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Hello every1 had have this problem for some time now. When I start Diabotical it doesnt start. Only get an error saying Title:"Easy Anti-Cheat Launch Error" Message: "Failed to initialize the game launcher". I have tried verified files, tried to reinstalled epic game launcher, diabotical and now I re installed windows/whole computer etc. Still get the same message. I can play on my account on other computers but not on mine. Have anyone had the same problem or does anyone know a solution?

Other games work as Fortnite etc.



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Have you tried what was mentioned in this thread? https://www.reddit.com/r/Diabotical/comments/1469wsh/eac_error_code_30005_preventing_game_from_starting/

I would recommend checking Yakumo's suggestion first in case it applies here (Windows Security->Device security->Core isolation details->Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection->Turn Off if it's On https://www.elevenforum.com/t/enable-or-disable-kernel-mode-hardware-enforced-stack-protection-in-windows-11.14966/#One )