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0s [Music]
1s it's very exciting to be here from
2s diablo's 25th anniversary as soon as i
5s saw on twitter that you guys were doing
6s this event i'm like hell yeah let's go i
9s love having diablo here taking over the
11s shop the fact that diablo and blizzard
12s would want to do something like this is
14s just so cool for the fans it's a moment
16s it's an event it's happening in tear
18s [Applause]
20s [Music]
23s pulling up around like 9 45 this morning
26s that's a line like that's a lot of
27s people yeah i couldn't believe it when i
29s pulled up at 6 6 30 in the morning that
31s there were already people outside who
32s are lining up around the block the
34s posters the statues of the cinematics on
36s the tv like all right this is a real
38s height of event kind of deal
40s the reason why i wanted to get a diablo
41s tattoo is because it's one of the games
44s that me and my friends bonded over today
47s i wanted a diablo tattoo because this
49s game was how i established a
51s relationship with step dad i wanted to
53s get a diablo tattoo because my son my
56s son is a diablo fan we get to see
58s firsthand the kind of fan experience
60s that has made people love this franchise
63s so much
65s [Music]
70s i haven't really ever won anything in my
72s life so when i got that email i almost
74s jumped out of my seat i chose the
76s necromancer for the tattoo because it's
78s a little special to me my dad and i when
80s diablo 2 first came out he would play
82s while i was at school and i would play
84s when he was at work my kids love to play
86s so we all play together and just run
88s around and have a good time
91s diablo reminds me of good times with
93s being with my family and being able to
95s log on and just have a lot of fun
98s i pick tyrial for my tattoo because i
102s like
102s what he represents justice i love his
104s design he's a really pretty character
107s and he was one of my favorite parts of
109s diablo 3. diablo means a lot to me
112s because 25 years ago me and my friends
114s were playing in his basement you know
115s the og number one game which started it
117s all so
119s there's a lot there you know
120s i'm so excited for diablo 4. excited
124s waiting what if you guys play right now
127s that'd be awesome cool let's do it
131s oh hell yeah
132s [Music]
134s being here
135s um at the 25th anniversary of diablo
137s playing diablo 4 is
139s really cool oh my god
143s the best diablo experience to date
145s boom the ability graphics look polished
148s alright i died
150s it's definitely a step up from d3 it's
152s going to be awesome
154s happy that i got it done here at this
156s event and commemorate it forever
159s never happened before and it could never
161s happen again so you got to go check it
163s out thank you blizzard for everything if
166s diablo's still around for the 50 year
168s you can put another one right underneath
169s it
171s [Music]