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18 Nov

Will the devs improve animations?

3 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

If you're referring to object animation, yes, we'll definately do and are already working on that. We do it as we exchange old objects and insert new ones.

In regards to avatars we have no immediate plans to change something, it's pretty low priority. But it's likely something will be done there later, probably around release.

15 Nov

Some people seem to have issues with sever ads. As long as there is only one of them per cycle, we don't mind ads. They won't be removed. Stop reporting them.

//EDIT: Funny to report this post. Very funny.

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13 Nov

Getting back claims?

8 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yes, use left click with your property tool while standing on the property.

12 Nov

How large can a map be?

8 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Rasip

200x200 is the highest i have gotten to generate without getting bored and killing the program. 256x256 was still the absolute max last i heard, but Pam on the discord would be the one to ask.

You are going to need a pretty beefy CPU and plenty of ram for a max sized world. Especially when you are opening inventories that have lots of others in range.

Edit: Checked with Pam. 400x400 is the max the game will allow you to try but anything over 200x200 is not officially supported and will likely not work.

Thats correct. For 400x400 you need to lower the map height to a maximum of 130, though.

09 Nov

Tax Evasion with bank accounts?

11 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Darqsat

It will tax the sum of player currency and no mater how many accounts he has. Don't worry

That's right.

07 Nov

06 Nov

You can find those in /Mods/AutoGen/Plants now.

04 Nov

Originally posted by stuntphish

Huh. Ok. Fair enough I guess. The solution I used on my current game is to basically give it all to a Mason and then sell the mortar and split the revenue. I guess it would make sense. I find that garbage never really appears in any of the games I play so trying to I guess encourage it would make sense

That's what we want you to do :) Of course, you also can just have it lie around ;P

(Plant Fibers should be compostable though)

03 Nov

Originally posted by Redalpha9

You can convert any stone to regular stone through the workbench. Just put any stone in your storage then craft it.

And Update 9.0 will just allow you to mix stone types in a recipe :)

31 Oct

Tree growth not working correctly

21 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You can't, as of my knowledge. This can usually happen when you set the growth time too low. We don't recommend using values below 1 day.

Maybe someone else has an idea, though.

28 Oct

22 Oct

Originally posted by Rasip

I don't think it is. Just about every map i have seen is 1-2 giant islands with maybe 3 tiny ones.

Which is also is the default configuration of the worldgenerator, where you can set how many continents and isles you want to have *g*

19 Oct

Server settings

about 1 month ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You can edit this for each plant in files in steamapps/Eco/Eco_Data/Server/Mods/Plants. Find MaturityAgeDays and change it to the value in days you want. Don't forget the f on the end, or your server won't boot anymore.

13 Oct

Originally posted by foxhawk89

On the server Side I have a huge issue, We're on day 8, relatively small world. And the Server has already used 11 GB of Storage. Also the servers slowly work there way up in RAM usage. The later in the game you get, RAM goes up extremely fast. The makers of this game need to create better code that doesn't put so much Hardship on servers and storage. I paid 30 dollars for the server i have and after 8 days it's almost maxed out on SSD storage. As for gameplay, My big issue is you grind for the first week, Then you have to grind twice as much during the second half with players dropping off that you really need to get the job done. There needs to be a lot more automation for mining such as conveyor belts. Maybe an Auto miner like they have at actual mines. A rail system will help a lot to. Then with Trees, I don't think they should auto grow back. Watching my server, I start with 196K plants, after 8 days I have like 210K. We're killing the world, putting buildings up, knocking dow...

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Eco's RAM usage does solely depend on the world size and the amount of built stuff, 11 GB you would maybe use in endgame on a 4 km² map, otherwise there is something wrong.

SSD usage is just because of all the statistics data we track and the default backup mechanism of creating one every half hour. If your server is really big, you can reach up to 8 GB of savegame data + 24 backups on default, totalling near 200 GB. That is perfectly normal. There is not much that could be done, it's just that much data that is produced in Eco to keep the law system going and being able to react to any action anyone on the server has ever done. You can of course reduce the amount of backups, frequency or don't make any at all if you're really restricted by SSD space.

Take a look on how the official White-Tiger server does it. First, it has some balancing changes, second it starts with a pre-established community and government concept that serves as a framework for people to play in, third our computer lab recipe requires several ten-thousands of goods from all professions in the game, fourth we usually have a world wonder monument built every cycle that requires lots of resources of all kinds. Alltogether despite the poor balancing we unfortunately still have in the game due to lack of fleshes out profession content aside from smiths and engineers, every player no matter which profession he plays has a use until the last days. It becomes grindy, though - but on the other hand you get a use for the endgame machinery that you usually would skip anyway, as you can shoot the meteor down the moment you get it on vanilla servers.

Obviously this doesn't work for every kind of players, but it's working well for us. Of course we also use an ada...

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Originally posted by Urbautz

I do really hope hat 9.0 does something for that.

It will do something for that, but as we stated in one of our last newsletters, fixing that up completely will take lots of time and happen over several major updates.

10 Oct

Originally posted by Urbautz

What 8.0 for sure had is performance issues and the "flying stones", which made mining very very annoying, until even the craziest grinder of us was giving it up.

There were a lot of good changes too, and yeah, i currently just wait for 9.0 to drop.

The performance wasn't good before, either. I mentioned the performance, though.

Originally posted by Rasip

Just looking at the steam page shows only 54% of recent reviews have been positive.

My biggest annoyance is that if someone with a critical skill skips out on the server, which happens quite often, you can end up in a situation where everyone's progress gets stalled for 2-3 days until someone gets a star. For instance, both people specialized in lumber and the glass guy have been offline for 3-4 days. Their shops are empty and until someone gets 2 stars to spec hewing and lumber there is no furniture to be had so upgrading rooms is impossible.

Edit: suggestions, add a way to unspec. Or maybe a way without digging through the configs to boost the xp rate when only 5-6 out of 40 people are active and there are critical jobs empty.

Edit 2: don't get me wrong i do like the game, but solo is way too boring, co-op is a nightmare to set up, and servers with random people almost always lose 70-80% of the population by the end of the first week because everyone is wa...

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That has nothing to do with Patch 8.0, though, but with the fact reviews, and therefore positive ones too, were little last month in total and the performance problems we undoubtedly have. They don't refer to 8.0 changes, but to performance and connection problems we are working on. In 30 days reviews - without any changes to the game, we fluctuate between Mixed, over Mostly Positive to Very Positive all the time. It's not really a good indicator of a games quality when not watched in context if there has been an update lately or something that would cause this.

The Unspec we did remove on purpose as it was mostly abused to circumvent the skill system completely. If that what you say happens, the administrator of the server should adapt the difficulty settings, you can balance that very fine when you know what you are doing - which just needs a bit of experience. As Eco is a very flexible game, administrators must configure their servers properly for the best possible exper...

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Originally posted by Rasip

A) features are being added, removed, and drastically changed from update to update. Some things in the game have no documentation other than tool tips which aren't always accurate.

B) wikia bought out gamepedia and added the same banner, slide up from the bottom / down from the top, and hijacking ads that make wikia unusable without a good adblocker.

C) sadly this game like many EA titles got really big and most people played a while then moved it to the back burner waiting for an update that will make it interesting again. The devs have been teasing the next big update that will change tons of stuff for 4 and a half months.

D) major update 8 changed a lot of things in ways people didn't really like and the ones that did like them aren't updating the wiki.

Just to address your points:

A) Eco will get an Ecopedia in 9.0 directly in-game with more information, that will be expanded over time.
B) Sad stuff, indeed.
C) We do two major updates like this each year, it's just our cycle. After 9.0 on my request we aim for more regular, but smaller updates.
D) Sad to hear that this is your opinion. Feel free to go into more detail, as we've got totally different feedback mostly. The guys working on the wiki somewhat actively are about five, so that's not a matter of people not liking gameplay, as i know all of them.

The wiki is a community wiki, if something is missing, just add it :)

9.0 release date?

about 1 month ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

The most precise, without accidentally lying, i can give you is this year.

03 Oct

Is this not the Boreal Forest?

about 2 months ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Cannabibles

I've been mining here for quite some time now and haven't any luck in finding large chunks of copper ore veins. I've found pockets of 1-2 but nothing significant.

Edit: I've counted from water level, I am -20 under the water's surface. I had found approx 10 or so blocks of it near the entry point to the cave I'm in.

You need to count from the ground level that is above you, not from water surface. If you are digging below a mountain, it's the amount of blocks below the mountain, specifically the highest block above the block you are standing on. (Thats why it says surface, not water level)

01 Oct

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