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21 Feb

Our livestream about Constitutions will start today at 2pm PST / 23:00 CEST (in about 1 hour and 45 minutes). While you are waiting you can read our brand-new blog about Constitutions on Steam:

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Powered Cart vs Steam Truck

1 day ago - SLG-Dennis on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The Powered Cart is legacy and meant to be removed, given we didn't want to use up time for something you can simply not use, we didn't yet remove it. We adapted it a bit for 9.0 for those that wanna drive that weird thing nontheless.
Hey Eco citizens, we’ve been heads-down working on getting Eco 9.0 ready and it’s getting close, REAL close, date to be announced soon! Don't miss todays stream at 2pm PST / 23:00 CEST (in about two hours from the time of publishing this blog). One of the main focuses of this update is the government system.

So to start the hype train up for 9.0 (choo-choo) we’re starting a series of blogs and streams, launched each week on Friday. We have a LOT to share, here’s the tentative blog and demo schedule:
  1. New Government system: Constitution (This blog)
  2. New Government system: Elections and Elected Titles
  3. New Government system: Demographics and Wages
  4. New Government system: Laws Part 1: Using the system
  5. New Government system: Laws Part 2: Taxes, Ownership, Pro...
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

19 Feb

As we are approaching release, the first of a series of livestreams about the upcoming Update 9.0 will start this Friday, 2pm Pacific Time (23:00 Central European Time). We'll be showing everything you need to know about the new Constitutions feature and answering all questions about this feature you may have.

The stream will be broadcasted mainly on Twitch[], but will also be available on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. Additionally we try to stream it directly here on steam.

For those that are not able to watch the stream live, we'll be uploading an edited version to our YouTube channel on the weekend.
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

18 Feb

17 Feb

It does remember it.

16 Feb

Sharing house experience in eco

7 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

House Point sharing is definately planned.

15 Feb

11 Feb

Law assistance

12 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by thenewsheogorath

Wich discord server?

The official Eco discord, that is linked in the header of this sub.

Law assistance

12 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey there,

on our Discord we have a whole channel with law-examples, i'm quite sure there is one for exactly this :)

Tailings Buried In Carts?

12 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Pollution is only halted if it is stored sufficiently underground in either stockpiles or directly in the world. Polluting objects in any type of vehicle will leak as if on surface no matter where it is.

10 Feb

You can rollback to by using the betas tab in Steam.

Mining best practices

13 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by chris1988gm

The wiki stats where to find ores. There is the term "below surface". What does that mean? Does it mean below water level (which is 60 height) or below the actual surface (for example there is a mountain where you dig in)?

Each mine entrance has a little workshop with workbench, repair table, masonry table and Wainwright Table. I usually use about 10 ramps to go down for easy truck access.

Since gold is more difficult to dig down, I used an elevator and placed a cart on it (wobbly...)

I personally mine big areas and place 5x5x5 storages below there.

I also use a cart to quickly transfer the stack to the storage pile or store directly in the cart. With the exavator, things will change I guess. then I will use trucks below surface to transfer Items, since they hold more then stockpiles.

When they are full, I transfer all the stones to a workbench and turn them into the basic stone, which i then turn into mater...

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Below actual surface, the highest naturally generated block.

Version released!

13 days ago - /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Version released!

13 days ago - SLG-Dennis on Steam - Thread - Direct
We have released Patch with the following small hotfixes:

  • Fixed an issue with money transfers not working if some accounts in the list have special symbols in their names.
  • Temporarily removed "Exclusive Full Screen" mode from the game due to it crashing on some user configurations. (Will be reintroduced after Unity has released a fix)

07 Feb

Originally posted by wernersluke

Thank you very much so far! How do I find out my user id? I think this is the last piece of the puzzle...

Or just hover over your name, it will show an Account ID in the tooltip.

06 Feb

You can only do so as admin. Find out the ID of the contract escrow account and your user and type /addaccountmanager accountID,userID - then you can transfer money from the escrow to you. Afterwards, remove yourself again via /removeaccountmanager accountID,userID.

City Planning and Housing Questions

17 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by MarkerBarker989

For 3a, do we need to replace everything to all Tier 2, then all Tier 3, then all Tier 4 or is there a “safe” Tier you can stop at to make it all work?

The soft cap only ends on highest tier, which is T4 at the moment.

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