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I've been having significant issues with connecting to public matches on PS5 for a couple weeks now. I searched online for solutions, and only found discussions that were over a year old. I have tried the following paths to try and fix the issue:

  • Ensured that my NAT Type was 2
  • Restarted modem and router multiple times
  • Disabled UPnP
  • Forwarded ports for PS5 that were discussed online
  • Restarted PS5, DRG itself, and checked my internet connection each time it occured, and each time my internet was reported to be working

Is anyone else encountering issues like this? I have about a 1/20 rate of success joining matches. I love DRG and want to play it, but dealing with this has been seriously frustrating.

Thanks in advance for any tips you all might have!

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3 months ago - /u/Bjorn_GSG - Direct link

We are currently looking into it, and have escalated the issue since we have no idea what is wrong, and been completely unable to reproduce

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