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3s hello everyone I'm Rod Ferguson and I'm
6s Joe Shelley now as Diablo 4 marches
9s towards its launch next year we're
10s excited to announce that we'll soon be
12s entering a new testing phase an end game
15s closed beta focused on everything that
16s happens after you finish the Epic
18s campaign since it's a closed beta we'll
20s be directly inviting a large number of
22s people using gameplay data to find
24s players who have recently spent
26s significant time in Diablo and game
28s experiences these players will give us
31s feedback on end game features like PVP
33s nightmare dungeons Whispers of the dead
36s and our newest feature helltight
38s to be eligible to receive our invite
41s make sure you check out our latest blog
43s for instructions
44s and don't worry if you're not invited
46s public testing phases will come early
48s next year
50s now participants in the end game beta
51s will be under NDA so they won't be able
54s to discuss it publicly but this feedback
56s is critical to ensuring Sanctuary is an
58s exciting place to slay demons long after
60s the campaign is over and on behalf of
62s the Diablo 14 I want to say thanks for
65s your support and we'll have even more
67s news to share later this year so stay
69s tuned and in the meantime hail Lilith
71s Blessed Mother
77s [Music]