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Всякое разное: Больше об этом событии вы узнаете на странице его объявления.
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Hello Miners,
We adjusted hollomite spawning, now there should always be enough to meet mission objectives.
This patch will remove the 2018 Legacy Edition from the default steam branch, but it will be available through a steam beta branch called ‘drg_legacy’. A guide on how to access Legacy can be found here

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew
Season 03: PATCH 15

- Added steam beta branch ‘drg_legacy’. Opt into this to play DRG 2018 Legacy Edition.
- Disabled mission speak when promoting for the second time and onwards
- Fixed Loot Bug Lover victory pose not showing up in crates
- Fixed that the voiceline: "Why is this so fun" was subtitled as "This never gets old"
- Fixed that Mission Control would sometimes not warn about the drop pod leaving
- Fixed a rare bug where not enough hollomite would spawn
- Fixed a few typos
- Fixed a bug with the Romanian translations not getting updated

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