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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s [eerie music playing]
5s [animals snarling and chewing]
11s [narrator] I speak now to those who heed a darker call.
17s [animal growls]
18s [bones crunch]
20s [dripping]
23s [animal whimpers]
24s [narrator] Those bold enough to cross the line of Sin
29s for deeper knowledge,
33s who'll follow an unquenchable yearning
37s born of blood and bone...
45s to unlock the forbidden secrets
49s and foulest black rituals,
54s calling forth life from death.
58s Murder…
60s My family…
63s I saw…
68s [squelch]
71s [menacing music playing]
75s [narrator] To truly embrace this power,
78s you must take it into the world.
81s [people whisper]
84s But you will be shunned,
86s scorned...
90s marked as a living sacrifice
94s to this profane knowledge.
103s You will be a Priest of Rathma.
108s A Necromancer.
111s [dramatic music playing]
116s [roars]
117s And you will not confront the darkness alone.
123s We are the Speakers of the Dead
127s and the Dead have no mercy.