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Hello, Miners!
We're proud to announce our biggest update thus far - Season 01: Rival Incursion. Yes, that's right, we are, for now, moving to do themed Seasons instead of just Updates. Season 01 includes four new primary weapons, a new challenging boss-fight mission, and we're introducing a major new addition to the game: the Performance Pass - our take on a 100% FREE Battle Pass.

                                                      Screenshots from the new mission

NARRATED SEASON 01 TRAILER For us here at Ghost Ship, this feels like a significant moment, almost akin to how we felt launching into 1.0 last year. To celebrate this and to showcase all the cool ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

25 Oct


Originally posted by Sk00zle

I guess he needs another hint to confirm.



slowly pulls pickaxe from pocket

Wow, I didn’t think you could get those in miniature versions.


Originally posted by placentary

In terms of the fancy weapon mesh?

(͡•_ ͡• )


Originally posted by schmusi345

You are kidding me aren't you? Haha well I guess I will see sooner than later but this makes me even more excited about the update.



The only winning move is not to play, my dude.


There’s already mods that change and modify overclocks too, so I imagine it’s possible to mix it up quite a bit.


Worst part is, I know exactly what I did wrong. X_X
Will attempt to remember to fix before next Halloween... xD


Originally posted by Kothre

I love you guys but you are just not in line with the common understanding of the word here. You showing off previously undisclosed footage of your own work in an official capacity isn’t a leak; this would commonly be called a “reveal” or a “teaser.” A leak is when someone reveals such content without authorization, whether they’re inside the company or not.

The beauty of language means it can be both. Oxford's definition is this: "leak something (to somebody) to give secret information to the public" which is exactly what we doing. It's been secret up until the point where we low key chooses to leak it. Would you have reacted similarly, if we'd used the synonym "disclose"? The meaning is the same - it doesn't have to be whistleblowing - we're just revealing information in a very non-corporate way, using a word that is both correct and thematically in tune with it. It's as much about how we do it, too.


Originally posted by BlueSquido

Oh god

Can't sleep because of the cringe?


Originally posted by schmusi345

They never tease DLC cosmetics before an update. I highly doubt this is DLC content.

They usually drop a trailer shortly before the update. But up until now we haven't seen these before the actual trailer. I for my part would like to see a fancy weapon mesh

I guess you're in luck then!

24 Oct

23 Oct