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My friend bought this game for me as a gift for Christmas, 3 of us played this game for the first time and it was sooo fun that I recommended it to my other friends, now 4 us played this game for 9 hours straight, we finished our first assignments and unlocked weapons, yesterday we promoted our classes and planning to do a deep dive soon.

The fun in this game is so good that I forgot to play my main game (Destiny 2) but scratch that, me and my friends and having a good time in DRG, we shared laughs as we explode into the Detonator, we got our sigh of relief after completing a full difficulty map with haz4, we even shared disappointments as my friend accidentally called the drop pod while doing the data cell machine event, but overall this game is so so good. Devs, if you are reading this, thank you for making this game and we are looking forward for future updates and other cool stuff. Rock and Stone!!

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Glad you like the game. Rock and Stone!

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Hi there, a lot of people have been reporting having issues with trophies not unlocking on PS5 despite meeting the requirements to unlock them. I've tried to get a response through Jira, Twitter, and on here but no luck so far. Are you guys aware of this issue? I love the game but it's really frustrating not having trophies unlock.

Yep, we're trying to find a fix for it.