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Originally posted by Trianalog

Possible solution don’t host if you want them Rock and Stone!

To clarify: Any dwarf in the team can do the hacking minigame, does not need to be host.



Originally posted by Vast_Beginning9212

When new weapons coming



Originally posted by Squeaky_Ben

Do you think we can help out by giving ideas/concepts, best if already fleshed out?

We never turn down hearing suggestions, but I assure you that it's time, not lack of ideas that is holding us back. ;)


Originally posted by Kraftyr

Yeah, rocket boots look cool, but that raises another concern. How common are they? How long do they last? Are they only for the rest of the mission? Because their existence renders the scout class completely useless.

I know, they synergize nicely with the scout's already existing mobility, but I'd rather have a gunner with rocket boots than a scout with a little extra mobility. And I say this as a scout main. You pick scout because of the agile playstyle, if everyone gets it, I'd rather have a class that's extra useful in other ways. Same thing with driller. There is no point in having one if you are constantly flying everywhere. Its like having a crate that gives everyone turrets and a platform gun. Why would you pick engi then? But I think it's wiser to wait until we can actually play it to test how it feels, but it bothers me a little bit.

Short version: The Jet Boots are rare to find, and last the whole mission once you do. They are there to mix things up occasionally, not to create a new meta or to invalidate any classes.


Originally posted by Im_a_hamburger

What happened to levels 91-100 in the narrated trailer, you didn’t show them? Mistake, or did you not want everyone to freak out over blue hair?

It was supposed to be a surprise!


Originally posted by radmelon

I'm quite intrigued by the equipment randomization, but what I'm curious about is if it'll come with the ability to randomize framework and paintjob on weapons, much like you can do at the cosmetics terminal? I've frequently wished I could randomize those for a bit of inspiration or unexpected combinations.

I… think so? 😅


Originally posted by Dats_and_Cogs

That new beer is really awesome, just wondering do your cosmetics reset after the mission is over, or does it stay like that and you need to reapply everything?

One mission only.


Originally posted by DejectedJester1

I didn't have to pay for the updates that came out during early access. Those were triple the size of this one.

Ironically this is pretty poor from a business perspective to. The entire point of a battle pass is to keep player retention for as long as possible.

The longer you play, the more likely you are to tell a friend about the game and/or buy the cosmetic DLC. This is not enough content to get people playing for long term.

You’re entitled to your opinion, but I want to note that the updates during early access definitely weren’t triple the size. Also, Oktoberfest had it’s own update, so if we take that into consideration too, you’re getting more much content with the holiday events too. They are updates too, looking at the update history.


Originally posted by nekofol

Are they going to be on every mission?

No. They'll be fairly rare.


You *can't* always use them. They are not a permanent upgrade. They are a fairly rare find in missions, which changes gameplay for that single mission alone.


Originally posted by thedoctorisin7863

Hey Jacob, why was the Stalker cut? He looks really cool (love the crap out of the neon green colors) and seems pretty balanced.

That seems made up. Are you okay? 🤫


Originally posted by KosViik

I may be wrong, but apparently no new weapons/gear/overclocks? That one I was a bit bummed out about.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I was seeing.

The jetboots look neat, and I was laughing my arse off on the jetty boot hacking minigame.

I personally care for neither the infested weapon framework (though a few may look particularly cool and I'll use it, we'll see), nor for the DLC pack. But I'm picky on that front anyway so not really something I weigh in on, I think they look nice though.

The enemies are neat, love that they look unique and not just a quickly modified glyphid model. For some reason I also love that Harold is not a gigantic enemy but a smaller one. Feels interesting I guess?

To reiterate what was said on the stream today as well: You will likely not see new weapons for a good long while. At this point in the game, adding even one new weapon is a tremendous task and not something we undertake lightly, as we are still a comparatively small team.

Each new weapon requires:

- Stand-out functionality. We are not going to add another Assault Rifle that shoots slightly slower but harder. Each new weapon we add has to bring something new to the table.

- A full upgrade tree that cannot overlap too much with any existing weapon.

- A full balance pass in regards to how it plays alongside every other weapon. And that's a task that continues for months even after release.

- A comparative set of brand new Overclocks, that all have to be balanced, fun, and inventive. This in itself is an enormous amount of work.

- Models for every single Weapon Framework currently in the game. And conversely, every new weapon makes prod...

Read more

Be welcome, Miner. We are happy to have you.

Let this be known: DRG welcomes and encourages employees of all creeds and orientations. The only requirements are that you do your job and respect your colleagues.


Originally posted by ilovetechno71

Please make sure it doesn't happen as much as meteorites. Someone on here said 25% chance but me and my fellow greybeards have almost 6000 hours between us and the meteor event happend almost every god damn game. Make it rare so it's a nice surprise please

Well, it gives you plaguehearts for the season pass so it’s not gonna be that rare.


Originally posted by lDustyBonesl

Harold can move!



Originally posted by CosmicMiru

"Hey guys I asked ChatGPT how to write a SQL entry but it keeps telling me to breakup with her and hit the gym"

“Asked for relationship advice and ChatGPT keeps telling me my wife is a jackdaw?”


Originally posted by NMSshipcoords

I thnik that the septic spreader’s elite variant should have “cluster globs”.

1 Biomatter glob breaks into 5 smaller ones, painting even more area, but giving a chance to escape.

Woah! Calm down, Satan.


Originally posted by kilr13

This was my first thought and my primary theory. The reddit stakeholders got big mad when they watched ChatGPT blow up, only to learn that it had been trained on Reddit data.

Holy sh*t, what? Not the pool of knowledge I’d fearlessly tap into 😂

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