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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Miners,
This patch includes a bunch of QoL improvements and some bug fixes for modding support. You get clearer info about what mods a host is running before joining, and we have improved the whole experience around switching to and from a Sandbox save.

We are still looking into raising the mod cap. This turned out not to be a trivial task. And, we are also evaluating if there should be an ‘optional’ tag for Approved mods that don’t require everyone in a session to have it installed. More info to come.

With love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

- Mods not packaged for the current version of the game will be disabled on game launch to prevent crashes. Mods creators can set the compatible game version on mod.io. Players with an incompatible mod installed are still allowed to enable a mod from a previous game version, but warned when they do so.
- You can now load Regular Saves while on a Sandbox Save. Loading a Regular Save will now disable Sandbox Mods automatically.
- Pop up asking whether you want to change to a Regular Save will appear when all Sandbox mods are disabled.
- You can now cancel changing to a Sandbox save when installing and enabling Sandbox mods. Cancelling will automatically disable all Sandbox mods.
- Players on Sandbox saves can now see all other public servers in the Regular and Deep Dive Server list.
- Players on Sandbox saves joining Regular or Approved modded games will be prompted to change to a Regular save and their mods will be disabled on join.
- Changed text from 'Modded Save Game' to 'Sandbox Save'
- Prevented some illegal characters in save game names to prevent save game corruption.
- Added code to ensure that main saves can not be Sandbox saves. (Note: Changing names and/or info manually on files in the Save Games folder can cause this to break and can irreversibly corrupt your save).
- Added enable/disable all functionality to the Modding Menu.
- Added Cancel button in the Modding Menu to cancel enabling/disabling mods.
- Added ‘Show Only Modded Servers’ filter to the Server List.
- Added icons when joining a Modded server that show which mods are being downloaded and which you already have installed.
- Added that Approval Categories for mods are shown in Join Dialog and Sever List tooltip.
- Added mod info when hovering over mod name in Joining Dialog for Modded Servers.
- Disabled cancelling the joining progress, while downloading and installing mods in order to prevent corruption of mod files.
- Mods with one or more dependencies now get automatically disabled if the mod(s) they depend on are not enabled or not installed.
- Added a small tooltip on the Moddin Menu, when a mod cannot be enabled because of a missing dependency.
- Fixed a bug that caused dependencies to not enable/disable properly on join and leave.
- Fixed a bug that caused players with Approved mods enabled to hang forever in “joining” - when joining a Regular server for the second time after launching the game.
- Fixed a bug that made it so you could not join password protected modded games through the Server List
- Fixed that the mod name sometimes got cut off on the Modding Menu.
- Fixed that the modded text on the chat was not localizable.
- Fixed that the Player Rank icon became stretched when Player Rank was above 999
- Fixed a crash that occurred if a backup save was not detected.
- Fixed blueprint mods spawning one time for every player who joins a mission
- Added slovak language