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Originally posted by SpiralHam

He deserves admin for these sorts of forward thinking ideas!

I have more dunces for similar great ideas

Originally posted by iiDogez

Wait there was a petition? Lol I don’t remember that

Well, you said “petition to change”, so... yeah. :D

Originally posted by hejj

I'm still on the server, I just can't post messages.

Ah, that makes you the guy that said the menace is a pair of squirting boobs.

Edit: I’ve removed it.

Originally posted by hejj

I myself recently noticed that I've seemingly been banned after lurking there since v1.0 with little or no interaction, and a quick search showed me that it isn't uncommon to be banned with no apparent explanation. I was curious to see how many other people fell into this situation.

Or, as /u/DisturbedPandita said; "Science!"

Admitted, it’s not always people understand why they are banned, especially since booting people off the server removes the context.

What’s the purpose of this poll?

About a week or maybe two before the Update itself.


Warms my cold, black heart whenever people get these. ^^

It was due to your petition to rename the game “Deep c*ck Galactic”. I’ve removed your dunce, since it’s been so long.

06 Jul

05 Jul

So, just to get this out of the way; content is not blocking fixes for Xbox. It’s different people doing content. It’s a common misconception that one eats out of the other.

That said, we’re currently changing the framework used for the Xbox/MS Store versions since it was outdated and causing issues. It’s not a small task, but with 1.0 behind us the timing is right to implement such a big change. This will hopefully fix a lot of the issues those two versions are having, especially with connections, but also other issues.

Hope we’ll see you back soon.

04 Jul

Originally posted by ppstac2

Rock and Stone!

Say hi to Mike for me!


Originally posted by LeftysComics

Thanks! I may play with making a short comic or so. Depending on feedback I might make something full length.

Please do! We love stuff like this!

Originally posted by victorypotpourri

He's certainly being abrasive, but he has a point.

The game is growing, and so there's more greenbeards than ever. I have no problem coaching them on the ways of the dwarf when I feel up to it, but sometimes I just want to host a high hazard mission and have a normal game. And there's no way to stop brand new players from joining, promptly getting destroyed, and then most likely quitting (hopefully just the match and not the game itself)... other than pre-emptively kicking them which is not what I'd consider ideal.

If we can't get the choice to add a (low, say about level 10) minimum requirement to join our haz4+ lobbies, then the game should at least do a better job of warning newbies that the hazard levels are a really big deal.

I know you don't want newbies to feel alienated by the locked games, but getting massacred in haz4 is also a bad experience for them. And for us, for what it's worth.

Grantrd, it’s currently not the most optimal system for people who want their games a certain way, but it’s what we’ve got. The level requirement has been brought up before, but you can easily be high level without being good at the game, so that kind of filter would only be a hacky patchjob. I think most new players will quickly figure out what difficulty is appropriate for them, so the issue would still be there for every player past whatever limit is set.

Adding to that, sometimes people want a challenge with a risk of failure - sometimes they’ll go for a game with good modifiers and high hazard for the reward itself, without bringing the skill to handle it, and those most likely won’t be the greenbeards.

Game dev is hard, lol

Originally posted by RawkNStowne

Love the game but plz fix the match making so I can play with actually good players. Don't let noobs ruin a good thing.

There’s really no Matchmaking to fix.

I’m not going to tell you how to play your game. You do you. But one thing we pride ourselves of at Ghost Ship Games is that we have a very helpful and non-toxic community. Everybody is a noob in the beginning. You can either help build stronger miners and a better community, or you can give new players a potential bad experience in a game that you love. I’d love for it to be the first option.


The 0 missions is because we’re not using that feature any more. There’s almost 5k ingame on Steam right now.

Note on mods; No mods are officially sanctioned by Ghost Ship Games, or in any way recommended. It will mess up the data we collect, and leads to an increase in false flag error reports and messages about cheaters which is a very costly time and resource sink, which would be better spent elsewhere. If you absolutely have to mess around with stuff like this, do it in private lobbies.

03 Jul

Don’t be a dick.

Are you shooting him yourself? He usually lasts a decent amount of time. It’s not supposed to be overpowering useful though.

Narrator: “They didn’t.

Originally posted by SmokeAlarmDetectsCum

Any plans to overhaul them in any of the next couple updates?

Can’t neither deny nor confirm this.

Originally posted by ShroudedInLight

You folks know the dwarves still shout "I should really upgrade these" or something similar when they try to throw a flare while out of flares, right?

Because it feels weird to have that line in the game when you can't upgrade them. Maybe give us something fun, like Disco flares, or flarebangs, or the ability to shoot flares to make them explode.

To be fair, that voiceline was there even they were upgraded. :D

Disco flares etc. is is probably out of the question, since the designers would like to keep the flares functional and the “fun” on the space rig. They’re a utility that should remain that way.