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Originally posted by vsesuki

Thanks. I'll see next test period, and give those vars a try if necessary. I wish I had more objective observations than 'feels like X' :)

For the record, you shouldn't feel bad about that :) We work with both objective and subjective feedback, and sometimes subjective feedback is very important where hard data is incomplete or hard to analyse. In fact I do often ask specifically for "subjective feedback" on changes, like having someone jump around shooting at things for a while back and forth between two versions and just see what feels better. You'd think this is error-prone but it is actually exceedingly rare that a player gets it wrong when it comes to telling which is better between A and B (at least in my experience).


Originally posted by vsesuki

I made the original thread.

I brought up mouse input because I was thinking along the lines of: wonky mouse input => slowed circle and strafe jumps => game feels slower.

But after the beta on Aug 8-9, and your comment:

described as "floatiness" that have more to do with physics and friction

I'm feeling pretty convinced the floatiness I'm experiencing is in the physics/friction realm.

OK, we might need to subdivide this issue yet again because there's also two things in here that we could be talking about.

The issue that affected mouse input, the one that we think we have improved/solved, also affected keyboard input. That would be conceivably consistent with what you are describing, if so this may also be solved.

To know if the issue if the other thing that I was mentioning in my post (i.e, you find friction is just too low), during the next test, start a custom game pasting this in the Commands field:

phy_surface_friction: 20;

phy_accel_ground: 20;

This is going to make you super grounded, pinning you to the ground as soon as you touch it, kinda like Super Meat Boy. It's an extreme so you can see if that's at the root of your feedback. The ground acceleration is increased in this example to compensate for the increased friction, the value is not exact to keep things as they were, just ...

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11 Aug

Regarding this issue with multi-threaded input:


We made several improvements and fixes to multi-threaded input yesterday. We have had good results in our internal testing group.

  • People who previously felt ON was better than OFF, now think the the difference is more pronounced and multi-threaded is even better. The qualifier "crisp" has come up a few times.

  • On the side of more objective testing, somebody did 180º flick tests back and forth between versions with and without the fix, and accuracy improved significantly.

  • Some people who were disabling it are now playing with it enabled.

The improvem...

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10 Aug


    Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct
  • Stability improvements - please report if you see any part of a map looking unusual relative to how it looked before

Thank you for playing in the Diabotical Stress Test 3! The next Stress Test will start on August 15th at 19:00 CEST. Check it in your timezone here

If you played during this stress test or during the closed beta weekends in March you do not need a new key to play in the following stress test, the game will receive an update in your library that will re-enable it when the stress test starts. If you haven't played Diabotical yet and don't have a key you can sign-up to receive one on http://diabotical.co...

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  • Fixed some issues with the colors of some props and blocks not being correct (some props using “color2” and block materials that had accent colors attached)
  • Potential multithreaded input fix
  • Fixed the Steal progress bar in MacGuffin not showing up when a player is stealing the MacGuffin from a base
  • Fixed the Alignment of the Rank name after finishing the placement matches and being awarded a rank for the first time

09 Aug


    Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct

Firstly we can do simple bots for aim maps for practice mode. Later we could try do actual bots for custom lobby & offline play.

Originally posted by TheCatfishManatee

Is it on constantly or is there some sort of condition like in Wipeout?

In Shaft Arena and Rocket Arena it's on at all times

Both Shaft Arena and Rocket Arena have 50% lifesteal, if you do 10 damage you receive 5hp, this effect is also present if you are the last person alive on a Wipeout team or if you grab the Siphonator powerup in modes with powerups. It's not present in Aim Arena

When we change a map we are supposed to bump the version of the game and force people to update after they finish their current game, otherwise the game server is going to see a different version of the map as if your version is outdated and you won't be able to start the game.

We updated Skybreak last night (morning?) and the client version failed to be bumped. Raven stayed around removing penalties manually for a while to people affected. (Hopefully your penalty for this would have been removed too, if it wasn't let me know). We'll make changes to the system today so this doesn't happen again.

There is still an edge case that we need to solve at a technical level, and it's to notify server instances running continuous games.

As an aside, most of these map versioning issues will be solved when we introduce the final content delivery system for map delivery that we are gonna use that allows the community to contribute maps, in this system everything will hav...

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  • Improvements that address a crash when loading maps and some memory leaks, remove a hiccup when team switching, joining a game and starting a round, and may also fix some performance degradation issues.
  • Some fixes to Skybreak that hadn’t come in in the previous update including some fixes to dark spots on the map
  • Took out some unneeded console messages to prevent possible micro hiccups

0.20.267 was a maintenance update for the sake of investigating/potentially fixing some server connection issues

Originally posted by postironicirony

Thanks! is there a way to enable race physics (or cpm) directly, instead of changing all the air speed variables manually?

The version of the race physics which we want isn't working correctly so the Custom Game's more settings doesn't have a physics options dropdown at the moment, when it is working correctly that setting will be added.

Originally posted by Protryt

-Bug type: Unable to start the game anymore

-Description: I am not able to start the game anymore. Was playing for a few hours today and suddenly my game crashed. When I am trying to start it again I get EQU8 error: "unable to start the game process", "update unable to complete. please retry".


Windows 10 event viewer shows the following message: "The EQU8_13 service terminated with the following service-specific error: The operation completed successfully."

Computer restart and game files verification does not fix the problem.

-Reproduction: I can reproduce it on my PC every single time when I try to run the game but I am not sure if it is something specific related to my PC or not.

- Hardware: R9 3900x, rtx 2080ti, 16gb ddr4

Please try verifying the game by going to the Epic Games Library, then click the 3 dots button next to Diabotical and press verify, if that does not work, please try going to your game installation, likely C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Diabotical delete diabotical.exe and diabotical-launcher.exe and verify again. If this continues to fail please try restarting the Epic Games Launcher, if it still fails please try restarting your computer. If it continues to fail delete the C:\ProgramData\EQU8 folder, delete diabotical.exe and diabotical-launcher.exe and verify the game again.

  • Tentative fix to performance degradation happening for some users when new rounds start
  • Perilous’ Minimap is now visible
  • Crystal Cove’s ambient sounds have been changed to calm waves

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