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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Miners,
This patch is mainly a bunch of bug fixes and improvements along with some optimizations to the Core Stone event. Hopefully there are no catastrophic bugs this time…… hopefully

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

--- PATCH NOTES — - Fixed crash related to using the SmRt Trigger OC for the Lok-1 rifle
- Fixed Crystal terrain surrounding Resonance Crystals did not appear when joining during load screen
- Fixed Cryo Bolts being able to freeze neurotoxin grenade gas clouds
- Changed when DeepScan mission is removed from server browser. It is now removed when all the crystals have been scanned.
- Friends can still join until the first button on the drillevator has been triggered.
- Fixed coilgun being inconsistent at shooting certain enemy weakpoints
- Attempt to fix Victory move props visible in unusual places
- Collision optimization on the sticky mines
- Fixed chargeup time penalty of Tuned Cooler being x2 instead of + 0.2.
- Fixed plasma burster rockets not working on rift crystal
- [Community Request] Added class icons to paintjobs and victory moves in the tree of vanity
- Micro-Controller Add-on overclock had reduced arc range, now it is back to 15m
- Fixed caretaker tentacles sometimes spawning just as the fight ends and remains after the encounter is done
- Fixed neurotoxin explosion not doing damage
- Fixed shellbacks briefly going into their reference pose before exploding from volatile guts
- Poison gas and Maggot gas should now be ignitable by fire again.
- Improved spawning of the kursite event
- Barrels from the exploding barrel dispenser, Lunar trophies, Anniversary trophies, Data rack, Player leave resource pouch, and dorettas head can now be picked up while the player not grounded. Making them work like the other stuff you can pick up
- Added a Miners Manual entry for the Bha Barnacle - now please stop asking!
- Molly will now go to the nearest surface if floating
- Made the start of the rift event run smoother
- Fixed dying from Low Oxygen makes constant warning sound
- Morkite seeds will now be deposited to team resources when a player disconnects

Updated to S05.04.1
- Fixed a crash related to the Core Stone Event
- Fixed a crash related to the Coil Gun
- Fixed a crash related to particles