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29 May

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No, the game is inherently made for a multiplayer experience, NPC's would be totally opposite to it's design. With adjustment of configuration settings to your personal likings on difficulty and grind you can still play it singleplayer, just without the meta features for communities.

26 May

25 May


While I understand the idea behind, we're not really fans of restricting server creation. Many of nowadays successful servers have once started as small public servers or servers made just for your own play with friends (including White-Tiger). Given we love and want people to come up with new ideas for server concepts, this would just deter from exactly that. Hosting a server already is linked with a fee of some kind, if you're not hosting out of your basement.

Update 10 with its changes to make civics a core part necessary for normal gameplay nontheless helps your goal, given smaller servers will likely want to disable the new system and as such not use the new features or be incentivized to merge with others independently on one server, as some people have been making plans already planning - might be worth looking into that to consolidate servers.

It should always be up to whoever wants to open a server on if they can do that, though. Financial gatekeeping doesn...

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24 May

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It was released as preview in April, yes, but the paytest only starts in june. There was no time frame for testing given, on Discord I only mentioned around two cycles of playtest, but that solely depending on the feedback we get, with no dates given.
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There is no date yet.

23 May

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The achievements are preparations for Update 10 and not yet available.

19 May

18 May

Hey Citizens,
we've just released Update 9.7.13 to address the following issues:

  • Added: A limit of 5000 characters for election speeches was added to prevent errors in the server log for too long text.
  • Fixed: Triggering a law that records a custom stat with a name length of less than three characters would disconnect the client from the server.
  • Fixed: As a landlord, changing the bank account a rent goes to had no effect until the renter left residency and rented it again.
  • Fixed: An issue with specific laws that caused the boot time of the server to become extremely long.

Art & Effects:
  • Fixed: Texture and highlight for urchin plants were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Sound effects were not playing when moving through plants.
  • Fixed: Harvest animations were not playing for pl...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

17 May

12 May

11 May

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