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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Miners,
Patch containing various minor fixes and a fix for B.O.S.C.O. Egg/Arquaq Stealing tendencies - He should be safe to bring on missions again.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

— PATCH NOTES — - Fixed the Subata 120 overclock “Explosive Reload” not affecting one of the hiveguard’s weak spots
- Fixed Huuli Hoarder not reacting to dwarves being nearby or attacking it
- Fixed Lithofoamer and Lithovac breaking hacking pod connection
- Fixed cosmetic tree not showing the name of the weapon for all skins
- Fixed unused strings for crowdin
- Added missing objective description for Industrial Sabotage
- Fixed Naedocyte Breeder scaling in size when shot with arrow
- Added tweaks on shouts, meteor timer and misc audio
- Added a longer indication for when a Caretaker Appendage will burrow and pop out of the ground
- Added collider on top of Cleansing Pod for pipelines
- Made sure that the player count is reset on reload of worlds
- Fixed the "Weapon Licence Assignments Completed" tab not counting correctly
- Fixed a bug that caused Worm pod remains to not be destroyed after 10 seconds
- Added missing names for Rival Tech and Lithophage enemies in the Bestiary
- Removed unnecessary comma from earned currency for the secondary objective
- Fixed meteor latejoin sound and drop issues
- Adjusted movement settings of Fester Fleas
- Reduced the space electric crystals take when trying to spawn other things in the cave
- Plagueheart now looks like a plagueheart on the terrain scanner
- Fixed Bosco consuming carryables in some cases