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3s and we are live
5s hello everyone welcome to another
7s strange Loop game stream here
11s um
13s trying to stick these two Fridays um to
15s get with us here tonight we have John
17s which is our
19s Civics architect and our CEO and
23s Mastermind of eco
26s hey everybody
30s hop on the stream usually uh you guys do
33s an awesome job of it so nice to be a
35s guest on here
36s yeah and today we have a very exciting
42s subject something that's been cooking
44s for a long time
45s uh something that I think the entire
47s team has been super eager to
50s be working on and getting out and
53s present to everyone
54s um and that is settlements
57s it's crazy it's been a it's been a long
58s time
63s and yeah I remember first writing about
65s this feature probably like a year over a
67s year ago
69s yeah I know we had we had some Dev
71s blocks back in in 2020 2021 where we
74s when when it was first teased in in
77s actuality and then breaking it down a
79s little bit more
81s um but now it's actually here we we
83s actually have it tangible it's it's
86s interactable so I think without further
89s ado
90s um
91s we'll just kind of skip through it you
93s wanna
94s run through things first or do you want
95s me to
97s yeah sure um we can just kind of switch
99s to some game footage and I'll talk about
101s the general idea and and why don't you
103s just kind of show the different
104s buildings off yep awesome switching over
108s to your screen share first and then
109s we'll do
113s so the idea with settlements uh is that
117s currently in Eco in the release version
119s you can only have you have like one
122s settlement that everybody's a part of
123s you create a court and like laws apply
125s to everything you know you have one
128s government for the whole world
130s and this change is going to completely
133s change that so that now you have many
136s you can have many governments and you
138s kind of grow them from the ground up so
140s you s you have uh if you have a few
143s people who've started their own little
144s homes feds around
147s uh they can form together into a town
149s and now that town is a little government
152s that can have its own laws that can have
155s its own uh
156s taxes and regulations and districts and
159s all the Civic stuff that's in eco
161s can be separated into these individual
164s settlements
166s so
168s from there you can step it up as well so
170s the next layer up would be countries so
172s you could take multiple countries or
174s sorry multiple towns
176s and form them into a country and that's
178s a really interesting process because you
180s have to get agreement from kind of both
182s parties about what the government should
184s be you're creating the Constitution
185s together so it's really like this this
188s like political event in order to form a
190s country
191s and that will give you a lot of uh you
194s know upgrades as well you'll have a much
196s bigger influence range in which your
198s laws will apply uh you can probably
201s unlock some new objects or something
202s we'll do
204s um but basically you you have these
206s multiple tiers so you would have uh
209s countries can contain multiple towns
211s towns contain citizens
214s and so then you get like jurisdiction
216s like you might have a country law and a
218s town law that maybe they conflict and
220s you have to decide which one takes
221s precedence there's some kind of extra
223s complexities to navigate and figure out
225s but uh I think the end result is going
228s to be that it's going to be a lot more
229s people involved in the politics because
231s there's going to be basically local
233s politics where you're creating Civics
235s for your little town
236s and then that scales up into the global
239s politics where you have uh countries and
242s there's also a level above that uh
245s called federations it can form multiple
246s countries into a federation which is
248s kind of like a like a United Nations
250s structure so you can imagine like the
252s creation of that would be like a massive
254s event akin to like stopping the meteor
257s you know being able to organize hundreds
258s of people from you know dozens of
260s countries and hundreds of towns maybe to
263s form this United Nations would be would
265s be quite an achievement
267s yeah and I think
269s um as you were talking about influence
271s and kind of the different tiers of
273s legislation uh one of the things that
275s will change is how Global laws applies
279s since you will have your own
281s regionalized laws
283s um this will mean that you only have
285s sort of your bare bone near environment
288s to where you're building and where
290s you're operating and you're gonna have
292s to kind of get along with other people's
294s to form these bigger theater settlements
296s and leading up to the Federation that
299s um is more of a global encompassing
302s rather than right now where you can just
303s create us you create the Constitution
305s you apply it and all laws affect
308s everyone equally
309s foreign
312s yes the laws are no longer Universal
314s they have an influence range yeah and I
317s think a lot of people are gonna
319s be both uh terrified but also I think
322s they might enjoy being able to
324s legislate for their own little habitat
327s area versus
329s having these superimposed ones
331s um especially if there's a very unique
333s personal loss that you might want to
335s just apply to your area but you don't
337s want you know some random guy across the
340s world deciding if someone is allowed to
342s drop tailings on your property
346s yeah exactly so it really uh creates
349s kind of a a building up effect you know
351s whereas first it's like everything's
353s local and then the global impact and
355s like people on the other side of the
356s world start to have an impact on on how
359s things are being run so be a really nice
361s progression I think
363s yeah
364s um
364s we can probably show off some of the
367s um Town Hall yeah I think you can you
371s can
372s add into uh
374s see which which one do you want to show
377s I'll meet you there
378s all right now I'm trying to trying to
380s Lighthouse one
383s um yeah maybe it's not the most gracious
385s one but it is a good example on
388s um
389s if it shows up we have had some
392s technical difficulties
393s um
394s during the last kind of kind of hours
396s and and day of this setting up the
398s stream so things are a little bit more
400s jumpy than usual because we have a lot
402s of changes that's being daily applied to
404s settlements and kind of improvements
407s um so yeah as can tell by that
410s yeah
412s still working hard on eco 10 so it's
414s every day there's there's new stuff to
416s fix but uh yeah it's getting closer yes
419s we have a
420s um you're you're starting session there
424s um you can probably
426s can you open that up I think you might
428s be able to open that up
431s um yeah yeah
432s so yeah so this is the town Foundation
435s object
436s so the way it would work is you would
438s start your little Homestead and
439s eventually you would be able to
440s construct one of these Town foundations
442s and once you drop one of these you can
444s get started on a path to uh creating a
448s town with other people
450s so you'll see in the status it has a
455s certain number of requirements
457s I just realized I have my screen faded
459s on let me turn that off
461s uh so it has a normal room requirements
464s uh so it has to have you know a decent
465s building but you also have these new
467s settlements uh requirements
469s uh so you it needs to have a certain
471s number of citizens uh this settlement is
474s already founded so it only needs one
475s citizen to keep being active but you
478s need to to start it to found it and it
481s needs a certain culture value so culture
483s is also a brand new system that we're
484s adding for eco10 that we're going to
486s really expand in the future but it's the
489s idea that you can add culture to
492s settlements that will then increase
494s their influence
496s and push against neighboring settlements
498s for like border disputes and also just
501s kind of give you like cachet and like
503s achievements and and other interesting
505s stuff we want to do with it so we're
507s introducing a couple ways to get uh
509s culture right now but it's going to be
510s something we keep expanding
513s so yeah so you put this down and then
514s you have to meet the requirements where
515s you have to get a certain number of
517s citizens so at that point you would go
519s okay I want to add citizens to this uh
524s to this town so you would go and invite
527s people if you're the mayor you can
528s invite people
529s uh oh looks like I'm already a member of
531s this other town so I won't I won't go in
533s there
534s and then they can choose to join you or
538s not basically and people can also apply
541s to it as well
543s yeah so uh as once you get enough people
546s on this roster for like an unfounded
548s town then you can actually uh found it I
552s should probably show the one that's not
553s founded yet let me let me fly over to
555s that one yeah I did some I've done some
558s Custom Custom settings just to kind of
560s remove some of those limitations
563s um
563s yeah where where it's we we have
566s something that the server side can
568s decide whether or not like how much
570s culture each each Foundation is going to
572s be giving you
574s how much requirements you have over
577s um say how much culture the town needs
579s so you can have a town Foundation or a
581s country Foundation or whichever step
583s where
584s um just having the foundation isn't
586s enough to form the town you need to have
588s additional furniture or you know
590s cultural
592s um cultural additions in in terms of
594s housing value
596s um which is also supported by regular
598s Furniture so you'll have culture as kind
600s of a new room designator
603s and that is only possible on a property
607s type of
609s um
610s and jumping ahead
612s um one of the things that we added with
613s the culture system and with settlements
615s that we kind of needed to differentiate
618s between someone's personal property and
621s someone's governmental property or a
623s public property was adding a new
625s property system for or
628s um new types of properties or deeds
631s where you have a cultural one which is a
634s public property and is not subjected to
636s housing bonus so you can't have a
639s cultural property by living on top of
641s the city hall because that's that's not
645s a residential type
647s and I believe that button is not really
650s showing up at the moment
653s with one of the one of the latest fixes
656s to another area
658s but the foundation placement itself has
660s its own d-type
662s and once
664s um I think you'd did you found that one
666s or is that still that's still pending
668s right
669s which one the one that you're looking at
671s right now
672s oh the uh the property
675s yeah there's supposed to be a drop down
678s in there on the selection which right
680s now it's a bug but you can change what
682s type of property you have if you want it
684s to be a a residence or a cultural
686s property and a cultural property will
688s contribute culture yeah so if you click
690s the resident tab in the middle there
691s it'll show you if you have a residential
694s property or if you
696s you don't have a residential property
698s you won't be able to interact and rent
700s it out
701s in the same manner or in the same usual
704s kind of give you housing bonus and and
706s be beneficial to your XP
709s yep so another new type of property that
712s we're introducing which when you place a
714s town deed or a town Foundation down it
716s kind of creates that by default so yeah
719s let me show you how these things get
720s founded so I invited you as a citizen
723s here Jen's if you want to come over and
725s accept my invite I'm trying to trying to
728s get back in
730s uh I think
733s um
734s it's not really letting me connect again
737s but you should be able to do it without
740s me because I removed the limitation to
742s or drop down the limitation to one
744s sure
746s so okay the invite system is basically
749s working the same way you do with
751s property types or when you when you
752s invite the resident where you send an
755s invite request or someone can come to
757s you and apply for it oh there we go
759s never mind
761s um it let me know and now I see all the
764s objects here which I want to do nice
766s um
769s uh
770s uh I think I can let me
774s let's switch in between here for a
776s second uh let me do that and let me
781s enabling
783s enabling it on my end
785s um
787s we can just show off how
790s this is looking so when you get an
792s invite
793s you have a notification that pops up
795s similar to the resident invite where it
797s says you've been invited to become a
799s citizen of whichever the settlement is
802s and each settlement has its own kind of
804s tier icon
806s um for like bronze bronze silver gold
810s depending on if it's a down a nation or
813s a federation
815s and then it has the regular property
817s types or generic Civics which shows you
821s how much culture it has how much claimed
823s plots it has how much is the general
825s influence is an influence is the area of
829s impact the loss and everything in
831s regarding to this area has so if I go in
833s here now
834s and I can open this up and I can go into
837s Citizen and you see that I'm set as an
840s invited set invited citizen
844s and I can accept the invitation
847s and I'm currently a citizen of
849s industrial author which is a settlement
851s off to the north
853s and then I can choose to become to
855s abandon that and become a citizen of
856s this new settlement
859s if we do that I leave this other town
862s and
863s I am now part of John's Place so
868s great welcome welcome to the party
872s so yeah you want to switch back to me
873s I'll show you some other stuff here
878s so you can see on the foundation page
880s this kind of guides you along about the
882s steps for how to found this town
884s requirements are met and this town can
886s be founded after the Constitution is
888s ratified see the Constitution tab
891s so the Constitution is the startings of
894s your government it defines how your
895s government works and you will edit this
899s and Define like what's this the town
902s Constitution going to be how do people
904s make decisions how are laws created all
906s that good stuff
908s and then you get it approved by
910s everybody in an election and then you
912s can found the town
914s so this is the default Constitution
918s John kaytropolis Constitution
920s uh citizens of John kaytropolis May
922s propose an election of type John K
924s droplets so the default is that any any
927s Civic thing is handled with an election
931s uh but maybe we want to change that
933s maybe we want to say that
935s you know because it's John ktropolis
938s John K has executive privilege so John K
941s may do so immediately everybody else may
943s propose an election process
945s but maybe that's too much power maybe we
947s only want it to apply to
950s you know specific abilities or something
955s um
955s yes he could set it to apply to like
958s just laws or to just uh you know just uh
962s election processes or whatever you want
964s or you could uh set up government
966s offices government positions so
967s everything all the features you get in
969s the current Eco government are now
971s duplicated in across these different
973s towns
975s so let's change that back and start an
979s election
984s got an achievement oh we got a new
985s Achievement System in here too so you'll
987s start seeing these pop up
990s and here we go let's start the election
992s well all Fast Track the election since
996s yep do you do you agree Jen's I I
999s totally agree it sounds like an amazing
1001s plan
1002s um awesome we'll just we'll just pass
1005s that through to an admin command quickly
1008s too
1008s so there we go the election ratification
1012s election has passed
1014s and uh it can now be founded at any time
1018s so before I found it I'll show you how
1021s the influence works
1023s so here in the minimap we now have this
1027s additional World layer type which is
1028s settlements and here you can see uh
1033s influence of settlements so we have this
1035s kind of striped texture that shows them
1039s and we have right now there's two
1041s established towns there's a lighthouse
1042s town
1043s and there is the industrial otter town
1047s and they're kind of far apart and
1048s they're affecting their uh this radius
1051s is how big their laws apply
1054s so this actually will get extended as
1056s you build cultural buildings like
1057s museums and things which we'll we'll
1059s probably have a separate demo for that
1061s but uh yeah so culture is what
1063s determines your uh your boundaries you
1066s can actually kind of have Border Wars
1067s where you're you know racing to get more
1070s culture than another town in order to
1072s like cover a certain area
1075s so then you see my little nascent Town
1076s my little baby town here
1078s which is just a tiny little uh plot
1083s uh that just covers its property because
1085s it's not properly founded yet so one
1087s thing that's that's tricky to learn is
1089s the difference between influence and
1091s property so property are claimed plots
1093s you know you can have lots of different
1095s claimed plots in a town and they don't
1098s cover all of the influence of the town
1100s or as influence is a much wider thing
1105s this
1106s this just determines where laws apply
1108s where the influence of the town is and
1110s it's a different kind of shade so that's
1111s how we try to differentiate that so even
1113s though there's only like one claimed
1115s plot for this town it has a big
1117s influence itself
1119s so we want to take my little baby town
1121s here and found it and that will give it
1124s a lot more power and influence
1126s since we did all the steps John
1128s ktropolis has now founded it was founded
1130s by iceforge and John K and you get this
1133s cool plaque of like who are the founding
1134s citizens when did it happen uh there's
1136s going to be like a reveal event where
1138s there'll be like a curtain that comes
1140s off we'll show that on another object so
1142s this is kind of a big event where you
1143s get the whole town together and you like
1145s do it together and now you have this
1147s this cool new thing
1150s but now if we go back to our uh
1152s settlement view we can see that there's
1156s quite a big uh influence now for this
1159s because it's been founded and you can
1161s see that it's starting to butt up
1162s against the other nearby towns so
1165s there's some border conflicts here
1167s so maybe this town is going to decide
1170s hey these are supposed to be under our
1171s influence we're going to build like a
1173s cultural
1174s thing here to kind of push the influence
1176s out more
1177s so it introduces a little bit more
1180s conflict in the game in terms of like
1182s control of things
1183s which you know kind of goes to the theme
1185s of like you're all in this together
1186s you're all trying to stop the meteor but
1188s you're gonna get in these little like
1190s low-level spats about stuff that could
1193s potentially rise the level of making
1195s your Society fail which which I just
1198s love is like how to you know if you're
1200s competing and you're cooperating at the
1202s same time
1203s yeah definitely and I think we can if
1206s you
1206s um if you want to switch over to 2D map
1209s might be a little bit easier to see
1212s um you can tell that the radius for the
1214s lighthouse Town versus the um Johnstown
1217s is slightly smaller
1219s and that is because the cultural value
1222s as with any type of housing value is
1224s affected by the building material you
1226s have it in
1227s and this is something that's kind of
1228s subject to balance changes and
1232s um
1233s kind of we're we're trying to find a
1235s good place where a town is big enough
1237s when it first starts yet has this
1240s prospects of growing but we also don't
1242s want a single town to cover kind of
1244s cover the whole map but add some kind of
1247s indefinitely growth
1250s so these are also even if you have the
1253s same culture as another town
1255s you might not have it built in the same
1257s material so you can always have to
1261s keep upgrading if you want to keep
1263s competing and not get pushed out and on
1266s on the subject of the influence we do
1268s have a couple of questions
1270s okay
1271s um one of them being
1274s um if you can live inside a town that
1276s you're not a citizen of and I think we
1278s have an example of that inside the
1279s industrial author
1281s you can tell that there is there is a
1283s small property there in the the lower
1285s left corner of the blue one
1288s um check it out
1290s oh these these ones here yeah where it's
1293s breaking the influence because the
1295s influence is not affecting that one
1297s yeah so what you see here these are
1300s homesteads where people have just set up
1302s so every player gets a new objects
1304s called a homestead claim
1307s and you can start a claim that is not a
1309s part of any town you only get one of
1310s these one of these claims one of these
1312s Deeds you can have lots of plots on it
1314s but uh you can't have multiple like
1317s previously so property is going to have
1319s a lot of changes too so here what we see
1321s if someone has their Homestead and
1322s they're saying I'm not a citizen of uh
1325s what is this industrial otter town I
1327s don't I don't want any part of it so
1329s it's actually carved out the influence
1331s around this Homestead now if this person
1333s here were to decide okay I'll become a
1336s citizen of your town then this would
1339s become under its influence
1343s um so yeah so they'll be like convincing
1346s going on by this town of like hey why
1348s don't you join us we'll give you this
1349s and this or like
1351s we'll change the Constitution to suit
1353s how you want to like you know give you
1355s some Government powers or something so
1356s all kinds of interesting like
1358s political negotiations with your
1360s neighbors that can happen as you try to
1361s build up these these structures and
1364s really interested to see how that goes
1365s down uh but to your question about can
1368s you live in a area without being a
1370s citizen uh yeah you can all you can just
1373s have a a regular plot with a residence
1375s on it and you know it doesn't matter if
1378s you're a citizen or not uh but this the
1381s town itself might set up rules that
1383s require certain things about citizens it
1385s might it might make a law for example
1387s that you can only claim land if you're a
1389s citizen so in that case you would have
1391s to be a citizen but that's something
1393s that they like individually form in
1395s their government uh or maybe citizens
1397s paying you know less tax or something or
1400s there's all kinds of crazy stuff
1401s citizens can have uh you know less
1403s import fees or non-citizens have to pay
1406s like a import fee so you'll get these
1409s really interesting interactions between
1410s these different uh locales
1413s uh and you leave City's town
1416s citizenships at any time as an
1418s individual player
1420s um yeah
1422s I think yeah that's one thing I was kind
1425s of debating but I think that yeah you
1426s have the right to leave at any time
1430s um you can also kick people out so
1432s here's some of the Civic actions you
1434s don't have the icons for these yet but
1435s these are different things that a town
1437s actions that town can take one of them
1439s is revoke citizenship
1441s other ones like change the name join a
1444s settlement so this is if you want a town
1446s to become a country it would go through
1447s this process or you can secede from a
1450s country as well and how these take
1453s effect depends on the Constitution so
1455s the Constitution we've set
1457s you know John kaytropolis I could do
1459s this immediately if I wanted to or
1462s somebody else could propose an election
1463s to do them so however your your town
1466s government is defined about how to make
1468s decisions determines
1470s how you'll be able to do these things
1472s yeah and and for leaving leaving General
1474s citizenships I think it'll probably be
1477s as a default kind of setting it'll
1479s probably be something in the lines of
1481s you're not allowed to believe the
1482s settlement as long as you own property
1484s in that settlement
1486s so you can't just you know disagree with
1489s the loss and just say nah I don't want
1491s to be a part of this and I don't want to
1492s have these laws apply to me because we
1493s do want to
1495s have that Civic interactions of your
1498s kind of locked to the regional
1501s governments of the area you're living in
1503s if that's what you agreed upon doing
1506s um
1508s and there's also a new window to kind of
1510s give you a little bit more oversight on
1512s these
1513s which is
1515s probably subject to do some improvements
1517s and changes on the government window on
1519s on L has changed out
1523s yes now it lists you have all the
1525s settlements you can see the individual
1527s government for each settlement
1530s so we've got these these three
1532s settlements here you know we can look at
1534s the different automatic uh kind of Civic
1537s things that are set up you know every
1538s town starts with a default like
1540s Constitution default leader title with a
1543s random name so that I'm the sheriff of
1545s this one
1546s so we could you can give particular
1548s powers to whoever holds that that
1550s position and its own election process so
1553s along with a settlement you kind of get
1554s a few for free and then you can add more
1556s to that by like placing other objects so
1558s you put a court down then you can start
1560s getting laws for these things we don't
1562s have any right now but they would apply
1564s there
1566s um we also added a new uh culture tab
1569s here uh so this is another so this is a
1573s new feature we're adding as well which
1575s is the idea of
1576s actually being able to conquer and Annex
1579s other regions
1581s so the idea for this is kind of
1584s so you have like a rogue town that is
1588s uh just a you know polluting up a storm
1590s affecting the environments it's
1592s affecting the whole world but this town
1594s has its laws and you can't break it so
1596s what what can you do to like stop this
1599s problem well you can Annex it you can
1602s take over this town
1603s and the way to do that is through a
1606s culture War but we don't have anything
1609s generating culture in our in the town
1610s set up here but once you do you'll start
1613s to see these progress meters fill up so
1617s you have to have a certain number of
1619s surrounding plots
1620s uh so John kaytropolis would have to
1622s surround Lighthouse plot so it would
1625s need a claimed land next to it
1627s and it needs to have more culture than
1629s it so it's a it's somewhat complex
1631s process but basically you just have to
1632s surround it and have lots of culture and
1634s then the tool tips here explain all the
1636s the values of how that happens
1639s so you gotta have uh you know more than
1641s five percent of its empty plots
1643s are uh are surrounded in order to Annex
1647s it and you know if you increase that
1649s number then you'll reduce the amount of
1651s culture you need to capture it
1653s and then the culture is you know you
1655s need this much more culture 150 more and
1659s at least 20 absolute higher uh so 50
1663s culture now but depending on how much
1665s it's surrounded that might be less
1667s so basically you'll start to see these
1668s like here's the risk that John ktropolis
1671s can Annex Lighthouse here's the risk
1673s that Lighthouse can Annex John
1675s kaytropolis and it really just depends
1678s on what the different values are here
1680s and once that is achieved you can
1683s actually just merge the towns together
1686s uh separately from that countries can
1688s also Annex towns which is a little
1691s different because then the town would
1692s just become another member town we'll
1694s kind of we'll show that later
1696s but yeah so
1698s first uh first kind of implementation of
1700s like Wars and conflict and Eco kind of
1703s explicitly uh you know we don't have
1706s violence in the game I don't think that
1707s that really kind of fits the purpose
1709s right now but these culture wars should
1711s make for some interesting kind of
1712s battles and conflicts between people
1715s uh yeah and God do you need to be
1719s approved to join a town
1721s um yes because it's the town Foundation
1725s is kind of something that you craft
1726s yourself you place it down and it has
1728s kind of a proprietary value through the
1730s person who made it
1732s um which is like the main founder of the
1734s object which then goes through the
1736s process of approving people that comes
1738s in but there are options to that
1741s um so that's just kind of the default
1743s stock setting for it and then we have we
1746s have you want to throw down the
1747s immigration desk can you give yourself
1748s one
1750s um it's it's having some struggles
1752s generating but I think I can I think I
1754s can just spawn one if I do if I just
1756s force a spawner here where it doesn't
1758s break everything
1759s uh so we have it uh we have two
1762s different types of new objects you can
1764s handle these relations
1766s uh one of them is the immigration desk
1770s uh see if they're gonna spawn a big
1772s building with it too if I oh yeah yeah
1773s but it's we're Hang on we're fine behind
1776s the um you sneak up yeah it's behind the
1780s um the building you're at
1782s nice little wooden human building
1784s oh there we go so here's our little
1786s immigration office
1788s so yeah this is a new object we've made
1791s that allows you to Define uh how
1795s immigration works
1796s uh oh it doesn't have a settlement at
1798s this spot it's not the part of it uh
1803s okay uh once you give ownership to me
1805s and since
1806s I think I would become the citizen we
1809s might need to fix something there
1811s [Music]
1812s yeah ideally this I wonder if I can give
1815s it over to your title
1818s and then we run a civics
1822s uh yeah it looks like the property is
1824s not associating with
1830s I think it's because it's it's a it's a
1832s command spawned property I was hoping to
1834s be able to just
1837s uh
1839s it really doesn't like all
1842s placement but um nuke the nuclear
1845s property
1848s okay let me just delete the property
1850s that should eliminate it and just put it
1851s down under the influence again uh what's
1854s the command for that unclaimed
1857s uh you can just open up the deed and hit
1860s delete
1861s and that should rip everything out
1865s okay just also Nifty thing for
1871s and just delete the deed and that should
1873s yeah there we go that puts it under
1876s okay
1879s is it one thing to actually react and
1881s and realize it or like we're saying
1884s we're having some technical difficulties
1885s at
1887s um yeah it's all it's all in progress
1889s and being developed so it's not gonna be
1891s the easiest to demo right now but what I
1893s can't show is let me show the the
1896s immigration the default one
1899s so we'll go back into here but it has a
1902s default migration
1904s yeah so I can just go on the tooltip
1907s here
1908s and you can see uh here's all the
1910s different parts of John ktropolis and it
1914s has this default immigration policy so
1916s this defines how people are allowed to
1918s get into your uh your town
1923s so uh whether or not you allow
1925s applicants at all can people apply
1928s what are the requirements for a new
1929s citizen you can actually set
1931s requirements to say they need to have
1932s this much wealth or they need to have
1934s this skill set or whatever type of
1936s people you want to join your town
1938s uh you can decide who approves that
1940s which right now is the the leader
1942s position
1943s uh you know requirements for continued
1945s citizenship
1947s and how long before they're removed if
1949s they stop Meeting those
1951s and then we have this feature to allow
1953s brand new people to instantly join so
1956s this is one we added a new system for uh
1959s initial spawn point selection
1961s we could demo that as well
1964s um
1965s but basically what this does is when a
1967s new player joins the game instead of
1968s just starting at a single spot they're
1969s going to be given an option of a few
1971s different spots
1973s and there'll be spots that are just like
1974s random spots in the wilderness but then
1976s there'll also be settlements so you
1977s could say oh I want to join the
1978s settlement straight away
1980s so if you're able for if you're allowing
1983s brand new people to join then they could
1985s just pop right in the instant they
1987s joined and then you know you can give
1988s them some special benefits or something
1990s kind of Welcome them to your to your
1992s settlement and then you can write a
1993s little advertisement here so when you
1995s write this it will display it two
1996s players of like why you should join this
1998s town when they when they enter a new
1999s town so it would be a really great way
2001s for people to get connected quickly to a
2003s community when they get into eco
2006s uh actually maybe I can show that let me
2008s see if initial spawn is here
2012s I can't remember what that command is
2014s something's wrong with commands isn't it
2017s it is being a bit funky right now
2020s um but on on that like I think I can eat
2024s hop over into my
2027s server GUI for a second
2030s um got it on my end or well not the
2033s initial spawn thing but so some of the
2035s things that we are adding in terms of
2036s controlling this from an admin
2038s perspective or from you know just users
2040s that are looking to change out how their
2042s world is interacted with we have these
2045s new
2046s configurations which is under gameplay
2049s and these are containing some of these
2051s changes so one of them being reputation
2053s and one of them being this initial spawn
2056s these tabs will likely be kind of
2058s changed out a little bit to to be a bit
2061s more easily navigatable and this will
2065s have a lot of new properties but right
2067s now it only has minutes between updates
2069s which is how how often it checks for
2073s valid spawn locations in the world so it
2076s checks for if there's threes nearby if
2078s there's food nearby
2080s um stuff that a new player would need to
2083s be able to kind of kick off doing things
2085s in the world
2087s and then you also have it's combining it
2090s and then changing out
2092s um like when you have a large volume of
2095s spawn points inside the same cluster to
2097s not lock off the entire map with all
2099s these little markers that
2101s hopefully show up here
2103s it kind of just lamps them together and
2106s bundles them as a singular points so
2109s this will also contain properties for
2112s which coordinates as the admins are
2115s probably used to I think they're still
2117s in here
2119s uh
2123s uh this one here so where it used to use
2126s exact spawn location
2128s and what these spawn criterias are as
2132s well as which coordinates if you want to
2134s have a set fixed position
2137s and all of these properties are going to
2139s be moved over into this initial spawn so
2141s they'll be a bit more easily
2144s readable and then kind of tweakable
2146s um if you want to switch to me I got it
2148s got it up here finally yeah
2151s um
2153s do that so this is how the initial spawn
2157s looks when you come in on the map
2161s yeah so now as soon when you join as a
2163s brand new player you'll get to have
2165s these kind of different options to
2166s choose
2167s so you want to start in your floor so
2169s you can start near four so I'll kind of
2170s tell you each one will say why why you
2172s might want to start there
2174s um this one should not be in the water
2176s but starting your Pioneers where you
2178s start near other players so there's all
2181s these different kind of categories and
2182s it actually will just analyze the map
2183s and build these points dynamically over
2186s time
2187s so over here there's wild food where you
2189s could where you could start and have
2190s lots of resources yeah so these get
2193s these get updated as you go and once you
2195s place an immigration policy for your
2198s settlement and you set up an
2200s advertisement and you allow brand new
2201s citizens then your town will get one of
2203s these pop-ups and it'll say join this
2205s town and it'll you'll see the players
2207s will see like why they should join your
2208s town you'll be able to put like user
2210s pictures in there and kind of uh create
2213s these ways to grow your towns grow your
2215s countries with other people
2218s uh
2220s yeah and you should be able to still set
2222s manual spawn points that's yeah that's
2225s that's in the um that's in the conflict
2227s changes that are coming so yeah those
2229s are still be kind of they'll override
2231s the default or like the entire automatic
2234s spawn system like this
2236s um will allow server elements to just
2238s like
2239s um deny that automatic system and then
2241s have a fixed location that fixed
2243s location will be one of these pop-ups
2245s and that will be the only one selectable
2246s on the map on those coordinates
2250s so they'll still kind of see that when
2252s they see the world map and interact and
2254s roam around and see where they're
2255s actually spawning but they'll only have
2256s one selectable point in that regard
2262s well it looks like I'm stuck in initial
2263s spawn so I'm gonna pop out and get back
2265s in
2268s um I'm gonna switch over to
2271s Penn Station over here we had one more
2273s thing in the in the DUI which is
2275s reputation changes
2278s um onto we'll have a few Civic things
2280s here as well this is kind of getting
2282s populated as as we're finding things out
2284s and probably we'll be adding a bunch of
2286s things
2287s do play test as we get feedback from
2289s what settings or what things are missing
2291s that people want
2293s um or outright need for for their
2296s customization
2297s reputation being a new thing that we're
2300s kind of re-rolling
2302s um so this will allow you to kind of set
2304s how much rep you can give to other
2306s players how much rep you can remove from
2308s other players as well as
2310s um
2311s the reviews and all that and that's one
2314s of the things you've been working on
2315s right now
2318s um
2319s thank you
2321s in regards to like General reputation
2323s changes and refactors to that system
2326s yeah we should do a full demo of the
2329s like new museums and cultures because
2331s that that's quite a lot there uh but
2334s basically you can now give reputation to
2336s objects uh particular objects one of
2338s which will be art that players took uh
2341s so if players are using cameras which we
2344s showed in a previous stream
2346s they can take pictures and then they
2348s post on walls and people can give them
2349s reputation and the more reputation it
2352s has the more culture it's going to
2353s provide for uh Your settlement
2356s so I really yeah we're hoping to tie
2359s culture specifically to
2361s uh things players do like
2364s special uh
2366s you know creative stuff they do or or
2369s really interesting systems so it won't
2370s be able to you won't get it just by
2372s placing objects down per se it's more
2373s about
2374s uh kind of engaging and creating you
2377s know beautiful things in the world
2378s unique things that are your own
2379s self-expression yeah well we'll we'll
2382s probably have a couple of minor things
2384s that will give you kind of a little bump
2387s um but we do have some new variables for
2390s explicitly saying instead of having this
2393s gradual decreasing curve where you just
2396s add more rooms to get more points
2399s um it is we can have a finite amount of
2403s these objects set on a single property
2405s regardless of how many rooms you have so
2406s we have a couple of new
2408s um experimental kind of limitations and
2410s settings that we can roll out in terms
2412s of balance to affect this
2415s um now that you're back in I'll
2416s transition over to you
2418s yeah so I want to talk about the new
2420s changes you're making a property
2422s so I'm going to pop over here into some
2424s unclaimed Wilderness to
2427s [Music]
2428s show you how the new homesteads work
2432s so
2435s now when you place down your tents
2438s let's do that
2441s you'll see it comes with this claim
2444s stake
2445s here so every every uh deed now has a
2449s claim stake associated with it
2451s so this is my Homestead click claimstick
2454s and I get every player gets one and only
2456s one and this is kind of the land that
2457s you can
2458s protect and run yourself so you can't
2461s have
2462s these place all over the world because
2465s it doesn't uh you know you just don't
2467s have the Manpower for that you only get
2468s one Homestead the idea is if you want to
2471s get more claim Stakes then you create a
2473s town
2474s uh so let me show you how how claiming
2477s works now
2479s so we have a new object called a a claim
2483s tool
2484s and when you use this you can directly
2488s add plots to whatever whatever Deeds you
2491s want so if you right click it you can
2492s choose which property you want to apply
2495s it to
2496s let's apply it to
2498s John K Property 2 here
2501s is this John K property too
2504s yes
2505s and now I can start claiming in nearby
2509s regions if I have enough plots
2516s ah I think it's
2518s still inside
2520s yeah I'm still inside of the settlement
2522s so there's certain rules that needs to
2523s be within a settlement
2524s but the general idea is that now you oh
2528s you're just on the border of the
2530s settlement yeah
2532s ah I see didn't go far enough okay there
2535s we go so claim a couple of these plots
2536s here yeah so add those to it so you can
2539s see now like it tells me at the top here
2541s how many plots I can uh I can claim so I
2545s have six out of 12 plots claimed that's
2547s how many that I I start with
2550s but you can expand that by attaching
2552s claim papers so this is the ability to
2555s get to claim more land and these come
2557s from settlements
2560s so let's go let's go get some claim
2562s papers from our settlement that we just
2566s did assuming this is part of the
2568s settlement yep yeah so what what
2570s happened there when he placed his
2571s Homestead was that he placed it just on
2574s the border like the the absolute outlier
2577s border of the settlement influence which
2579s means the homestead was placed inside
2581s the radius of the settlement
2583s and you can't blame outside of the
2587s influence if you were a part of it
2591s so now we can see on here on the John K
2594s Foundation it actually spawns these
2597s claims so it's going to spawn both
2598s additional claim Stakes which we'll grab
2601s an additional property claims and these
2604s allow you to start new claims and to
2606s power up existing claims to claim bigger
2608s areas
2609s and you can see that how that spawning
2612s happens as more citizens Join This Town
2615s more property can be claimed in its name
2618s so right now there's two citizens
2620s and for every citizen 10
2622s of these claim papers respond and for
2625s every claim stake 1.5 respond it just
2627s basically like you get three people and
2629s then you'll get
2630s or you get two people then you'll get
2632s three of them so the bigger towns get
2634s the more uh the more property you can
2637s claim and control basically
2639s so this is going to replace the the
2641s current way where you get property
2643s claims when you level up your skills and
2646s instead tie it to this idea of
2648s collaboration
2649s you know you can you can control more
2651s land if you band together
2653s so it's a pretty big change and we're
2655s actually going to continue to support
2656s the old system so people who like it how
2658s it is you'll have that option to just
2660s continue doing it that way
2661s but I think this will be able to make
2663s some really interesting uh effects in it
2665s and be be more realistic as well where
2667s you're not controlling land all over the
2669s place without without settlement support
2671s yeah I do want to interject there a
2674s little bit with the the old system has
2676s been reworked slightly to be more in
2679s line with settlements without the actual
2682s settlement tier restrictions so you you
2686s still get claim papers as you level up
2688s the the way you did before but you get
2692s new claim Stakes which allow you to
2694s create new properties all over the world
2696s in a finite number
2699s on each character level up
2702s so previously you could just take plain
2704s papers themselves and you could add you
2706s know 100 different properties all over
2708s the world you're now directly tied to
2710s the claim Stakes quantity you have but
2713s you still have that freedom of not
2715s having settlements influencing or
2717s limiting you but you'll kind of Beyond
2719s on a personal progression thing
2723s exactly
2725s so if I go over here back to this uh
2729s Homestead claim
2731s and I can drop in those papers that I
2734s took before
2737s and we should see yep we can now claim
2741s 20 more plots on this property 32 total
2744s so I'm basically using the power that's
2746s provided by this town to allow me to
2748s claim a much bigger area if I want
2750s and now I can start claiming all over
2752s the place and really expand this thing
2754s so really becomes up to the towns to be
2756s like how do we want to distribute these
2758s claim papers do we want to just divide
2759s them up evenly we want to sell them do
2762s we want to like
2764s uh attribute some to other purposes
2768s so property control becomes much more of
2770s a group activity
2772s so let's take these off
2776s and I'll show you uh so the other thing
2778s you get we don't have the icons for
2780s these ready yet but you get claim Stakes
2783s from settlements so this is a settlement
2786s claim stake which is kind of like a
2787s homestead claim stake except it's tied
2790s to the settlement you actually need to
2792s change the model we have a different
2793s model for it so say I want to start a
2795s claim right here oh no this is treat
2799s that's my Homestead there's my town yes
2802s there it is you can see it looks
2803s different
2804s so there we go as people can see you if
2807s you zoom out or jump up a little bit you
2809s can see the red Shader outlier on the
2811s different properties
2813s and when you're trying to place a
2814s foundation you can see that it's a big
2817s red area and that is essentially showing
2820s you that this area is outside the
2823s influence of the town
2824s or you know other other existing
2827s properties which means that only only
2829s areas that aren't red is where you can
2830s actually claim
2832s um with that specific stake so if you if
2835s you were to grab a homestead then you're
2837s not a part of the Town it would not show
2839s red unless you're trying to claim in a
2841s town that prevents you from claiming in
2843s it
2844s um yeah did you actually see that like
2846s here it's showing these are all the
2847s areas I can claim these are areas
2849s outside of the influence so I can't
2851s claim Town plots for that these ones are
2854s already claimed so I can't claim there
2856s and if you look at the actual like Town
2858s influence it basically overlaps exactly
2861s with what's going on there
2863s uh so yeah that influence kind of
2865s defines where you can expand these
2867s different towns
2871s um but then so let me open up this thing
2873s here
2875s uh
2878s I need to dump all this stuff
2881s well yeah you have the immigration desk
2883s now see if you can honk that down inside
2885s the town somewhere in one of the
2887s buildings
2888s just eat this cabbage kid out of the way
2892s uh so here on the settlement claim stick
2893s now here in every claims take you can
2895s power it up so I can take some of these
2898s uh papers that I have you know maybe I
2900s just wanna take like a few of them or
2904s something
2905s let's just put 10 on here so now I've
2907s upped the the number of plots that can
2909s be claimed on this claim to 15.
2914s and if I go over to my deed tool here so
2918s I can right click it and choose which
2920s one I want to claim for and I want to
2923s claim for this new John ktropolis D that
2925s I just did
2926s and start claiming this land so now this
2929s is basically a you know a claim sake
2931s it's not a homestead claim stake It's
2933s associated with the town so you could
2935s use it for like you know town meeting
2937s space or industry or you can like use
2941s like a regular deed however you want so
2943s you can still like give ownership of it
2945s to somebody
2947s um
2948s yes these are these are personal ones
2950s um when you place a foundation which is
2953s the heart of the town or the heart of
2955s the country that gets owned by default
2958s of the mayor title or you know the
2961s controlling elected title for that
2964s property whilst claim Stakes regardless
2966s of the tiers are personal property
2970s um and are kind of up to the player to
2972s either be sold to or acquired or arrived
2976s to get or or someone just hands them out
2977s to willy-nilly to
2979s um on say you know you're joining as a
2982s new player and the mayor sees that hey
2984s you know this new player needs new needs
2987s a property inside the town or they can
2989s place these out reset what the plots are
2992s and then sell the properties as is and
2994s have laws to prevent unclaiming
2996s um they cannot be able to
2999s structuralize a town more and do all
3002s kinds of interesting things to them
3004s [Music]
3006s so we got about five minutes left why
3008s don't we show the country
3011s uh yeah
3012s here we go so they this is here we're
3016s showing the reveal uh style so that when
3018s you place one of these Town foundations
3020s it's going to be hidden until you found
3022s it just to make it like a special event
3024s for everybody
3025s uh so here you can see on the town it
3029s has this additional tab for member towns
3032s so in order for a country to be founded
3035s it needs to have a certain number of
3037s member towns so these towns will have to
3039s apply to join before you can found it so
3041s it takes a little bit of just
3043s communication and getting getting these
3045s towns on board they would perform a
3047s Civic action to apply to join
3049s and then once you have that and there's
3052s enough citizens across all those towns I
3054s think looks like you have some debug
3055s numbers in here for now yeah but usually
3057s you'll need more citizens you'll need a
3059s couple towns probably two or three
3061s probably two and then you know certain
3063s number of citizens and then you'll need
3065s some kind of level of culture so culture
3066s can actually you know you can't reach
3068s country level until you've you've got
3070s enough culture in all your towns
3072s and then you would go ahead and start
3075s the uh Constitution once those
3077s requirements are met I can uh
3080s we've got the two towns that are in
3082s member Town tab can you see that as as
3085s non-elected into it yeah so these are in
3088s here yeah yeah I can I can replied I'll
3090s swap over to me quickly here
3092s um so this is how it's looking for
3095s the owner of the object or whoever is
3096s responsible and kind of creating this
3098s and you have two different towns here
3102s and these are applied and then if they
3105s have ran their elections and they passed
3108s locally in their different towns since
3110s that's a constitutional election thing
3113s we can approve them and then they get
3116s included into this town or this country
3119s and they are then listed under here so
3123s they now show up as valid member towns
3126s or valid member citizens and
3130s um I just need to actually claim the
3132s property for the whole thing I could
3134s switch over to um
3137s switch over to you there
3138s um I need to
3141s find a property tool or did you
3146s we should show the cold reveal animation
3148s if we can too yeah I need to um I need
3152s to claim the room for it but I don't
3154s have a claim tool
3156s let's just let's just force enable it
3158s just yeah that that's actually a good
3161s thing so one of the things that we we
3162s added as we were as we're building this
3165s up we realized that we needed a bit more
3167s convenient way to kind of test things
3168s and
3170s override certain settings or override
3173s certain requirements so this is
3174s something that
3175s kind of blows requirements out of the
3177s water in terms of debugging
3180s um I think I'll I'll show it as I'm
3182s running the commands here
3184s or actually yeah you know what you know
3186s what let's let's keep it on you since
3188s you see the reveal I just see the UI
3191s um which is slash Force enable
3195s which then removes all kinds of
3198s requirements
3200s and enables yeah
3204s I like that yeah it's a big event with
3206s lots of people multiple towns you know
3208s cause for celebration can you access
3211s that UI now that it's enabled through
3213s admin I think so
3215s uh yeah that looks like it so when you
3218s do this
3219s um it supersedes everything and it gives
3222s you kind of a UI options for interacting
3225s with the town
3228s yeah so this is a you can use this to
3230s set up scenarios so maybe you want to
3232s set up a bunch of towns in a bunch of
3234s countries and like kind of have a custom
3237s uh set of settlements before players
3239s enter so you have that option now that
3241s admins can easily kind of
3244s design this whole system in advance if
3246s they want to run a particular kind of
3248s server
3249s so
3251s tons of stuff we want to support just
3252s letting letting people really go crazy
3254s with the system and do all kinds of
3255s interesting stuff
3257s and I know uh Dennis has been been
3259s cooking up some cool stuff for uh White
3262s Tiger that's gonna be using kind of a
3264s custom setup too so
3267s yeah it should be all kinds of new
3268s servers happening yeah I can
3272s go through this a little bit just over
3275s the time so when you click the admin
3276s button it pops up the there we go I'm in
3280s Focus
3282s um it pops up this list of member towns
3284s that are valid that you can include so
3286s you just select it submit it and Bam
3288s it's inside member towns without
3289s elections or anything kind of force or
3292s grabbing people in here
3295s then this also allows you to kind of
3297s kick them out and and kind of arrange
3298s them as you need without
3301s kind of fumbling through
3304s different different kind of Hoops or
3305s elections or requirements of different
3308s areas and then different objects and
3310s this is the same thing for Citizens as
3312s well you can add the individual citizens
3314s to this
3316s um so it's just a great tool for admins
3319s to handle it
3323s um with that done let's
3326s call it alter state with a dash in there
3329s this also allows you to change out the
3331s influence color when you're founding a
3333s town
3334s and you can do
3336s and a mismatch here with how you want
3338s the um the colors on the map to be
3341s representing
3342s and then
3344s uh
3345s I still haven't ratified it so
3348s ratification here works the same way as
3350s towns as the previous capital
3353s you create the draft as John showed you
3356s you agree on the draft once it's done
3359s it pops up into this sidebar and that's
3364s that you know it's a valid draft you can
3366s start the election this is also in the
3368s state where if you want to include more
3370s things into the same election as
3373s referred to as bundling
3375s bundling elections or bundling laws
3379s this is also when you need to be doing
3381s it
3382s so in this case if we want to add a
3385s district for this
3387s then we want to add the whole the whole
3389s Harbor area here I'm just Ball parking
3392s here because I'm not entirely sure how
3393s stable this is right now
3395s so let's call it Harbor and we'll submit
3398s that
3399s create a new draft
3402s I wonder which
3405s which map this is something that we're
3408s still working on it it attached itself
3411s to John's Hound settlement and not the
3414s country
3415s and this is something that we're we're
3417s still working on trying to figure out
3418s where we want the threshold and how we
3421s want it to be assigned to the different
3422s layers of settlements
3426s um yeah because they can actually
3427s overlap actually if you want to switch
3429s to me I can show that too once you're
3431s done yeah I'm just gonna start the
3433s elections for these two
3435s and I'll hot run it with the admin
3438s command
3439s so both of these have passed
3442s and then that is
3444s now the the Constitution you should have
3446s defined it is active in terms of the
3449s influence radius
3451s and now I can finalize the name it says
3454s that it's valid and everything is all
3456s right
3457s um
3458s that's that plaque and you found the
3460s country
3462s and then it gives you a notification of
3464s who is involved and everything same
3465s thing as the towns
3467s and I can switch over to John and he can
3471s show you the influence impact of these
3474s things
3476s yeah so here you can see you know we
3480s have different influence maps you can
3482s show if you show the towns it shows you
3484s the influence of these two towns that
3486s we've set up and these are separate
3487s entities but both of these towns are
3489s members of the country utter state
3494s and um the um
3497s I'm still tweaking and all parking the
3499s values for how much the influence is I'm
3502s kind of like experimenting with how big
3504s a nation should be getting which is
3507s which is difficult to balance towards
3510s the size of the world so there there
3512s might end up being some some preset
3515s different config values for these things
3518s um to kind of fit where a larger a
3520s larger map might need a larger radius
3522s for the different tiers versus a smaller
3525s map where you wanna we might wanna be
3527s looking at having the same quantity of
3529s towns but still cover kind of the same
3531s percentage of the map
3534s um
3534s so you can see it has a much bigger
3536s radius than uh towns do because it's a
3540s higher tier settlement
3542s so the next tier up which is federations
3544s which we don't We're not gonna be
3546s showing right now but federations could
3547s potentially cover the entire world you
3549s know like a United Nations type of thing
3552s uh and you would have multiple countries
3554s join you for that but yeah so you have
3555s these different layers of like towns
3557s scale up to countries scale up to
3558s federations and they overlap so you can
3561s see down here it shows you at this point
3563s it's the town John catropolis and it's
3566s the country Otter State and those might
3568s have different uh
3570s you know different laws that are kind of
3571s overacting
3574s um I will show you that in the status
3576s too of which laws are active at whatever
3578s location you're at
3583s so yeah I think we should uh wrap it up
3585s in about an hour yeah
3587s um one last little thing we showed up
3590s the government tab there or the
3592s government UI now that we have a country
3593s we can show how that actually changed
3595s out the settlements in the world
3599s position towards each other
3601s or if we have the structure working yet
3603s oh that's not rendering yet it's showing
3605s for me okay once you you don't throw it
3609s on yours yeah I'll I'll switch it over
3611s to me so here this will be automatically
3613s populated based on
3615s which tier levels and how these are
3619s corroborated towards each other or which
3621s which settlements is that is a child
3623s settlement settlement to another one
3626s um
3627s and this will be kind of growing as you
3630s have more more towns or more countries
3632s in involved
3635s um
3636s being different kind of kind of layered
3638s and this will be automatically populated
3640s so this will be something that
3642s organically grows as the server expands
3644s and as you add more towns and layers to
3647s it
3650s um
3651s there was I think there was there was
3654s two questions
3655s that
3657s um kind of relevant to influence
3660s um one being what's preventing a town
3662s and settlement from expanding its
3664s influence to cover them and tires you
3666s know unique biome preventing the rest of
3668s the server from using it
3670s um I think the answer is nothing really
3673s um yeah I mean we kind of want that to
3675s happen like you imagine you see this in
3677s like real life of like there's some
3679s countries that just have amazing oil
3680s supplies and then you have to like deal
3682s with them and that kind of sucks
3684s sometimes because their governments suck
3685s so I think it's kind of cool that you
3687s get those effects and then if if it
3689s really becomes an intractable problem
3691s you could have the rest of the server
3692s could do a culture War to kind of absorb
3695s that town and change its government so
3697s that's that's the kind of release valve
3699s for that yeah but yeah I will definitely
3702s see like Rogue towns even Rogue
3704s countries doing things that are like
3705s against the rest of the the world and I
3708s think that'll make for some really
3709s interesting challenges of how to combat
3711s that
3712s um and I was really yeah I wanted to
3713s make sure that we have ways to combat
3715s that so you're not like totally helpless
3716s that's why I added the the culture War
3718s system to start it off yeah and and that
3722s that annexation system has the same kind
3724s of settlement on off Flags similar to
3727s how the government overthrowing is set
3729s up now so you can't disable it if that's
3731s something you absolutely don't want to
3733s have enabled uh but in in most scenarios
3737s it's intended to be at a level where you
3741s really have to work together as a server
3743s to combat these different things you're
3745s not just gonna have like a group of four
3748s people bullying to others to to just
3751s depress them completely
3753s um
3754s but that's also where we're hoping to
3755s get a lot of feedback in terms of
3757s balance
3758s um through the play test but also also
3760s Post Release
3761s um yeah in this regard
3764s I'm gonna do a couple couple play tests
3765s for this and I expect we'll we'll come
3767s up with all kinds of changes during
3768s these play tests uh so we'll do like a
3770s private one we'll probably do a more
3771s public one too before we find a release
3773s and we'll always have the old system
3775s available too so you know people will
3777s have that option uh but yeah everybody
3779s in here would be great to have you join
3781s these play tests when they come up and
3782s just you know get more feedback this is
3785s a system that is the very beginnings of
3786s especially the culture system that are
3789s going to grow into just like amazing
3790s parts of the game so we have lots of
3792s plans for them uh but yeah it should be
3794s a really uh really big exciting change
3796s and I think we'll we'll bring a lot of
3798s the cool features of Eco like government
3800s to a lot more of the players
3802s so can't wait to get it out there
3806s yeah I think we got most of the
3808s questions answered and and like I said
3810s we'll we'll have a follow-up with
3812s culture
3813s um and some of the other
3815s more in in-depth details in into some of
3817s these specific branches as we go through
3820s the play test we'll try to keep these
3821s streams up because I enjoyed doing them
3823s I think everyone enjoys having the
3825s resource available
3828s um
3829s yeah I think that's that's it for our
3831s first first
3833s on hands settlement stream
3835s in awesome food to get this out
3838s yeah looking forward to seeing your guys
3839s feedback and
3841s thanks for tuning in
3843s thank you so much and thank you for
3845s having for coming on stream here so we
3847s can have you in person and then oh yeah
3849s I love it have you talk about these
3851s things
3852s um such such great questions too yeah so
3855s thank you very much and we'll see you
3857s next week
3859s sounds good see you guys

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