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2 years ago I was really hyped for Beyond Ligth dlc. So I decided to complete the raid challenges and get the chance to buy the raid ring, it was gorgeous. I preordered on July 15th 2020, but it was shipped until November 8th 2020. Then I got the tracking code to monitor my package. I was aware that my purchase could take long time to arrive due to COVID 19 economic impact. However I waited for more than 3 months and I didn't receive any notification for the delay. In fact, after the third month the tracking code had stopped working. Next, I tried to inform to Bungie Store costumer service about my issue. Then, they sent me an email explaining that they tried to recover the package to the warehouse. After that they would resent it. Since the last email I haven't receive any update of my issue. What should I do? I'm from Mexico. So, I don't know if I could sue an international company. In fact, I dont know who was the responsable of complete the transaction Bungie Store or UPS. Any advice would be truly appreciated.

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Sorry you are having trouble with an order. PM your order details and I will look into it tomorrow.