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I can't create a lfg group without receiving multiple messages advertising one of these bloody services.

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They used to make the LFG posts directly. Bungie made it so you need to own one of the newer DLCs to create posts (anyone could join, regardless of DLC) - this cut the spam considerably since the bot accounts aren’t going to pay for any DLC to just get banned and lose money.

Now they scour the accounts that make/join legit posts and exploit Bungie’s accounts through DM spam. If the bot gets banned for advertising through DM, they just make another throw away account.

It’s only a matter of time before Bungie adds SMS verification to DM, or more insane requiring DLC ownership for that too.

We are working on some changes to help deal with the DM spam on bungie.net, but it probably won't involve requiring DLC ownership or SMS verification. It won't be a panacea, but it will hopefully help a little bit.

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