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- Big announcement was Steam release some time in 2024, alongside/after release of new game. James is looking to 'streamline' a release of DBT (for want of a better way of putting it), with 3 game modes and perhaps some new player models etc. Will discuss this with the community in about a years time.

- Season 5 battle pass is out now and will be free, might be last one by sounds of it

- Vaguely mentioned eSports, Pro Series coming up (see sticky post)

- GD Studios now 30 people, busy working on new game, only had 10 when making DBT

- As we all know the new game(s) has the same engine as DBT, so every engine update to new game will also apply to Diabotical - including new/improved map creator

- New game should give them the money to continue to support DBT servers for years to come.


Stream was only 14 minutes long, the first 3 of which was setting up and making sure everyone could hear. Understandable I guess, not a lot to cover.

If I have missed anything I am sure someone else can add below.

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We are still talking to people and there's some work required before we can launch on Steam, it is not certain that it will be in 2024.

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