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Hey folks, We've wanted to upgrade the tip screen for a while. Though everyone is pretty swamped here doing the 100 updates in 100 days challenge (fml). I'm hoping we could get a little help from you all. The tip screen shows when you load into maps. I think it would be more fun if the tips were from the community who play the game. Rather than the generic tips that devs normally do.

So if you want to contribute with tips to help others learn or just read something weird... Just post your tip here in the reddit thread and sign it with your in-game EGS alias or well whatever alias you want to be credited for the tip. If you want to post more than 1 tip. I would say 3 max is nice so various tips from the community rotate :)

example tip:

"Try to get a good weapon before you engage" - 2GD

This really helps us :) plus you get your name in the tip screens, which might be fun! We have various different art work for the tips, so if you write about the rocket launcher or melee weapon etc. We will use the best image for the tip. Here's a generic tip screen as an example of what the art work looks like.

TLDR: Work for us for free plx


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