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0s [Music]
3s I'm ecstatic to be here for Diablo's
5s 25th anniversary in Miami for these
7s tattoos it's a huge moment for the game
9s this is the Diablo tattoo shop right now
12s I didn't know it was gonna be so many
16s people
17s [Music]
20s we drove 23 hours to get here got here
23s about 450 and there were already people
25s here ahead of me 6 50 8 A.M coming
27s around the corner and oh I literally
30s left my breakfast that I ran to the live
32s this was real this is happening
34s I started playing Diablo in high school
37s so I did a friend's house blew my mind
39s I've spent so much time playing with me
41s and my friends we've gotten so much
42s enjoyment out of it when I heard from
44s blizzard I was super excited one of the
46s best games out there working with one of
48s the best shops and when you walk in you
50s see the statues of the different
51s characters the red drapes the lighting
54s kind of makes me feel like I'm a tattoo
56s artist in the game
58s the tattoos are they're amazing I got
62s the Barbarian Demon Hunter the Druid
64s bear claw I got the Necromancer I
68s normally main Demon Hunter but I'm like
69s you know what I kind of feel the
70s Necromancer that's what I plan to play
72s in Diablo for and it looks really nice
74s I'm really happy with it
76s I got an email about winning and I was
79s beside myself just being here is amazing
81s so I chose material the Archangel of
83s Justice being in the military it was
85s kind of like keeping people safe it just
87s felt right so you play the game a lot
90s huh 20 years work oh wow I play the
95s Sorceress now for me like that was very
97s important to see strong women like the
101s Rogue character and then Diablo 2 the
103s Amazon the Assassin for my tattoo I
106s chose the health and Mana
108s representations I wanted something that
111s was obvious for a Diablo fan to get but
114s also anyone would appreciate it
116s still can't get over how well tattoo
119s baby did with the line work I'm just
122s thrilled that this is something that
124s will be with me forever
126s it was probably the easiest decision
128s I've ever made I've played the Diablo
130s franchise for so long now that it just
132s makes sense
134s I am beyond excited for Diablo 4. what
136s if I told you you guys play it right now
139s yeah oh my God yes
143s [Music]
146s oh
147s God damn veterans already I'm getting
150s some Act five vibes from Diablo 2 which
154s I like oh my God it's so pretty all the
157s key art even the character selection
159s screen the backdrop are fantastic it's
161s just so much detail
163s everything looked amazing it was
166s impressive to have that fine amount of
168s detail it's by far the best Diablo
172s experience where it's just a constant
175s barrage of enemies and just constantly
176s attacking the gameplay along with the
179s storyline is killer oh man I definitely
183s experienced hell's Inc
187s one of these select few people has been
189s absolutely an honor you're part of that
191s community that grew up with this game
193s and loves it this is a game that I'm me
195s playing for the rest of my life
196s [Music]
198s [Applause]

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