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Rock and stone everyone! I play a good amount on the DRG discord and I figured most DRG enthusiasts would use it as well. Just about every group I join or make I've been casually asking what level everyone is to see how I rank compared to other peers. One evening it was slow in the LFG channel so I opened a public game and to my surprise several level 500+ dwarfs and even a couple over 1000 joined my game. I was a little taken back figuring anyone doing consistent Hazard 5 missions or people that were really high level weren't using the DRG discord. Nothing wrong with this I didn't use it consistently until the latest update but I just thought thats the way it was. Knowing this now I've come here to get a broader audience.

And after that long winded intro...

What is your current season pass level or the highest you've seen so far?

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  1. Help.

Management is impressed and a little bit scared, Miner.