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As the title says. Went from around 25-26 shells to 17-18, so a practically third of it gone.

Noticed this pretty quickly when testing the updated IKELOS shotgun and other weapons in the same archetype. Also checked if these were just some outliers, but that doesn't seem to be the case as it's affecting every shotgun in that archetype according to my tests.

Ain't too sure if this is an intentional change or not, but thought it'd be worth posting about. I couldn't find anything about any upcoming changes in regards to this, nor anything in the latest patchnotes.

Would be nice to get some more insight or clarity on the matter.

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about 2 months ago - /u/dmg04 - Direct link

Known issue. Team was doing some backend work to "clean up" rapid-fire traits. Just makes things a bit easier in development moving forward, but looks like a small issue was introduced through that work.

While I can't provide an ETA for a fix, team is on it and we'll communicate when we can.