s she can take a hit so
12664s she's just on program now i would
12666s honestly stay around that ballot it
12668s looks like there's no other safety
12674s oh no okay okay the the gamble did pay
12677s off
12678s the gamble did pay off not dropping
12680s check pilot actually was the play
12683s because lilly um unfazed uh stop phasing
12686s right there
12687s i would not be brave enough to be taking
12689s chances with the shotgun though
12695s she was way too loud
12697s or maybe trying to achieve the
12699s impossible there but literally just is
12701s that being absolutely ruthless right now
12703s and her perks are just making these
12706s changes just not
12708s yeah you can definitely tell that her
12710s just overall game sense and
12712s and her just overall uh what do you call
12715s it like she knows what's going on this
12716s month no it's not everyone's been insane
12719s even even the killers that have done
12721s really well in previous
12723s rounds have had some kind of downtime or
12725s times where
12728s perhaps nothing happens or they're
12729s searching for a survivor picking a small
12731s map like this is such a great play and
12734s such a good idea from lily because
12736s there's been no breaks whatsoever
12739s no it's just been back to back to back
12742s carnage and let's see evie's getting
12744s hooked here is this evie's last hooker
12746s second uh i believe it's her first she
12748s was down earlier but never picked up in
12750s favor of someone else who was very much
12752s dead so yeah that's right went for the
12755s spooky hook instead and left evie on the
12757s ground to recover so this is evie's
12759s first hook that means you know jason's
12761s got some time
12762s okay it looks to me like jason avoided
12765s being spotted by the barbecue and
12766s chiller because he was hiding behind the
12767s auto of this
12769s oh actually he had um he had uh
12771s distortion so he knows about barbecue
12774s uh he must have figured out distortion
12776s will block auto reading so even if
12778s you're completely in the open which
12779s maybe he was that protected you i think
12781s jason right now needs to be a little bit
12783s selfish and understand that these two
12784s survivors are not gonna do three gems
12786s against the spirit this cracked and they
12788s probably should just maybe let this
12791s person die a little bit maybe no
12793s no that's not jason though if anyone who
12796s watches jason knows jason they know that
12799s uh you know he is a very altruistic
12801s player and he is truly powered by
12803s friendship so he's going for the save he
12806s went for the save and he's going to try
12808s his best to make sure they both get out
12809s of here live even though that's
12811s incredibly risky with three generators
12813s still needing to be done
12815s okay i mean
12816s if we assume best case scenario for the
12818s survivors here maybe they knock out
12820s another gen or two giving themselves
12821s more points and then one of them secures
12823s a hatch i don't see a world
12825s where they where they manage with the
12827s three sense and get a person through
12829s their goods in fact one of them has
12830s already taken the aggro uh evie is going
12833s to try to
12834s go down somewhere they won't be dead on
12836s cork
12837s so that gives our spirit even more
12840s chances to find them both and secure the
12842s four kills given themselves not just
12844s four kills worth a point but also
12846s denying the wild cards and also denying
12848s all of them from living and also only
12850s giving up two generators that is such an
12853s oppressive
12855s uh performance
12857s yeah it truly is you know you can tell
12859s that lily lily did not come here to uh
12862s to play
12863s and have fun and lily wanted blood and
12865s lily is getting blood
12868s jason is acting almost as if all his
12870s teammates are alive and well i'm just
12872s just doing gent i think it would be
12874s really brave to do that generator but if
12876s he pulls it off it is points so
12879s right so
12880s lily swimming me is now
12883s concerned with finding the fourth
12884s survivor to guarantee the four kills
12886s which i think is pretty smart even if
12888s there was some perk like bitter murmur
12890s to reveal jason's otter he'd he would
12891s still have other protection from
12894s distortion his top perk
12905s i think i think jason being a team
12906s player wanted to give points to everyone
12910s available just just by doing gents but
12912s yeah this is not gonna go well for them
12914s yeah cause each gen completed means each
12916s survivor on the team will get a uh a sub
12919s as a prize so you know getting that gen
12922s even though the other two are dead you
12924s know spooky and toki they're still
12926s getting a little something because jason
12927s really is
12928s uh going and going all in for the team
12931s right and
12933s i wanna barbecue because they're
12934s actually really near and hat
12937s can it happen well it happened there is
12939s much
12940s [Music]
12945s no hair and no problem for the spirit to
12948s completely
12949s shut down any chances to get the hatch
12951s there that was such a quick catch up
12953s absolutely performance
12955s yeah no hair no problem no escape
12961s oh man lily you
12963s you are a formidable opponent that is a
12965s stellar spirit match one of the one of
12968s the best ones i've seen as of late
12970s so toefl did say that our first game
12972s earlier would set the tone and i think
12974s you might have been right we had a
12976s dominating performance from a plague on
12978s a small map that suits
12980s her strengths perfectly and right after
12982s that dominating performance from a
12984s spirit
12985s you know uh going with the theme of
12986s strong women here
12988s in another small map that fit uh her
12990s build perfectly and then we now move on
12993s to spooky loops maybe coming up next who
12996s is best known for playing hunter so we
12998s might have yet another female killer
12999s kick-ass
13000s in the next match whatever happens i'm
13002s looking forward to it
13005s all right and let's go ahead and check
13006s out some of those sweet sweet lily
13008s replays
13009s roll it
13011s that was our first chase started giving
13014s up it was a it was a calculated risk
13016s with life that didn't work out
13018s incredible performance with some of
13020s these
13021s oh look at that dead heart from spooky
13023s loops that honestly was a very very big
13026s brutal strength here coming in quickly
13028s putting pressure that is the body block
13030s with the husk of the spirit a technique
13032s that sometimes uh spirits uh completely
13035s forget about
13037s yeah the body block is so so useful
13040s and oh yeah cutting down toki and just
13044s you can see that lily was in just
13046s aggression mode the entire time just
13048s incredibly aggressive plays where they
13050s did not have time to breathe they did
13052s not have time to blink they had no time
13055s for anything except death and
13058s in the end it was death you know and
13061s with that sweet sweet lineup
13063s beautiful beautiful spirit beautiful
13064s place i'm excited to see uh see spooky
13067s coming up next so spooky is a huntress
13070s oh man i believe so i believe he's best
13072s known
13074s and
13074s and every now and then i will hear
13076s people uh why are you trying this spooky
13078s loops built for this oh 28 he is very
13080s well known for coming up with creative
13082s ideas and putting a spin on perks that
13084s maybe people don't think about twice so
13086s we need to be prepared for anything
13089s really
13090s but
13090s if if we are if we have to go buy his
13094s his reputation i think we're likely to
13095s see a hunters hunter is also a really
13097s fun killer to play and watch so um i
13100s have no complaints there is there anyone
13102s you'd like to see in particular
13105s yeah honestly um you know since spooky
13108s does have some of some creative builds
13110s that that he tends to put together i'm
13112s excited to see what he decides to do and
13115s if he does go huntress i always enjoy a
13117s good huntress game there's nothing like
13120s standing across the map and getting hit
13122s from a hatchet from the heavens uh
13126s chad is pointing out that we might get
13127s to see some wesker personally i would
13130s find that even more exciting because we
13132s haven't seen one yet and i would i would
13134s love to see that
13136s oh yeah
13137s no if you want to do as a solid spooky
13139s or you want to play some wesker
13141s um
13142s that that would be awesome to watch and
13144s comment it i think and we might need
13146s your help chad now uh that we need to
13149s talk about walkers again
13150s do we have a list of the ones we can
13152s vote for there we go now we've seen base
13154s number four and three wong's make it
13156s dwight number five but one two and three
13158s are still completely
13160s uh available
13161s and it's now time for you to pick which
13163s one sounds the most fun maybe try to
13164s think of what kind of killer we'll see
13166s which one would be most fun to impose on
13168s the survivors
13169s um
13171s we'll see what exactly this entails in a
13174s minute when the voting is finished
13177s yep
13178s and uh and remember chad you know this
13180s this power is in your hands so depending
13183s on what challenge you pick it could make
13186s or break the game for either both the
13188s survivor or the killer um so
13191s i'm excited to see what happens i'm
13192s looking at chat i'm seeing a lot of
13194s threes
13195s i'm seeing a lot of threes
13197s well
13198s uh either way for those of you that are
13200s still unfamiliar please stick around a
13202s little bit because we're gonna see
13203s spooky loops introductory video and then
13205s we're gonna talk about what he'll do to
13207s these poor survivors
13216s [Music]
13219s let me just casually walk this way all
13221s right
13223s [Music]
13242s maybe actually chet hold on
13244s oh
13247s [Music]
13249s all right big [ __ ] spin for the lord
13252s [Music]
13255s let me set up my i'm just
13256s set up my force field
13260s [Music]
13266s they couldn't get her in time she died
13274s [Music]
13281s you're merely postponing the inevitable
13287s [Music]
13290s [Applause]
13290s [Music]
13293s oh man
13295s [Music]
13297s bye
13300s monster
13301s shrine now what
13303s michaelis had bt down here what
13310s [Music]
13319s [Music]
13323s oh oh we didn't get warned that there
13325s would be
13326s really supernatural events going on that
13328s was really spooky wow did you see that
13331s ghost did you see the ghost
13334s okay um let's let's not pay much
13336s attention to that and focus on the
13337s really cool clips that have shown us a
13339s bit what book loops is all about you can
13341s see lots of fun uh different builds on a
13343s variety of killers which really means
13345s that he could play anything he likes uh
13348s in this upcoming match
13349s i personally am a bit partial to seeing
13351s a whisker or a hunters
13353s but yeah
13355s yeah i mean
13358s after watching all of those clips i mean
13360s he is the polter guy and
13363s you know whatever he does i believe he's
13365s probably going to
13367s dab on them as he did like at least
13369s three times i lost count honestly
13371s someone in the chat saying that they
13373s love spooky's bear i think they they
13375s forgot that but if he has a bear we
13377s welcome that too we want to see the bear
13379s as well please boogie show it to us and
13382s don't forget uh killer guess would pick
13384s them up gets the big the character the
13386s play add-ons up to green rarity the
13388s options are endless and
13390s we now will get to hear possibly whether
13393s or not we have a winner on that wild
13395s card voting that you guys did oh we do
13398s look at it so we've got complete global
13401s saturation survivors must have four
13403s active boom totems on the map for 30
13406s seconds at the same time
13410s oh that is gonna be that's gonna be a
13412s little bit tough b and it also just
13414s really depends on which map you know
13416s because some maps it's a lot easier to
13418s find the boon totems without having to
13420s have a perk that helps you sort of rely
13422s on where those totems are located um
13425s but yeah i think it could go either way
13427s they might they might bring something
13429s that'll help them find it or they won't
13431s and they might regret it
13434s okay well booms are honestly a little
13437s bit annoying for many killers because
13438s you it's something that you know is out
13440s there it's powerful it's working again
13442s so you need to go find it and kick it
13444s and once you kick it it's like guacamole
13445s another one comes up if i hear more than
13447s two buns go off at the same time
13449s i'm already crying uh and shaken uh if i
13452s heard four i don't know what i would do
13454s i would really think they are conspiring
13455s against me it might very well be that
13457s sweaters try to do this at the start and
13459s that would be a really good time just
13460s just hide just just hide find a totem
13462s wait until someone else is in position
13464s and then back that would be a really
13466s really good start
13467s then again do you want to risk that when
13469s the killer could be running lethal
13470s pursuer or some other perk to find you
13472s at the start it is risky uh i think
13475s survivors if they want to learn from the
13476s previous match they need to know that
13478s maybe it's important to prioritize
13480s surviving and then doing the walk art
13482s later
13483s instead of doing it too early on and and
13486s failing to secure the objectives like we
13488s saw
13488s with the previous match
13490s but i don't know what your thoughts are
13492s on on this card
13494s you know i wonder if they're gonna
13496s capitalize on this specific challenge
13498s and maybe stack a couple boons with
13501s their uh with their builds so i mean
13503s everyone has to run at least one boon
13505s perk but what if they're kind of you
13508s know bringing more than one just to uh
13511s just sort of double down yeah no that's
13514s that's absolutely the play um now they
13516s have to have four boons which means
13518s four people need it you can only have
13520s one boon at a time per person
13522s so many people could have just one boom
13524s maybe circle of healing something useful
13526s but there's nothing uh stopping one
13529s person from stacking up and having four
13531s booms and maybe placing that right in
13532s the middle to make uh to recall some of
13535s what some of the things that boons can
13537s do they can make you heal faster inside
13539s it they can make you move faster by a
13541s little bit which can be significant they
13543s can also make you completely unable to
13545s be found by killer perks that reveal
13547s autos also leaving zero scratch marks in
13550s some indoor maps that can be very
13552s naughty
13553s as well as allowing you to pick yourself
13555s up from the ground really quickly as
13556s well
13557s yeah
13558s all of that to worry about on a team
13560s that has a good teamwork on that can be
13563s very very crippling
13564s for any killer depending also on on the
13566s map it can be very difficult for you to
13568s even keep up with them
13570s um survivors on the other hand need to
13571s worry that if they get potted
13573s they won't be able to set up a boat
13576s and they need to have four of them going
13577s at the same time it looks like we're
13578s gonna see a wesker on an identical
13581s choice of map yup this does look like
13584s wrecker's yard
13585s oh well well well do we see it do we see
13587s it it does look like records you are to
13589s me but we could be wrong
13593s let's see what's on your mind right now
13594s oh i head out of the area let's let's
13596s see let's see what they're thinking i
13597s got a boom by the tractor i'm gonna put
13599s up
13600s okay putting one up by where we spawned
13603s it's nice
13606s i'm sorry
13612s shadow step is up going in the basement
13616s oh shoot
13619s [Music]
13624s there's one over here
13625s [Music]
13630s i see him with my object so i think i
13631s think that was good though because i
13633s don't think he wasn't really there's a
13634s boon over here
13636s when those
13637s two i'm going to go for unhook
13640s come i'll start again
13647s so you so uh is it
13649s [Music]
13651s all right see that shadow step we see
13654s the circle of healing to save out the
13656s basement oh and right there
13659s little love slap coming out of basement
13661s that honestly works out for survivors as
13663s long as toki doesn't go down here they
13664s are in a decently comfortable position
13666s killer has found a new target and oh
13669s with the egg and crank they actually
13670s have the time and speed to go around
13672s shane they missed that other
13674s uh bound dash but very well played by
13676s lady great touch there
13679s yeah that's a really great dodge and
13680s she's in a nice little uh this little
13683s l-shaped area right here is always a fun
13684s place to loot the killer so she might be
13686s able to buy her teammates some time to
13689s get the rest of those totems done as
13691s well as maybe even start working on some
13692s gems oh do you see what just happened or
13695s or killer triggered dark devotion by
13696s hitting the obsession and now has
13698s completely dropped their terror radios
13699s so
13700s we lock hell out here oh no no no no i
13703s won't it won't save them
13706s oh no
13707s or oh yes i don't know i'm confused
13711s all right yeah we don't know what it's
13712s here for but i at least
13717s okay maybe the lack of tour already and
13719s and red's playing their uh confused
13722s jason that was uh that was a big big
13725s mistake to make so close to the killer
13728s yeah
13729s i saw the panic in his eyes when uh when
13731s spooky turned that corner no red stain
13734s no terror radius just charging at him
13739s unfortunately it was slower and was
13741s caught there do we have
13744s uh can we look around to see if we do
13746s indeed have four bones it doesn't seem
13747s to me like we do
13749s no i don't think we do
13753s so i heard i heard jason
13756s a very very solid play by evie who
13759s didn't dodge into the attack
13761s unfortunately goes down here oh killer
13762s challenging themselves nice evie brought
13766s a green map with a certain atom to find
13767s totems which i thought was pretty smart
13770s but it doesn't seem like they've managed
13772s to do it all at the same time
13774s yeah this is definitely a pretty rough
13776s one and then wesker just entirely just
13779s with his mobility it's it's gonna be
13781s really hard to get all of those done at
13782s the same time while also trying to evade
13784s him because he really is super tough are
13787s you noticing how hard of a time they are
13789s having healing with floppy butchers
13790s slowing them down by 25
13792s then they have a further 50 percent slow
13794s down
13795s by
13796s uh by uh coulrophobia on a map that's
13799s pretty small with the killer rat dead on
13801s the middle it is i think they're
13803s struggling to to to heal which is making
13806s their job for the killer so much easier
13808s oh
13809s very unfortunate oh something really
13812s insane happened there uh our killer did
13813s not smash directly into the palette and
13816s then the second one happened
13817s late enough to not hit this water but
13820s too early for him to vault it
13823s then comes a crazy flick oh wow that was
13826s a beautiful charge and i i know how that
13829s anime ends
13832s it's done all right all right all right
13834s let's have a little look around one two
13836s three
13837s uh do i count the four
13840s um
13841s do my eyes see me i don't think they
13843s have a four
13845s maybe toki
13846s oh no
13848s even even the moon's not helping them
13849s heal enough
13852s yeah no you would think circle of
13854s healing would be coming through but
13857s okay i think survivors are losing the
13860s north they seem to be about no they've
13863s lost one totem the killer destroyed one
13866s of the totems so even if even if toki
13868s sets up her fourth now they've lost
13870s their first or second or third this is
13872s bad this is why maybe they needed to do
13873s it all at the start oh this is such a
13877s tough one oh no evie is down and toki is
13880s the only one left okay toki definitely
13882s just got that save on jason and now they
13885s really need to regroup
13886s they need to go grab lily circle back
13887s over to evie this is just uh full-on
13890s altruism plays we're not even seeing any
13892s gems getting done right now
13894s yeah we have about six hooks looking at
13897s the hook stage counter
13899s which means that someone's gonna die
13901s soon um
13904s lily being ignored fresh off the hook i
13905s believe
13907s uh in favor of someone else that might
13908s have been her rescuer but spooky mom
13910s decides to just
13912s dash elsewhere find a different target i
13914s think he's feeling very confident right
13915s now just just this amount of hooks with
13917s this few gems done i think would make
13919s any killer happy
13921s um but this is very very unfortunate
13923s [Music]
13924s yeah it looks like they're still going
13926s for the totems maybe they're just
13927s deciding the you know the totem
13929s challenge might be their best way to
13932s earn some you know subs and points this
13934s game because it's not looking good three
13936s of them are already on final hook four
13938s generators still left lily pie is the
13939s only person who can get hooks once and
13941s not die
13943s all right um
13945s i have a small confession to make first
13947s you just sounded like a robot for the
13948s past 20 sentences you made and i did not
13951s understand a single word that came out
13952s of your mouth but i'm sure that you're
13954s absolutely on point with whatever you
13955s said i'm so sorry i cannot hear you and
13958s i having some technical issues here
13960s oh oh no that's not very good i
13962s apologize for that i might need to let
13964s you do most of the commentary from now
13966s on
13968s oh no
13970s all right then so it looks like oh the
13973s chat can hear me but unfortunately you
13975s can't odds that's okay you know otz is
13978s going to go ahead and take a really
13979s quick break figure that out and in the
13981s meantime let's see what's happening here
13983s we got spooky loops
13985s oh no
13986s he's on their track he's checked oh he
13988s gets head-on let's go
13991s that was oh man you know you all know
13994s i'm a big big fan of those head-ons
13999s oh boy
14001s uh yeah i'm i'm seeing a beautiful
14002s slideshow um of the action that's going
14006s on
14006s and i can make out you know one or two
14009s words per sentence but yeah seems like a
14011s sad one just happened huge oil
14013s but jason's going down
14015s all right looks like can i hear you just
14017s fine can you
14018s say hello
14020s hello oh that's just wonderful okay uh
14022s it's good to be back i am very very
14024s sorry about that
14033s oh yeah i had a brief i had a brief
14035s little uh technical difficulty there
14040s but it looks like we're okay oh so jason
14043s evie down and out for the count we've
14045s got toki and lily left it looks like
14047s lily's doing her best to uh to run
14049s spooky
14050s she said catch me if you can
14053s run run lily run optical obsession
14055s showing the auras of killer and
14057s suboperate to each other
14059s aggressive flicks with these add-ons
14062s that could have resulted in something
14063s but lily's honestly
14065s looping him really well here this
14066s palette will probably have to come down
14068s at some point
14070s difficult to play around this is a
14072s western no matter what you do and
14074s oh no
14076s might have made himself an easier target
14078s here well yeah
14081s all right lily go do four gen smiley
14083s face
14086s i don't know if that's gonna happen and
14088s poor toki is
14091s yeah
14093s okay
14094s lily poised to do really really well
14097s here it seems like she of no she did not
14099s avoid being spotted by the killer she
14101s needs to play really really solid here
14104s to maybe guarantee that she finds a high
14106s the hatch was right there
14109s what are the chances
14111s uh well it seems like um whether or not
14113s this chase lasts very long uh the
14116s killer's gonna
14117s secure the fourth kill here
14121s that is
14123s really really unlucky the odds of that
14126s are just
14127s so low
14129s let me see the egg nice that's the the
14132s the loose crank and the golden egg
14134s allowing the killer to
14136s to position himself after the first
14137s bound dash and then deliver a second one
14140s beautifully
14141s into a wall well done spooky loops
14144s not even breaking a sweat here well done
14146s oh man what is he checking that locker
14149s for he's reloading his tentacles it's
14151s okay it's just
14153s that just means they just they just
14155s i hear that when they turn off the game
14157s they they go and open their their their
14159s classes on their lockers and real life
14160s too and they're like why am i doing this
14163s it's just second later to nature to them
14165s i think yeah it's sort of like when you
14166s go to your like kitchen and you open
14168s your fridge you're like oh yes yes
14170s there's nothing to eat what am i doing
14174s oh okay oh well let you know let's go
14177s ahead and check out some replays
14185s oh yeah we have so oh
14187s jason getting snatched right out the
14189s locker we got lily toki
14192s toki just getting dropped into that tree
14195s wasker
14196s wasser oh my gosh i called him wasker
14198s i'm done i'm leaving goodbye otts
14201s will miss you
14206s okay honestly this is a new killer that
14208s hasn't been out for that very long but
14211s it's very impressive how this book loops
14214s has out of the master so much of them
14216s excellent performance so i was at their
14218s best again i think that perhaps the
14221s biggest mistake here is trying too hard
14223s to get the extra objective while
14226s forgetting that the main objective is to
14227s live and do gents and get out so that
14230s was a bit sad but i appreciate and and
14234s and like the fact that they actually try
14235s to do those hat objectives no matter how
14237s difficult they are so chad you are
14239s slightly to blame for their
14241s difficult game we've had three games so
14243s far where the killers have
14244s kicked ass left and right
14247s so
14248s i'm looking forward to see how i believe
14250s toki or next killer performs toki has
14253s played in these events a couple times
14255s before she played trapper in one of my
14258s favorite matches ever kicked as with it
14260s later she would play hunters another
14262s killer that she really really likes and
14264s also did pretty damn good against a
14266s really really solid team what will she
14268s bring now
14269s i genuinely don't know we don't have we
14271s don't have a pattern i don't know if
14273s she'll go back to one of those killers
14274s we've seen her do well with
14276s personally i would love to see a trapper
14278s in a tournament like this
14280s but
14281s yeah uh it's it's anyone's guess do you
14283s have any
14285s you know i don't have any guesses i'm
14289s assuming it's not you know i'm gonna own
14290s it it's probably not a wasker i'm gonna
14292s assume it's not
14294s a little wesker i would love to honestly
14296s see a trapper again
14298s out of i know we've had so many
14300s different killers added into dead by
14302s daylight you know three new chapters
14303s this year um you know this past year
14306s since the last into the fog but you know
14309s trapper there's just something about him
14311s original like i i just i love i love a
14314s good trapper being able to strategically
14316s place those traps and then you know the
14318s survivors are just doing all the work
14320s for you that's that's honestly some of
14322s the best plays i have ever seen so if i
14325s could see a trapper i would be i'd die
14327s happy i'd be good
14328s yeah
14329s i know we're going to have at least some
14331s set up killer players later the later
14333s groups i think have a few hag
14335s enthusiasts so if we don't get a trapper
14337s now we'll be okay but either way
14341s however that match goes will be highly
14343s conditioned by by what uh sad objective
14346s the stars are doing and you can vote on
14347s them right now we have number one
14349s beating the odds and number two some
14351s lovely parting gifts still available
14353s pick your poison chat
14355s yes chad if you want to vote for this
14357s challenge go ahead and type one or two
14358s in chat one for beating the odds two for
14360s some lovely parting gifts i mean last
14362s match y'all really sealed everyone's
14365s fate with uh what do you call with
14367s complete global saturation and it's it
14370s was just it was a it was a terrible time
14372s it was a terrible time
14374s um
14375s let's see let's see what this next one
14376s holds for us i'm seeing i'm seeing some
14378s twos who's voting three
14381s don't vote for three chad i know i know
14383s you like to i know you like to see the
14384s blood but we should probably pick
14386s between one and two right now
14388s either way toki or our next killer is a
14392s content creator of many talents
14394s and i expect that we'll have a video
14397s highlighting them to show you in just a
14398s whole minute and just uh just a minute
14400s if you're not familiar yet
14405s ladies in the hole one
14408s two can i get a third three
14410s negative four four ladies in the hole
14415s i got your back touch it i got your back
14422s oh gosh kevin
14428s damn kevin really [ __ ] off
14430s [Music]
14433s [Laughter]
14440s [Music]
14447s secret tunnel is it a
14449s trap it's a trap
14455s [Music]
14461s jill please bro
14463s [Music]
14467s let's go
14473s say cheese
14494s [Music]
14511s [Music]
14516s all right i guess to some outsider
14518s people it must be really strange to see
14519s people laugh when people are getting
14521s stabbed in the background and murdered
14523s but that's that by daylight for you and
14525s this is toki if you're not familiar
14527s please give them a follow you can give a
14528s follow to every one of the fog
14530s whisperers
14531s that you're seeing today uh in this
14534s awesome event
14536s now frisk uh
14537s do you have any idea what's next
14540s you know i'm uh assuming uh complete
14544s carnage
14546s because uh you know watching over those
14548s clips of toki you know toki can be a
14551s little competitive toki really just goes
14553s for that gold and i don't think toki is
14556s going to hold back this upcoming match
14558s at all and it looks like uh wild card
14563s our wild card has been chosen and you
14565s guys voted for some lovely parting gifts
14568s so three survivors must leave the
14569s challenge with a flashbang in hand
14574s well
14575s i don't know what you think but this
14576s looks like a piece of cake compared to
14578s some of the other ones we've seen before
14580s we've we've made survivors have to
14582s coordinate these insane stunts and this
14585s one they can basically do with just one
14586s person doing gems a little bit
14589s um
14590s for those of you that aren't familiar
14591s flashbang is a special item that you
14593s craft out of a locker uh to do that you
14595s need to be on a generator for a little
14596s bit so they have one or maybe two folks
14598s doing that they they can take that
14600s special item drop it somewhere and then
14602s just leave with it so it doesn't get
14604s much easier than that that that to me
14606s seems fairly simple just don't drop your
14609s flashbang on the way out and don't have
14610s a girl with franklin's demise or some
14612s other funny add-on to drop your items if
14615s they leave
14616s with three flashbangs they're good they
14618s don't even need to all survive so
14621s this is very doable they should be very
14623s confident with that um killer is not
14625s going to have any extra help from
14626s survivors goofing around too much
14628s they're going to have to do objectives
14629s to even do that so
14631s come on come on survivors we've had
14632s three matches of killer stop meeting
14634s show us what you can do uh toki no doubt
14637s wants to match the performance of lily
14640s of spooky
14642s of evie as well so she'll be doing her
14644s best as well and i can't wait to see
14646s what they pick
14647s in terms of map and killer
14650s yeah and then for those of you who might
14651s be new and are wondering like oh sweet
14653s my survivor can make a flashbang
14655s flashbang is not actually built into the
14657s characters it's gonna be a perk and it
14659s is from the first resident evil uh what
14663s do you call it a
14664s chapter that we had uh yeah the chapter
14667s that we had gotten and that's gonna be a
14669s leon perk so um so all of them
14671s automatically they have to have their
14673s fourth perk is going to be flashbang um
14678s let me paint you a funny picture let's
14679s say
14680s for the sake of saying that
14682s toki plays hunters what's the perk that
14685s hunters like to bring to reload faster
14688s i've made them
14690s what happens if a survivor that's trying
14692s to quickly make a flashbang comes out of
14694s a locker with our maiden
14695s they are instantable
14698s oh is that what we're gonna see
14700s is there gonna be a disaster not like
14703s this you know i love that jason's been
14705s bringing that distortion and he's really
14706s been getting great value out of that
14708s yeah obviously they they that was that
14710s was a great big multiple
14712s flashbangs it is a hillbilly in fact
14715s that we're seeing what a great surprise
14717s a very technically difficult killer to
14719s blur
14720s we have an add-on to make him turn a
14722s little bit more and i don't recover from
14724s bombing a little bit better nothing
14726s extremely game changing it's all about
14729s hitting these gentles on a very open map
14732s that really really helps and some mean
14735s perks to see where survivors are oh this
14737s might be a down if you do it right
14741s [Music]
14743s and
14745s so good for toki it's open we've got
14748s cone i hear it's a big lump with knobs
14751s and it has the juice
14754s is not gonna be happy about that the
14756s last pixel of his butt thought off by
14758s the ballistian so that was awesome jason
14761s again getting more value from distortion
14764s letting him know that there's probably
14766s barbecue in player uh he's regaining the
14768s tokens as you see on the right in his
14770s perk's law and he's also going to get a
14771s rescue early on
14773s which will give him deliverance which
14774s will let him unhook himself that is an
14776s amazing place to be really really good
14778s player by the school hours i don't think
14779s they're doing too bad
14781s um
14783s yeah absolutely and that deliverance is
14784s gonna buy you know everyone else more
14786s time to do what they need whether it's
14788s recovering if toki's really keeping the
14790s pressure and uh and dealing damage to
14793s them or even just getting those
14794s generators done you know she's kicked
14796s two generators by now which applies
14798s color brine the bottom perk from zadoko
14800s makes the generators aggress more and
14801s also eruption when a survivor goes on
14804s next eruption will hit those uh yellow
14806s highlighted gents and make them regress
14808s a bunch and explode and
14810s make anyone else from them are working
14812s on them incapacitated very big deal lily
14815s though has played a really solid
14816s survivor and i don't expect her to go
14818s down easily here
14821s yeah that was a little distraction
14825s all right faking the
14827s freaking the walk around into a vault
14829s very good
14833s lily can reach a compound here with a
14835s lot of pallets and safety potentially do
14837s we have a pilot here oh it seems like it
14839s is
14840s that's very unlucky that i hit two gems
14842s one person working on them he's now
14844s useless for the next 25 seconds maybe a
14846s good time to do a listening and see what
14848s the team is thinking
14852s for some reason i thought like right
14854s click would have been to drop the
14855s flashbang like on the ground i just
14856s threw it and exploded
14858s all right back to back to where i go
14859s make another one
14863s i make a bass play so i can't do
14864s anything i'm just gonna dance on the
14865s corn there we go
14870s oh god she's back here
14872s uh do you want me to get unhooked or
14875s yeah you probably oh yeah
14877s headed towards it
14880s yeah i can i can also uh if we need to i
14883s mean we don't have to do it this early
14884s but i can trade because i do have
14885s deliverance on now and it's primed
14910s was never he happy and gave him the nod
14913s but revenge was served soon after
14915s because he went down second book
14918s bad place to be barbecue letting oh not
14920s letting her know that there's someone
14921s right here no she's just following her
14923s anyway
14925s oh you do not want to go down next to
14928s your teammate on the hook that generates
14929s a lot of trouble for survivors that now
14932s don't have
14933s anywhere else to go and kill
14935s multiple things at once
14937s excellent play by evie oh my goodness
14941s that was actually really subtle while
14943s she noticed that the billy was trying to
14946s kind of mind-game himself they just
14948s broke out from the loop that was extra
14949s another bit in the open though unless
14951s they have a massive
14952s um
14953s massive dutch here i think this is going
14955s to be very difficult
14956s let's see overperform
14958s oh my goodness
14961s oh that is so very tilting when it
14963s happens when it's very difficult to drop
14965s down and keep up with survivors um when
14967s you have a killer that of course that's
14968s precision so
14970s no hard feelings there it is much harder
14972s than it looks sometimes
14974s yeah no evie is absolutely just
14977s just making
14979s yeah making a scene with the palette the
14982s the ankle breaking oh this is this is
14985s not a good time for toki
14987s yeah ortiz it looked like uh toki had a
14989s body block and the couldn't be dropped
14991s but eventually it worked and it's done
14992s but that pilot's now out of commission
14994s uh i think toki identifies that
14997s nothing's happening there and they are
14998s better off going elsewhere
15001s oh and here we've got jason finishing
15002s another generator they've got two down
15005s honestly you know evie bought them so
15007s much time for those jokes
15009s insane an insane uh turning point for
15012s survivors maybe nice also of the killer
15014s to go that far from a person on the hook
15016s so that was really sweet seems like the
15018s kill is also choosing not to tunnel out
15020s and focus on on dwight uh spooky loops
15022s who is the one person that could die
15024s soon
15025s and instead
15026s uh
15028s what's happening oh they are creating
15029s the flashbangs they're they're piling
15031s them up in the middle so they can pick
15032s them up later oh they have at least
15034s three there and meanwhile someone's
15036s lying in the background wonderful
15037s excellent
15041s look at them hoarding the items there
15043s it's so cute
15045s i love it it's just like let's put all
15047s the items in a pile we know where to
15049s find everything which is really great
15051s you know because like eb hasn't had the
15052s opportunity i think to really make a
15054s flashbang just because she's been
15056s running everyone this entire game yeah
15059s i'm impressive as it is she also did
15062s that while using no chase perks really
15064s so that's crazy yeah
15076s oh
15076s you might you might have missed it if
15078s you were in working chat but that killer
15080s hit the person on the hook which
15082s obviously is immune and now they're
15084s trying to go for someone else and and
15086s she's making themselves difficult to
15087s catch in the car it's actually really
15088s difficult to do a back rib like this
15091s but she managed anywhere well don't okay
15094s yeah very very well done you know jason
15097s really tried oh with the flashlight save
15099s oh that's beautiful
15101s shot
15102s lily coming in and maybe serving the
15105s entire team
15107s such a momentum stopper
15109s that's what lily's known for lily's
15111s known for them
15116s earlier and unfortunately jason
15119s finds out the hard way that this is a
15120s really bad corner it's very unusual it's
15123s typically a very safe part of the map
15125s [Music]
15127s all right well there goes jason
15129s first hook but you just keep in mind
15131s jason does have deliverance from that
15132s early game
15134s so this is gonna buy his team a bit more
15136s time to just sort of regroup maybe work
15138s on a generator i don't know
15141s they got time they got time
15143s lily was here
15145s lily was here
15146s for the rescue and now she's rolling her
15148s eyes like okay well i guess that's that
15151s uh fair enough uh jason helps himself he
15154s is now broken though he means he can
15155s heal for a little while but that's okay
15157s um they only have one generator left to
15159s go seems like they've done good job on
15162s their on their side objective as well as
15164s long as spooky loops doesn't die
15166s i think they're in a good spot if spooky
15168s looks does die however that would be one
15170s survivor out of the game and that could
15172s be bad
15173s debate you're not flash saving again
15176s oh what's going to happen let's look at
15178s it from the killer's point of view oh i
15180s think a flick here could happen
15184s yeah without bamboozle being able to
15187s um block that window you just have to be
15189s happy to get a basic attack
15190s she is not giving a flashlight here is
15194s she
15195s let's find out
15203s okay okay all right okay all right
15206s referee get out of there getting get
15208s into the field we have
15210s we have a very suspicious flashy save
15213s that came from some impossible angle
15215s maybe from that tiny little um
15219s obstacle near the edge of the mouth i
15220s think lily might have gone all the way
15221s around the ticket mingle which would be
15223s insane by the way that killer was almost
15227s almost entirely facing a wall
15230s all right let's see if we can pull it
15231s off again
15233s did you notice the perk that she has uh
15235s it's actually a perk from
15237s a very underrated part from hattie named
15239s uh inner focus when someone goes down
15241s you actually see the art of the killer
15242s which lets you position yourself really
15244s really nicely
15245s and lets you avoid him so maybe that's
15247s the secret to lilly's success other than
15249s of course we know the timings extremely
15251s well
15254s yeah no obviously yeah definitely inner
15256s focus could be be helping with those
15258s angles which man chat you're seeing
15260s these crazy flashlight saves take note
15262s you know maybe add interfocus to your uh
15264s to your kit today you know when you're
15267s running matches later
15269s that might have been horrible very
15271s difficult though ambitious of toki to
15272s try to saw through that ball now she's
15275s trying to make sense of where the store
15276s went and the store isn't a basketball
15278s there's no way they get out of this one
15282s i think we'll play by the two of them
15284s honestly that was probably the play
15288s oh almost all right all right the
15291s private that flashlight was even close
15293s to working is really scary lily is a
15297s menace
15298s with the flashlights
15299s [Music]
15301s oh my god
15306s oh looks like the final gem popped
15309s that flashlight really did bite so much
15312s time
15315s i love how lily looks absolutely
15317s unbothered she's just like she's like
15319s yeah this is just you know regular
15321s wednesday for me smiley face
15323s that's what this is
15325s really it's really crazy i know that i
15327s lose my mind under far less pressure
15329s than that
15331s did we see a moonwalk into a fastball
15333s confident uh moose from spooky he does
15336s not that hard so oh not gonna matter
15338s looks like it's jason who's in trouble
15342s oh
15343s yeah lily's fine here with a window she
15346s knows that she's fine
15348s get her toki get her
15350s oh it's okay i don't wanna
15353s i think this is a mistake i think this
15354s is a huge mistake these people are not
15356s out yet if spooky dies and he's dead on
15359s coke
15360s he is fine he used that heart on a
15362s window again and got away with it that's
15365s ridiculous that is ridiculous
15368s oh man
15369s welcome to the circus of values with the
15372s with that dead heart my goodness
15376s and then toki is just doing the the
15378s loopty loop the rounds over here the
15379s whole team's over here they're trying to
15380s get the door open
15384s um it feels it feels bad because
15387s especially considering that toki did not
15389s pick the easiest killer map mind you
15391s this is a
15392s very difficult killer she chose to
15395s good job chose too big
15397s so remember they need to escape with
15398s several flashbangs we're going to keep
15399s an eye as well to see if they complete
15401s the wildcard challenge
15403s looking up
15405s wait damn wait wait wait wait wait wait
15406s that is a very close quote
15409s okay that's a lot of hook though
15412s all right we're gonna need confirmation
15414s from the players that they successfully
15415s got it but i don't see a reason why why
15417s they wouldn't add they got three escapes
15419s i think they had flashbangs available
15422s everywhere so
15426s i'm sure i'm sure they're happy with
15427s their performance
15428s not too bad from them honestly in same
15431s place and
15432s very clutch moments from several of them
15435s we've had wookey loops extending chases
15438s and ultimately saving his own life twice
15440s with that hard
15442s we had evie
15443s distracting the killer long enough on a
15445s very unproductive chase with a crazy
15447s dodge using barely any perks crazy stuff
15450s and what to say about lily i would i
15452s would be
15453s very very scared to ever pick up a
15455s swabber again with lily in the lobby
15457s that was not the second thief
15460s we will need to analyze that and put it
15463s in a museum
15464s that is crazy let's see and release some
15466s of these moments here
15472s look at that saw what do you what do you
15474s think about that is that fair
15476s uh i don't know is anything fair and
15478s dead by daylight
15481s because it's just you know what fairness
15483s is objective let's be honest
15485s here but um but you know honestly uh all
15489s of these oh this is when they were all
15490s collecting everything in the shack you
15492s know gotta love it
15493s honestly their entire dynamic worked
15496s like they were altruistic they were just
15498s the right amount of altruistic they were
15500s just the right amount of jen jockey they
15503s they really
15504s they really showed up this match they
15506s they were a well-oiled machine
15509s and
15510s oh that all that flashlight saved
15520s wow okay um you can be flashlight uh
15523s flashlight saved from like slightly out
15525s of your field of view so survivor can be
15527s somewhere where you don't quite see them
15529s and it's very confusing for you as a
15530s killer because you don't even know where
15531s you got hit from and that must must have
15533s been what happened here how exactly she
15536s pulled it off i i don't even know
15539s that is very very nuts very very nuts uh
15544s yeah again toki had it all against her
15547s she picked arguably the hardest killer
15548s of all the ones we've seen so far
15550s unarguably the most survivors had a map
15552s that out of all the the ones picked so
15554s far and she also had the wild card that
15556s made survivors waste the least amount of
15558s time so she did have a lot of things
15560s against her still played beautifully
15562s probably had a good chance or two to
15563s tunnel someone out of the game to try to
15565s make it
15566s a little bit easier and didn't take the
15567s easy route so
15569s massive massive props to her still
15572s and don't forget she's done really well
15573s in her survival round so you know she's
15575s still going she's still got a kill she
15577s can still
15578s probably be on top depending on what
15579s happens in the next matches
15582s yeah no absolutely and um you know i'm
15585s excited to see how the rest of these
15586s matches play out but before we do we are
15589s going to be jumping over to a break so
15592s go get hydrated make yourself a snack
15595s you know uh you got to go you know walk
15597s your dog or something go go take a short
15599s break and we will be right back with
15602s some more into the fog
15686s [Music]
15693s [Music]
15701s [Music]
15780s [Music]
15787s [Music]
15818s so
15830s [Music]
15858s [Music]
15864s [Music]
15885s [Music]
15905s [Music]
15960s hello
15961s hi i'm back lovely as we'll not be
15963s sharing this space with frisk she's
15965s still around we'll see more of her later
15966s but now tofu is back what's up yeah hi
15968s i'm here i uh i was watching the games
15970s all right while i was busy doing uh wait
15972s what first time i was doing walking my
15974s goldfish or something yeah yeah well i
15976s was walking by goldfish me and my
15977s goldfish were watching the games
15978s together and dude there's just some sick
15980s games i'm kind of sad i missed out or i
15982s mean i didn't miss out on them i got to
15983s watch them but they seemed really
15985s exciting so i'm really not going to be
15986s picking it up goldfish hit a flashlight
15988s save like we well not like like lily
15991s didn't no no my flashlight could not hit
15993s those kind of my flashlight my goldfish
15995s could not hit those flashlights at all
15997s no that was crazy that game was was
15999s really really exciting and uh
16001s yeah honestly all the games have seemed
16004s just absurd like the killers have been
16006s doing so so well that last game we
16008s obviously saw lily lynn and keep in mind
16009s this is lily's first time playing in
16011s into the fog and like that was a crazy
16013s one of the four new fog whisperers this
16016s year along with ready set ben you've
16018s seen them along with let me remember um
16023s critical beard
16024s critical bard yes
16027s and i believe
16029s another person joining them as well
16031s yeah so um
16032s she's one of the newer fog whisperers
16034s first time doing this and she is killing
16036s it it's crazy yeah doing so so well and
16039s it seems like so we're going into the
16041s last killer game too and this one's
16042s gonna be jason right i believe jason's
16045s gonna be playing killer for this last
16046s one so this one's interesting too
16047s because i feel like jason is definitely
16048s more of a survivor player as well yeah
16050s absolutely so and and this group seems
16053s tough man like i mean we just saw that
16055s last game with pogie toki is a like it's
16057s a good killer like toki is no like
16060s like and she was struggling right so
16062s like yeah jason has his work cut out for
16064s him here man this is gonna be a tough
16066s tough game for him so remember what
16069s jason brought the last time he played
16071s killer in one of these events ah
16076s he played doctor with overcharge and
16079s that's it
16082s i think no other person just overcharged
16085s before it was even buffed
16087s um sir
16089s what exactly was going through his mind
16091s i don't know but maybe we can gain some
16093s insight
16094s yeah hey let's let's pitch over to a
16096s video we can uh get introduced to jason
16101s thanks for joining my dead body daylight
16103s workout series pump the palate all right
16106s we're going to start off with point at
16108s the killer point point
16110s and now we're going to
16111s pop the pallet
16113s and pump and pump
16117s [Music]
16121s all right
16123s jake great to have you here uh so let's
16126s talk about your
16128s somewhat successful workout series pump
16130s the pallet
16131s no
16132s no pow pump is out that's so last year
16135s i'm working on a totally different
16136s routine now
16138s really
16139s we did not know that that's right
16142s pallets were never going to be the
16143s answer i see that now
16145s but i figured out the secret
16148s oh okay well we'd love to hear totems
16154s didn't expect that did you
16156s i don't know what i expected but it
16158s wasn't that now i'm unpredictable
16162s i thought you might say that so what can
16164s you tell us about this new totem workout
16167s it's completely new a never-before-seen
16169s system that will ensure the workout of
16170s your life
16172s it's a surefire end game escape
16174s first to warm up you got to find the
16176s totems and when you do
16178s point them out to your teammates then
16180s you go over to the totem crouch down and
16183s start cleansing
16185s check for the killer
16187s keep cleansing
16188s this new improved workout is miles ahead
16191s of the old workout routines
16194s you'll be seeing results in no time
16196s guaranteed
16198s well this new routine looks exactly like
16202s [Music]
16203s what people might need but if you stop
16206s the cleanse to stand up won't you start
16209s your cleanse over then you ever hear of
16211s practice makes perfect
16213s well sure everyone's hurt cause this is
16215s the perfect workout routine to buy today
16218s and if you order now we'll throw in the
16220s old workout completely free
16223s what a deal
16224s what can i say i like to give it to the
16226s people
16227s i'm sure you do well that's all the time
16229s we've got so thanks for coming by no
16232s thank you and remember when your friends
16234s start asking you where you heard about
16236s this new workout just say
16238s jake mully told him
16240s [Music]
16242s it's a pun
16245s [Music]
16253s [Music]
16263s every year jason brings like the
16265s craziest stuff i love it it's like a
16267s continuation from from last year's as
16269s well i do i love this man i love this
16272s man of the day and the dedication he
16274s does to these ongoing jokes they're so
16276s good
16277s so good
16278s so much people being goofy and and and
16281s friendly and i'd like to see this very
16284s serious approach this completely down to
16286s business yeah
16288s you know just just straight up helping
16291s people get fit
16292s of course
16293s of course
16294s very high production value i like it i
16296s like
16297s it how exactly does this translate into
16300s what we're gonna see uh do we have any
16302s clue after watching this what he's gonna
16303s play no
16304s i'm not i'm gonna try i'm not even gonna
16306s try to sugarcoat it i have no idea what
16308s this madman is gonna do next yeah
16311s he is wild and unpredictable and we
16313s might all be in danger okay having a
16315s really good time seeing what he comes up
16317s with
16318s i'm curious we uh we do have one more
16320s one car challenge though like literally
16322s just one left so we can probably uh skip
16324s on over and see what it is beating the
16326s odds all survivors must be hooked at
16327s least once during the trial only those
16329s who escape earn the points that's okay
16331s that's interesting so this so this is a
16333s this is a challenge for the survivors
16335s keep in mind so the survivors have to
16337s get themselves hooked at least once
16339s they've been pretty good at doing that
16341s so far i've i have yeah i have some idea
16344s that this one might be doable i think
16346s but that's really interesting because
16348s like a high in like a hypothetical world
16350s where like they just get like get all
16351s the gems done super quickly and you know
16353s the killer doesn't do so well they then
16354s have to go throw themselves at the
16356s killer
16357s that's actually yeah this this might be
16360s um oddly tricky if they're doing badly
16364s well
16364s maybe maybe they don't want everyone to
16367s be hooked maybe they want someone to
16368s stay 7 julian if they're doing too well
16371s well they need to feed the killer some
16373s hooks
16374s this will require a kind of teamwork
16376s that
16376s honestly might be difficult to produce
16379s so yeah surprisingly this this might be
16382s this might be the perfect wild card for
16384s for jason
16385s yeah it's it's interesting because it
16387s feels like in most games this is just
16388s going to happen naturally so it's like
16391s it's almost like you're just your
16392s wildcard just play the game you'll
16394s always have an impulse i guess to to
16396s hook a little bit around make sure
16398s everyone's having fun great survivors
16400s also don't want someone to to get
16402s tunneled and get hooked too many times
16404s in a row so they'll try to get in the
16406s way of the killer but it's ultimately
16408s completely up to the killer whether or
16410s not they want the hook and again we
16411s could have a pyramid head or something
16413s crazy happen and yeah that wouldn't
16415s count so that's true as well
16418s there's so many ways to fail this maybe
16420s we'll see like an insidious bubba and
16421s maybe the one hook will be the really
16423s hook you know hey you never know like
16424s anything oh well it's the myers
16426s okay so we have a mic with a slightly
16429s higher duration of tier three that's the
16432s bow
16433s and a faster stock that's the other i
16435s don't know
16436s literally the menace with a double
16437s battery flashlight everyone should be
16439s afraid
16440s and uh
16442s yeah it looks like they have some i mean
16443s they have some pretty solid buildings
16444s and survivor but we see a lucky break
16446s that's kind of interesting
16448s yeah yeah could be really good in this
16449s corner
16452s this is a strange map for myers but it
16454s could work yeah this is gonna have an
16456s odd map he also has play thing and
16457s pennamento so interesting combo so hooks
16460s people will get they'll they'll get a
16461s play thing tonight and if they cleanse
16462s it you can turn into pen and metal which
16463s is nice oh don't forget everyone wants
16465s to be hooked oh this is actually a
16467s really
16468s interesting cobra yes it's a good build
16470s yeah yeah yeah he maybe accidentally
16473s picked the perk that will make it so
16474s that when everyone has been hooked
16476s all of them will be oblivious they won't
16478s hear his stereo radios even if it even
16481s even if he's in tier three for a long
16482s time which he will with the bow at all
16484s yeah uh
16486s they might be oblivious to the fact that
16487s he's right there ready to uh stab them
16489s so that's yeah
16490s oblivious
16492s and and honestly and then even if they
16493s break their plating totems it just gives
16495s them free pentameno which is massive
16496s slot under gems too so it's kind of a
16498s win-win for him honestly yeah
16501s i'm honestly
16504s very very glad that jason was actually
16506s taking this very seriously this seems to
16507s be like uh like a builder that can do
16510s really well popping the tier 3 from that
16511s distance though might have been a bit
16513s premature she does have a pretty strong
16515s main style here with the jungle gym and
16516s like the strong power behind so we'll
16518s see
16519s that would drop a very fast bird evie is
16522s much braver than me actually playing
16524s around though okay but still still safe
16527s pal again yeah if you just take no risk
16529s and just throw the pallets just play
16530s just play play easy play safe
16532s you know there is on the timer here oh
16534s oh it's to be close
16539s so tofu i i have it on good authority
16542s that you know
16543s uh exactly what went wrong there what
16544s what happened there
16546s well you say oh my god
16548s lily is a menace men anyway uh yeah she
16552s well you see they they didn't get the
16553s fast fault on on on the window you see
16556s you gotta you gotta get the fast mode on
16557s the window
16558s what happened is they got a medium vault
16562s oh no
16564s no no jason's a nilla he's a number no
16567s how did he know i don't know
16569s dude i wonder if he like was able to see
16571s that from the hook animation or
16573s something i did what it seems like lee
16575s uh jolted into that uh quick and quiet
16579s um locker so it shouldn't make very
16581s little sound if at all yeah yeah that
16583s was
16584s he might not like maybe saw the the the
16586s locker handles like like flapping behind
16588s yeah i don't know it is possible it is
16590s possible
16605s that essentially removes the noise that
16608s the killer makes
16609s once you've been hooked one lily does
16611s not oh there's on her plan to get
16613s another flashlight
16615s yo she's she's here to terrorize
16617s honestly it's
16618s i'd be i'd be concerned too i mean you
16620s know it's like jason didn't pick up
16621s right away so maybe he is kind of aware
16623s of himself either that or maybe he's
16625s just worried about the yes or maybe he's
16626s just trying to be nice i don't know
16629s he who is he's getting some good stock
16631s here they don't really seem to realize
16632s he's getting them through the corn
16633s there's these little like gaps in the
16634s corn where you can stock people he's
16636s getting some pretty good progress on it
16638s yeah oh it's a shame i think they're
16639s doing the right call here by not
16641s giving up another hook the gems can be
16644s done at any time but hook stages you
16646s don't want to give them up too easily
16648s yeah yeah another tier three is around
16650s the corner some of these loops are hard
16652s to you know stall against myers if he is
16655s just talking little by little
16657s everyone's injured now though so
16658s i was gonna say there's no need to go to
16660s tier three i don't even think he meant
16661s to do that he might have been i think i
16663s think he wanted to 99 and leave it ready
16664s for later
16666s three does give you an extended lunch so
16668s who knows maybe right here you can get
16670s it
16671s yeah i think i think that might have
16672s gave it to him he might not have got
16673s that while he extended lunch yeah yeah
16675s yeah and you know spook the balls
16679s here comes the snowball oh he's not okay
16682s all right
16685s corn slowing down
16687s he didn't go for it he didn't go for it
16689s did that look like a like a reasonable
16692s hit to him yeah no isn't everything no
16695s no
16695s okay
16696s you know okay that was a positive but
16699s lady i think wanted to preserve it that
16700s might have been it might have been just
16702s easier to just drop
16703s yeah yeah i agree but i i mean in that
16706s situation you got to go for the
16707s flashlight
16708s i'm gonna tell you one reason why maybe
16710s you shouldn't go for even a flashlight
16712s save against myers
16713s fire up is a very common perk that
16715s people love to run on myers
16718s you can throw your timing off i would be
16720s really scared yeah just adjust on the
16723s fly it'll be fine
16724s it'll be fast
16726s okay i missed her 10 000 hours playing
16728s this game
16729s if you haven't seen me cover five sets i
16731s fail all the time okay don't worry
16734s hey okay uh the jane finding her play
16736s thing tonight i mean that's really good
16737s so that's gonna do something at least
16739s it's really good in the short term but
16741s as you pointed out yeah
16743s expenditure and he can basically
16745s re-ignite that totem and provide massive
16748s slowdown that would be in fact this out
16750s of the yeah it ought to just happen yep
16752s yep there it is that that bar being red
16754s for the repair means it's going slower
16755s 30 percent slower actually which is
16763s [Music]
16769s believe it or not believe it or not this
16770s head-on here might just
16773s oh he didn't get it and he's also
16774s exposed and she jason knows about it but
16776s he can't open the paladin
16780s jason missed his attack
16782s or dwight spooky also missed his head on
16785s funnily enough
16787s oh he's it seems like jason's a little
16789s bit decisive on who to chase here he
16790s kind of wants to he wants to go up there
16792s spooky but then he doesn't there's
16793s another penamento totem as well this
16795s will be his third one
16797s so no way though yeah it's really really
16800s hurtful they need to get rid of so many
16802s of these totals and they want to go back
16803s to normal uh generator speeds yeah
16806s probably also slowing down heels and so
16808s on yeah i think i think the third one is
16810s like recovery speed too isn't it so
16812s on the ground yeah every everything is
16815s they they're hit by almost all of them i
16816s mean the only one that's left that's
16817s left is that's the gate one it's they're
16819s hit by so many afflictions right now
16820s they're gonna have to get rid of those
16821s pentameters soon
16825s they are getting some people back to
16826s full health which you saw
16827s yeah i i don't quite i'm starting to
16830s understand why they are playing on this
16832s corner of the map almost exclusively
16833s they have a nasty region you might have
16835s realized just now yeah yeah
16838s and two directly behind us unless myers
16841s once runs out of all of these tier
16843s threes
16844s what do you do about this this is hard
16846s for survivors it would have been really
16848s good for them to identify this early
16849s maybe with a part like deja vu that
16851s warns you about this kind of thing and
16853s get rid of one of these earlier they
16854s they are tackling pretty well though the
16856s best thing to do is basically attack the
16858s two furthest away gems yeah the two
16860s outside ones
16861s and yeah there's two people attacking
16862s this gen over here so as long as they're
16864s also
16864s doing their best at the furthest gen
16866s from this one then they'll eventually
16867s get one of them done i i agree now the
16870s issue is out of the unavoidable they are
16872s tackling it okay well seems like to me
16874s like they're running on this agenda in
16876s the open the other gen also
16878s has no defense around there anymore i
16879s think all the pallets are gone at this
16880s point
16881s so this is tough this is kind of tough
16884s yep they do only
16887s get just here three
16895s you don't want to be wasting any of your
16897s tier three during that animation of
16898s being stunned oh now they've vanished
16901s too you can't seem to find them there
16902s was some scratch marks and blood but
16904s that is a shame i i think jason would
16906s have benefited from as you said being a
16908s bit more decisive and and picking people
16910s up when he had the chance instead of
16911s going for a big snowball because he was
16913s slowly gaining ground on the hook stages
16915s yeah yeah but now they're in a pretty
16917s good spot i mean i think they're going
16918s to be going over to this end and maybe
16920s trying to get it done do you know how
16921s long it takes to do a gem from zero to a
16923s hundred with fentimento it is disgusting
16926s oh god i mean it's 30 of eight of nine
16928s oh wait thirty percent of ninety seconds
16930s oh man that's brutal
16933s uh okay i think we could do it listen in
16935s right they just oh they just they just
16936s broke up the three gen we should do a
16938s listen and see what's going on
16950s those are not locker savable
16954s do you have that on we can save you
16955s trying to do
16957s okay which one are you in i just want to
16958s have something quiet my name is any of
16960s them right now get in we can get in we
16961s can save each other if we don't have it
16964s oh no okay come back around
16968s are you are you in it right now yeah i
16969s am i am run around again
16972s he doesn't want to you can get in
16974s hi
16977s i mean to be honest if he comes over and
16979s picks one of us it doesn't matter we
16981s could save each other stay in stay
16984s he's going to try to bait even if he
16986s missed it we still win
16988s let me know
16989s when you guys are done i need to try to
16991s get hooked
16996s damn it no
17005s get them
17019s oh this is this is brutal they were they
17021s were planting the old double head on
17023s save so they were already doing some
17027s i was hoping that maybe the faster um
17032s the the faster animation would get them
17033s but i don't think uh iron maiden spits
17035s you
17036s yeah it spits you up when you're pulling
17037s out a survivor so they could have messed
17038s that up in fact jason did the right
17040s thing by swinging at the time
17042s that was so good you could tell
17043s something paranoid about longer yeah you
17045s can see him hesitate a little bit yeah
17048s i don't believe him
17050s don't go silly i think toki needs to be
17051s hooked i'm pretty sure i heard toki
17053s saying that she needed to be hooked at
17054s some point for the challenge to be done
17056s so i think that needs to happen
17058s but yeah dude
17059s exchange for me
17060s yeah it seems as soon as possible
17064s i'm getting scared of the lockers
17066s as a caster every time because they're
17067s locker i guess i get a little like
17069s nervous i get a little scared
17072s there goes the unhook though so lily
17073s seems to be fine he seems to be wanting
17076s to check on the gate
17077s again i think toki needs to be hooked if
17079s they want to get they want to get the
17080s wild card challenge done they could
17082s honestly also just take the
17084s take the three or four man out and not
17086s worry too much about the wild card at
17088s this point but it seems like that's not
17089s their spirit they really want to get it
17091s done spooky will be on his second could
17093s it be yeah they got to be careful
17095s because now after he gets unhooked from
17097s this and also lily is going to be on
17099s death hook so they need to be careful
17101s like toki does need to get hooked for
17102s their challenge but they shouldn't risk
17104s someone dying to get it no
17107s uh smart moves like jason here hooking
17109s him far away from the gates means that
17111s it's gonna be a lot trickier to just
17113s unhook him and get him out but he
17114s doesn't linger around the hook he's
17116s actually very confident walking out i
17118s would be a big concern here
17120s yeah for sure um the unhook comes in
17122s pretty quickly and i'm assuming that
17125s fargate is most likely done but it's
17127s really hard to say i'm not really sure
17128s what everyone's been up to
17130s i think here they might need to play a
17131s bit dumb they might need to play in a
17133s way that makes the killer think that
17134s they're making a mistake
17136s because tokyo is not there with them so
17140s i think cookie needs to make herself
17141s look out of position yeah she's like oh
17143s oopsie what am i doing over here oh
17146s silly me oh well
17148s i mean that's that that was a little
17150s obvious i feel like you know maybe maybe
17152s not the most subtle of yeah
17155s in fact jason just
17157s got it
17161s he's like well thanks i'm gonna kill
17163s your team now thank you very much oh man
17166s see oh it's deciding if he pushes these
17168s guys
17172s clicky click is her way out we see this
17174s the fun police analyze that footage
17177s this is interesting because now she gets
17179s hooked it's just it's just on heavy to
17181s save and and a one for one save is not
17184s really easy like it could be the night
17186s easy we have the the hair bow
17189s that is a tier
17191s three stage that lasts 90 seconds yeah
17194s and it's right now it's like 55 or
17196s there's like what 65 or 70 seconds left
17199s yeah
17200s it's like 0.5 or something
17202s if he stays even if he stays in tier 2
17204s and just stays near the hook yeah you
17206s can basically just force like you can't
17208s really get the unhook without going down
17209s in the process what toki is doing here
17211s is basically playing uh
17213s the hero
17214s and allowing anyone else that escapes to
17216s benefit from her sacrifice being the uh
17219s completing the wild card true true i
17222s think the best play for evie is to
17224s outweigh the tier three however long
17226s that might be and they have a small
17227s window to come and try to rescue you yep
17230s adjacent
17231s incredibly brave by the way yeah he's i
17233s would not move three inches away from
17234s that hook
17235s he's he's giving them all the space in
17237s the world so i i definitely think the
17238s unhook's probably going to come in oh my
17240s god he's going down the basement what's
17241s he doing he's he's doing something oh he
17245s he he's contacted the other side and
17246s they've told him that basement is is
17248s where oh well they lied to him well they
17250s lied oh no easy
17252s million miles away go back and take
17254s what's yours
17257s what they i take back everything i said
17258s about this being a risky scary play
17260s they're fine they're just gonna stroll
17261s out together and you know
17263s skipping not to safety well
17266s unfortunately mr nice guy points do not
17268s count towards the total so
17270s we've had four uh five now killers three
17274s extremely dominating performances
17277s again where only one kill happened i
17279s believe and now this one where everyone
17280s managed to get out because jason let's
17282s be fair
17283s made it a little bit easier on them than
17285s he he could have
17287s yeah yeah he definitely did it
17290s who comes out on top i think lily uh did
17293s the did the best overall
17295s literally he did really really well uh
17297s spooky though spooky got a 4k with four
17299s gems left right that was that who got
17302s that crazy hatch in the saloon game
17305s the very very first one that was spooky
17306s they got that
17308s yeah make all the difference i think i
17310s think the only person to survive there
17312s he fork it in his game correct me yeah
17314s he did yeah not many gentlemen yeah he
17317s 4k with four gens left so that's huge
17319s really even yeah it was 40 yeah that was
17321s one of the ones i was watching and like
17323s yeah he did really well yeah he lifted
17325s every game he could have lived
17326s uh or where someone escaped and he went
17328s he killed it as a killer
17330s yeah i'm thinking spooky lips is gonna
17332s be on top of points
17334s yeah that was a really exciting set
17335s though here's the highlights from
17336s jason's game some really strong plays
17338s this was the very first down on on
17340s the medium vault yeah yeah
17346s bro i just don't even know what happened
17347s there i don't know like
17349s look if you look at if you saw like
17351s lily's cam and she was confused she was
17353s like wait what yeah i don't i don't
17355s really yeah we might have missed a
17356s critical moment there but that was crazy
17358s or he's got some psychic powers or
17360s something oh yeah
17375s yeah yeah you can't not love jason i
17378s mean he's just laughing and smiling the
17379s whole way through all that too he's just
17380s happening no matter
17381s what happens
17383s there are
17384s many remarkable things to be said about
17386s each of these five people and uh players
17389s in this group we had
17391s lily with a first-time performance that
17392s was out of this world she did incredible
17395s mvp in saves and played an insanely mean
17398s killer crazy job
17400s jason as a non-killer oriented player
17403s did incredible compared to other years
17404s he did super super well put up a hell of
17406s a fight also played like an absolute
17408s gentleman
17409s and what to say about everyone else we
17411s had a crazy blank we had a crazy wesker
17413s it was awesome wonderful really fun to
17415s watch yeah honestly just crazy games all
17418s around well it was just a fantastic
17420s group i think i enjoyed every single
17421s game every single one was enjoyable in
17422s some type of way like they were just
17424s phenomenal performances honestly it was
17426s really cool to see
17428s and i think we uh yeah i think we're
17430s gonna throw it back to frisk and i think
17432s we also have an interview coming up with
17434s with one of the people from the group so
17436s i'll just let frisk take it away and you
17437s guys can figure that out with her
17440s awesome thank you tofu thank you otts
17443s you know it was a
17445s wild ride with
17447s well i'm a green box now hello it's me
17451s the green box
17456s [Music]
17457s is that the song i don't know um well
17460s you know what um as i sit here in this
17463s green flavored fog i'm uh
17466s you know we're having just a little just
17468s a little little difficulties but that's
17470s okay give us just one moment while we
17472s fix this up for you
17485s all right you're gonna have to do a bit
17486s of um leg work here chad you're gonna
17488s have to imagine our beautiful faces on
17490s screen all right as we try to do this
17492s next segment uh frisk um you're in
17496s charge
17497s yes absolutely so
17499s you know i actually have the mvp of the
17502s game here to chat with us oh there i am
17505s what's going on everybody oh
17507s i made it out of the fog i'm here and so
17511s did lily lily you look so shocked lily
17515s how are you feeling right now
17517s i'm i'm gonna be honest last night i
17520s literally got in the bed at 2 a.m i did
17522s not fall asleep until 5 in the morning
17523s because i was so nervous
17525s oh
17526s except for home
17529s girl listen and own it you did
17532s incredible
17534s incredible i don't think you realize how
17538s good you are
17539s at dead by daylight as a survivor and
17541s not just as a survivor as a killer you
17543s are proficient in both areas which is
17547s not always super common so like you are
17550s an amazing player you need to own that
17552s you need to recognize that and i'm going
17553s to let you know that so you you feel
17556s validated and you understand that lilly
17561s yeah of course
17564s yeah so um what do you call it so we're
17566s just going to do just a little interview
17568s we're just going to ask a couple
17569s questions
17570s and um and you know and this is about
17572s you because this is really your time to
17574s shine so um
17576s you know you just became a fog whisperer
17579s in february of this year and uh that
17582s makes this your first official into the
17584s fog event
17585s what's been what's been your favorite
17587s part of today's shenanigans
17589s i think my favorite part of today's
17590s shenanigans was honestly being able to
17593s just showcase my talents i guess i mean
17596s i really do play db and obviously
17597s although i already play it for an
17598s audience and stuff like that i think
17600s it's a little fun sometimes like show
17602s off a little bit of like a competitive
17603s nature even if it isn't a fun way and
17604s whatnot i don't think i'm like the type
17606s to be really sweaty but more like a
17608s friendly competition kind of thing you
17610s know
17611s friendly competition not sweaty girl
17614s were you did you see what i saw oh my
17616s goodness the flashlight saved there was
17620s a flashlight save where literally no
17621s nobody knew where you were
17624s when they were facing the exit gate i
17626s think it was against toki like facing
17628s the exit gate yeah and then all of a
17630s sudden we just see a light come out of
17632s nowhere and we're just like what who
17635s where is what happened oh my god
17640s my goodness yeah no it was incredible um
17644s you know like your spirit game
17647s incredible your flashlight saves
17649s respectable and your overall plays
17651s unforgettable you know what
17654s what got you into dead by daylight and
17656s like how long have you been playing um
17659s to be honest i got into dead by daylight
17661s um after seeing a friend play it and
17663s immediately i saw spirit in the game and
17666s i was like oh i really like her
17668s aesthetic so i actually just bought i
17670s didn't buy the game somebody gifted it
17671s to me and they bought me the dlc with it
17674s shattered bloodline and then i started
17675s playing it but at this time i was
17678s actually waiting for like my visa to
17679s process for like europe and stuff so
17681s when i was playing i was playing for 12
17683s hours a day and this is back in november
17686s 2019
17687s and
17689s so far i racked up almost 6 000 hours
17692s mostly on survivor but i did start out
17694s playing a lot of spirit
17695s like
17696s with the emblem system days and stuff
17698s like that but then i just kind of as i
17699s got more into streaming i prefer chat
17701s interaction
17703s but
17703s every now and then i do play killer but
17705s it's usually off stream
17707s oh okay all right yeah yeah i i
17710s understand you know playing survivor
17711s gives you a little bit more opportunity
17712s to interact with your your audience and
17715s your community
17718s yeah i know that's awesome i love that
17720s um
17721s let's see how how long did it take for
17723s you to become so proficient using the
17725s flashlight
17727s i'm going to be honest it was at 2000
17728s hours that i got my first flashlight
17730s save and then around 3 000 hours i
17733s started using head-on flashlight only
17736s and since then i've just kind of like
17738s gotten more and more into it
17740s progressively sound yeah
17742s oh wow yeah it's uh you hear hear that
17745s folks it is uh practice makes perfect
17748s yeah cause i felt i failed a lot at
17750s first so
17752s oh yeah i mean i think we all do you
17754s know when you first start up dead by
17756s daylight it's a bit of a learning curve
17757s but once you get it you got it
17759s um
17761s you know and um you know when you're not
17763s competing in tournaments like this um
17765s what can you what can people expect
17767s going over to your channel um you know
17769s was
17772s in all honesty
17774s usually it's me
17777s flagging down the killer now honestly
17779s yeah because i do like to go for a lot
17781s of head-ons i do like to go for a lot of
17782s flashlight saves i don't in general i
17785s just don't really like doing gins like
17787s pebble object alert
17789s a lot of times i might also run like
17791s a key with an amber and the prayer beads
17794s so i can like you know get the killers
17795s or and stuff and like consistently stay
17797s in chase and stuff like that i love
17798s chases over gins and stuff like that i
17801s really really do
17802s so yeah i was gonna say um
17805s yeah it seems like you really utilize
17807s using something that really gives the
17808s killer's aura to you because we saw you
17810s were using inner focus is inner focus
17812s usually one of those perks that you're
17813s just it's always in your build since
17815s iron will got nerfed a little bit i was
17817s thinking you know clutter is my main but
17819s sometimes she can be like a little loud
17821s but the fact that i also you know
17823s consistently try to go for flashlight
17824s saves while running head-on a lot of the
17826s time usually i'd be exhausted by that
17828s point and no iron will when exhausted so
17831s i was like i gotta come up with
17832s something else and then i remember
17833s somebody in my chat gave me the idea for
17835s um inner focus and self-preservation
17837s ever since then it's literally worked
17838s like a charm it's really really good for
17840s being um a rat and getting flashlight
17842s saved
17843s oh yeah we noticed
17846s we definitely noticed
17848s oh well lily it was so great talking to
17851s you it was so awesome watching you know
17853s your plays
17854s could you let everybody know where to
17856s find you
17857s um i'm actually available um everywhere
17860s on my platforms with my twitch username
17861s lillypi101 there's no um e in there even
17864s though my name is spell spelt
17865s l-i-l-l-i-e it is
17867s l-i-l-l-i and then p-i-e-101
17870s but i'm usually most active on twitter
17873s but then after that i've got like
17875s tik-tok and youtube and instagram and
17877s stuff like that but yeah i'm pretty
17878s active on twitter for the most part
17880s posting clips and food and stuff like
17882s that or just in general like dvd
17884s discussions and whatnot so
17886s oh that's awesome thank you so much lily
17889s i really do appreciate it again thank
17890s you guys so much for the opportunity
17892s yeah absolutely it was great having you
17894s and welcome to the fog whisperer family
17896s it's great to have you thank you
17901s awesome chat well that was lily pie you
17903s know where to find her go follow her her
17906s plays were epic and i'm sure that on a
17909s regular day you're going to see
17911s even more epicness
17913s support the fog whisperers go follow
17915s them go follow them all you know you've
17917s seen so many different ones today and
17920s you have the opportunity to go follow
17921s them check them out on their own
17922s channels and and really just you know
17925s dive into the content that they provide
17927s and there's so many to choose from
17929s honestly you can't go wrong
17932s so
17932s we are going to go ahead and cut to a
17936s break coming up next we have group three
17939s our final group of the day
17941s and they're gonna go head to head so
17944s don't go anywhere or you know go get
17945s some refreshments and we'll be right
17947s back with into the fog
17955s so my favorite dead by daylight cosplay
17957s is the artist
17959s it is i made the cosplay myself and i
17963s shot it myself in my friend's um
17965s cornfield that you know they have like
17967s right in front of their house and it was
17969s it's really cool um yeah and it was
17972s actually a really windy day so it kind
17973s of added to the effect um after i was
17976s done shooting it my friend made the ink
17978s cans in
17979s photoshop and it was a really cool like
17982s thing that we turned over in like
17984s maybe a day or two um so the artist is
17986s like definitely up there
17993s i don't think i'd want to be
17995s any of the survivors or killers
17997s because um the survivors have horrible
17999s backstories and the killers are just not
18001s great um
18002s human beings or whatever they are um so
18005s i'd probably be the entity so i could
18007s just be the supervisor and observe all
18009s the chaos that's happening um below me
18012s so
18012s i'll i'll choose the entity
18018s yeah um i really like um this happens a
18021s lot but my favorite perk in the game is
18023s blood warden and it's very funny to see
18025s like survivors who will like sit at the
18027s beginning of the exit gate thinking like
18029s oh i gotcha and um
18031s the blood warden is fully activated and
18034s then they can't leave it's really really
18036s funny it happens
18037s way too often so that always just brings
18039s some smiles to my face because i'm like
18041s i win
18046s yeah i was safe for cosplay um if you're
18048s thinking about cosplaying um just go
18050s ahead and do it cosplay is for everyone
18053s um don't let the haters get you down
18055s whether you make your cosplays whether
18056s you buy your cosplays closet cosplays
18059s cosplay is for everyone just have fun
18061s with it
18130s [Music]
18211s [Music]
18295s [Music]
18382s hello everybody and welcome back to into
18385s the fog i hope you enjoyed looking at
18387s that art staying hydrated maybe went to
18390s grab a snack and for those of you who
18392s are just tuning in i'm frisk fog
18394s whisperer host voice actress
18396s disrespectful survivor and so much more
18399s um
18400s you know if you are new to into the fog
18402s um this is a reoccurring event where
18405s behavior highlights and showcases the
18407s immensely talented creators in their fog
18410s in their fog whisperer program
18413s in a competition for bragging rights and
18414s twitch subs so before our grape uh our
18418s our grape
18420s before our break
18421s [Laughter]
18424s i was trying to
18425s combine break and group it turned into
18428s uh yeah that but that's all right we
18431s went ahead and uh you know they had a
18433s really great mix of sweet and salty
18435s plays honestly the group of uh of evie
18439s lily spooky toki and jason they ran like
18442s a smooth well-oiled machine and i cannot
18446s wait to see what this last and final
18449s group of today
18451s how they play how they do
18454s and you know what they have in store for
18455s us
18456s so just to quickly re-go over the format
18459s and jumping back into that form that we
18460s have um there are three groups of five
18463s each individual each individual group
18466s will take turns as killer and work
18468s towards earning those sweet sweet twitch
18471s subs so the way that it's uh that is uh
18474s being dispersed is survivors get five
18477s subscriptions for any survivor escaping
18480s one uh two survivors and trials upon
18482s generator activation and then for
18484s killers it's two subs for each survivor
18486s killed and then two extra subscriptions
18489s if all survivors are killed for a
18491s maximum of 10 subs per trial so i'm
18494s gonna go ahead and throw it back to the
18495s dynamic duo that is uh and tofu back to
18499s the fog with me
18503s hello hello hello thank you for the
18504s reintroduction frisk and uh i am
18507s i am ready for some more games how about
18509s you man i'm i'm i'm ready to go i'm
18511s primed i want more excited for this
18513s group because at least a couple of them
18516s i know are gonna be playing a hit a
18518s killer that i really really like to
18519s watch
18520s oh and i don't know if i am in the know
18523s about all this so i'm curious to know
18525s what you know
18526s well it's oh wait just oh
18529s no i think i know oh yeah i don't know i
18532s know
18533s oh
18534s oh oh
18534s okay
18536s no no i'm interested in seeing it too
18538s now i know
18538s we'll cross that bridge where we get
18540s there yeah yeah yeah yeah
18541s our first killer is evo and
18543s i'm actually not sure what we're gonna
18546s see i don't
18547s know if they have a preference for for
18550s for killer any killer in particular so
18553s i'm a bit i'm a bit lost here i don't
18555s know what to expect anything could
18556s happen if they take some inspiration
18558s from previous games we might see a
18560s bloodbath in the first game so far the
18562s first game has been tough for both sides
18564s we had the plague we had the pig it
18567s didn't end well for either group of
18568s survivors and as you said i think very
18570s accurately the first game really sets
18572s the tone
18573s wow
18574s absolutely like that i feel like that
18575s last group was probably one of the most
18577s like savage ones and i think the first
18579s game being you know that 4k slaughter or
18582s i mean what's practically a 4k spooky
18583s got out with hatch but practically a 4k
18585s kind of set that pace so yeah i'm
18587s curious and honestly i kind of like that
18589s we're going into this one blind we don't
18590s really know exactly what to expect which
18593s i think is kind of cool right anything
18594s can happen we can come out of here with
18595s like a clown or a
18597s you know a
18599s who knows like it could be any killer it
18600s could be some bizarre i would like to
18602s see before the event is is over what is
18604s the one killer we want to see we've seen
18606s a bit of wesker i'm happy with yeah
18609s projectile killers linger
18611s um hunters
18613s trickster
18614s i kind of want to see an oni maybe
18617s right maybe an oni or a blight that's
18619s what i want to see a blight oh
18620s yeah i want to see a blight before it's
18622s over that'd be cool very technically
18625s demanding like mechanically demanding
18627s killers that's that's hard when you're
18628s nervous and you're first in your group
18631s yeah absolutely i think we have wild
18632s cards though we have a whole new set of
18634s five odd cards you guys can vote on
18636s so uh here you go you guys can vote on
18638s these feel free to cast a vote you cast
18640s your vote you type the number that
18641s corresponds next to the name i like a
18643s lot of these resident evil the jill
18645s sandwich itchy tasty these are some
18646s really good residual references i like
18648s that so if you're gonna vote on
18649s whichever one you guys would like to see
18650s you just type the corresponding number
18652s next to the one that you guys want and
18654s once one is selected we will go into
18656s detail and tell you what it actually is
18658s and then we'll uh kind of just check out
18660s the survivors and make them have to do
18661s it essentially
18663s and then yeah i like that i like the
18665s active votes that's up on the screen now
18666s this is kind of nice that is very very
18668s nice good job production team behind all
18670s of this doing fantastic work for us uh
18672s gives us a bit of a hint as to which one
18674s might win
18676s but we will we will see what that one's
18677s about later when it's 100 confirmed
18680s before that no we need an introduction
18682s to our our feature killer right now
18685s remember
18685s five folks one of them plays killer
18687s you're the fourth place whoever and they
18688s take turns until all of them have played
18690s at least once
18691s people completing generators and
18693s escaping gifts points to the survivors
18695s people getting killed gives points to
18697s the killer everyone gets killed extra
18699s points for the killers they are they
18700s should be very motivated to be very very
18703s merciless with maybe some jokes and some
18705s banter here and there
18706s uh if it's anything like the previous
18708s two groups i am delighted to see more
18711s yeah same same here i the games they've
18713s been really exciting and again us not
18715s knowing really i was not really knowing
18716s what to expect i think also makes this
18718s really interesting and i would assume we
18720s have a video for introduction so maybe
18722s if we can cut over to that i think we
18723s can just go maybe introduce and maybe we
18725s can learn something ourselves about what
18726s to expect
18729s welcome everybody my name is evo i'm a
18731s drag artist from portugal we are
18733s cosplaying as the great philosopher
18736s actress singer and performer bro calling
18739s nancy over here over there see that is
18742s my oh it's a myers
18748s [Music]
18756s i'm corn i'm one with the corn i'm one
18760s with the corn i am the corn whisperer
18765s i am corn and you are corn
18768s everybody is corn on this fine day
18773s oh my god
18785s i'm a telephone i'm a telephone
18790s i'm a telephone i'm a telephone i'm a
18792s telephone
18799s did you just see the megan somebody else
18802s like crouch in front
18804s [Laughter]
18815s can i get a nurse
18816s can i get a nurse please these people
18818s are wild in uh paul
18821s i need your services yes honey come over
18823s here
18824s oh get out of here you can't be
18827s see this is why paul is so
18829s unprofessional i don't get it
18831s wow
18832s [Music]
18843s yo bro you're gonna eat the survivors
18845s bro i'm gonna choke them out
18848s i'm gonna choke them all bro sorry it's
18851s my araborus
18853s okay i'm not sure we're playing the same
18856s game sometimes that look like metal gear
18859s solid gameplay to me at some point
18862s but that was a great introduction
18865s yeah i didn't learn anything about like
18867s killer choice but honestly i had a good
18869s time regardless that was that was
18871s honestly very entertaining i liked it i
18873s that was super super good so i don't
18876s know we'll see how the magic goes i feel
18877s like regardless it's probably gonna be
18878s entertaining so that's nice
18881s um we are also i believe we have the
18884s wild card challenge that's been voted on
18885s so i believe we have a winner and i
18887s think the winner was the predictable one
18889s that we thought was going to win a jill
18890s sandwich and this is jill must be the
18892s first and last survivor to escape
18894s through the execute to get wait the
18896s first and last survivor to escape
18897s through the xk8 to get points only two
18899s survivors can play as jill and may use
18901s only her teachable perks okay so yeah
18902s there's two chills okay first i gotta
18904s confuse myself i said to finish reading
18906s so yeah two people completely funny
18908s actually that is very creative yeah yeah
18910s so the jill sandwich is the escaping
18912s survivors you know the jill is the bread
18914s i get it it makes sense now i'm with it
18916s and it's also a challenge that unlike
18918s unlike some of the other ones we've seen
18920s before
18921s there are multiple ways to to achieve it
18924s there's only two survivors left and it's
18925s the two jails they escape one after
18927s another just the
18929s air sandwich if it's three survivors
18931s left then the jail has to go first then
18933s the other non-gel then the second gel
18935s has to come okay but what if it's just
18937s one jill and she leaves she's
18938s technically the first and the last one
18940s to leave but that's not really a
18941s statement
18947s you could fold it and then
18949s you have a
18951s bread sandwich but i don't think that
18952s really works
18954s i mean i think it'll count for the
18955s challenge i just don't think it's a very
18956s good sandwich so yeah i don't know um
18960s we might take it to like the we yeah we
18961s have to take it like the rest for that
18962s one
18963s no no no no no
18964s we're gonna we're gonna have to ask
18966s survivors to do this crazy thing that
18968s that is it's a lot to us is to survive
18971s come on do it
18973s super difficult for the killer
18975s we yo we need a jill sandwich or
18978s or again i don't know we don't really
18979s know what despite that evo so the killer
18980s could be
18981s i really have no idea what to expect
18983s here like i don't know how much killer
18984s they play i don't know what we're going
18985s to see
18987s i'm completely in the dark here we need
18989s to quickly identify what's going on and
18991s and also adapt on the fly a bit it's
18994s going to be really really fun who do you
18995s think will take the the jail roles
18997s though because it's a big responsibility
19000s you need to not die and also you need to
19001s be in a good enough spot to choose when
19003s you're leaving
19004s yeah that's actually a really
19005s interesting question i don't know who's
19007s probably the most confident here
19008s confetti
19010s alex
19011s i don't know
19012s alex is very experienced playing with
19014s fans yeah a lot of powers
19016s um
19018s i think honestly
19020s oh i just realized they can only use
19022s their teachable perks you can't even
19024s you can't even bring say
19026s well you could bring a map with a
19029s certain green add-on to find the hatch
19032s so it could be
19033s that even if you're in a bad spot you
19035s could hide in the map have someone else
19037s escape and escape yourself with a hatch
19039s so there are some things they could do
19040s without bringing perks to try to
19043s help their chances to escape in a
19044s certain order
19046s because you know against many killers
19048s you cannot mess around and execute
19049s against a slinger you cannot choose who
19051s goes first against the west coast that
19053s can just grab you out of a gate so
19055s the choice of killer here is going to be
19057s very critical
19058s leaving um on a schedule i think is i
19061s think can be very problematic against
19062s some of them so
19064s yeah that's that's absolutely true yeah
19066s so i yeah i think a lot of is going to
19068s come down to to the actual killer that's
19070s picked as well so yeah i don't know i
19071s mean okay what so what are jill's perks
19074s so like i'm trying to think of like how
19075s handicap that makes you to run only her
19076s person she has reassured her no no chill
19079s well i was like
19080s in jail no yeah
19082s i'll fill you in so for those of you
19084s that don't know jill comes with a
19086s counter force it lets you uh do totems a
19089s bit faster and when you do a totem you
19090s see the furthest totem left if multiple
19092s hobbit it's an easy way to find hexes
19094s and stuff not too bad and she also has a
19097s blast mine blast mine allows you to set
19100s up a little trap on a generator that
19102s will stump the killer if they try to
19104s kick it they it got recently buffed so
19106s it's a little bit nicer to use now after
19107s you go change and the last perk that is
19110s easy to forget is called resurgence let
19113s jill be at half health when she gets
19115s unhooked so it's easy for the jail
19117s players to get unhooked and then get
19119s back to full health and get into the
19120s group of things
19122s that being said these perks are hardly
19124s the most powerful perks in the game yeah
19126s and there's no fourth perk to round up
19128s the build at all so
19130s yeah those are gonna be they're gonna be
19132s a little bit of a disadvantage yeah the
19134s two players
19136s those are like two pretty subpar builds
19139s like i feel like
19140s is it is it possible that blast mine is
19142s the most useful perk out of those things
19144s maybe
19145s blast mine does a lot in fact it lets
19147s the killer
19149s i mean it makes the killer waist a few
19150s seconds
19151s any time the killer wastes five seconds
19153s that's five seconds for each of the
19154s other survivors to do something useful
19156s so that's good and it also gives the
19158s other teammates an idea where gents are
19160s being repaired even if the comms are a
19161s bit chaotic so that information part is
19163s great
19164s so yeah plus mine's okay that's mine's
19166s definitely good if you are unlucky and
19168s you're playing against a wraith you can
19169s also burn him out of his cloak
19172s some other fun things bringing up green
19174s medkit is a great idea to help your
19175s survivability when you have a bill
19177s that's dead in the middle okay
19179s i was half right so we had confetti is
19181s one of the jills and the other one is
19182s vixie so i think you actually called
19184s that i think you called vixxy i thought
19185s it was gonna be licks in confetti so
19188s close
19189s yes
19191s uh let's do a play listening and see
19193s what exactly is going on through there
19194s through this driver's head so let's do
19195s it real quick
19197s yeah i know why i'm not a looper
19200s you're going to be just like jail next
19201s to me
19202s that would be right
19204s here
19205s where i was she's here she's here i
19208s think is she oh thank
19214s i hear
19215s her ass and i don't like it
19218s i'm going to help y'all
19223s i am not a looper
19225s i'll take her if i see her
19230s if i get grabbed off this gen i will cry
19232s vixxy are they on you babe nope
19235s i'm the highlighted middle j yeah you're
19243s she's blinded
19245s nice
19248s i'll go back to that gym if you lead her
19250s away
19255s oh spaghettios
19257s taking her to the other side so you can
19258s finish [ __ ] oh my gosh
19261s not the game cheating like 2k literally
19264s i just got stuck
19268s i'm out i'm gonna go find a totem in
19269s heel
19271s that's fine
19274s oh my god nice you did that all alone
19276s babe nice show oh gosh
19287s we have we have chemistry and tournament
19289s uh style call callouts come coming out
19293s that's great to see uh funnily enough
19295s the killer was very committed to just
19297s defending the gems in this area which is
19299s something that can easily backfire but
19301s it's working out really really well yeah
19303s i mean
19305s how's the pressure on this one corner
19307s yeah we're seeing another spirit and
19308s spirit is like such a strong killer if
19310s you know if you know what you're doing
19311s with them and i mean we're seeing a lot
19312s of hits a lot of downs two hooks right
19314s beside each other right here this is
19316s really dangerous painful and colorblind
19318s is making those gems regress so much
19320s faster
19321s as well
19323s away from the chill
19324s but guess the follow up and i think i
19326s don't know what's going to come in again
19327s playing playing relatively nice but
19329s honestly still has a ton of pressure
19330s like everyone's injured
19332s the the killer seems to the skin is odd
19334s here there seems to be some vaping going
19336s on or something i'm not sure what's
19337s going on no no it looks like it looks
19340s like her hair is just coming through
19342s that was precise timing from i believe
19347s that was really good right there yeah
19348s like being able to predict exactly when
19350s the spirit was going to be under palette
19351s and getting this done yeah standing
19354s still as a spirit used to be a really
19355s strong mind game because survivors
19356s didn't have a
19358s very easy to follow tale of when she was
19360s in her power but now she now they can
19361s and they can hear more or less where you
19362s are oh
19365s whoa
19367s that whole that whole thing was just
19369s that that was bizarre i don't know this
19371s little thing was weird yeah ends up
19373s getting the down on vixxy though and
19374s there's a really anxiety-inducing
19376s combination of decisions
19396s is
19397s arguably a bad idea next to this hook
19399s they cannot afford to go down here or
19401s the pressure that this killer will have
19403s on this corner of the map will be too
19404s much this chance will never get done yep
19406s bars do a good job of basically just
19408s getting the hell out of there and trying
19408s to get across the map which is
19410s definitely the plague even this even
19411s just going down is fine as long as it's
19413s not near the hook so this was actually
19415s a very smart play that little size after
19418s the hit
19433s that is
19435s give him a quick z snap real quick
19439s all right i love it so we see blast mine
19441s in action now uh highlighting the gem
19444s we do have a killer with a with some
19446s generator perks that involve kicking so
19448s that is a pretty good matchup the
19449s survivors do have that advantage but
19452s i'm sure the killers really here it
19454s seems to me like they're the killers
19456s just locking down the opposite side of
19457s the map from where you see the survivors
19458s now so these gems they don't need to
19460s worry about they need to break this
19462s region on the other side in my opinion
19464s if they want to have an easy end game
19465s they're trying to do just that though uh
19467s yeah felix
19468s doing amazing an amazing job here if
19470s this gen is done that will make it so
19472s much easier yeah that kind of throws out
19473s the entire strategy of i think what
19475s evo's trying to do holding down that
19476s side of the map so they kind of be kind
19478s of concerned about that but maybe not
19480s because
19481s yeah they're actually making very
19483s difficult split second decisions here
19485s oh yeah playing this palette really well
19487s that's because it's very strong it's not
19490s you typically are very happy to be here
19492s as a killer because you're going to get
19493s hit most of the times
19495s oh doesn't quite get that hit though
19497s vixx is doing really good here buying
19499s time they're managing they had a lot of
19500s gen's done over there on that side of
19501s the map where there's like where there's
19503s all the actually yeah they broke up the
19504s three gen so now there's two on each
19505s side yeah so as far as like tackling
19507s generators they're gonna be a lot better
19508s for ebo they do have the
19512s flute for cooldown so they can use their
19514s power a little bit quicker if they
19515s choose to
19517s uh no they're they're they're stripping
19518s it down to basics just doing okay now we
19521s see it in action
19522s yeah i'm gonna try to follow up oh
19524s doesn't quite get it
19526s oh no they had it they had it they had
19529s it they just needed to wait a little bit
19530s longer for the second one yeah the
19532s impatience got to them vexy doing a
19534s really a really good job here buying
19536s time there's so many gems getting done
19537s that baby was solid
19539s but
19541s eon's coming in with a blind
19544s and
19545s uh right after this done is this going
19547s to disorient uh this area and the killer
19549s event seemingly
19551s a bit yeah i mean it bought a bit of
19553s time for jail
19555s yeah i mean this is all time that they
19556s have to do gen so like something i mean
19558s if evo wants a chance here someone's
19560s gonna have to get down relatively soon
19561s to try to create some pressure he looks
19563s playing safe and you're throwing pallets
19564s pretty smart yeah yeah i mean it doesn't
19565s let's play again
19567s yeah and at this point you have just one
19568s gen look at that
19571s efficient
19572s if you told me that this game would end
19574s like this at the very start i wouldn't
19575s have believed you that was a really
19577s difficult position for the for the
19579s survivors to come back from yeah yeah
19582s and and like here's dixie being
19583s immediately on the gate the second the
19585s the gen finishes too super efficient and
19587s this is alex's first hook as well so no
19590s real danger of dying here they have
19591s basically two minutes to figure out a
19593s way to save here correct me if i'm wrong
19596s both of the gates are on the same side
19597s right so they're pretty favorable or all
19599s right did i maybe yeah
19613s that's gonna be a 90 second first hook
19614s stage at least and unless another
19615s research comes in
19617s helix will grow old on that hook
19621s but he will live there for the rest of
19623s their days that is a very long hook
19626s stage 60 seconds plus 60 seconds close
19628s to 30 from the perk that was just
19630s triggered yeah i think ego's going to
19632s try to find bard here i think that's
19634s going to be the main yeah i think this
19636s is definitely the play bard's on death
19637s hook so i think getting this kill is
19639s probably going to be the best bet in
19640s terms of like getting some points and
19642s some subs yeah when you're on your
19643s killer side yep yep that is a good point
19646s it does allow the other three to do
19648s their challenge though and march seems
19649s to be doing the hero play here going
19651s away from the gates making it easy
19653s uh they might get hatch if some miracle
19655s happens
19657s let's watch for the sandwich it has to
19658s be an elix sandwich okay helix has to be
19660s the the meat of the sandwich here so we
19662s it's very very important we got to watch
19664s are they afraid of blood water are they
19666s leaving
19671s what's happening oh maybe we could do
19673s another listening to see what happened
19675s oh no this thing was just ruined no that
19678s wasn't
19680s it that was a that was a hot dog
19682s [Music]
19683s yeah that's yeah that's well it's like a
19686s it's like a slice it's like a slice of
19688s meat with two pieces of bread on top of
19690s it not a very good sandwich
19692s but hey uh regardless of the challenge i
19694s mean the survivors did really well uh
19696s vixi did an amazing job of running
19699s uh yeah i mean evo showed up and played
19701s really well with spirit too and overall
19703s really well played the survivors just
19704s seemed really coordinated honestly i
19705s mean when we listened in their comms
19707s were like really good they were like
19708s they were communicating super well and i
19710s think it showed like the second the
19711s final gen got done and vixx was already
19712s on that gate immediately working on it
19714s they were they were doing good i mean it
19716s seems like they they shut up they
19718s bounced the bounce back really big um i
19720s almost wish that our spirit had
19722s committed a bit more to stay in there
19723s they really played nice they saw a
19725s person fresh off the hook go for another
19728s unhook if they had played a bit mirror
19729s they would have chased that person yeah
19732s they are if they hook another person
19734s they're not doing they're not gonna be
19736s so they could have played minor so probs
19738s also for the very fair play on on the
19740s killer side now we have another match to
19743s look forward to
19744s yeah we are moving on to our next killer
19746s who's going to be confetti
19750s okay so i think confetti is partial to
19753s playing hack yeah she's more of a killer
19755s type and i think she loves to play
19757s yep that's i'm pretty sure that is true
19760s too yep yep i i believe there's a
19762s there's a couple hag players in this
19763s group yeah yeah there's a couple high
19765s players and i also think there will be a
19766s couple spirits so it's going to be again
19768s a battle of the ladies and hag is a
19770s deeply strategic strategical uh killer
19773s in in a lobby like this where people are
19775s are sweating to win
19777s if they want to play it very safe and
19778s give you a 25 or a 30 minute match they
19781s can do it uh as a hug you need to have a
19784s strike a very careful balance of setting
19786s up
19787s uh but also getting your down so you
19789s have something to defend
19791s so yeah it might very well come down to
19794s how much the survivors get distracted by
19795s the wild card or whether the first
19797s person gives the hike a quick down or
19799s not whether the hack picks the the right
19802s combination of mean add-ons mean map and
19804s mean play style uh there will be blood
19807s yeah i mean i think notoriously a really
19809s difficult thing to do against hagga as
19811s well as unhooking it's very very it's
19813s really really hard like if someone it's
19814s kind of like you said if someone goes
19815s down early and kind of gets put into
19817s like a situation where there's a lot of
19819s traps around them yeah it's gonna be
19820s kind of nightmarish to get out of it so
19822s yeah but we can check out the wild cards
19824s we do uh have more challenges coming so
19827s again feel free to cast a vote you guys
19828s already picked five so there's one to
19830s four or options for new challenges feel
19831s free to cast your vote for whatever
19833s challenge you guys like to see you can
19834s vote by typing in the corresponding
19836s number into chat and then it will
19838s basically pick a winner whichever one
19839s you guys voted for the most and then
19841s we'll explain the challenge and we'll
19842s kind of just you know give you to the
19844s survivors and make them do it
19849s i think chat is a is a is an appreciator
19851s of the resident evil references like i
19854s am you know
19855s i also love the fact that in between the
19857s boats people are showing support and
19859s showing the emo to their favorite
19860s streamers that are participating in this
19862s i love to see that yeah so i i think one
19865s of my favorite things from twitch chat
19866s ever is like the cheers that he do like
19868s spam this larva to support oddssar but
19871s like that kind of stuff i love seeing
19872s that yeah any kind of chat i love seeing
19875s that i love seeing people cheer and
19877s chant hooligans for streamers are
19879s appreciated show the support for your
19881s favorite streamer say all their civil
19883s will lines we'd love to see that uh
19885s lilly
19886s uh toki spooky everyone had their
19889s community back them up we'd love to see
19890s that and don't forget if you're not
19892s familiar with these folks do yourself a
19894s favor drop them a follow it's free catch
19896s their content in the upcoming
19898s weeks months and years they're going to
19900s be there yeah i mean their fog was first
19902s for a reason they're all fantastic
19904s content creators so they're definitely
19905s worth their time to check out
19907s and yeah i mean obviously you're getting
19908s a showcase of them during this whole
19909s event too so if anyone stands out i mean
19911s go pop it and say hello i'm sure they'd
19912s appreciate it
19915s i'm kind of excited to see what the
19916s challenge is going to be assuming that
19918s you taste he's going to win
19919s i'm curious to see what that's going to
19920s be because i haven't fully like i
19923s briefly went over the wild card
19924s challenges but i don't know exactly what
19925s they're going to be so i'm kind of
19926s curious
19927s um but we also do have an introduction
19929s video to check out too that should tell
19930s us a little bit more about confetti so i
19932s think we can go take a look at that
19933s first
19936s [Music]
19950s hello to everyone in the fog if you do
19952s not know me my name is milady confetti
19954s i'm a fall whisperer twitch partner
19956s cosplayer and founder of sisters of the
19958s fog
19959s sisters of the fog is a stream team and
19961s community for black femmes that loves
19963s all things dead by daylight horror and
19966s also charity as an organization we have
19968s raised over thirty thousand dollars for
19970s various charities and we hope to keep
19972s exceeding that
19973s you've probably seen me cosplay a few
19975s characters from dead by daylight which
19978s is one of my favorite things to do a few
19980s more fun facts about me i am left-handed
19982s i do not believe that pineapples belong
19985s on pizza i am so sorry and my favorite
19987s anime of all time despite my shirt is
19990s yuyu hakusho i'm so excited to be
19991s participating today i will see you all
19994s in the fog
19996s if i were a survivor where would i be
20002s booyah
20025s [Music]
20035s period
20037s [Music]
20043s [Music]
20051s man
20052s they are all so talented i know
20054s i know it's it's wild to see what do you
20058s do tofu you just hit like me and we just
20060s play games
20062s they have the sickest cosplay they do
20064s the craziest makeups
20066s what are we doing yeah
20069s not being that talented that's what i'm
20070s doing that's for sure
20072s but you know hey that that's totally
20074s fine that's totally fine i'm excited to
20076s see this game i'm excited to see what
20077s happens i mean it's kind of like you
20079s said we're kind of expecting some hag i
20081s believe we have a winner for the wild
20083s card too so we will be able to see how
20084s that will affect things i believe it was
20087s itchy tasty that one but maybe we can
20089s cut over and maybe get an explanation
20091s exactly what it is
20092s so let's have a look if we can
20098s we're good hey there it is age daisy two
20100s survivors must bring themselves back
20101s from the dying state oh
20104s oh
20105s that is
20106s that is actually
20108s really really really interesting yeah so
20111s like
20113s okay uh for a million trillion dollars
20116s how do you 100 make sure that you pull
20118s this off with your team what would you
20119s do
20120s you you literally go down purposely
20123s under a pallet and make a teammate sit
20125s nearby and envision of the killer that
20127s way they're like afraid to pick you up
20128s because those teammates nearby to get
20130s the save and then you literally just
20132s unbreakable under the pad
20133s [Music]
20134s no no let's say it's a statical and she
20136s has a weird palette animation and and
20138s they just pick up and they miss the
20140s pilot so if now what bam you lost well
20142s then you yell your teammate and you call
20144s them boosted and then you know
20145s blame them for their
20156s what's your strategy okay my strategy
20158s uh you need to control where you go down
20161s yourself so at some point someone has to
20163s take a hit
20164s um maybe with basketball or time to to
20167s have the mending state and then let
20169s themselves bleed out in some extremely
20172s far away
20173s where the killer clearly has no business
20175s going and they pick themselves up
20177s fast with unbreakable or something else
20179s so that could be one another one that
20181s they could do easily to literally have
20183s adrenaline on everyone
20185s oh and wait for someone to go down near
20188s the end of the game and be like wait
20190s wait wait now right as someone goes on
20192s bam adrenaline they pick themselves up
20194s that would be the easiest one
20196s true there's only one so
20198s on top of that
20200s i need to do some um
20203s some magic here work some tricks uh to
20206s to let a killer ignore a person on the
20207s ground for long enough but it's gonna be
20209s super super interesting uh all of these
20211s folks are creative they'll they'll
20212s figure out a way to make this happen
20214s maybe there's something else we haven't
20215s even thought of man i love this
20217s challenge i think i'm such a nerd but i
20218s love this challenge the itchy tasty
20219s reference is a reference to a diary in
20221s resident evil of somebody that was
20223s turning into a zombie where they kept
20224s saying itchy tasty because you know turn
20226s into a zombie so like it's so it's such
20228s a cool challenge you got to pick
20229s yourself up from dying it's like you're
20231s becoming a zombie you're like
20232s reanimating yourself it's so cool dude i
20234s love that that's so awesome
20237s and where do we where do we say thank
20239s you yeah we're gonna give them a raise
20241s they came up with three wong's make a
20243s dwight which is a fantastic one they
20245s came up with this super cool reanimation
20247s chat this is
20248s someone needs a raise someone needs a
20250s raise from this i don't know who but
20251s someone deserves a raise for sure right
20253s so i love this i'm curious to see what
20255s they're going to do that the bleed out
20257s idea you had with with mending is really
20259s interesting it is tricky though because
20261s i think that's easier to uh to
20262s accomplish in a public match where
20264s killer doesn't really care and they'll
20266s slap whoever
20267s yeah it can be very difficult for a
20270s killer to
20271s that's playing in this to feel mean
20273s enough to to try to go for someone of
20276s the hook so what they might need to do
20277s is just bring that heart
20279s and then run into a killer when they're
20281s about to hook uh there's a lot of things
20284s that they can try and almost all of them
20285s can end in disaster if they mess it up
20288s yeah for sure so it's interesting
20291s yeah there's a lot of different ways it
20292s could go so i guess we'll uh i guess
20294s we'll just see and again if it's if it
20296s ends up being a hag like we think it is
20298s then that's probably gonna make it even
20300s harder still right because it's a lot
20301s it's a lot more awkward to do that kind
20302s of thing against the hag because the
20304s gameplay is just so weird and dynamic i
20306s i totally i totally agree uh tofu i
20309s think you're frozen i'm gonna oh i'm
20311s gonna stand very still in insulin
20313s yeah yeah please do in solidarity thank
20314s you thank you
20316s [Music]
20319s can you actually make the same exact
20321s face that i'm making can you do that for
20322s me that would be real solidarity
20325s [Music]
20326s i'm sorry
20328s i kind of beautiful
20333s you know
20334s catch up to us in space and time
20338s i'm getting there okay i'm almost there
20339s i just i need to be frozen a little bit
20341s longer all right i'm trying to
20343s you know i'm pulling to walt disney just
20345s give me a little bit longer i'm almost
20346s there okay all right i'll be there soon
20348s it's all right
20351s i don't think i'm getting unstuck i
20352s think i think i'm sorry hey there hey
20353s i'm free oh there you go
20356s no okay
20360s that is quite funny honestly
20362s how many show when are we doing it
20365s i think it's a good question the odds of
20367s tofu comedy shows
20369s we don't we don't have a podcast uh
20372s tophona yet but some of the folks that
20374s are featured today do have podcasts
20376s several of them at least go check them
20378s out drop them a follow now please if
20381s you'd be so kind
20382s um if you enjoy what you see today super
20384s important to remind you all anyway
20386s um
20388s on that topic i've just been i've been
20389s loving seeing like there's a lot of
20391s there's honestly a lot of content
20392s creators in this tournament that i'm not
20393s super familiar with from like the
20395s previous groups and everything it's been
20396s really cool seeing everybody and like
20398s even this group i'm really excited to
20399s see the performance everybody a lot of
20401s these guys are maybe newer to like the
20402s program or just newer to like you know
20404s the community in general at least to me
20406s because you know it's a large community
20407s i think that there will always be a
20409s person that you're just vaguely
20411s acquainted with or have never heard of
20413s yeah yep
20415s talking about never heard of um
20418s um
20422s i'm prosper together
20424s i'm frozen again huh
20427s oh brother oh come on
20431s i'm trying to help dude
20433s i'm trying to come it's hard to stand
20435s still
20437s it works it's fine it's fine it's fine
20440s okay okay okay this is a nutty naughty
20442s setup we have a hack on mid which easily
20445s her best map i'm pretty sure i caught
20446s the drive cicada there one of our best
20448s items to teleport from anywhere to
20450s almost anywhere yeah on midwidge that's
20452s going to cover the entire map
20455s anti-item franklins to make them drop
20457s their medkits which is a really smart
20458s thing because they brought a bunch
20461s oh already gonna get hit immediately too
20463s oh that was fast
20464s yeah no way
20466s i love i love there's no way out on this
20468s map where the gates are literally ones
20470s one little stone throw away from each
20472s other it's so mean
20474s it is yeah good
20476s nurses are actually really interesting
20478s too because again because the map is so
20480s small you're gonna see the auras like
20482s very very often being able to chase them
20484s away from their heels and maybe chase
20485s them into traps it's going to be huge
20488s it's good especially if they miss those
20491s um if they lose those med kits so they
20493s can be self-sufficient
20495s confetti definitely locked this person
20497s in place notice that every exit to that
20500s classroom was trapped
20501s she could have made the mistake of
20503s breaking that breakable wall and
20505s getting locked into animation but she
20507s didn't do that instead she trusted that
20509s that call that had no way out and waited
20512s for the right moment to teleport and get
20513s the slap get the down and now that she
20515s has something to defend the hack is a a
20518s force to be reckoned with very
20520s difficult situation at least the traps
20522s are visible
20525s yep that was a slap on evo yep uh we we
20527s didn't see some boone unbreakable i know
20529s it's not called unbreakable but you know
20531s what i mean there's some there there's
20532s unbreakable right there there's also
20533s adrenaline so we are seeing a lot of
20535s parks that you were mentioning although
20536s again i don't know if it matters if they
20538s kind of just get slaughtered here so i
20540s don't know it's kind of tough i i
20542s i do think that they need to look out
20544s for their safety first yeah for sure i
20547s think this would be a good time to do a
20548s listening perhaps to see what's going on
20550s with the with the comms
20554s i'm gonna go save i'm a little far but
20560s he's on me still this is on fire
20563s i'm gonna try to pop her traps in the
20565s courtyard i know there's some in here
20579s oh [ __ ] there goes my flashlight
20589s i lost her
20591s okay great great great
20593s yeah i called
20594s that oh she teleported she teleported
20596s she's on me
20600s good all right good
20602s oh no
20606s oh my god
20608s there's so many drops i'm taking her
20609s upstairs
20611s oh my god
20613s wait if you're downstairs i can heal you
20614s if you're if you're taking her upstairs
20617s that was these sports i'm sorry that
20618s wasn't
20619s uh she teleported out of nowhere
20624s so um
20625s i'm heading to the boon
20629s oh okay a lot happened in just 30 odd
20633s seconds what are your thoughts
20634s uh that was esports that's my thoughts
20640s no that was good though i mean it was a
20641s really tough situation
20644s is she playing nurse she's teleporting
20646s more than a nurse hello yeah this is why
20648s why did she place all these traps i i
20650s kind of keep up yeah they're they're
20652s honestly doing a really good job of
20654s displacing her chapstick like the fact
20655s that they're forcing her to teleport all
20656s the time that kind of stayed in that
20658s situation she was about to come up to
20660s the unhook and cause it caused a big old
20662s ruckus and then they forced the report
20663s away they got the unhook and then she
20665s kept pouring too late but it looks like
20667s she might have stabilized now and alice
20669s goes down everyone this is tough
20671s everyone's injured
20674s you cannot make a move i hope that that
20676s boon has also circle of healing or else
20678s they're gonna be in trouble if they rely
20679s on their medkits to heal well say
20681s goodbye to them they're all gone now by
20683s by now i think they don't have any left
20685s yeah um mid lady as you pointed out made
20688s the mistake of teleporting away from a
20690s place where she probably wanted to be
20692s which costed her cost her one hook stage
20694s but the survivors have also made
20695s mistakes they've given free hits
20698s have look a completely empty net kit now
20700s and yeah maybe they've been a bit too
20702s greedy to remove traps and keep their
20704s items and now they're gonna lose maybe
20707s all of the charges by now
20709s they did do a good job of fully
20710s resetting and healing each other though
20712s like yeah funnily enough they do not
20714s have a circle of healing yeah they just
20716s they just did a good job of healing each
20717s other because again i mean again uh
20719s confetti has nurses calling so that's
20721s what kind of made that scary if they
20722s didn't get that heel off quickly that
20724s hook was going to come in and then they
20726s probably would have got caught out
20727s healing because the nurse was calling
20728s but they did it like perfectly good
20730s timing and they got it all ready to go
20731s and now they're kind of reset and ready
20733s to tackle gens again which needs to
20735s happen they're still in four gens it's
20736s been a while you know people's relocated
20738s to a gen that they that they happen to
20740s find looked like it looks like they were
20742s looking for it for a while
20743s and the changes are going on and off if
20746s we could have a look at the killer and
20747s see exactly what they're doing that
20748s would be really useful
20750s yeah for sure i one hosted on everybody
20752s other than other than bard right now so
20754s the survivors are really not doing too
20756s bad they're not really in any
20758s immediate danger
20761s oh oh i don't
20763s know where this boldness is coming from
20765s though
20767s yeah is doing a great job keeping up the
20770s traps oh yeah it's because it's very
20772s easy to get yeah kyra uh
20774s away yep six or seven traps down right
20777s now which is which is really nice um so
20779s yeah i mean i think that's a really
20780s important thing with hack it's just
20782s making sure you always have a lot of
20783s straps down if you ever look down at
20784s your trap counter and then the number
20786s that's showing us on four right now it's
20787s ever showing it's like an eight or
20788s something
20789s you know you're in trouble you know you
20791s gotta make sure you keep that number low
20793s you're gonna make sure you have a lot of
20793s traps out at all times she's doing a
20795s really good job of that so
20797s there's gonna be a lot of rounds oh like
20800s that that's good and i think i think you
20802s wouldn't pick up here maybe because the
20804s other person i'm still trapped but
20806s uh it's almost like everybody knows that
20808s they need to pick themselves up
20810s yeah and yeah
20812s yeah
20813s it's gonna be tough for them to get that
20814s challenge i mean because betty just kind
20816s of picks like immediately every time in
20817s hooks so it's gonna be yeah they're
20818s gonna have to be just kind of a fancy
20820s place the other survivor that was caught
20821s in the
20825s little courtyard
20826s yeah it seems like they they have a hook
20829s oh where are the hooks
20841s yeah although there might be a trap was
20842s there a trap on the way in she might be
20844s she might walk right under the trap yep
20846s oh wait no that was someone else oh
20848s there's something true and it kind of
20850s yeah this is actually a small downside
20853s of having the dried cigarette which is
20854s the second atom that little dead looking
20856s fly it lets you teleport so far that you
20858s literally teleport to perhaps or
20860s sometimes not even relevant to what
20862s you're doing yeah
20864s that's kind of what happened right there
20865s and it it kind of stole that that hit
20867s from her but it ended up getting anyway
20869s so it's it it ends up being okay trap
20871s setup they did manage to get two gems
20872s done while this was going on though
20873s which is kind of huge very impressive
20875s considering the jolt uh that being said
20877s now confetti has four stacks of no way
20879s out would you would you tell us how long
20881s that's gonna keep two hours yeah 60
20884s seconds once where so it doesn't even
20886s activate until they try again so if they
20888s take a long time to even try a gate then
20890s it could be even longer but when they go
20891s to try a gate it blocks it says hell no
20894s and then it blocks for 60 seconds so
20896s that's going to be a long time to deal
20897s with ag
20899s yup yup that teleport that the range of
20902s that teleport
20903s disgusting so good she didn't go
20906s anywhere she there were two traps and
20908s actually some people might not know if
20909s two traps are triggered at the same time
20911s the hack teleports to whichever one
20912s she's looking at in the center of her
20914s screen
20915s so i think she actually ended up going
20917s to the one she needed to so great play
20918s by confetti who unfortunately just
20920s doesn't have enough hooks yeah did this
20923s economy midwitch man many would just
20925s rough with hooks sometimes like yeah
20927s agitation might have been a play here
20929s yeah yeah it is rough
20930s or you could leave them in the ground
20932s but she also doesn't know that you know
20934s the challenge yeah of course of course
20936s it's it's tough it's it's really tough
20938s but i mean doing a good job of like of
20940s of chopping up like the corners of the
20941s map and the doorways and these important
20943s choke points where the shield
20945s and correct me if i'm wrong but i think
20946s all remaining gents are downstairs yes
20949s yeah that is really really good you now
20951s only have to think in almost two
20952s dimensions and you don't ever have to
20954s chase anyone upstairs just drop the heck
20956s out of the bottom floor yep oh they're
20958s gonna get this one done though it's
20960s gonna be down to three soon that is my
20962s impressive honestly yeah it really is
20965s even if you little dances i was a little
20967s happy that they got away i think i i
20970s think there's a quick and
20973s statically quietly about it
20975s oh
20977s bart is going to be
20979s going on a second hook stage here we now
20981s have bart and elix in danger of being
20984s dead next time they make a tiny mistake
20987s yeah which again it's it's pretty easy
20989s to make it's easy to make it doesn't
20990s even need to be your mistake someone
20992s else can trigger a trap
20993s right next to you and then you're dead
20996s and these hallways are very difficult to
21000s to traverse without triggering a trap
21002s yeah especially when they're trapping
21004s corners and also the doorways in and out
21005s of the courtyard like those are these
21007s are kind of unavoidable chokes like
21009s you're good how do you feel about elix
21010s hiding in a bush with a
21013s with a bioluminescent squid in her back
21016s you know
21017s i i i i think she's got this i i think
21020s it's fine it's fine it's fine
21023s elixir
21024s if anyone knows about hag gameplay yeah
21026s i think elix is is the one oh
21029s okay so why do you think it looks
21031s triggered that truck
21033s i think it's because she knew that the
21035s the killer was busy during the cooldown
21036s animation of ahead that just yeah
21039s i think so too yeah i'm pretty sure i'm
21041s pretty sure because evo just went down
21042s so therefore they couldn't teleport
21044s so you you just kind of set it off
21046s although this is
21048s oh that's bart who's on deadpool this is
21050s kind of scary
21052s but if that person goes down they are
21054s not the killer's not gonna leave them on
21056s the ground this challenge is going to be
21058s really difficult to perform they need a
21060s body block now this is the time for
21062s great communication on teamwork
21065s no one bars on death hook too so that's
21067s going to be that's going to be that's it
21071s good okay might be able to pick himself
21073s up now that might be it yeah yeah yeah
21075s we do have unbreakable on on our chris
21077s so bart in about 20 seconds is up and
21080s confetti might be playing ambitiously
21081s here honestly normally i think it would
21083s be the right play but
21085s my actually backfire a bit yeah i mean
21087s there's no way for her to know that
21088s there's a gun right on everybody right i
21090s love this locking them down in the
21091s courtyard
21093s it is so mean buy this up uh presumably
21096s by themselves so yeah that's one or two
21098s also evil though in a bit
21100s i think elixir exchange and rescue
21103s oh wait somebody was doing the job oh i
21106s think it was
21107s or maybe in there yeah i think i think
21110s it had to be vixen yeah
21111s wow barely man just barely there's
21115s calling active over there though so we
21116s do see where they're healing
21118s one tiny advantage they have is that
21120s their boom takes over a big part of the
21122s back body blocked by vixxy great plate
21124s to buy a bit of time for evil
21126s oh this is working scary though
21128s everyone's injured so this anyone steps
21130s in a chat like this you're just
21130s immediately dead
21132s but evil is on their second quarter
21134s correct no this is no this is death hook
21136s yeah no they yeah this is definitely
21138s though oh oh it goes to me oh
21151s what triple adrenaline just kicked in
21154s how is that possible
21155s oh and no way out triggers right away
21160s okay this is anyone's game literally
21162s three out of four dead hook many drops
21164s well not too many four drops or three
21166s drops still in the ground
21169s yeah it's it's it's definitely not that
21171s that's such a huge momentum swing
21173s okay oh
21174s who is this alex alexis is on death hook
21176s two i think everybody's gonna make it to
21178s that window i think they do yeah
21180s everyone everyone but vixx is on death
21182s hook so if anyone goes down under the
21183s vixia then they're dead so i i think
21185s that's at this point what needs to
21186s happen is someone's right now she's
21187s coming in clutch nurse is coming in oh i
21190s think we'll let the confetti confuse
21191s this exit with the other yeah yeah oh
21194s okay
21197s probably gonna drop the door
21198s all right that's that's smart you will
21200s reach this from almost anywhere with the
21201s cicada yep yep yep and no way out's
21204s gonna be running out very soon and like
21205s maybe like the next couple seconds so
21206s it's gone
21208s anytime now 20 seconds uh exit can be
21210s open oh did
21218s oh
21226s okay he's like
21229s i will confetti pick up they're trying
21231s they can't they can't find the bushes
21234s oh god that's some people that are uh
21237s they pick themselves up from the yeah
21244s [Music]
21250s i think elix knows the trick very well
21252s to to avoid high traps i could replace a
21255s trap here
21257s that's that's ambitious right there you
21259s can maybe prevent another person from
21260s escaping victory is not taking chances
21262s with lot more than out she goes
21265s and
21266s the other gate is not an issue uh you
21268s gotta go i think
21270s yeah it's it's tough because you want to
21271s trap that up to make sure you can't slip
21273s out but yeah yeah oh everyone's injured
21275s everyone's gonna jump
21277s them on the back oh they're not gonna
21278s make it
21280s yeah no that's
21281s assuming there's a hook nearby i mean
21283s it's a midwife so you never know
21286s there's one there's one it would need to
21287s be the most clutch body block of all
21289s time here which i don't think can happen
21292s yeah no yeah
21293s yep eva's dead as well so that's uh
21296s maybe all referees will correct those
21298s overwhelm but i don't think they pulled
21300s off i'm pretty sure they didn't too i
21302s saw one from bard and then adrenaline
21304s kicked in but it would have been would
21305s have been very beautiful if they could
21306s have used the adrenaline for that yep
21308s yep uh yeah like there was like there
21310s was a wiggle off the shoulder so they
21312s would they would have dropped the
21313s injured and then back to full so that
21314s that's maybe a technicality but i don't
21316s think that counts we did yeah eyeing to
21318s up and then quite it only happened once
21321s and they forced it really well by the
21323s way so that was an accomplishment uh
21325s itself but
21326s unfortunately i don't think the wild
21327s card is gonna uh it's gonna be greenlit
21330s for this one still yeah three people out
21332s uh plenty of good players on both sides
21335s uh all jen's done survivors have
21338s have a lot of reasons to relax in the
21339s next match but they have reasons to be
21340s happy about their performance here oh
21342s yeah absolutely
21343s that was that was really good it was
21344s kind of looking grim towards the
21346s beginning when there was like four gems
21347s left and traps everywhere and people
21348s were dying left and right i do think i
21350s will say i do think they got a little
21352s bit lucky that midwidge happened to like
21355s curse confetti but it was look smart
21357s the hooks were brutal like that was yeah
21360s that was kind of rough so uh
21362s what are you gonna do but hey uh we got
21364s some highlights here and you know this
21367s is the thing with hagman you're just
21368s wandering around minding your own
21369s business and then out of nowhere you
21371s just die like you just die it's so rough
21373s it's so hard to deal with especially on
21375s a map like this where you can trap up
21377s these like tight choke waves these
21378s little these little hallways these
21380s little doorways that you have to go in
21382s and out of as you traverse the map it's
21383s so tough to deal with
21386s vlogger plays find a little bit more
21388s time for elix
21391s and right here i think you made a
21392s comment about this earlier where they're
21394s just trapped in they can't go anywhere
21395s right like no matter where you go you
21396s just die so like really well with really
21398s well played traditionally
21400s i i think confetti might have been a bit
21402s trigger happy on the teleports because
21403s there were a couple times where here she
21405s down uh or crisp barred and then
21407s teleport it away
21409s which
21410s might have been better to confirm the
21411s kill with no way out and then try to
21412s work something else those adrenalines
21414s against hack they hurt they really
21416s really hurt
21418s yeah it's yeah it's also like again yeah
21421s keep in mind like you know we're like
21422s we're sitting here in the caches with we
21424s know what's going on it's hard to expect
21426s that chris to have unbreakable it's hard
21427s to expect all four people to have
21428s adrenaline right like they wouldn't have
21430s unbreakable if it wasn't for the
21431s wildcard that she had schemed and picked
21435s uh out for them so it's as you said it's
21437s very unpredictable and you know we do
21440s have the easier role of just watching
21442s and pointing at them but they have to
21444s play they probably have to think about
21446s the audience that usually watches them
21448s and a bunch of new folks that are
21450s watching them so that putting yourself
21452s on the spot like that it is a bit
21453s difficult uh if you put yourself in
21455s their shoes you know that they they'll
21457s get a bit nervous you know they won't
21459s perform as well as they'd like typically
21461s yeah but they should have been really
21462s really proud they've done really well so
21464s far
21465s yep absolutely so uh what do we have up
21467s next is there a break coming up or
21469s yeah we have a break coming up so we're
21471s gonna we're gonna take a quick break and
21472s then when we get back we'll continue
21474s with the matches we've still got three
21475s more killers to go in this group
21476s and uh we will see you guys in probably
21478s about five
21485s welcome to the raccoon city police
21487s station
21489s since its original release in the
21491s resident evil chapter
21493s players have expressed several concerns
21495s about the map
21497s and we've been listening
21499s we're thrilled to announce that the
21501s raccoon city police station has
21503s undergone a complete quality of life
21506s update
21507s moving forward the raccoon city police
21510s station will be split into two separate
21512s maps
21513s built around the west and east wings
21516s experiencing a considerable reduction in
21519s size
21521s the main hall will remain a consistent
21523s presence on both maps retaining its
21526s original layout and now it's far easier
21529s to take the action outside with
21531s additional access to the frontal
21533s exterior section
21535s each version of the map features a
21537s different arrangement of rooms
21540s in the west wing players will find the
21542s star's office
21544s the dark room
21546s the records rooms among others
21549s in the east wing navigate the chief's
21552s office
21553s the art room
21555s the rooftop
21557s and many more
21559s while the two-floor layout will be
21561s preserved
21562s navigation will be simpler than ever
21565s we've added plenty of new entrances
21570s widened the many corridors
21574s and removed several extraneous rooms
21577s including the library's infamous second
21580s floor
21582s relive the thrills of the raccoon city
21585s police station like never before and
21588s experience the next stage of evolution
21592s with dead by daylight
21594s resident evil
21596s project w
21719s [Music]
21729s [Music]
21912s all right so we're back
21915s we are back
21916s what is ahead of us what's left in this
21919s wonderful event well we have three more
21921s killers and it looks like our next
21923s killer is going to be another than
21925s critical bard
21926s so that should be interesting what do we
21929s know about critical bart and their
21930s gameplay i believe they are more into
21933s survivor am i writing that do you know
21935s anything at all
21936s not 100 to be honest with you i i'm not
21938s sure exactly what bard plays
21941s uh so i'm kind of curious myself does
21942s that this might be another one of those
21944s wild cards where it could end up being
21945s anything
21946s so
21947s i'm not sure i'm really not sure what to
21948s expect
21949s this might be the last chance we get to
21951s see some of the killers that we haven't
21953s seen yet because i believe vixie is also
21955s heavily into spirit and elix of course
21958s is a famous hackman so we might see a
21960s repeat of the previous two killers this
21962s might be the last original killer that
21965s we haven't seen yet so
21966s it's very exciting to think that we
21968s still we still might see some of the fun
21970s killers that we haven't seen yet
21972s what is the most fun killer in the game
21974s uh lesion for example people love legion
21977s a lot
21978s um yeah name some of your favorites too
21981s i man i still want to see a blight i
21984s don't know i don't know if we're going
21985s to i feel like we're probably not going
21986s to but i would love to see a blight i i
21988s just i just i want i want to manifest it
21991s but i don't think it's possible but
21993s who knows
21995s maybe well to be fair it would be a
21997s really good pick blight has some really
21998s good great green add-ons but yeah true
22002s i think we have some wild cards to vote
22003s on so maybe we can hop over and we can
22005s uh take a look at what's left i know we
22006s already picked a couple out of them uh
22008s you guys already picked one in five so
22010s two three and four are the ones that are
22011s left feel free to cast your vote between
22013s two three and four you guys can type the
22014s corresponding number in chat next to the
22016s one that you guys want to vote for and
22017s once you guys vote we'll tally up the
22019s winners and we will reveal the winner
22021s and what it is for the survivors
22027s i feel like these are very oh
22029s they're very telling i'm not sure
22032s i was trying to figure out which one i
22033s wanted to see i was trying to think of
22034s what i would have voted for what's that
22035s about the crow maybe
22041s because like when i think of crows i
22042s think i like the killer not survivors
22044s right so yeah maybe calm spirit
22046s maybe oh yeah looks like it looks like
22048s chat shares our curiosity because
22050s they're overwhelmingly picking the crow
22052s one okay we'll see in a minute uh which
22055s one wins and what it is about
22057s but in the meantime maybe we can learn a
22059s little bit more about critical bard who
22061s again is one of the later
22063s additions to the fog whisperer program a
22064s newer friend
22065s maybe we can learn more about them if we
22067s have a video to learn about them yeah
22069s let's do it
22072s hey friends my name is omega jones also
22074s known as the critical bard my pronouns
22076s are he and they and i am a professional
22077s actor vocalist tabletop professional
22080s content creator all of the above i say
22082s i'm a jack of all trades master of like
22084s three of them and i am a fog whisperer
22087s what that basically means is i struggle
22089s playing a dvd for the world to see and
22091s what i mean by that is simply this hatch
22095s come to me my angel of music
22107s how am i doing that hatch where are you
22110s how about we just don't talk about that
22112s in actuality i'm just a content creator
22114s trying to lift up and inspire as best as
22116s i can i didn't have someone like me
22118s growing up i am a queer content creator
22120s but not just that i'm a black content
22122s creator i'm a demigender content creator
22124s there's a lot that makes up who i am and
22126s i didn't have someone like me growing up
22128s and it's important for me to not
22130s necessarily be the face of those like me
22134s but if at least one person can look at
22136s my content and go oh i can do that too
22138s or just feel a little inspired and and
22141s reassured that they're doing what they
22143s need to do then i've done my job right i
22146s play this game because i love this game
22147s but i also have put myself in this
22150s position you know accepting the fog
22152s whisperer position for lack of a better
22154s word i accepted that because i knew that
22156s having more visibility is important and
22159s i'm happy that i have the chance to do
22160s that thank you behavior for the
22162s opportunity even though i struggle with
22164s all of my hatchet throws and you're
22165s probably going to see a little bit of
22166s that today it's fine because we're all
22168s here to have a good time and lift each
22170s other out so thank you so much and you
22173s like what you see then this is what i am
22175s in my community i always end my my
22177s streams with the following keep making
22179s trouble wherever you go
22182s because it's up to us to shake up this
22183s system one troublemaker at a time
22187s [Applause]
22187s [Music]
22188s [Laughter]
22192s [Music]
22198s [Applause]
22203s [Laughter]
22206s oh that was so good
22212s all right well i think we learned a
22214s thing or two about what we might be
22215s seeing based on how that ended right
22217s there so okay don't forget what killer's
22220s gonna be i go first
22222s okay yeah yeah good try
22224s uh so yeah i'm excited i feel like i
22227s missed out the uh we had a hunter's game
22228s earlier right and i think i missed out
22229s on it so i'm actually
22231s pretty excited to see this one i'm
22233s curious to see how this goes um
22234s fantastic video obviously critical bard
22236s fantastic human and i'm excited to see
22239s how this game plays out i mean he he
22241s mentioned a bunch of you know
22242s self-deprecating missing hatchets and
22244s you know so on and so forth but you know
22246s hey that video
22247s too bad ah no you need to be humble to
22250s catch people off guard a little bit
22253s i am the best hunter in my home
22256s uh
22257s in my neighborhood you don't say that
22258s you say
22260s that very good oops you're all dead of
22261s five gems yeah oh me you don't have to
22264s worry about me it's fine i won't hit you
22267s true true okay we could uh go check on
22269s the wild card i think we have a winner
22270s and the winner is crow is me which is
22272s cool because we're all curious about
22273s this once the executes are powered one
22274s survivor must attract an idle crow
22277s an escape interesting
22280s all right
22281s so how do you how do you attract an idle
22283s crow
22285s you have to basically just not move for
22287s a very long period of time i think you
22289s can actually move around like in a very
22290s small radius and still get one yeah you
22293s can like
22295s you could also go into a locker actually
22296s that's a very safe way to do that yeah i
22298s think this the safest way is probably
22300s going into a locker yeah
22302s and i don't how long is it it's like a
22304s minute or something i don't know like
22305s it's like 60 seconds i actually don't
22306s know the exact time because
22308s that's funny we we clock in like what 20
22311s 000 hours you and i together and we
22312s don't know how long it is yeah because i
22314s mean how often are we doing this we're
22315s not like sitting here playing games
22317s right this is not something i test
22319s of course not no um yeah yeah actually i
22322s think it might be less than a minute it
22324s might be it might be 30 seconds if like
22327s still
22328s so
22329s i feel like i'm pretty useless
22333s my main frame of reference is that when
22335s i sometimes go for head-on and stuns but
22337s then the killer doesn't come to the
22338s locker but then i get greedy and i'm
22340s like no i'm staying in this locker room
22342s yeah you're going to come by this locker
22343s and you're going to like it and i'll
22344s stay there for a long time and then i'm
22346s like oh god i'm going to be getting
22347s crows soon i feel like that usually
22348s kicks in around like 60 seconds right
22350s where i'm like oh god crows are coming
22352s so all right well luckily chad is a
22355s internal detective and they apparently
22357s figured out that it is 60 seconds which
22359s means hey i live i live my life fast it
22363s feels
22363s short to be okay i'm the kind of person
22366s that goes oh let's count to ten one two
22368s three four five six seven yeah
22370s you know you you don't give it the the
22372s thousand one the thousand two or the or
22374s the one mississippi two mississippi is
22376s that an american that's gotta be an
22377s american thing no i i've heard about it
22379s that is quite funny uh anyway while we
22381s speak uh survivors are figuring out how
22384s exactly they're gonna engineer this uh
22386s very important if they don't do all gems
22388s this is impossible so they need to do
22390s all gens and survivors that survive
22393s benefit from this as long as one person
22394s does it
22396s but
22396s it could backfire if one person stays
22398s behind and then they get spotted and
22400s it's a killer that can catch you in the
22402s open oh they need to be careful
22405s for sure oh larry is waiting
22408s are we not gonna see hunters oh
22411s oh
22415s starstruck uh deadman switch and
22416s barbecue
22418s lightborne too also heavy panting and
22420s fragile wheeze so fast faster recharge
22422s and also range so really solid i mean
22425s the best green islands you can probably
22426s run right on nurse so oh this is spicy a
22430s little interesting that they went with
22432s larry's though that's not what that's
22435s arguably our worst map actually
22437s requiring you to make very precise plays
22440s and you would think that maybe they
22441s would have
22442s some kind of auto reading to make up for
22444s it but no they they are going in
22446s basically blind uh it is a very small
22448s map very condensed which means that if
22449s you do catch someone when you download
22452s starstruck is going to trigger probably
22453s multiple people and even bother people
22455s off generators to block them with
22456s deadman switch so the build does make
22458s sense
22459s lightborne is a bit of a not perk it
22461s does not protect the nurse from being
22463s burned but it seems from what we've
22466s heard that bard hates flashlights with a
22468s with a burning passion
22470s so i think i i think that's what's going
22472s on oh and look yep yep and there we go
22475s i'm pretty sure i did look it's just
22477s oh my god reading oh it's actually
22479s insane it's genius
22481s oh my god
22483s please tell me they have like please
22484s tell me they have like four flashlights
22485s that would be so funny yeah it would be
22487s that would be hilarious oh there's live
22490s so yeah elix is out of here with live
22492s gonna get some distance
22493s but the the chargers come back so fast
22495s because the fragile wheels like the
22496s blinks aren't even down for that long
22498s the problem again with this map and the
22499s reason why we were talking about how
22500s it's kind of a rough nurse map is that
22503s really to play nurse
22504s efficiently you got to have like line of
22506s sight of the survivor and see exactly
22507s where they are and where they're going
22508s there's so many like tight corners in
22510s this map there's so many ways to break
22512s line of sight with the nurse but a lot
22513s of times it ends up just coming down to
22515s you predicting correctly right you can
22516s see it right now on screen uh
22520s proper blinkers he doesn't have a real
22522s idea of what strawberry is he needs to
22523s do a massive prediction
22525s somehow what yeah that was great i mean
22528s hey if you can pull off predictions like
22529s that then it doesn't matter right this
22531s doesn't matter
22533s so
22534s uh you're gonna be put up on the hook
22536s here and i think we uh we could be doing
22538s a listening i i'm i'm curious about
22541s maybe seeing what's going on from the
22542s survivor side looks like a lot
22545s wait cb's pronouns are they damn right
22548s are they
22550s he they is them
22552s he they okay thank you
22555s oh my god oh my god oh my god
22557s i forgot about the starstruck be careful
22560s she's on me
22561s elix i'm coming thank you
22564s i don't need a healer having a strong
22566s tactic
22576s yeah i'm not exposing anymore
22579s how much you saw your skid marks
22587s um come get me miss nancy please
22590s i'm running i'm running i'm running
22591s thank you love you
22594s love you too
22597s him alive
22599s phoebe you don't want this smoke i
22600s greatly appreciate it thank you pick a
22602s different target love wait okay bye
22605s [Laughter]
22607s bye
22608s i have enough strength backed up
22611s have fun
22613s [Music]
22616s jen whoring this [ __ ]
22619s the way she teleported right into my
22621s face
22622s nurse serena
22626s i really want to clean this for them but
22627s i think
22629s i'm so skinny you know what we just did
22631s three gems on the same side um
22633s interesting
22636s do we have the next one i'll find i'll
22637s skip it
22638s there's that
22640s are you in the center you are in the
22642s center okay i'm in the center yes we
22645s need that i see a claudia in the corner
22648s i just need this jen
22651s are we doing
22655s [Laughter]
22666s yeah as if i would say i'm so skinny uh
22668s uh skinny legend let's go i'm with it i
22671s like it i like it i like it
22673s um
22674s bar having good predictions honestly
22676s i've been seeing really really good
22677s predictions and like good blinks which
22679s is barely like just barely missing it's
22681s such a shame because like the
22682s predictions are so solid like he's
22683s playing really really well yeah i i feel
22686s like i feel like getting that first
22687s blink in the first place is gonna be
22689s difficult um yeah
22690s no way this will work oh
22693s that rough upstairs blink
22695s they're down to one gen left so they're
22697s doing a lot and he's only got one hook
22699s right now so they're in a pretty good
22700s spot
22701s um
22702s oh okay what's gonna happen here
22705s there's a couple different survivors
22706s that you can chase
22707s oh the bling's just like going through
22710s i think i know what happened there if a
22712s survivor is on the exact precise place
22714s where you want to blink sometimes they
22716s take up that support and you cannot
22717s teleport on it so you will unfortunately
22720s blink into place and yeah
22723s it might have also been like that little
22724s chair that's in that shower that can
22725s sometimes block your blink as well yeah
22728s it's also rough too i feel like oh okay
22730s finds them all here
22733s on the one hand it would be really good
22734s to get one down to get starstruck but at
22737s the same time you might not want them to
22739s even finish this last gen so yeah very
22742s difficult decisions to be made by bard
22744s yeah it's tough here it's a tough part
22745s of the game they also have a they have a
22747s boon like right here too where they're
22748s gonna be healing up
22750s look at these healing speeds
22754s yeah that's gross green med kit in a
22756s circle of healing boom that's just
22757s that's so fast
22760s but hey one vixi it gets one hit and you
22762s can maybe follow it up but
22765s it's vixxii wearing a shield
22768s that's that's that's illegal oh yeah you
22771s see that's true yeah what is that
22774s is that it's stronger than yours
22775s is there a sword too i'm pretty sure
22777s that's outlaw i think that's like at
22779s least a purple i don't know
22781s yeah that's something right here we got
22782s to check with the refs
22784s oh okay uh gonna get healed here i don't
22786s know what i wonder how the gen progress
22787s is on that main that main area gen
22789s because i know it had a ton earlier so
22791s it might be getting close to being done
22792s so i was like they're in a really really
22794s good spot here yeah again i think
22796s everyone bring a medkit that is really
22798s really powerful and honestly it's almost
22800s the least of their concerns that gen
22802s they could start another and just play
22803s it very safe yeah 100
22806s i i know there was that one flashlight
22807s but outside of that one flashlight does
22808s look like it was mostly men kids which
22810s are probably like the strongest item in
22812s the game yeah
22814s and yeah i think it's really showing i
22816s mean here's here's the elixir with the
22817s flashlight though i mean this is kind of
22818s what bard wants is someone to try to
22820s blind
22826s sneaky sneaky the slow vault that was
22829s kind of dirty i liked it
22831s sneaking around
22832s getting old coming right back over to
22834s the gym with the night oh
22835s with overzealous active too so yeah
22837s getting a little bit of extra speed too
22839s i like it that's nice
22842s does find one of the survivors though
22843s that's going to be confetti oh yeah
22847s man he he got off to such a good start
22849s he was having such good predictions
22850s that's a good one that's good
22854s though
22855s no that threw everything off yeah life
22858s is an amazing perk it almost feels like
22860s the survivors pick them up
22862s yeah obviously there are builds helped a
22864s lot in in this in this cramped
22868s map
22870s it gets hit on e-like so i don't i don't
22872s know if it's going to matter now it
22873s feels like they just need to get an
22874s execute open i'm curious to know who's
22876s going to try to get the crow
22877s yeah if they if they commit to it oh get
22879s that down
22880s you need to be very careful though yeah
22882s this is this is also like second the
22884s second hook so this is actually like
22887s in kind of danger of getting a kill here
22889s so they got to kind of worry about oh
22890s and basement too that we're going based
22893s on
22895s this is gonna make it a little bit more
22897s spicy a little bit more complicated on
22898s how they're gonna have a hundred grams
22899s to do this and again the whole time this
22902s is happening someone's gonna be having
22903s to think about maybe getting a crow
22905s which is kind of a weird thing to worry
22907s about
22909s okay
22909s so
22910s i would have been looking around for
22912s some starstruck victims but the the
22914s nurse tried to stop the executes
22916s unfortunately chihuahuas still have
22918s charges to heal
22920s yeah oh trying to bait her and not quite
22922s getting it oh well we figured it out
22924s confetti is the one who's trying to
22926s trying to get the crow well
22928s nope never mind
22930s i think even
22931s though that would be really sad it would
22933s be really nice to see them try to get a
22935s four man out of this one yeah i'm not
22938s sure if they're just going to not go for
22939s it no
22941s that is excellent good job yep yep felix
22944s has about 10 seconds of
22946s being completely safe
22950s okay
22951s that extra hit will delay this cooldown
22954s even further yeah because it gives an
22955s extra second to the
22957s fatigue but it looks like they might
22960s as long as they don't
22961s oh no the blink not going through
22965s just took like a little bit too bad of
22966s an angle of it and i think they're all
22968s going to get out now no crow though
22971s oh but the deep fail or
22974s wild card yeah i didn't see any crows uh
22976s confetti was sitting still there for a
22977s while but i think it got to a point
22979s where they were like well
22981s you know like i think he likes might die
22982s if i sit here so i think it was one of
22984s those they'd rather get four people out
22986s than get the challenge which is
22987s respectable
22988s to be fair
22990s and like against a recharge nurse if you
22992s are anywhere other than like
22995s five inches away from the execute you're
22997s you're in danger so yeah yeah
22999s i think all of them were were motivated
23001s by
23002s by their own desire to just get out
23004s themselves be safe and then maybe think
23006s it through uh that being said uh wild
23008s cards are only a side objective they
23010s gotta crawl why hold up
23013s wait hold up did they leave with the
23015s crow though that's the important bit
23017s it's not getting the crow it's living
23018s with it
23019s yeah i thought it was getting a crow but
23020s then also escaping while you had it like
23023s before it left yeah i don't know but
23024s maybe i'm wrong i don't know i'll you
23026s know we're we'll analyze the feathers
23029s bring in the forensics we'll figure it
23031s out if that bird escaped alive not
23034s if not chad you will be reprimanded for
23037s giving us yeah false information here
23040s yeah we're holding you guys accountable
23041s so you better you better not be lying to
23042s us
23044s [Laughter]
23052s that's interesting i'm again i'm kind of
23054s like looking back i'm very curious to
23055s know
23056s like what the decision was as far as the
23059s map there i'm i'm not like i always
23061s wanted to if somebody if some of the
23062s killers are just kind of letting it go
23063s to random too like that could be an
23065s option yeah yeah that might be it that
23067s might be it and if so what an unlucky uh
23070s yeah
23071s yeah i feel like for instance if i
23073s played in this i might i might even just
23075s have that mindset i'm like yeah whatever
23076s i'm fine with any map like it's gonna go
23078s on i'm gonna go yeah and then and then
23080s you get a map like this and then you're
23081s like oh wait i should have done that
23082s it's almost it's almost better to spend
23084s a minute and figure out if you don't
23085s want to go super hard on the survivors
23088s and you want to pick a middle of the
23089s road almost better to pick it yourself
23091s and pick something that's not terrible
23093s for either side i think scorpions did
23095s exactly that they picked them up that
23096s was fun
23097s not necessarily the easiest mapper for a
23099s pig not necessarily the the strongest
23101s map but one that was fair for both sides
23103s it's better to pick it yourself and then
23105s have a build around it it is so
23107s difficult to play when three or four of
23108s your perks don't work for you and they
23111s work against you yeah yeah 100 i agree
23114s yeah so a little bit of a rough game i
23116s mean i still think he played well i
23118s enjoyed seeing him play he had some
23119s really really good predictions there was
23120s just a few mess ups and i feel like the
23122s nurses also know those killers were like
23123s once you kind of like lose your groove
23125s it's hard to get it back so i think that
23127s kind of played a little bit difficult
23128s difficult it's not it's not like playing
23130s trickster when you miss one knife and
23131s then you throw 10 others you miss one
23133s blink and you think you feel oh
23136s wrong
23137s how could i possibly miss that some
23138s really close hits to that that missed
23140s that you know our adrenaline
23143s they're fuel for the survivors but
23145s they're also very demoralizing for the
23147s killer when you feel you've done
23148s everything right but it is very
23149s difficult to do everything right here in
23151s this map
23152s yep so i think we can move right onto
23153s the next match we have another killer
23155s coming up and it looks like it's going
23156s to be vixie dixie's playing killer so
23159s what do you know about vixie odds okay i
23162s know i've actually played against pixie
23164s i think in in some public matches they
23166s are very very good
23168s um i haven't played against their killer
23170s but i remember that they played killer
23173s in a previous edition of the into the
23174s fog broadcast and i believe they played
23176s spirit and they did a number on two
23179s hours they did really really well
23182s um
23183s so
23184s i'm expecting another spirit if if they
23187s want to stay in that comfort zone if
23188s it's something new i'm not going to
23189s complain however
23192s yeah i i think i recall that as well and
23194s spirit again we've seen a few spirit
23196s games today and spirit is always super
23198s threatening like definitely one of the
23199s top two killers in the game so in the
23201s hands of a capable killer player it can
23204s get pretty out of hand and get pretty
23205s deadly i mean we've seen it a few times
23206s today
23207s so i i'm i wouldn't be opposed i would
23210s definitely not be opposed to seeing that
23211s and i i know that we both know that vixx
23212s is capable so
23214s i guess i guess we'll have to wait and
23216s see i'm not 100 sure i think we should
23218s have some wild cards to vote on we have
23220s two left so we can we can come in here
23222s and check them out we have three and
23224s four or the two that we have not seen so
23226s you guys can cast a vote you guys can
23227s vote for the number three or number four
23229s you can cast the vote by typing the
23231s number next to the one you want to see
23233s in the chat and it'll cast your vote and
23234s then once we had them all once we have
23235s them all added up we will reveal the
23237s challenge and pass it on to the
23239s survivors
23240s and they'll find a way to tackle it
23244s so on top of being a fox and bringing
23246s illegal weapons into the match what is
23250s vixeny known for do we have a little
23252s video that can let us learn about them a
23254s bit more yeah perhaps uh perhaps an
23256s intro video of sorts would be would be
23258s nice
23260s [Music]
23278s probably best to break line of sight
23280s versus this
23283s he's just guessing on blinks
23286s are you [ __ ] kidding me
23289s i hate you
23292s i hate you
23305s uh
23306s [Music]
23308s that was a strong hatchet i'm not gonna
23311s lie banana banana banana banana banana
23314s banana banana banana banana banana
23316s banana banana banana banana banana
23319s banana banana banana banana banana
23321s banana
23330s they did the war hammer titan with
23332s spirit which i actually do really like
23337s [Music]
23340s yeah
23341s i
23342s wow i really like this skin i
23345s something about it you know
23351s i can't put my finger on it i just
23353s really like this skin
23373s [Music]
23376s i'll see you see you all when i see you
23378s i don't know when vixx is gonna let me
23380s out of her basement but
23383s it was nice meeting you all
23386s i hope you all have a wonderful night
23387s people
23389s [Music]
23399s okay well seeing those solo queue
23401s sandbagging moments is perhaps the most
23403s relatable thing we've seen today i don't
23405s know about you but i can feel that in my
23407s bones
23408s yeah absolutely 100 i you know i think
23411s my favorite one was the
23413s banana banana
23416s oh god i maybe honestly maybe it's just
23419s me lacking asleep but that one had me
23421s dying
23423s oh lord all right well hey i'm excited
23425s for this match we have a we have the
23426s wild card challenge too that won so we
23428s can go over and see what it is
23430s um there was only two to choose from and
23432s we had saving these for later so
23433s survivors must open all chests on the
23435s map and leave the contents in front of
23437s one of the ice gates so essentially
23439s they're going to be building like a
23440s little item shrine for the killer on on
23443s their way out which is kind of nice i
23445s like it kind of wholesome
23446s so that's assuming they you know that's
23448s assuming they can put in a little shop
23450s they're going to do a little bit of
23451s trading yeah yeah yeah a little bit of
23453s like show me your wares but you know as
23455s they're leaving the as they're leaving
23456s the map i think it's cool i like it so
23458s i'm curious to see how this goes uh
23460s there's there should only be three
23461s chests on the map so it shouldn't be too
23463s difficult to do yeah
23464s i'm thinking maybe
23466s in in an act of like
23468s crazy coincidence the killer might pick
23470s a map that has
23471s more chess i think there's at least one
23474s or two maps that have extra chess for
23476s example the
23477s the temple of purgation has one extra
23479s chest in the room in the main building
23482s that opens up when you do the main
23483s building jen yep so and i believe maybe
23485s pale rose has also four i i don't quite
23488s remember but i mean
23490s maybe maybe
23491s maybe midwich if you open up the easter
23493s egg room if you count that i don't know
23495s if you want to count that or not oh my
23497s god that's actually brilliant oh man
23498s yeah oh big midwitch and and
23502s you know which is a fairly killer sided
23504s map though yeah many girls have chosen
23506s to send themselves to midwich if they
23508s pick midwidge we count the extra chest
23511s that you need to do some some wizardry
23513s to open
23514s yeah
23515s it is technically a chest on the map
23517s technically speaking but if you don't
23519s get certain
23521s i'm pretty sure that there's times where
23522s it's not even openable if you don't get
23524s the chemistry room jen which is not
23525s guaranteed i don't think you get it i've
23527s heard a theory that if you burn an
23528s offering they're always there the the
23531s the the gen z i don't know if it's true
23532s i've never tested it but i've heard that
23534s theory before
23535s so
23536s would that count for picking the map and
23538s kill your friends what offerings are the
23540s same oh oh no oh gee okay well
23543s uh
23545s i just hope we don't get damaged
23548s we're gonna have to form polyester at 3
23550s am and figure out exactly what we're
23552s doing here
23554s yeah i'm not 100 sure so hopefully we
23556s just don't go there and again we also
23558s still don't even know what the killer is
23559s we're thinking it's probably going to be
23561s spirit but we don't know 100 yeah i i do
23564s think bixby is capable of playing a
23566s variety of killers as far as i'm aware
23569s um so it could be
23571s it really could go anyway
23573s but either way i'm kind of expecting a
23575s pretty good performance here so oh vixen
23578s gets down to it i think she's she's also
23580s very competitive when she gets to it and
23583s i'm expecting a very difficult game
23585s survivors don't
23587s uh don't really fight
23588s uh using all of their tools uh also
23590s someone in chat is asking is this
23592s pre-recorded tofu are you pre-recorded
23594s yes yes this is pre-recorded we knew you
23596s were going to ask that question
23600s big brained we got thank you for having
23602s me keep the appearances
23604s i got you don't worry about it
23606s don't even worry about it
23610s oh man so i think we're just getting
23611s ready to go um
23615s we have a little bit more time oh vixxby
23617s also if i'm not mistaken i think vixie
23619s is also uh a pretty high-ranked league
23622s of legends player so i think
23625s so i think i'm just gonna i'm just gonna
23627s go out there i tried playing league that
23628s game that game is hard so i'm assuming
23631s that mechanical skill is probably not
23632s gonna be an issue that's that's that's
23633s the only correlation i wanted to make
23635s there so
23636s because mechanical skills it might not
23638s be an issue
23639s what if
23640s blight
23642s perhaps tofu like come on maybe come on
23645s like i want it man i want my blight
23648s i want it
23650s just cope with the fact that you're not
23651s gonna see your flight today these are
23653s friendly people that don't want to play
23655s the fastest most disgusting killer in
23657s this game
23658s they're no you've got a belly you should
23660s be happy you know what you want you know
23663s yeah we did have a billy you're right we
23664s did we did we
23666s need to we need to moderate our
23668s expectations i hope it's applied too
23669s come on
23671s it makes you if it makes you happy i am
23672s happy
23673s yeah yeah i i want it i wanted that it's
23676s probably not going to be a thing but i
23677s would be i would also be happy within
23679s their spirit i think watching like a
23680s really really good spirit like just go
23682s to town is it's one of those it was like
23684s very satisfying things just watching a
23686s spirit like just like appear on everyone
23688s and insta-down people like like all over
23690s the place it's just so nice to watch
23691s like it's
23692s very satisfying so i mean if it is a
23695s spirit and people in their groups see it
23697s coming we might actually see some
23699s interesting perks to try to be quiet
23700s there are a few yeah yeah oh the game
23704s okay
23705s the game huh who sends themselves here a
23707s nurse
23708s it's gonna be a nurse a nurse
23711s let's let's maybe move on until we see
23713s the killer's point of view um
23715s could be i don't think wesker is
23716s actually too bad on this map oh that's a
23718s very strange nurse
23720s yeah that is
23722s oh my god evil just found out the hard
23725s way
23725s [Music]
23727s this player is running and during that
23729s little i know yeah really really
23734s badly uh i believe that's
23737s sorry i need to cut you off but i
23738s believe i believe that's also serpent
23740s and shadow dance which i think we'll see
23741s right here you bait the palette throw
23743s then you kick it and then it instantly
23744s kicks you out of stealth
23745s bam just like that pal gone and then you
23747s ride a stealth that's it's such a nice
23748s combo and raid wow so we have two
23750s pallets gone about 25 left
23754s is this honestly is this honestly that
23756s good of an idea yes you are
23758s countering this map's main strength but
23762s it's still a big strength i i think this
23764s is a pretty brave
23767s they could have found it
23769s i can fix it they are pissed
23772s they are so
23787s yeah okay so one very interesting thing
23789s that happens that uh many people don't
23791s know about when you get blinded you
23792s cannot lunge so even though the player
23795s was within lunging distance you
23797s literally physically cannot do an
23799s extended lunge as a killer yep because a
23801s very short swing yep
23803s so it looks they're somehow both messed
23806s up but also save themselves that's crazy
23808s yeah yeah it's very interesting i do i
23810s do think like you're talking about the
23812s map choice but maybe
23814s maybe it's actually kind of 10 000 iq
23816s because because the map has so many good
23818s pallets but then you also have this
23820s pallet destruction build it kind of like
23822s lulls them into a faucet yeah it does
23824s it's like oh it's the game we have so
23826s many pallets we're totally safe and the
23827s next thing you know you're
23828s spirit-fearing pallets in their face and
23829s they're like oh god and then they
23831s started falling apart
23832s all right i'll give you i'll give you a
23834s counter point though we have four perks
23836s two add-ons and at this point if
23838s supervisors have paid attention they
23839s should a few they should have figured
23840s them all all out already we've seen them
23842s during through fury
23846s they should have seen it and the final
23848s perk
23849s um has i believe also triggered so
23852s i don't know like it seems like all the
23854s cars are on the table should we maybe
23855s listen in and see what's on their mind
23857s yeah that might be a good idea i think i
23859s think it would be a good time for
23860s listening for sure
23864s [Applause]
23868s almost there tv no worries
23871s now that was wow i'm like i have a
23873s flashlight i think you're near me
23876s um let me see if there's a totem here no
23878s i need to tell them to boom
23881s are you good mama can you run for more
23883s should i come with a flashlight
23885s might need a flashlight oh
23887s let me run through i'm about to go get
23889s my
23889s my my stuff from the basement because i
23891s felt naked without it
23893s oh my god i'm looking for a totem i
23895s can't find a single totem
23897s are you still downstairs i'm a lady
23899s there you are yeah
23901s i have windows i'm going to go down
23907s other side
23908s i can't do nothing to help with this
23913s oh i should have dropped that palette on
23915s him
23916s it's okay damn it we night made it later
23922s oh not this i'm voting literally we have
23925s no gems done we have no gems done yeah
23927s we have to almost done i'm almost done
23928s with this one
23930s i'm like looking for jun
23932s i'm about to pop this one
23934s okay okay i'm on top of the lady i can
23937s save
23938s i had to commit i had to commit oh
23941s please yes that was more important
23943s there's another gem that's almost done
23944s on the bottom floor bottom floor is it
23947s the center
23948s no not the centers i think it's one of
23950s the edges by one of the closed gates at
23951s the bottom floor okay
23954s i think i left it at 50 or 60
23957s where is that
23958s there you go oh i thought that was
23960s knockout for a second i was like are you
23961s kidding me
23962s i can't deal with that today
23966s oh okay
23967s oh we're being chased
23969s hello drop it absolutely not
23972s finishing one of the generators that was
23974s that we're being done i'll go for elixir
23976s oh wait i can't yeah i can't do that
23978s you go you go
23980s okay uh you go do that i got vixie
23986s well you got to stay i got today i'm
23987s here you got the safe oh
23990s thank you
23996s i gotta say i i really like the comms i
23999s feel like everything
24000s very remarkable coordination despite
24002s being one of those maps where where the
24004s hell am i yeah yeah i i i'm actually
24007s really enjoying it a lot i feel like
24008s every time we listen in they're actually
24009s coming like really really well
24011s uh that being said they they did point
24013s out at one point that they had no gen
24014s design but then they managed to fix that
24015s particularly they're up two gens now
24017s they have a green key it's over it's
24019s over okay it's over for the killer
24021s curtains you might as well just give up
24022s honestly is game over gg
24026s people in the chat are concerned about
24028s the killer's torso don't worry guys
24030s that's just a bit of gamer posture yeah
24032s yeah
24033s over the course of the match
24035s yeah it'll be fine
24037s no not quite a little bit too late yeah
24040s a little bit late that's gonna be
24041s elixir's second hook so
24044s i mean starting to get there starting to
24046s get towards some kills i the the build i
24048s gotta say i i gotta respect this race
24050s though it's very just like aggressive
24051s like not a lot of slow down
24057s there's the combo
24059s and again that's that's that's basically
24061s what this build is all about taking
24062s advantage of all the power center on
24063s this map you just you just let them just
24065s just go in and let them stun you it
24066s doesn't even matter then eventually
24068s they'll break over your face and you get
24069s a free hit
24071s it's quite funny that we had
24073s um confetti running windows
24075s so that they they could find every
24077s little bit of safety in this map but i
24079s think they confused a
24081s a breakable wall with a palette at one
24083s point
24084s that was a bit funny because that very
24086s destroys just something that you really
24088s can do nothing about
24089s yeah it is kind of odd right and there
24091s and they both look vaguely similar like
24093s they do they do it's a very easy mistake
24095s to make yeah yeah it is kind of funny
24097s just getting hard debated by a witness
24098s opportunity
24100s oh
24100s oh that's not good oh oh thinking about
24103s immediately which forces though oh a
24105s burn no way
24107s it looks good no that's death hook
24109s though that's that hook
24112s there's no decisions right that's death
24113s hook so that's gonna be a kill i think
24115s elix uh likes their their self-healing
24118s build with inner healing
24120s but you cannot go into a logger against
24122s the stealth killer empty 100 safe from
24124s it i guess yeah it's you never know what
24126s they're going to be if they could like
24127s see you getting into it it's just how he
24129s i think the the rate just happened to
24130s turn the corner like right as
24132s he's getting in the locker
24134s bad timing just really unfortunate time
24136s that's a kill with three gems left yeah
24140s uh many staples plus stacks meaning the
24141s kelly recovers really quick after every
24143s attack another gen about to pop is a
24145s nice
24146s thing for survivors bar though now on
24149s their final
24151s hostage no yeah but he might be taking
24152s the chase that would be ideal
24155s doesn't look like it no it looks like
24156s the chase dropped that i think i think
24158s it's actually yeah i think it's actually
24159s bars getting chased and that's going to
24161s be very not good for these guys if bart
24163s goes down and gets killed then that's
24165s going
24166s we haven't even spoken about their wild
24168s card having to do uh uh chess searches
24171s and bringing all the items honestly this
24173s might actually be the worst map in the
24174s game to bring items because the gates
24176s are are both top floor
24178s it's actually such a such a track to
24180s just get all the items up there that's
24182s actually quite difficult and even
24184s finding the chest is pretty difficult on
24185s this map without plunders because it's
24187s just so random like the rooms are all
24189s random everything kind of looks the same
24191s but there's a chest right there that's
24192s looted but outside of basement there's
24193s no real consistent spawns so
24195s you kind of have to wing it
24197s it looks to me like ebo and
24199s confetti are gonna have to make a
24201s decision and see who gives himself up
24203s yeah this situation uh it might be every
24206s man for himself it might be whoever gets
24208s spun first it might be if you're injured
24210s get found so that i can be healthy and
24212s and hide better
24214s uh
24215s as you can see
24219s okay well it's under control finds
24221s confetti gonna find this palette i'm
24224s gonna kick it with serpents there you go
24225s gonna kick her right away
24228s and yeah this looks like it's probably
24229s gonna end up being a hatch situation
24231s unless i mean we are in the games you
24233s never know you could end up finding
24235s yourself in it well no this palette's
24236s not very good
24237s oh okay
24239s live kicking in okay okay
24242s we have an angry fox
24244s and there's another safe valley here but
24246s can they get spirit figure out no no you
24249s you
24252s uh very smart here not taking any
24253s chances just pre-throwing pallets not
24254s giving a chance for spirit free to proc
24257s honestly it might all seem lost because
24258s doing two turns is difficult but if they
24261s do gems they get points
24263s and yeah this is one of those maps where
24265s if you really need to get a person out
24266s of the game it's not easy if they have
24268s some pilots they can make a chase last
24270s anywhere from five seconds to five
24271s minutes
24273s yep yep yep so and again it's kind of
24275s like you said all every jet matters so
24276s like this genre right here that has a
24277s bunch of progress they want to get this
24279s done and likewise dixie doesn't want
24281s them to get done right any advantage you
24283s can get
24284s is
24285s true yeah like it's it's a you're like
24287s you're basically denying them subs so
24289s that you can potentially be the winner
24290s yourself so it's yeah it's it's a very
24292s good strategy here to try to keep this
24294s gen from getting done
24296s i think this is only confetti's second
24297s yeah
24299s i think vixie has turned into a rare
24301s species of idiot sandwich she was named
24309s yeah i think so i think so
24312s if we can get a glimpse back at their
24314s webcam that would be really funny oh
24317s they kept starting close together
24324s getting out of here if they can get this
24326s unhooked then maybe but oh well
24330s absolutely decimating throughout our
24332s health states if if confetti runs
24334s straight to that gen and then does it
24336s she might get it done before she dies
24337s but i think that might be a better idea
24340s than try to escape this incredibly fast
24342s stealth killer
24345s no way to get away from this
24348s she does the right move there
24351s tough spelled off
24353s yeah
24354s honestly
24355s i was going to say dixie can maybe even
24357s just just face tank these pallets just
24359s walk right into them all stealth just
24360s like yeah
24370s there might be a lot of ping things
24371s happening here as well i believe
24373s yeah so that might have a lot to do with
24375s with uh some of this but
24377s it really it's just a matter of time
24378s yeah there's the spear fury it's a
24380s matter of time at this point i mean it
24382s makes me sad that evil
24384s is hanging on to the card because yeah
24386s not even a hatch for confetti that might
24388s be
24389s misguided teamwork it might be selfish
24391s well if i'm gonna make if i'm not gonna
24392s make it neither are you you're all going
24394s down with me yeah yeah i'm not sure
24396s which one that is that is not a hook
24397s though you need to go around oh confetti
24400s i think i think i think they'll still
24401s make it
24408s yeah not quite hey fantastic performance
24410s so 4k two 4k with two gens left on the
24414s game
24415s that's the wraith right like that
24417s oh my god that is wild that is a hundred
24420s points and fifty percent extra from
24422s style that was awesome that was great
24424s dude
24426s you said to yourself you would never get
24427s sick of watching wraith yeah
24430s compelling arguments that was really
24431s really fun yeah i was expecting a spirit
24434s i'm not gonna lie i would have taken it
24435s but this was so much more interesting
24437s and goes to show that sometimes you
24438s don't need to pick the strongest killer
24439s that everyone says is the strongest but
24441s rather pick the combination that works
24443s best for you and that has the best
24445s synergy between killer add-ons perks map
24448s which you can control yeah i think it
24450s was a really nice combo
24452s it was like here let's pick the map that
24454s has the most pallets but then let's also
24456s make a build that's based around just
24458s completely shredding ballots and it
24460s worked out super super well i mean we've
24462s seen a lot of places
24463s you never want to do that until you know
24465s the killer doesn't happen during yeah
24467s yep yep that's the type of play that
24468s could work without enduring but doesn't
24470s but like otherwise doesn't this was a
24473s failed burn attempt that ended up making
24474s elixir pay which is not
24476s not not ideal
24478s um
24479s there was just so many like there was
24480s just so many good situations here that
24482s bixby found themselves in this is the
24484s this is where they got the down on bart
24485s i think this that might have been the
24486s kill down on bart or maybe that was the
24488s second hook
24490s and fury
24492s always always there too yeah
24494s yeah really really tricky honestly um
24497s i i think so obviously well given the
24499s con given the circumstances
24501s if you see a wraith send themselves to
24503s them up like this you have to
24505s immediately pick up the fact that
24507s they're going to have pallet break in
24509s person i don't most likely and
24510s immediately from the very beginning take
24512s that super super seriously
24514s um i don't know if
24516s i don't know if they maybe were a bit
24518s too concerned about opening chess at the
24519s beginning uh we've seen that happen in
24521s some rounds where survivors get too side
24524s tracked by their side objectives
24526s um but excellent performance from bixby
24528s everything we could have expected yeah i
24530s mean i couldn't really say anything to
24532s do better i've been just pretty
24533s fantastic play overall
24534s and i think we uh i think we're actually
24536s gonna be taking one more break before
24537s the final match so i think we can just
24539s kick it to that so give us about five
24541s minutes or so and we'll uh we'll come
24543s back and get you guys the last color
24544s match of the group
24550s [Music]
24558s limitations are often accepted
24561s simple constraints of evolution
24563s a poor performance indeed
24566s there will always be those who defy
24569s progress
24570s self-destruction will be their fate
24574s only those deemed worthy of uroboros
24577s will earn the right to transcend their
24580s humanity
24581s and achieve true potential
24585s chapter 25
24587s dead by daylight
24589s resident evil
24591s project w
24594s a visionary as brilliant as he is
24596s ruthless
24598s albert wesker is always a strategist
24601s you may think you've gained the upper
24603s hand but he's already two steps ahead
24608s while his intellect stands unrivaled
24610s certain circumstances require brute
24613s force
24614s wesker's virulent bound is a relentless
24617s burst of speed powerful beyond human
24620s capability
24621s anyone blocking his path will be seized
24624s within his grasp and receive the
24627s uroboros but be warned
24630s few are capable to resist
24633s should a survivor find themselves
24635s affected by the virus they're
24638s dangerously vulnerable to wesker's
24641s machinations first aid spray may provide
24644s temporary relief
24646s but there's no delaying the inevitable
24651s the consequences depend on how deeply
24654s one is affected by the uroboros
24657s [Music]
24659s and chases quickly with superior anatomy
24663s whenever a survivor quickly vaults in
24665s front of you
24666s your next window vault will be done with
24669s intimidating speed
24671s remain calculated under pressure with
24674s awakened awareness
24677s when carrying a survivor the auras of
24680s any survivor in your terror radius will
24682s be revealed
24685s leave no loose ends with terminus
24688s once five generators are completed any
24691s injured down or hooked survivor will
24693s become broken until the exit gates are
24696s opened
24697s when broken
24699s survivors cannot be healed or heal
24701s themselves from the injured state
24704s once the exit gates are opened the
24706s broken status will remain for up to 30
24709s seconds
24711s you can't hide forever
24715s our mission can be unpredictable
24718s sometimes it's safer to keep people
24720s guessing
24721s no one knows this better than ada
24725s wong
24727s her ability to thrive in a high-stakes
24729s environment makes her an ideal partner
24732s in the field provided partnership suits
24735s her goals
24739s keep a watchful eye on your adversary
24742s with wiretap
24744s repair a generator to install a spy trap
24747s revealing the killer whenever they
24749s approach
24751s find opportunity in misfortune with
24754s reactive healing
24756s heal your wounds faster when a teammate
24759s becomes injured in your vicinity
24761s the perfect distraction
24764s succeed where others have failed with
24767s low profile
24769s when you're the last survivor standing
24772s hide all scratch marks and pools of
24774s blood for a lengthy duration
24778s a selfless act can make all the
24780s difference
24781s when all seems lost rebecca chambers
24784s leads by example facing grave danger to
24788s assist those in need
24791s her medical brilliance keeps teammates
24794s alive and inspired
24797s even if it puts her own safety at risk
24801s use altruism to your advantage with
24804s better than you
24807s any survivor you heal
24809s will be motivated to complete their
24811s objectives faster receiving the
24813s temporary action speed boost
24817s your presence calms those in the
24819s entity's clutches
24821s approach a hooked survivor with
24823s reassurance to pause their struggle
24825s progression for a duration
24829s put your reflexes to the test with hyper
24831s focus which provides a repair
24834s progression bonus for every great skill
24836s check in a row consistent success will
24839s increase the skill check frequency and
24841s repair progress boost as well as the
24844s skill check difficulty level
24847s resistance is noble
24850s perhaps even
24851s admirable however the uroboros cannot be
24854s stopped
24857s experience true evolution
24860s in dead by daylight
24863s resident evil
24865s project w
24869s let's finish this
24879s [Music]
24952s and we are back
24955s so we have one more game the final game
24958s of the whole tournament it's been a long
24959s day but we got one more and uh
24963s since there's no one else left to play
24965s killer and i can't possibly offend
24966s anyone this next match is probably going
24969s to be the best match ever
24971s i'm personally very excited about it
24974s we're going to see
24975s a master hag
24977s doing their thing which is to torture
24980s those survivors i'm looking forward to
24982s that yeah yeah i'm guessing it's going
24983s to be hug it's
24985s there's no way it's not even if they
24986s have like a million hag
24989s uh hours it's it's gonna be hug yeah
24992s there's like these little like there's
24993s like these little leaderboards that
24994s exist for dvd where you can like check
24996s stats for people and if you go to like
24998s the hag stats it's like it looks above
25000s everybody like just so much playtime one
25002s hag
25003s i would be
25004s shocked and appalled if there was
25006s anything other than hanging like uh
25007s going into this so i i feel like i'm
25010s like 99.9 confidence i'm confident on
25012s this so i'm pretty positive i'm really
25014s curious how this is gonna go i mean
25015s again a master class hag is not
25018s something that's easy to deal with at
25020s all and of course you know and of course
25021s you know that because you yourself are
25023s also a very you know
25025s okay all right you're gonna do me like
25027s this huh you're gonna do it like this
25029s right right at the end huh
25031s yeah all right all right
25040s he probably doesn't like to play against
25041s the hack he wouldn't like to be in the
25043s same room as a hacker he is not he's not
25046s super
25047s um into it but yeah i i think he will
25050s appreciate a good strategic match i
25053s think he'll like that much yeah i can i
25055s can appreciate it from from like the
25056s spectator point of view just watching
25058s i'm all for it i'm down as long as i
25060s have to play it i'm all for it so yeah
25062s i'd say okay with me
25063s and again it's gonna take really really
25066s good discipline play for the survivors
25067s to do with it because it's really easy
25068s to kind of crumble and fall apart when
25070s you're going up against a hang so really
25071s curious to see how that's gonna be small
25073s advantage
25075s they've played against one already right
25076s we didn't hide in this group so maybe
25078s they're a bit more warmed up and maybe
25080s that's a factor
25081s uh that ends
25083s up helping them but that's about the
25084s only thing i can think of that's looking
25086s bright for survivors yeah let's worry
25089s about
25090s yeah so the the last wild card is took
25092s us of appreciation one survivor must
25094s escape the trial with 15 total tokens
25097s accumulated on their perks
25099s wow
25100s so uh
25102s token perks uh there's auto there's a
25104s good old auto dick deck which is quite
25106s high quality
25107s goes up to five yeah uh
25110s let's let's dial it back a minute what
25112s is a token for someone that maybe has
25114s never heard the actual word
25116s yeah you're right okay so a token is
25118s basically a little like number that gets
25121s tied to your perk there are certain
25122s perks in dvd where you can get tokens
25125s and it's basically just like a little
25126s mark on your on your perk and as you get
25127s more tokens a different effect happens
25129s it usually it usually means that your
25131s your perk gets stronger but there's also
25133s some perks where like an effect will
25134s happen and when an effect happens it
25136s consumes a token yeah so it's
25138s essentially just a counter for your perk
25140s it's essentially what it is
25142s um so there's also some perks that start
25145s with tokens automatically and then they
25147s go down things like distortion for
25149s instance right
25150s you you could regain tons of distortion
25152s but a viente i believe
25154s if all the shoemakers are alive has
25156s tokens oh yeah i think you're right
25158s that's cool
25160s you would be perfect for this fashion
25163s fast track gets so many you can get to
25166s like you can have like 20 tokens on just
25167s that perk alone yeah but i'm gonna i'm
25170s gonna give you a counter argument for
25172s that so for fast track to happen every
25174s time
25175s fastback is unique because you give
25176s multiple tokens for activation right
25178s yeah if your teammates get hooked you
25180s get three tokens
25181s another hook now you have six another
25184s folk now you have nine but here's the
25186s problem
25187s do you think that you can play against
25189s elix give them
25191s five
25192s hooks
25193s on your teammates not on you maybe extra
25196s on you and live to tell the tale
25198s i mean here's the question are you gonna
25200s stop elixir from getting five hooks to
25202s begin with
25203s do you think he could do that at all
25204s because that's you know i feel like
25207s going against elix and especially alex's
25210s hag
25210s i feel like you've got to expect to be
25212s taking some hooks i mean i feel like at
25214s that rate it's like are we even going to
25215s survive at all yeah
25217s that's an excellent point
25219s i think their best strategy here is to
25220s try to hop
25222s to to confess some of these perks into
25224s several of these people's builds so that
25226s all of them have a chance to pull it off
25228s yeah that's probably right i do think we
25230s have an intro video that we can check
25231s out i mean we i think we've already been
25233s talking about a bit but we should
25235s probably let elix do the talking so
25236s let's do that right quick
25240s hola mi samores
25241s i'm elecs
25244s [Music]
25252s [Music]
25258s [Music]
25268s [Music]
25273s i started playing dead by daylight in
25275s 2017
25276s and i was invited to the fog whisperer
25278s program february of 2019
25281s [Music]
25286s i am a killer mane although i have been
25288s playing a lot of survivor recently my
25290s favorite killer is the hag la bruja
25304s and i love doing cosplays of characters
25306s from dead by daylight one of my
25308s favorites that i've done a couple for is
25310s jane romero
25318s i've also done lisa garland one of my
25319s favorite characters from silent hill
25324s and my own interpretation of the
25326s huntress we gave her some big lips and
25328s big lashes
25330s [Music]
25336s and also one last thing remember to be
25338s resilient and have fun
25340s i'll see you in the vlog
25348s i
25349s i
25350s i never realized helix had those hips
25353s [Laughter]
25355s i sometimes forget that streamers also
25357s have a lower torso i suppose that was
25360s uh very distracting
25363s honestly though like all jokes aside
25365s very talented as as so many people here
25368s are so talented and it's it's awesome to
25371s see all the different cosplays and
25372s everything that that they like pulls off
25374s and again also a crazy good dvd player
25377s as well so that's i'm excited for that
25379s too there's so much there's so much cool
25381s to see here and i'm excited to see how
25383s this match goes man
25386s yep uh one thing that elix might not
25388s appreciate is the fact that we cannot
25390s allow purple atoms so
25393s no
25395s rusty shackles which is one of the more
25396s oppressive add-ons for hug yeah what
25399s does that leave us well another million
25401s other amazing add-ons that are green or
25403s below so
25404s yeah cicada for range the like the one
25407s that says
25408s your setting speed faster that one's
25410s really good yeah there's so many okay
25413s here's my question to you what map what
25415s map do you go to as happy
25417s i mean you don't want to just follow and
25419s follow someone else's footsteps so
25421s you're not going to go to midwich
25422s because that's being second
25425s uh to that idea so midwidge is the the
25428s absolute go-to map for hack yeah
25431s you can teleport from anywhere to
25432s anywhere exit gates are horribly close
25436s to each other
25437s narrow hallways horrible hooks that are
25439s difficult to to unhook against but if we
25442s take that away damn that actually
25445s actually makes it a little bit tougher
25447s see it's it's interesting because you
25449s can pick your exact map not just your
25451s realm so that opens up things like
25453s wrecker's yard or maybe cool tower and
25455s it looks like
25456s suffocation
25460s this is
25461s interesting not not bad in fact good but
25464s look at that we found someone five
25466s seconds into a game yeah yeah to be fair
25468s though that doesn't really mean a lot
25470s for hack because hag is not only a chase
25471s killer no no in fact in fact it is a
25473s negative i think that if survivors
25475s harass her from this point on
25478s uh and make sure that she doesn't get a
25479s lot of setup it is difficult to bounce
25481s back i've been in this situation and
25483s i've regretted it you don't want to be
25485s found or find people early on getting a
25486s free hit though although yeah
25489s and trapping up the flashlight too that
25491s that nancy had a flashlight knocked it
25493s out with franklin's then chopped it up
25494s so that nancy goes back for it she might
25496s be in for a little bit of a
25498s of a of a triangle surprise you know
25500s yup
25502s and only only three traps down but i
25504s mean we'll see we'll see how it goes
25505s interesting build uh dark devotion dark
25508s devotion it's really
25510s that's
25511s an interesting one we had a trap on this
25512s tile but it was ignored
25515s good moon though solid yeah we said we
25517s said he's not a chase killer and he like
25519s said yeah watch me and then
25522s we have two traps on a single tile a bit
25524s overkill
25525s but it does it does make sure that
25527s someone's gonna step on it it's mostly
25529s there for the item i believe and these
25530s are gonna play off oh my god i just saw
25532s blood there survivors are sometimes
25534s little gremlins that really want their
25536s items baggage
25551s many hacks doing it franklin's you know
25553s throwing them out you trap it and then
25554s they just can't look they can't resist
25556s they can't wait was that even made
25559s i think was that yeah
25560s that was victory who just lost their
25562s their flesh yeah
25571s survivors can't resist going back for
25573s their items dude they're like no that
25575s was mine uh and they want to run back
25577s and pick it up but then you know
25593s there's a fast track there as well
25594s counterforce is an interesting one you
25596s get stacks on counter force when you
25597s cleanse totems do you not oh yeah i
25598s don't think you get a number though on
25600s it did you i don't know actually i'm
25602s sure i don't think so
25605s oh we'll see we'll see
25609s quadruple boon
25611s what what no this is only two oh no
25614s counter oh yeah wait
25616s it's kind of forcing yeah it's small i
25618s mean i mean i think this was the right
25620s play strategically but it's not the
25621s right play for the
25624s um for the wild card here okay so now
25628s the survivors are dealing with the ugly
25630s fact that this map is very
25632s very very thin in the middle it's it's
25635s very uh bottlenecking and yeah you just
25638s simply cannot get inside this web
25641s yeah
25642s i think they're about to get out really
25644s quickly oh yeah but
25646s yeah i i agree this is look at those
25649s rocks you literally have such a such a
25652s terrible bottleneck you gotta go in yeah
25655s this is this is some like battle of
25657s thermopylae 300 spartan [ __ ] right here
25659s like yeah
25664s yeah
25665s and again it's so hard to deal with
25667s these situations they look at this
25668s securing the kill as well
25673s just dead alexa's not messing around
25675s dude just dead
25676s it's okay it's okay this was practice uh
25679s they all will agree to play it out again
25682s i don't think no you don't understand
25684s we have a sponsor coming we we have to
25686s we have to fill in we needed another
25688s five minutes of gameplay here dude it's
25691s not ready well then i guess it looks a
25692s better life i better let him bleed out i
25694s don't know because i don't i don't think
25697s that that's just it's just over just
25698s like that that's crazy i mean hey that's
25700s the danger hag though we were talking
25701s about earlier you get you get it down
25704s you hook them in your web of traps it's
25706s so difficult to get in there and do
25707s anything about it especially on a map
25708s that has a choke like this a big choke
25710s in the middle that you have to go
25712s through in order to get to the hook and
25713s if it could just be held down and
25714s protected
25715s if we if we can get a little bit of
25720s there is a small chance about eleven
25722s percent chance that evil could get out
25724s of that hook
25726s and then bart maybe dies and then evil
25728s gets the high
25730s no
25731s no not happening
25733s well and that's that's wild that was
25736s again fantastic for teaching play like
25739s they're so happy about it yeah good good
25742s it should be it should be that was a
25744s fantastic i mean i didn't expect
25746s anything less formulas i mean probably
25748s the best known like probably like one of
25750s if not the best known hagmans uh just
25752s good good strategy good overall
25754s performance just completely shut it down
25756s played smart
25758s not really much else to say about it
25759s just fantastic play yeah that's like
25761s showing up to a movie theater and it's a
25763s great film but it's only like one hour
25765s long like
25766s i want i wanted some extra scenes i
25768s wanted a bit more of that i haven't
25770s finished my popcorn yet
25772s uh that was that was short and sweet but
25774s definitely very sweet well done too elix
25777s yeah absolutely well done super super
25778s good performance and uh i think we
25780s actually have some replays that we can
25781s take a look of even though i guess the
25783s game was quick but i'm sure we have at
25785s least something to look at
25787s yup
25789s that one little item
25791s yeah i have to do the item green it's so
25793s hard to present
25808s this court had to die on me one one more
25810s time before the night was over huh it
25812s happened to me as well there was an
25814s awkward pause there
25815s uh dear viewers why not we were just
25818s having some technical issues
25820s but yeah uh we've said everything there
25822s is to say about hags
25824s about elix's insane high performance so
25827s insane job well done
25829s yeah just super well performed overall
25830s like again strategy was just top notch
25833s like literally just played it the exact
25835s perfect way that you should
25837s like macro plays incredible
25839s forcing survivors into tough situations
25841s and then taking advantage of any little
25843s tiny mistakes they make and just bam
25845s dead dead like so quick
25850s and well i believe it is time now to get
25853s on a one-on-one chat with one of our
25856s wonderful participants from this group
25858s and we might just have the green light
25860s to do so
25862s yeah i believe so i think we have an
25863s interview coming up with one of the uh
25866s one of the newest fog whisperers
25867s actually we're just seeing the the
25870s fateful moments
25872s we're actually watching yeah we're
25875s they're they're sitting here waiting for
25876s the interview while we replay them dying
25878s over and over
25879s it is gonna be a bit awkward
25881s it's literally barred that we're
25882s interviewing and we're just watching the
25884s clip of him dying to this over and over
25886s not like this
25888s all right well hey i want to welcome in
25889s critical bard who is who we're
25891s interviewing today uh one of the newest
25893s fog whisperers that just got added
25894s recently in the newest batch and uh yeah
25897s hey how's it going good to have you in
25899s man i'm anger right now
25901s [Laughter]
25909s it's fine that i lost i was expecting it
25911s we all said elise was going to destroy
25913s us but it's the fact that instead of
25916s getting the person off the hook it made
25918s me pick up the item that i got dropped
25920s because of franklin's so i couldn't get
25922s them it's it's okay yeah we have the
25924s benefit of watching it and not having to
25926s play it
25928s to us it looked like that person was
25930s toast they were dead
25932s you know
25933s they were dead they were dead it's
25935s almost
25936s uh it's almost commendable that you even
25938s dare to get that close i think i think
25940s self-reservation
25941s would have compelled me to just be like
25942s okay you guys do that i'm gonna find the
25944s hatch so yeah i can't i can't do that
25946s because i'm already not a survivor main
25948s but i'm a i say i have a paladin uh aura
25951s around me that i'm gonna always be the
25953s one to go school save somebody even if i
25955s die because the purpose isn't me getting
25957s out it's the group getting out so if i
25959s die and three people else get saved
25960s that's fine with me that is very
25962s refreshing
25963s a philosophy that many people share and
25965s and
25966s we have this impression that this is a
25968s big part of your identity right you like
25970s to help out others not just in the game
25972s probably but also in life
25974s uh i would like it to be known if you
25976s hear a belief blower right now they
25979s decided to do lawn right now great thank
25981s you
25984s hey man
25985s lawns can wait for no one all right
25987s when it needs that it needs done you
25989s know it builds character it's okay yeah
25992s yeah all right so okay sorry sorry i
25994s just want to ask so hey so you're new to
25996s the fog whisperer program and this is
25998s your first into the fog event right
26000s so how are you feeling how like did you
26002s have something that was maybe your
26003s favorite part of the event
26004s honestly uh i enjoy collaboration not
26007s like from a a need to like know people
26010s and like you use them because that's
26012s just icky to me i just enjoy being able
26014s to play with people that i i enjoy or
26016s haven't met and i can meet um so for me
26019s the best part about this just being able
26020s to play with fellow fog whisperers and
26022s having a good time uh because we're all
26024s screaming at each other and struggling
26026s together and that's what that's what
26028s makes this game fun for me um so yeah
26030s that was definitely a highlight for me
26032s yeah a lot of the genuine the genuine
26034s interactions you get where you're all
26035s just kind of having fun and having just
26037s a genuine good time together it's it's
26038s so nice so yeah it was cool every time
26040s we did a listening and we heard you guys
26042s talking we heard a lot of that and it
26043s was really nice to hear
26045s um
26046s now i'll feel free to talk to everybody
26048s to point if you want because i don't
26049s want to just take total control and i
26050s don't want to just take it away from you
26051s it's all it's all good we got a minute
26053s uh me and tofu went back and forth
26055s trying to debate whether or not um you
26057s picked the map for your killer do you go
26059s to around the map do you have some kind
26061s of strategy bring yourself to larry's
26063s because we both figured out that this is
26065s a difficult map to play as nurse
26067s so i i made a fatal um play if you will
26072s uh okay i was planning on bringing in
26074s darkness revealed with nurse on leary's
26077s so i can just get some more aura reading
26079s and then i totally forgot to bring it
26081s because i was still focused on
26082s lightborne because i am anti-flashlight
26084s and if you don't like that i don't care
26086s uh no uh i love flashlights but it's
26088s just a meme from like i'm gonna do
26089s lightborne and then it screwed me but
26091s it's also okay it's okay i did much
26093s better earlier today and then i was like
26095s yeah you know what i deserve it but i
26096s have some good blinks and i'll take that
26098s oh you you did have some great plays and
26100s i i think that now that you tell us that
26102s missing part of the puzzle doesn't it
26104s make a lot more sense to you yeah yeah
26106s it makes a lot more sense now for sure
26107s yeah we did have another player run that
26109s exact build and it worked out for them
26111s really well so i can see i can see it
26114s would have been really really uh nice to
26115s see but these are just things that
26117s happen you you did incredible and it was
26118s really fun to watch yeah i mean for me
26120s this game isn't i mean a lot of people
26122s aren't going to agree this game isn't
26123s about winning or losing um you already
26125s have the the odds stacked against you so
26128s it's not about for me i don't go into
26130s trying to win i go into trying to have a
26131s good time see what builds work see how i
26134s can navigate a certain way to make it
26136s out good um so i was like you know what
26138s i'll be able to blink everywhere with
26139s larry's with the with the with the uh
26141s darkness revealed and having some and
26143s star struck i know people are going to
26145s be around i saw some flashlights you
26146s know i'm gonna just play with it didn't
26148s work out that way and that's okay
26149s because i'm still here
26151s yeah hey i mean look we saw you nail
26153s some really good blinks regardless i
26155s think you played really well with it
26156s regardless if it's a tough map and
26157s everything and again as long as you had
26159s fun that's all that matters so like you
26161s know okay is it easy being altruistic
26163s when you played survivor in the other
26165s rounds with your co-stars
26168s they make it easier for you
26171s no but
26174s definitely not but it's totally okay
26178s i do love that elix had a self-healing
26180s build and everyone have med kids like
26182s how how can you do this how can you take
26184s care of they just all want to be strong
26187s and and independent on their own right
26189s it's crazy
26190s exactly
26192s yeah kind of getting launched out of
26194s your comfort zone there because i know
26194s you're definitely like a more altruistic
26196s player so that's kind of interesting to
26197s to see did you have to do you have to
26199s change anything up about your strava
26200s play style because of that like is it
26202s was it kind of like out of your comfort
26203s zone
26204s not necessarily uh i tend like first of
26207s all i didn't like pick what i had
26208s knowing what they were doing uh i just
26211s wanted to play something that i thought
26212s would work for me so it's not nothing
26214s necessarily um
26215s changed in my play style more so just me
26218s seeing how i can do certain things how i
26220s can get certain places um
26222s and you know i i instead of going for
26225s one person i kind of spread the wealth
26227s and i kind of you know screwed it up but
26229s like i said it is what it is
26231s um so bart uh needless to say we have a
26233s lot of folks watching that maybe you're
26235s introduced to your content uh for the
26237s first time could you tell us where they
26239s can find you and if you have any message
26241s for them in regards to dvd or just live
26244s of course yeah uh you can find me
26246s everywhere at critical bard except
26247s tumblr i don't own that and who even
26249s still uses tumblr uh if you do go for
26251s you uh yeah i like i said i do a lot of
26254s tabletop in my time so you'll find me
26256s doing many uh different tabletop d d uh
26259s games across you know professionally
26261s just depending on what i need to do at
26262s that time um
26264s and yeah for me uh i said at the end of
26267s all of my streams and you heard it in
26269s the uh intro video as well uh in the
26271s kingdom of travel which is where we are
26273s uh we're the travel makers and we always
26275s say keep making trouble wherever you go
26278s because it's up to us to shake up this
26280s system one troublemaker at a time and i
26282s stick with that it's up to us to try to
26283s do something good with this world um
26285s there's too much negativity already so
26287s if you can shake up the system and make
26288s things better for someone else then
26290s that's a okay with me
26292s well that is
26293s that is absolutely lovely my goodness um
26297s uh
26298s that is inspiring and and very beautiful
26300s and i'm about to cry now if
26302s you exactly
26305s hey man it was great to meet you though
26307s you seem like you feel like such a fun
26309s dude and i i'm definitely excited to see
26310s more from you and uh yeah everything
26312s you're about is super wholesome and it's
26313s really cool to you know get to share
26315s this moment together with you so thank
26316s you man thank you guys
26318s i'm going to interrupt because i know he
26319s had one question he couldn't ask or we
26321s barely had time we love your name you
26323s know oh yeah yeah your name is awesome i
26326s wasn't gonna i wasn't gonna say your
26328s name but your name is awesome i just
26329s wanted to say that we've been having
26331s this conversation behind the scenes all
26332s day where we're like that guy's such a
26334s cool name a lot of people think it's a
26335s stage name it's like luckily it works
26337s for both but no
26338s yeah
26341s it was an honor meeting you man and
26342s again if you guys don't know critical
26343s barred check them out everywhere i mean
26345s feel free and thank you good to have you
26347s man thank you thank you thank you for
26349s sharing your time with us
26350s i appreciate it you all have a good day
26352s yeah take care all right guys so that's
26354s it
26355s i feel fuzzy inside what a lovely
26357s conclusion to this one
26359s and it is our fourth time doing this
26361s yeah fourth one man what what what it
26364s was it was a great event though i had a
26365s good time uh frisk had to leave it a
26367s little bit early because of uh something
26369s that was going on in her in her life
26371s that she couldn't she couldn't really
26372s stick around for so we're gonna be
26374s closing it out together but this was a
26376s great event i had a super good time uh
26378s remember if you guys enjoyed any of the
26380s contestants that played in this
26382s tournament check them out they're all
26384s streamers they're all fantastic
26385s streamers again like i said earlier
26386s they're all fog whispers for a reason
26388s they're all great content creators they
26390s all have plenty to share they all have
26391s plenty of of things to to love about
26394s them everybody should at least check out
26396s some people for this morning imaginable
26398s platform that you use yeah they are here
26400s please find them
26401s yep
26402s i i would highly recommend checking out
26405s all of them honestly they all have so
26407s much to offer so and uh yeah that's
26409s gonna be it for us i think so big shout
26411s out to uh behavior for putting this
26413s together big shout out to waveform for
26415s working behind the scenes we've had a
26416s discord has been being insane today
26420s yeah no shout out for discord but shout
26422s out to waveform for handling it
26424s superbly there's been weird issues with
26426s this court all day and they've handled
26427s it like absolute champions so like big
26429s shout out to them as well everyone
26430s behind the scenes for doing everything
26431s this was a super great event i had a
26433s super good time casting it hanging out
26434s with everybody i hope you guys had an
26436s awesome time watching and i think that's
26438s going to be it for us unless you have
26439s any closing words thoughts nothing i'll
26441s see you next year on the next one and
26443s the one after that until we are in a
26444s retirement home thanks so much for
26447s yeah have a wat one guys uh take care
26450s bye bye
26465s [Music]
26468s so
26481s so
26654s around
26678s so
26718s [Music]
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26797s [Music]
26815s you