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  • It is now possible to press a weapon keybind of a missing weapon or of the currently selected weapon to display a waypoint to its spawning location(s) - there will be an option to disable them soon
  • In team modes the names of players are now indicated below their avatars in the Ally and Enemy Players HUD elements
  • There is now a Spectator Item Timer HUD element that shows the current item respawn times for the major armors, Megahealth, and powerups
  • In the Final Scoreboard there is now a column that displays the time played for each player
  • Assists and Frags are now displayed at different font sizes to better distinguish them

Visual changes

  • The visibility range of stickers on eggbots has increased
  • Increased the size of the MacGuffin's position indicator by 40%


  • Fixed incorrect first person firing sounds


  • Collision fixes to Frontier
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Originally posted by koi_vision

The weapons ping when you press the weapon key again, even if you have the weapon already.
Also, what does the increased distance for stickers mean?

Thanks guys!

As an optimisation, when decals get small with long distances they start fading out until they stop being rendered. This range has been doubled for stickers so that they are visible in more situations. EDIT: About the first thing you mentioned, that's intended, it's so that you can find it again if you are running out of ammo, for example.

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Originally posted by Hippotion

Could you please increase the teammate name decal in size? It's too small to properly read when they are on the other side of the map.