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Yknow funnily enough, Deep Rock Galactic also rescued me from really shitty times.

I was 18, and had recently graduated from highschool. My highschool career had been extremely rough to say the least, due to the fact that my autism made it really hard for me to determine what social cues are appropriate and whatnot. This resulted in countless situations where I would hurt people without intending to, which fueled my self loathing and treatment resistant depression (I was on at least 3 different meds at the time). I also was hospitalized for months after a suicide attempt nearly killed me, where I jumped off a building.

While I’m finally out of school, my parents and I start some more active procedures to attempt to treat my depression. Nothing had been working, and I was losing hope very quickly.

Eventually, I heard about ketamine treatment. It’s essentially the same thing as shroom therapy, but the doctors give you ketamine instead to trip out on.

When the first day came, I was told to find some calm music I really enjoyed to play during my trip, to make it as therapeutic as possible. I decided to go with Deep Rock Galactic’s non-combat soundtracks.

After taking the ketamine, I didn’t feel anything at first. I was just in a chair listening to some good tunes. Eventually though, the ketamine kicked in, and I experienced a drug trip that would change my life forever.

Once the trip was over, and the doctors + my mother came in to check on me, the first thing I said was “why am I not depressed anymore?” It was genuinely a miracle treatment, and I had never felt that level of bliss in my entire life at that point.

As I continued on with treatments, I chose to stick with the Deep Rock Galactic OST. I have been listening to it for every treatment ever since, which has been ongoing for around 1 year now.

Fast forward to today where I’m now in college. I got a DRG themed tattoo to cover one of my scars, and I’m filled with ambition. Life is frankly pretty good now, and I attribute a large portion of that to Deep Rock Galactic.

Thank you Sophus Alf and Ghost Ship Games, for giving me a chance at a good life.

Rock and Stone, Miner. That is a hell of a story and we are humbled and proud to be part of it.

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