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my problem is whenever i go under create> create new > console> /edit

it just resets my character

I've tried /help edit but its not clear because it asks for the name of the map but i never got the option to name a map

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Hi, there is some information about the map editor here https://liquipedia.net/arenafps/Diabotical_map_editing note that the google document linked still has better formatting than the other pages for the moment. There's also a map editing discord here where people might be able to help you with some questions and map discussions https://discord.gg/gz6rDBg

To start on an empty map you can either press the create new button inside of the create menu or open the console and type /edit then to save a map type /save mapnamehere and then when you /edit mapnamehere you will load the latest version of "mapnamehere" that you saved.

There are some bindings in the settings-controls-editing tab, you can press F4 to select the editpad in order to select it and then be able to edit, F4 again will put it away.

While you have the editpad selected you can make changes to blocks by default with by scrolling down and up on the mouse wheel to create or destroy blocks and you can open the editpad by pressing F1 (toggles it on and off), then typing something in the editpad's search and double clicking an entity will added on the block that you are hovering over, you can select an entity to modify its size, rotation, position and change certain properties via the properties tab in the editpad.

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Originally posted by vernierboi

How can you try out a Downloaded map? Where are you supposed to put the files?

You can create a folder called "maps" in your diabotical installation, possibly C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Diabotical for you and place it there

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Diabotical map editing
Diabotical's in-game Map Editor is still feature-incomplete and requires knowledge of the in game console to use effectively. If you're familiar with some basic command line operations and willing to use a work-in-progress tool, then the Map Editor is extremely powerful and capable of making impressive maps - all of the official maps were made with it! The Map Editor is accessible by clicking on the Folder icon, in the top right corner of the Main Menu. (It's the fourth from the right) You can also bring up the console by pressing `, and typing /edit. This documentation references an official document, which is currently better formatted. Any help maintaining this new wiki is appreciated!