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Why does everything (the music, the voices, the sound effects for guns and inventory) sound absolutely terrible? Everything's muddy, not just compressed but like you're listening to a car radio rather than a video game.

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Originally posted by matteoarts

I did not initially. I activated 3D audio to see if it might fix the issue, but it sounds the same either way.

Is it across all activities or menus or just in some spots?

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It sounds like some kind of added reverb or something to that effect. I noticed it but thought I was just hallucinating. I only played the first mission so far. I’m on PC using Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro. I’m using sonar which defaults to 8 channels and I’m assuming downsmixes to stereo unless you turn the surround on. Hope this information helps!

So far I believe some users on ps5 are hitting this issue. We're looking into it and trying to gather info. We believe it could be tied in some way to the 3d audio setting. Try any kind of disabling of any of these settings, restarting the app and messing around with any Dolby settings on your personal setup. Hopefully you can find a way around it until we pinpoint the cause and fix it!

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Been looking for a fix aswell haven’t found anything

Disable 3d audio with the game closed then relaunch it. Let me know if that works