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Hello Miners,

We thought it was final, but this is the Ultimate-Mega-Ultra-Remix Final hotfix!…we hope.. It contains a fix to the Gunner shield and some Drilldozer bugs.

The Ghost Ship Crew

- Attempt to fix Oil Canisters sometimes not getting instant picked up on clients in Escort.
- Tried to simplify Drill Dozer code, it works better
- Shieldgenerator can now again be thrown instantly + owner again gets shieldboost
- Fixed Gloomstalker neck being visible
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Originally posted by mr_edgeworthvii

I agree, but I think the game has to have been out for multiple years which is hasn't since it only officially been out since like May(?).

Everyone can be in Labor of Love - that's the one we could be in last year. This year it's full house, baby!

25 Nov


Rock and stone /u/SaucyParamecium!

Glad you like it! I think the mouse issue is explained elsewhere - but just to add to it. It might help to switch USB ports, or if the mouse is Razer, disabling Chroma can also help fix it.

It’s time to vote, Miners!
When we released Deep Rock Galactic into 1.0 earlier this year, it was after numerous big updates. If you have enjoyed what we've done do far, and feel that Deep Rock Galactic is worthy of the acclaim, we'd be honored if you would consider nominating it in the category Better With Friends.

You can only nominate Deep Rock Galactic in a single category, so if it's not your Better With Friends pick, we would be grateful if you considered it in other categories, such as Game Of The Year, Best Soundtrack, or Labor of Love.

Nomination Reward In proper DRG fashion, we’re throwing another in-game helmet into the foray to get the hype going! If we get nominated in any of the categories, you'll all get the lovely BOLTED MARAUDER... Read more

Thanks you! We are just grateful to have created a game that so many people have found worthy of their time. Rock and Stone!

24 Nov

23 Nov


Originally posted by DerpsterJ

I'm less than 150 km from your office, those shipping prices are ridiculous. I could drive there and back for a fraction of the shipping costs.

Don't you have a national shop or something? Or at least an EU alternative.

You could, but we don't have any of the merch here.

We're painfully aware that shipping costs aren't optimal for EU, and we hope to remedy that in the future. However, it's not easy finding a partner that cross off everything on the list, and we have to start somewhere.


Originally posted by Slime0

Ordered. Are these just being sewn together by the one person who designed it? Or is it manufactured somewhere?

It's their design being manufactured by FFXF.


Originally posted by SormanTosborn

Is it still possible to submit designs for Fan Forge?

Should be, yes. I think they're supposed to pick up new designs occasionally.

20 Nov

Hello Miners,

One of the community’s most requested things has been soft, cuddly, and tangible versions of the loot bugs native to Hoxxes IV. Well, we heard your request, and together with our merch partner For Fans By Fans, we’re finally able to reveal the loot bug plushie, together with a set of beer steins for the dwarves that like to hydrate regularly, and a hoodie for those cold nights on Space Rig 17.

The loot bug plushie is available for preorder right now and comes with a preorder bonus of two gold nuggets to fill the space next to the nitra in that greedy little belly. The cuddly wuddly, wittle bwug is an original fan submission for our Fan Forge competition by laryoung816

Use the code SANTADWARF for 20% off (Valid until Nov 26th. Does not apply to the preorders, such as the loot bug, but the beer steins and the hoodie and the rest of the merch are eligible for this discount). Note that due to production times, the loot bug will not be able to arrive... Read more

19 Nov


Use SANTADWARF for 20% off on non-preorders. (it doesn't apply to the plushie)