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Deep Rock Galactic: "DEV STREAM: UPDATE 34 "Get up, come on get down with the droppod""
Deep Rock Galactic (@JoinDeepRock). The most tenacious space mining corporation in the galaxy! Get it on Steam: Managed by @jacobherold

Deep Rock Galactic - UPDATE 34: MODEST EXPECTATIONS - Steam News
Hello, Miners! We’re back with a modest update for you! Work is proceeding apace for the longer-term goals included in the upcoming Update 35, but with Update 34 we want to sweeten the long waiting time a bit. We got new Elite Enemies for you, the possibility of double Warnings on missions, two brand new Warnings to add to the mix, a lot of weapon tweaks, and more to keep you busy! It’s time to dive back into the depths of Hoxxes and face the new dangers!

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