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It was me and one dude. He was mining gold and trying to get all of the 2nd obj resources, whilst I was killing bugs and fueling the Dozer. He didn't even know how to fuel the f*cking dozer, he kept trying to drill through the oil stone at the beginning.

I even showed him what you're supposed to do with the fueling.

I left him to do whatever he wanted, and waited for him to finish. Once he came to the dozer at the stone, I started it.

We were doing fine. Was almost finish, literally a slither of health left on the stone and....


Like, bro. I literally had a depressive meltdown the other day and then this...

I know it's dumb but fuuuuck dude. You know when something just makes no sense.

Why do that to somebody? It's not even funny, I just don't get it.

Is there ANY actual reason for people kicking just before the last obj is done?Do they get more resources than you?

That, I can understand. But if he just kicked me to make me feel like sh*t, then f*cking hell man...

Pretty rough.

20 minutes ain't too much of a waste but when you're low... stuff like this hits different.

Just a rage post but if anyone has an answer as to why anyone would do that, thanks.

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3 months ago - /u/Robert_GSG - Direct link

Kicking a fellow employee off the team like that before mission extraction is most certainly against company policy, and strongly frowned upon by Management. It is not simply rude and in straight violation of the Company Rulebook, it hurts the quotas!

Do not let the actions of this one fool get you down, Miner. Go have a brew, then get back in there with better miners that knows the value of teamwork!

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