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I do not envy having to mod a server that large, thanks for everything yall do

There are ups and downs, definitely, but I think the moderators, though I know some people may disagree, are doing a good job at keeping the place clean. It might not be as "fun" as some people want it to be, but considering the rapid growth, I think it's turned out to be a good and welcoming place.


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THQ Nordic

Oh god, those are the people behind releasing new versions of Gothic 2 for the last 2 decades

To be fair, it's probably one of the companies they own that did that. :D


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IMO Coffee Stain has been great partners to us, and we have done a ton of promotions, including several rounds of ads on social media, you may just not have noticed it. It’s a collaboration we’ve been more than happy with.

Adding to the above, I know that the publishing agreement with Coffee Stain ran out a little while back, and GSG decided to renew it, so it's definitely been a good partnership for us. It's not all adverts and promotions, but also sparring, network etc.


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Blink twice if they made you say that.



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Not sure what to think. I have no feelings about Coffee Stain, but they put all their efforts in to SATISFACTORY right now it seems. The seem to completely ignore DRG and just reap profits from it. When you research Coffee Stain, they haven't done much if any promotion of DRG since the 1.0 release.

IMO Coffee Stain has been great partners to us, and we have done a ton of promotions, including several rounds of ads on social media, you may just not have noticed it. It’s a collaboration we’ve been more than happy with.


Soon, Miner. Soon.


Wish I could be there, folks!


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They really gave you a dunce flair?

It's kind of amazing the stark difference between the in-game/reddit community and the Discord. I enjoy participating in the Discord conversation and sometimes of the stuff there, but it's crazy that for a charming game with a great community, there's so many sticks up a glyphid's arse.

This guy made a hilarious copypasta and was muted for giving someone a hard time (he was clearly joking). And people regularly flip out on people for having a different opinion on a specific build. It's really hard to imagine it's the same people running and participating in both.

We can’t really have 250k people posting copy pastas or making jokes in suggestions. This isn’t the Wild West.


You can always contact a mod, but since you’re here, I’ll let you off the hook since you seem to realise what went wrong.


Originally posted by Apprehensive-Ice9809

It’s more just the discord mods. I guess Reddit mods > discord mods lmao, they’re more chill. Also got banned from the discord for pinging myself a couple times in a single message and saying I’m mass pinging as a joke (there was context, but this was like a couple months ago so I forgot). But it’s not like that was only thing I ever said, I contributed a bunch of ideas to the community and helped answer people’s questions, as well as ask when I was a green beard. Guess I shouldn’t be too sad I can’t access the official discord, and I do have alternative servers. There’s not even anywhere to appeal a ban, once ur gone, you can’t contact the mods or anybody.

Reddit has a NSFW filter and community moderation. Discord has 250k members, and if we let every single one of them joke around and ping themselves for sh*ts and giggles, it would be a horrible place. You can appeal bans here.


03 Aug


Originally posted by altaccount123456098

Offtopic, but will the discord ever get a ban appeals process?

This is it. Or at least, what we currently have. People are free to message moderators and explain themselves (or apologize) or take it up with me, if that fails.

02 Aug

01 Aug


I can’t see the exact posts you were banned for, but it looks like you were flagged for invite spam. Since you were trying to invite people to your game, it’s likely it was a mixup on our behalf as gane invites and server invites look very similar, and you might have mistakenly posted a server invite.
I’ve unbanned you, assuming there wasn’t any intent of spamming.

31 Jul


Already posted by the artist himself.