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10 years ago, Cozmo started this subreddit when Destiny was still nearly 2 years away from releasing. That's really quite something when you stop to consider it. This community has been around, in some form, for a decade. The first Internet Archive snapshot of it comes from the week leading up to the very first trailer in 2013, as the budding community followed an ARG and engaged in wild speculation about what could happen (...we don't do that still, right?).

The first 4 mods were Cozmo23, Dacvak, GeneralWarts, and firestream, watching over posts like one breaking down the original Destiny publishing contract and the first reveal of the Fallen as an enemy race.

In the 10 years since that fateful day in December, we've grown to nearly 2.7 million subscribers, become recognized as one of the best online game communities in the world, and launched a lot of careers in the industry. Just think about the names from this subreddit that you now see writing in TWABs (Cozmo and Mercules), making their own games (rlight, Ruley, Woodhouse, D0cR3d, and a bunch of others), working for giant brands like Marvel (KobOne), and rounding out the top tier of content creators in the world (DrLupo and Datto).

We've built thousands of friendships (the true endgame, per DeeJ) and a good number of you have ended up meeting your DTG friends in real life. We have mastered the art of messing with Xur, from megamanexe4's uncanny Xur inventory predictions to LFG groups holding him hostage at reset. We melted Reddit's collective brain with Gjallarhorn Day in 2015 and have celebrated the complete chaos of the tentacle-faced merchant bringing D1's most OP exotic for sale every year since.

We've raised money for charity. We've mourned departed friends (RIP Craysh). We've gathered in Florida at DestinyCon/Destiny Community Con/GuardianCon/GCX. We've decoded mysteries, watched HuskyRaid dances, remembered Club Penguin, pulled the ethernet cable on a god, and then wore his dad's ass for a hat when he came to try and take his revenge.

The special banner you see on the subreddit now is a collaboration between 4 incredible community artists who generously donated their time to celebrate this amazing milestone for DestinyReddit. Pherian contributed Savathun, YungKhan contributed Calus, theEverdrift (AKA Destiny_TheMeme) contributed Atheon, and KobOne contributed Aksis. We wanted the banner to show the four core races we've faced as Guardians gathering around a birthday cake and this Fireteam of legends delivered beautifully. Massive thanks to them and please go follow them!

Before turning the proverbial microphone over to our founder and former top moderator, Cozmo, we just wanted to say thank you for the past 10 years. While it hasn't always been a smooth ride, it's been an incredible one and we're looking forward to Lightfall and whatever else comes in the future of the franchise.

Per Audacia Ad Astra,

The /r/DestinyTheGame Mod Team (and Moderators Emeritus)

K_Lobstah, Nikosaur, Rlight, Fuzzle_hc, Clarkey7163, MikeyJayRaymond, MisterWoodhouse, notliam, Hawkmoona_matata, gsmebbs, OxboxturnoffO, Glamdring804, GenericDreadHead, LucentBeam8MP, GreenLego, ZarathustraEck, The--Marf, CompuZockt, irJustineee, RiseOfBacon, Squeagley, ChrisDAnimation, Ruley9, aslak1899, Tahryl, Skellums, Techman-, HeyItzSteve, Cardzfan5, Mastershroom, MetalGilSolid, D0cR3d, MattyMcD, trytoguessmypsn, Redka243, thirdegree, aaron-il-mentor, and - of course - NorseFenrir (Happy Birthday!)

And now, a word from Cozmo

Greetings DTG,

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this subreddit came to be. From the humblest of beginnings—it’s grown now to over 2.7 million users. When the mods asked me if I’d like to contribute to the 10th anniversary post, I stopped to think about what to write. I’ve heard people say in passing or in articles over the years that I “created” the DTG subreddit. But I don’t think that’s accurate. This was always collaborative effort by everyone who loves this game and would soon become the Destiny community. I was just put into a position to help build a team of moderators to create a few pillars to shape its formation.

It’s been fascinating to watch it grow and change over the years as talented mods were added to build bots and images and continue to shepherd the growing community. It’s spanned through nearly two years of pre-release, the eventual launch of Destiny and now continues through the lifespan of Destiny 2. Getting to be a part of the early days and part of the group deciding what this place would be and how to tackle challenges that arose along the way played a big role in shaping who I am today. I’ll never forget annoying my wife by being on my phone during a dinner chatting with the mod group. I remember trying to explain to her that we had added a sidebar to the subreddit and everyone was extremely angry and we needed to respond. What a time to be alive.

But I digress. I was honored to be offered a position at Bungie back in 2015, and able to pass full control of this sub to the amazing mod team that continues to run it to this day. It’s been truly amazing to get to watch this sub continue to grow and experience it both from the side of a Destiny player as well as part of the team at Bungie.

We’ll continue watch this sub and other Destiny subs here on reddit with admiration. Thanks for keeping this place going for a decade and happy anniversary! Enjoy the Season 19 launch this week.

<3 Cozmo

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Congrats on 10 years!