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Edit: We just contacted the winner. Thanks everyone for celebrating Gjally Day with us!

Once again, the mods are asleep and it's time to break the rules by asking for up votes.

On second thought, I don’t really care how many upvotes you give as I’m giving away this thing away regardless, you can’t stop me. Better be at least more than 50 though.

Anyways, leave a parent comment below and you will be entered to win one of our NERF LMTD GJALLARHORN BLASTERS. And yes we will also send you the cool Gjallarfoam ornament to go with it when it goes live. Please only leave one parent comment, adding any more will get you disqualified.

You have until 9AM Pacific on 8/15 to enter**(read all of the legal jargon below for eligibility. Sorry, still US only because of international laws) and we will message the winner that Monday. The winner will receive their Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn sometime in the future after they become available and start to ship out(Current Estimate Q1 2023.) If you don't win, these are still available on the Bungie Store.

ALSO DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE DESTINY 2 SHOWCASE ON 8/23 HERE! Will there finally be penguin content in the game??? No, no there will not, but you can watch to find out what we do have coming up.

Have fun today with your sh*t posting.

*Official Legal Jargon: No purchase necessary, only US residents are eligible, void where prohibited, enter by posting one top-level comment only, promotion ends at 9AM Pacific, on 8/15. Winners will be randomly selected from among the unique entries, the winner will receive a Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn and Gjallarfoam weapon ornament which is valued at less than $500, multiple entries from the same individual will disqualify the individual. By submitting an entry, you agree to Bungie's privacy policy at https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Legal/PrivacyPolicy. If you are selected to win, we will contact you via reddit PM within 3 days.

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