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Latest Patch NotesWeekly Deep Dives Thread - Thursday November 7 (5 months ago)

Couldn't agree more...

about 8 hours ago - /u/GSG_Jacob on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by SirGreenLemon

outrageous! I quit. Those leaf lovers won't get to me.

You can't quit! You're hired!


We got ourselves a missing icon! On it.

Update 29 - Hotfix 4

1 day ago - Bjorn - GSG on Steam - Thread - Direct
Unfortunately, we introduced some unfortunate bugs in the last hotfix, and it took a while to fix them, Management's position is apologetic!

Fixed all sort of Vanity issues that was introduced in last hotfix
Fixed cases where the lost pack would reward you with...nothing instead of a pickaxe part or paintjob

Update 29 - Hotfix 4

1 day ago - /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

30 Mar

Originally posted by Slime0

I'm experimental, there was something about new promotion levels (diamond for instance). Are those in, or did they get pushed back?

Also, on experimental, when I logged in I got pickaxe parts for my previous promotions. Are those not a thing anymore?

Both things were pushed, as we wanted to streamline the more and weren't completely satisfied.

Originally posted by Ke2288

Hi u/GSG_Jacob

March store please! We love you and want to support more. I’d buy a beer stein for sure.

But it's April soon!

Originally posted by ArmouredBear013

I play on Xbox and I haven't got the update yet?

Out on Steam only. We're working on getting it on Xbox soon with the latest hotfixes.

Update 29 - Hotfix 3

2 days ago - Bjorn - GSG on Steam - Thread - Direct
- Purple Haircolor reverted to the previous look
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Spinning Death OC description
- Optimized pathfinding in certain scenarios
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Pickaxe Customization description
- Fixed a bug that caused Ebonite Machine Event not animating or showing progress on clients
- Fixed a bug that caused Ebonite spheres to not collide with terrain
- Improved the look of the Pickaxe Customization Terminal to look more like the new Wardrobe Terminal
- Adjusted the UI in the Mission Selection Terminal
- Increased Flare Hint time to trigger
- Fixed the Beast master perk activation sound
- Fixed a bug that caused the lasers of the Tritilyte Deposit Machine Event to be very loud
- Lost Pack and Cargo Crate are now on separate chances so that both can spawn in a mission
- Improved colliders around the Droppod to prevent enemies (especially Trawler) to enter it and drop off players where they get stuck
-... Read more

Update 29 - Hotfix 3

2 days ago - /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

28 Mar

Post processing graphics issue

5 days ago - /u/Robert_GSG on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Spikethelizard1

Hey i just wanted to let you know i found a solution that fixed it for me. I used this steam guide here:

from what im gathering from the steam guide the game uses fxaa default and this guide makes the game use TAA. But anyways when i use these new anti-aliasing settings it completely removes all the artifacts that the ambient occlusion causes. So maybe it couldn be fixed from just making that the new in game anti-aliasing? Or are there issues with switching to this method i dont know about?

Hmm, interesting! As far as I know, using FXAA rather than TAA is that FXAA is a LOT cheaper. But, if it's an option, I see no reason not to support both and leave the choice up to the players.

I'll send this on to our programmers, maybe there's something we can use from this. No promises, but I'll see what we can do. Thank you! :)

27 Mar

Originally posted by Dont_have_name

You might want to double check the Huuli Hoarder thing. I remember one week's deep dive had one spawning in the starting room, with a chance it'd walk under the drop pod when you land. I restarted several times because having it get crushed by the drop pod was massively satisfying, and it appeared every time.
Same with this weeks elite deep dive. I've done it twice now, and both times a hoarder spawned in the same spot on both stage 1 & 2. I understand it's possibly a super coincidence, but going 3/3 on a Huuli Hoarder spawning/not spawning seems pretty unlikely.

I will confirm though, unless BET-C was super hidden, she did not spawn for me on stage 1 of this weeks EDD, which I gotta say, maybe consider adding BET-C spawns to the level seed? She seems like a pretty big game changer, and if the point of Deep Dives is to put everyone to the same challenge, then you'd expect her to be included.

EDIT: Just tested Stage 1 of this weeks EDD 3 times, Huuli Hoarder s...

Might remember wrong about the Hoarder, but there’s been Deep Dives where some got the BET-C and others didn’t, so at least I’m sure about that one :D

Post processing graphics issue

5 days ago - /u/Robert_GSG on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Sadly, what we're seeing here is artefacts caused by the way Unreal handles Ambient Occlusion and the way we use it. It's resolution dependent, so lowering the resolution will increase the visibility of the problem. I hope to get some time to look into the postfx in general soon, but this particular issue is more on Unreal's shoulders than on ours.

Originally posted by KunninPlanz

I'm not getting anything (and I mean literally anything) from Lost Packs. I interact with them and nothing pops up on screen to tell me what skin or axe part I got. When I get back to the Space Rig I check the number of axe parts I have and they are at the same amount as before, and there's no new armour skins.

This has happened twice in a row now, no new skins, no pickaxe parts, no anything.

Have you checked your pickaxe skins? They end up there too.

Also, you probably know this, but you use the helmet and it gets you a blip on the scanner, which you need to go to. The helmet itself is not the lost pack.

Q mining

5 days ago - /u/GSG_Jacob on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Q-mining was removed as it was an unintended way of mining faster by cancelling the animation.

had to make it

5 days ago - /u/GSG_Jacob on Reddit - Thread - Direct

I’m in this post and I don’t like it.

Originally posted by SausageMcNasty

I did the standard deep dive twice and Betsy was in the same spot last week. Could be coincidence

It can happen since it's not that rare, but previously there's been dives where some has met her and others haven't. Same with Huuli Hoarder.

Originally posted by Wayfall

I put a support ticket up about a long while ago which later got deleted but before that a dev replied asking for my windows config file and dxdiag then explained that the game is running accordingly (as in 60fps) and that the issue is not the games. Ye ye right....

As long as the game can keep 60fps they arent bothered I think but now after this update, I'm getting 30-40fps when waves spawn or a boss does.

The game is so unplayable for me due to the huge frame tanks. I wish they'd fix it as I would be playing it all the time then.

So to clear something up, we are not targeting 60FPS/Hz specifically. We're aiming for as high a framerate we can get, and being a small team, using an external engine, and working in short sprints, not everything will be optimized from the beginning. It's something that we'll work on optimizing gradually, but I can't really promise you we'll ever reach a constant 144FPS performance on your rig. Would be nice, though.

Update 29 - Hotfix 2

5 days ago - Bjorn - GSG on Steam - Thread - Direct

Fixed you could be awarded the starting pickaxe parts in the lost pack
Fixed Praetorian named Oppressor when using laser pointer
Tweak Droppod collision
Fix droppod missing in loader sequences
Fix you could charm a grunt at the same time, making stuff break
Fixed treasure boxes rewarding multiple times
Fixed two instances (crafting items and weapon skins) where notifications would stay forever
Promotion popup shows current class instead of promote able class
Laser cannon sound turned down a bit
Tweaks to the temperature settings of Oppressor, Dreadnought, and Mactera Bomber. Now they are harder to freeze. Their movement speed will still be reduced by cold.
Added a check for when the local player used the chest

Update 29 - Hotfix 2

5 days ago - /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Originally posted by Urbanski101

Seriously though, is that a bug or a legit way to crack a gold crassus deposit?

Legit - if something is no longer "connected" to something, it shatters.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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