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Originally posted by acelister

I'm sorry for doing you like that ☹

Its cool, I have fully recovered from the identity crisis. πŸ˜‰

Originally posted by Shnook

Thanks for participating! And only reason I have the guts to do Ace like that is cause I'm over 5,000 miles away 🀣 But seriously, Mike, sorry about the name mess up!

Its all good! Made for a few laughs at the office. πŸ™‚

Guns and pickaxes randomly dont work

about 2 hours ago - /u/GSG_Jacob on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Have you tried switching the mouse port? I actually had the same issue here at the office, and it went away when moved the mouse from the monitor USB hub and to another USB-outlet.

Originally posted by Shnook

I'll be sure to yell at Ace later πŸ˜‰

I can’t believe you’d do Ace like that πŸ˜‚ Thanks for having us on the Podcast.

What a beaut!

Originally posted by Mike_GSG

Quick heads-up, Mike is actually Mikhail Akopyan, not Mikkel. :-)

I can’t believe he did you like that, Mike.

Originally posted by Shnook

If you want to get right to the Deep Rock Galactic talk, it starts around 10 minute mark.

Quick heads-up, Mike is actually Mikhail Akopyan, not Mikkel. :-)


Ghastly greetings, Miners! Something ghoulish is slowly waking up from a year long slumber... It's Halloween and it's time to get spooky with DEEP ROCK GHOULACTIC!

The 2019 Halloween Event on Hoxxes IV will definitely give a readout on the good old P.K.G. meter. You'll be able to acquire a brand new horrific hat, and enjoy the spookily decorated Space Rig. On the surface of Hoxxes IV, we'll be serving Pumpkin a la Surprise.

The 2019 Halloween Event goes live on Monday October 28 at 10AM UTC+1 and will run for an entire week until November 4 at 10AM UTC+1 (we hope we got the time right - Daylight saving time is a scary concept).

Update 25 out now!

1 day ago - /u/GSG_Jacob on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by DnnsGeR

Update seems cool, but experiecing a strange bug since Update 25.

Using an Astro A50 wireless headset, i can't hear mission control either in missions or in the lobby. No music from the jukebox or in mission is played; all other sounds seem to work pretty well.

Is there anybody else out there having the same problem?

Are you on the Xbox/Microsoft Store version? We're still working on fixing that.

Is Proximity Trigger broken?

1 day ago - /u/Mike_GSG on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yeah, it is wonky and I'll be looking at it soon.


1 day ago - /u/Mike_GSG on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Rock and stone!

21 Oct

20 Oct

19 Oct

Originally posted by stalefish57413

Thanks, I can say in all honesty: This wouldn't have been possible without you (because you know, the game wouldn't exist)

Can't argue with that


18 Oct

Damn. That kind of dedication is humbling. :)

Congratulations miner!

17 Oct

16 Oct

A bit fast, but I'll have forgotten tomorrow. :D

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