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FYI, long post incoming...

Let me begin by saying that DBT is currently my most enjoyable game. I love afps and DBT has an active enough community. W/ that said, I've been experiencing game breaking issues for some time now. I'm amazed I'm still bothering with the game given my info.

For a good while now, I've been experiencing stutter, mouse lag, input lag and erratic uneven model movement (fast then slow to skipping). Player models also appear to be moving at roughly .25x faster than they should. It's absolutely infuriating and makes it very difficult to play at a high level. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to resolve this issue. I'm also experiencing this issue on multiple systems (12700k which was upgraded to a 13700k, and on my 7950x rig).

This is the best I can do to describe what I'm experiencing. It's most obvious when lging bots. The boy movement is not smooth, even and consistent. The bot model is moving in what seems like fast forward .25x. The movement is erratic and jerky. Obvious mouse lag is apparent and becomes even worse with the LG (hitscan weapon). The mouse slows down even further when striking the bot with consecutive ticks. The bots movement when being struck with LG becomes stuttery, uneven and speeds up and slows down inconsistently. Tracking becomes impossible because the mouse has an elephant on it's back at this point. Boy movement sometimes skips and suddenly slides in super fast forward. The game feels entirely desynced. I've explained DBT when everything is working properly, and this game is currently broken for me.

Keep in mind, I ONLY experience this issue with DBT. All other games such as qlive, quake champions, apex, COD do not experience this issue. This issue is unique to DBT. Despite that, I diagnosed everything. My hardware, tried multiple psu's, swapped out my rtx 3080 with my 2080. Tried multiple different memory kits on both systems. Checked my thermals to ensure it's not throttling, benchmarked both my CPU and GPU to make sure they're performing properly, THEY ARE. Checked wattage during benchmarks to ensure my CPU and /or gpu aren't under powered, THEYRE NOT. Reinstalled OS multiple times, w/ and w/out windows update enabled. Tried installing chipset drivers and not installing chipset drivers. Tried every power plan possible, from balanced to high performance to ultimate performance. Use latency monitor to identify faulty drivers. Ive swapped out PSU cables display port cables, mice, keyboards, etc. I also switch between my 27" 1440p 270hz monitor and my Acer 390hz monitor, same problem. In regards to my CPU/bios, I've tried disabling cores, hyperthreading/smt, etc. I've tried setting core affinity to the dbt.exe hoping the game would sync properly. Some of these things SOMETIMES fixed the problem, but the problem would quickly come back and the previous fix would not linger work. It's incredibly bizarre. I've tried disabling/enabling multithreaded input. Disabling multithreaded input alleviates some of the problems, however, mouse precision goes down the toilet so disabling is not a solution. The problem is noticeably worse with multithreaded input enabled.

I came across this old thread https://www.reddit.com/r/Diabotical/comments/j11qsa/input_lag/&ved=2ahUKEwimgr_VvJb7AhUxJEQIHekdAScQFnoECAsQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3HimyAfzAXcpReZ1MsUhKw

This led me to think that this game is not optimized well across all chipsets, cpus and varying setups. Some systems work perfectly with DBT, while other just can't negotiate a proper handshake and stutter, input lag mouse lag will present itself.

Sometimes I'll just boot up and BAM, the game is working perfectly. Model movement is smooth and even. Mouse lag and stutter is gone.

Here are things I've done to temporarily fix the issue. Temporarily because the issue always resurfaces after 2-4 games. Using timer resolution and setting it to 1ms improves game sync quite a bit. It's bizarre because the game defaults to a 1ms timer resolution, but by forcing 1ms with a 3rd party apps like islc or timer resolution app, the game and input run significantly better. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long. It's a very temporary fix and sometimes it makes it worse. Also, toggling hyperthreading on and off in the bios used to fix this issue. I noticed that the windows timer resolution slightly changes from something like .9985 to .9984 (on vs off). This used to fix the issue, now it no longer does. Another interesting fix was unplugging my DP cable from the GPU and then plugging it back in. The screen would flash and then BAM, input lag and stutter are gone and mouse input and model movement are perfect. Once again, it would always come back and now that quick fix no longer works. I also suspect that 3rd party apps can brick DBTs performance or cause it to act erratically. This game needs some serious optimization.

It's difficult for me to believe anything other than the strong possibility that this game is simply broken for some, but not others depending on your setup. I'm constantly in fights where my opponent can get off 2 rockets to my 1 rocket. Landing rails above 30% become impossible because by the time you hit the fire button, the model is already moving the other way and my clicks are also very lagged. It's most apparent with rockets. Landing rockets, especially up close become impossible because of the massive delay. I can never get in the first rocket for example and my rjs are all over the place due to the delayed click.

Firefrog, if you're out there I'd love your help!

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Could you test putting your video card under a higher load by having a program like OBS recording while you play for example, and seeing if that makes your performance more stable (this is something that some people have reported helping them with similar issues).