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Originally posted by JTH942

Well, now that I've thought about it, they really only teased primary weapons in their video a while ago, and they're planning on releasing this update in Q3, so there is still time for them to tease secondaries as well, but at the same time I can totally understand just adding a new primary for each class cause of how much effort has to go into it.

The prototypes were neither primary nor secondary, but tests of concepts. The details were still up in the air at that point.


Originally posted by Sir_Bubblybob

There will still also be a secondary for scout so that might be the crossbow?

Edit: My bad, there indeed will be no more than four weapons, so one for each class. Sorry bout that!

There won't be more than four weapons.


Originally posted by ignisiun413

While I totally understand it from a dev perspective kind of sad we didn't get a full set (1 primary and 1 secondary for each class). Hopefully it comes sooner than later, I envision the game in it's final-ish state having 8 guns for each class. 4 primary, 4 secondary. (And maybe like one more alternative support item and special each)


Four weapons this round. Adding a weapon to the game is very resource-heavy as it needs mods, overclocks, skins, and paint jobs, and considering we need to add at least four at a time + try to balance them toward the other weapons and the game mechanics, it's a huge task.

06 May


To the bone!


First confirmed weapon for Update 35! Title is the filename.

05 May


Originally posted by ppstac2

Well, for a variety of reasons:

  • People such as myself have actually tested the radii and damage values
  • People such as Elythnwaen and GreyHound have been able to extract the true values via game files and console commands
  • The developer Dagadegatto himself confirmed the numbers from the game's editor

In general, I recommend believing what's posted in the Wiki and on more often than what's displayed on the in-game terminal. Both of those websites are the culmination of dozens of people doing thousands of hours to figure this stuff out and share it with the rest of the community.

Dammit Mike


Originally posted by KovZov

Hey Jacob, when's the hotfix coming?

It’s out.


Personally I agree and would love this, and I am totally lobbying for this to happen, but if it happens it will require a new system, which is out of scope for 34.


Hello, Miners! We are nearing the end of the hotfix phase for Update 34. We still have some minor issues that didn’t make it for this hotfix and as always a hotfix comes with the risk of needing a hotfix! Anyways, we got a bunch of stuff to talk about!

With the Hotfix phase for Update 34 drawing to an end, it’s time to look towards Update 35. We are already moving full speed ahead on the new mission type, the new weapons and a lot of other stuff. And speaking of the new weapons - On our thursday stream we will show you a small teaser of one of the new weapons and which dwarf will get it, so stay tuned!

We are also hard at work on bringing Update 34 to Xbox and expect it to go live on Xbox on this friday - May 7th.

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04 May


Originally posted by TheDiscordedSnarl

This idea seems like it's getting some traction... I'll summon a greenbeard dev to see if we can get a response on how hard it'd be to add to an update. Whatcha think, u/GSG_Jacob ?

It's a fun idea, but I imagine it would be a feature that's very circumstantial and dependent on region and current player activity, which makes it very hard to pull off with a satisfying result.