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Originally posted by Death_Scythe_666

Yes i mean that i call that a loadout too, sorry.

Rock and Stone!


Originally posted by Death_Scythe_666

Ooh random loadouts? I'm all for it!

Random cosmetic selection, not weapon loadout.


Originally posted by throw_away_my_balls1

Randomization to weapons and perks also? I would love to see a haz 5 of a full team with randomized gear

Hmmm... I like the way you think.


Originally posted by No_One_2_You

Is it really a leak if you are purposely doing it yourself?

Compared to previous updates, it’s way more leaky.


Originally posted by morpheeeee

Two questions about the DLC pack:

1.Will it be available on 29th of Sept. or 8th of Oct?

2.Will it cost the regular 8 euros?

If so, will it be the same for everyone or will there be some discounts for users who already have the special editions?

1: On the 8th. Page might go live before that.

2: Same price as the others and a discount for those who has all the DLC.


Originally posted by tctillotson

Very nice! I'm looking forward to looking ridiculous with a single button press

With the more... colourful skins, that’s definitely possible.


Originally posted by gnawingrat

Thanks for the reply, so it's normally shortly after PC? Is it normal for them to just not acknowledge console?

We can usually not put a date on the Xbox version due to it relying on the hotfixes that we do on Steam and then going through certification on Xbox. The Steam version has no friction in regards to deploying builds and getting feedback, which is why that’s the fastest possible way for us to do it like this.

25 Sep


Originally posted by ZRtoad

Will this update also sort out the cross play issue? :D

The new framework for Xbox/Windows Store is in, yes. We might get it out earlier than Update 32.


Originally posted by monkeybiscuitlawyer

Great video, the new mission looks awesome!

Only thing that concerned me.

".. balancing on the engineers sentries"

As an Engie main, my heart sank a little at hearing that. Hopefully "balance" doesn't mean "nerf" in this context.

Yeah, just checked. Looks like +++ all around.


Originally posted by morfeurs

I know it's overpowered, but I hope they don't change it, rather, make the other weapons better.

Do you want power-creep? Because that's how you get power-creep.