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I'm sorry you've been conditioned into thinking updates of this nature need to cost money. GSG have said for a long time they don't wish to gate game-altering content behind paywalls. They respect their playerbase, unlike the companies that have dictated to you over the last decade or so how to repeatedly give them more and more money. Celebrate companies like GSG instead of criticising them for something like giving you MORE CONTENT FOR NOTHING. They're the good guys in this scenario. Rock and Stone.

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I don’t want to sound like a leaf loving pessimist but am I the only one wondering if “revealed later” is just “pay for scribs” from the store to buy old season stuff?

If by pay for scrips you mean buy with your hard earned £€¥$ then no that's not what we mean. You will be able to unlock it somehow by just playing the game. We just have not yet descided how exactly.