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All of the flairs on this sub are cut off or hidden by some image or something. It looks like most of them say "Dev".

Here's a screenshot I took: https://imgur.com/GEfFcyq

This is especially confusing because for the longest time I thought anyone with these next to their name was a developer for the game.

Is this happening for everyone or do I have to go uninstall some extensions to figure out what's wrong? Nothing I have should be causing this.

EDIT: Through a freak accident, I was sent to the non-old reddit, and all the flairs look fine there. So they just need to be updated on old reddit I guess?

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I'm seeing this on the old reddit?


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Originally posted by Landriff

.flair {
    background-image: url(//b.thumbs.redditmedia.com/mv6j0Og9VCHDAOWneOf-Tre9V1Rx3mtUpAyXtE687Xs.png);

This is the image I'm seeing. The spans are also not sizing properly. What browser are you using? I'm on Chrome 76.0.3809.100

Also you appear to have some non-standard dark mode theme?

Same browser, but it looks like it's the subreddit theme that makes it happen. I had it disabled on old Reddit, so didn't get the error, but with it enabled, I get it too. Looks like someone messed around a while ago and just gave up.

Edit: Removed the reference to the background image. Whoever did that was probably trying to add it to the dev flair, but missed the mark with a couple of lines. Gotta check to see if it changed something else, but that has to be later.

almost 4 years ago - /u/GSG_Jacob - Direct link

Originally posted by Landriff

Thanks, that fixed about half of it. Now they're really small for me.

Yeah, there was some leftover CSS that scaled it with a factor of 0.5. I have no idea what they were trying to do, but it's gone now too.

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