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Hey Eggs!

Firstly, thanks for the feedback & suggestions (troll, serious, etc) about the queues & game modes.

It's quite obvious we let the queues sit too long without change. Hurting smaller regions and now effecting larger regions.

I let the Dev team focus on polish for a better engine/core (which was the first round of feedback we got from core players on launch). There is still work to be done here. But we should change our focus to the queue/game mode tasks rather than wait for Season 2 to fix it (Season 2 is planned for December).

Frog, Noctis and myself will start implementing a new mm list/features and game play changes. You may see some changes that could be experimental before Season 2 starts. I will keep an eye out for your feedback.

The new animal programmer is working away on finishing the community content server (first step is to get community maps uploaded and playable). Hopefully that lines up nicely with our changes. I firmly believe the community having more control over whats played, whats visible to play and later down the road modding. Will help other players find matches and communities they enjoy.


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