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I find it quite annoying that some purchases that are identical for each dwarf have to be purchased individually. The equipment I can deal with, but hats... just why, GSG. Guys. Cmon. u/GSG_Jacob, I'm looking at you! I know you were behind this!

Let's just get rid of this. It's stupid and obsolete.

First of all EVERY SINGLE COSMETIC. There is no difference for the prices. It's a waste of resources to try and get a hat you want on more than one character. The armors are the only exceptions with some having specific resources for each character. The MK1, MK2, and MK3 Basic should be purchased across each class. The MK3 Heavy and MK5 suits can remain individual purchases for the sake of simplicity, though either an option to purchase each one simultaneously or synchronizing the resource requirements would be great.

Though unnecessary, syncing the purchases for equipment mods would be nice too. Pickaxe and flare mods are identical in every way. Armor mods could also be synced up. Again like the vanity suits, each class has a different resource requirement. This one in particular just seems stupid not to sync up. The suits are individual cosmetics, but the armor mods are literally identical. The only ones that could be left be are the resistance mods unique to each class.

If the equipment prices weren't synced up I wouldn't mind, but PLEASE sync up the cosmetic prices. I don't want to pay 20k for each of my dwarves to own a cosmetic. If it were a beard, then that'd be a whole nother story.

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Hey, I joined in March. You can blame me for the Skyrim memes and for a lot of things, but I wash my hands of this.