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Hello Miners,
Deep Rock Galactic + The 2018 Legacy Edition on the Beta branch: drg_legacy, here on Steam for anyone who didn't get their fill of v.1 of DRG during the Year 05 Anniversary Event.

Save games are shared between the main and the drg_legacy branch, for both current DRG and Legacy - so no need to start over or change up saves.

Also, since the current version of the game is still included on the drg_legacy branch and will be kept up to date with the main branch - you can play the current version of DRG with Miners on the main without having to re-download the game.

Here's a guide (with pictures) on how to access the drg_legacy branch and launch the 2018 Legacy Edition of Deep Rock Galactic:

  1. Go to your Steam Library

  2. Right Click Deep Rock Galactic

  3. Select ‘Properties’

  4. Select the ‘Beta’ tab

  5. In the drop down menu: Select drg_legacy - DRG + 2018 Legacy Edition

  6. Click ‘Play’

  7. On the pop-up with ‘Launch Options’ select ‘Play 2018 Legacy Edition’

    NOTE: You might need to restart Steam to make the ‘Play 2018 Legacy Edition’ show up on the list.

  8. Click ‘Play’ and enjoy the 2018 Legacy Edition

Those of you who have set the ‘Always use this option’ and therefore don’t get the launch option selection pop-up
  1. Right click ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ in you Steam Library

  2. Select 'Properties'

  3. In 'General' click the 'Launch Options' drop down

  4. Either directly select 'Play 2018 Legacy Edition' or .preferably, 'Ask when starting game'

    a. If you select 'ask when starting the game' you will get the UI in the second image in this post, where you can select 'Play Deep Rock Galactic' or '2018 Legacy Edition'

    b. If you select 'Play 2018 Legacy Edition' in the 'Properties' menu then you will have to repeat these steps but set it to 'Play Deep Rock Galactic' to be able to play “normal” Deep Rock Galactic.

  5. Follow step 6-8 from the first part of the guide

To the Greybeards for whom, the Legacy Version were their first encounter with DRG and the Greenbeards who've just joined (and all the beards in-between):

Thank you for joining Deep Rock Galactic - Rock and Stone!
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Всякое разное: Больше об этом событии вы узнаете на странице его объявления.

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