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Performance tips?

about 9 hours ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Wiggitywhackest

It's been like this for more than year now, I just don't play anymore. I appreciate the new content that's been added, but it doesn't mean shit to me if my high end gaming PC I saved and scrimped for drops down to 20fps every time I play.

Bit of a rant there, sorry. At this point, restarting the game is relatively quick and the best way to temporarily fix your fps issues. Other than that, hope they fix the issue.

Actually those problems people have reported started with 8.0, which is not a year, but since february. If you had such big problems before, there is a different problem. In that case having your logs and savegame could help. ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))

Also, please note: The cause of those fps problems often likely is not the GPU but the CPU, as Eco is insanely cpu hungry (and due to Unity and the amount of simulations ever will be). We have improvements coming either way.

16 Jun

14 Jun

Looking for upcoming large server

4 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

My server would actually perfectly fit you, as it seems you like order, lol.

06 Jun

Originally posted by Urbautz

Couldn't you give out an additional key as a DLC? Then you give the activation key to your friend and he activates the game.

Or does Steam not allow that?

Haha, that's a nice idea we haven't thought of actually. I doubt they'll allow that, but i'll have a look.

Originally posted by Snoberry

I'd be more than happy with trains being as fast as if not a little faster than trucks. I don't care how expensive they are and whether or not they're limited to tracks as long as they hold vast quantities of material and look amazing. TRAINS ARE THE BEST.

Keep in mind IRL freight trains don't usually go between 50-60mph. Speed isn't their thing. It's higher efficiency transit of mass quantities of goods. Steel on steel is way more efficient than rubber on asphalt. Smaller coefficient of friction. Plus train engines are capable of far more power/torque on a more cost effective scale than trucks.

I'll keep that in mind.

Originally posted by FeistyPear5

Its not even a sale though, you can get it cheaper on the slg site with a 2 pack.

You are telling me I should be gracious you aren't charging $100?

The possibility to get it cheaper on the SLG site is there since years and logical, because we promote collaboration - buying a multipack for friends (and the 4 pack lets you save even more money!) is and has ever been a great way to save money. We would also have done this for steam - but unfortunately Steam does no longer support Multipacks for games since quite some time. Only games that had the packs before Steam dropped support for it, could keep them. Buying multiple games at once is something that is typical to give a discount for multiple buys and has nothing to do with buying a single game - so it indeed is a sale.

And no, i'm not telling you that, nor do i have the slightest idea how you come to that thought. We have never done sales before, communicated we don't plan to do them, and don't plan to have any more sales until the end of early access either.

We did this sale to specifically take part in the World Environment Day as Steam sends a share of sale...

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05 Jun

Originally posted by FeistyPear5

only 10%?

The people that develop the game unfortunately actually need to eat to push out updates and fixes. Not even a mass sale could sustain that when the discount is somewhere at 70% like some people seem to suggest.

We wanted to give you the possibility to get the game a bit cheaper and participate in the World Environment Day sale specifically. It's very likely you won't see any other sales in the forseeable future, especially no bigger ones.

So if you are tempted to get it, now is the best time to get it. If it's too low of a discount for you, that's fine, but it won't get better any time soon.

World Environment Day Sale

13 days ago - SLG-Dennis on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone,
for the first time ever, Eco is on sale in Steam. Get your 10% discount while the sale lasts and support charitable organisations with your purchase.

04 Jun

Originally posted by LoSboccacc

I was honestly half trolling. but I think the fascination with trains is the complex system required to organize and run them, not their speed. but who am I? just do a poll, the player base can help!

I can see horrible accidents happening already. ;)

mass layoffs at SLG

14 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hello everyone,
it's true that five people had to leave the company on Monday, which i would not consider a "mass layoff" though.
I've got clearance to give you some insight into that, but I ask for understanding that i will not be able to go into any more detail and won't comment any further than this:

One of the five was let go for cause, another one was a contractor whose contract was not renewed and the other three were employees that were laid off.
The reason for the layoffs and the contractor not being renewed is both financial as well as a restructuring of the working positions and therefore a very hard but not unusual business decision.
Before these measures we also hired a new artist, several new developers and two people working in a dedicated quality assurance team that we didn't have until then but was definitely required.
These changes made sure that we have a complete and fitting team that works on Eco and that we can sustain it long-t...

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Originally posted by LoSboccacc

where it could support the fast chunkloading that would be needed for trains

just make... like... slow trains?

Do you really want trains that are around as fast if not slower (to avoid issues) than trucks that are extremely expensive and limited to tracks?

03 Jun

Casual Server

15 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

No, there is no way to do this.

You could either shutdown the server via automatic schedule (though time does not go on, which probably is wanted for limited playtime) or manually set a password whenever the time is over.

02 Jun

It's unfortunately not, but one of the many new law possibilitites in 9.0.

Problems with the WebUI

16 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TheThanatosGambit

If I may ask, why are we forced to use a web interface to perform in-game functions in the first place? It's slow and inefficient, and (seems to me) could just as easily be performed via an in-game UI. I'm having a hard time understanding why this was ever considered a good idea.

This is due to Eco being originally developed as an educational game only, where the WebUI is very useful for school use. Actually, the creation of laws will be moved to ingame in 9.0.

01 Jun

Rocket Jump Glitch

18 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yeh, that's Eco. xD

30 May

Originally posted by FungusGungus

I think my point is not many people really know what’s going on, and that it feels like the devs don’t listen at all, since large features that are heavily wanted don’t really get addressed. I mean clearly it’s not just me that thinks that, quite a few posts here discussions on the game are about how the roadmap is ignored. It feels like there isn’t much to do, and almost every game goes the same as the last one, it feels like there isn’t much to discover in the game, or mechanics to really play with.

I still don't know which large features you are talking about explicitly, despite boats which for sure have been asked for since a long time, but i also already stated why those are not top priority right now. We're constantly developing the game and constantly posting updates about what we are working on and thinking. Scrolling through the posts i also do not find anything else than boats being an obvious shared request.

9.0 will definately expand your options in gameplay quite a bit. Keep an eye out for more news on it in the following weeks.

Level 3 hewning talent not working?

19 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You are doing nothing wrong, this is a bug that is fixed in 8.2.

Originally posted by hitzu

And since my other comment was deleted for no reason I quit. Started with hope, ended regretting.

I did not remove any comment. The last removed comment as of mod log was from 28 days ago, which was a mere advertising post. I know that a comment is missing though, as i actually replied to it this morning with my response being gone, too. No idea where it has gone, i'm not experienced in reddit, so i don't know where i could look that up.

I know it was about you wishing us good luck, considering there is an exit button for games when they become boring and there is no way to give feedback to reallife or something like that.

I pretty much responded that we're aware of this, but if that would stop us from developing the game, we could have done one of the 20 minute round games, which we didn't. I also said, that thankfully not everyone is bored by the mechanics we implement.

All in all, as i stated - the game is not for everyone but it is clearly communicated about what the game is. I'm sorry you don't like to seem the direction, but i'm glad that a lot of ...

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Originally posted by FungusGungus

The false advertising perception comes from calling it a roadmap even though it neither follows no particular order of popularity nor is anything even guaranteed. Just because it doesn’t say the listed items will be in the game doesn’t mean that anyone viewing it would infer that it is. It seems heavily implied that these features are going to be in the game, especially given the screenshots descriptions, and it seems to me it’s not just me that initially thought that. The roadmap was one of the reasons I bought the game, because the most popular voted things on there were things I thought would be fun to play with. I don’t understand the point of a roadmap if you’re going to do it in the order that the game devs want to and seemingly completely ignore all the things the people want. I get having a plan that you want to follow but pleasing the community is important for retention, but I doubt there’s even a strong plan, I remember seeing an old video from eco of an orca in the game...

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As i said, i'm also quite unhappy with how it was named, but that was long before my time. I've forwarded that feedback and we'll see what the people caring about it will decide for it for the future.

But you also need to see that this roadmap does not state dates for the features anywhere like a normal roadmap would do. I'm sorry that your decision to buy the game was mostly due to the roadmap and two of the top-most voted features and that those are not yet in the game, but i'm still wondering how people could get the feeling that the only thing we do is working the roadmap from top to bottom, we never communicated we would do that. Actually, at least i didn't even think people would expect that, as i never would myself. When i started playing Eco and saw the roadmap, i read through the points, found a lot of them interesting and some not, voted for my favourites (which are all more to the bottom of the page) and forgot of the roadmap. I never saw it as something that tel...

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Originally posted by hitzu

Good luck with that. I just remind you that in real life you have no exit button as an option to leave boredom and giving feedback to life kinda makes no sense.

That's totally clear. But if that exit button would be a reason to stop us, we wouldn't have needed to develop Eco at all but could instead have made some kind of 20 minutes lasting game. Thankfully, the systems we implement are not boring for everyone.

29 May

Originally posted by FungusGungus

They might be something to look forward to, but he called it an optional feature, like it’s not confirmed

The list on the roadmap is a list of things we ultimately WANT to have in the game, not what WILL be in the game. It seems this is not clear enough, so i'll make sure that our web developers adapt what the roadmap says for this to be understandable.

The roadmap is there to show you where Eco could head to, what we think that we want to implement over the course of development - not only early access, but in general. Eco will never be stopped to be developed and get more extensive as long as people play it. You likely see new major features in five years, just like now. There is unlimited possibilities on what you can add to Eco given it resembles real life and real life is limitless. Trains are a thing we think is cool and want to have in the game. But it's also one of the hardest and most time consuming things to do. But that does not mean it will be in the game soon or at all, nor does it mean it will never be in the game. And as far as i read the roadmap it's not stating...

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Originally posted by hitzu

Oh, don't please use the "realism" argument in the game full of cubes, when the ecosistem we should learn not to destroy happily destroys itself, the game where you have to build robots in order to make a light bulb, where the mass magically appears or disappears based on the skills of whoever turn the ON button on a workbench, where the law of energy coservation doesn't work, where some animals population reproduces in the seconds after raid hunting, where the more people observe the rocks the more they forget about gravity and solid surfaces, where human footprints traverse through layers of rock and soil from the deep underground to appear on the surface, where the world depth depends on the ocean depth, where the planet's curvature doesn't depend on its size, where water can be basically dug out, where wild plants can grow in hostile environment but the same cultivated plants can't, where all gases and liquids can travel any large distance trough pipes, but only if the pipe is ...

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That's not my argument but the reason for the choices we make and therefore i need to make this aware to you. I cannot refrain from telling you this, given it's the exact reason why we do some things. Our design is based around realism, with simplifications of course, but many of them over the course of development will be gone, too. Obviously for different reasons some parts are more realistic while some are less. The sweeping hands talent for example is as unrealistic as the carry weights - but still way more realistic than other games offer. The production chains is something we want to make more realistic than other things, giving the benefit of a use for a lot of different professions and the economy and the impact for ecology - which are two important pillars of the game content.

Sure, you don't need robots to make light bulbs, but in the future we are going to introduce different tiers of machinery to do things. For the ore processing we'll introduce that and have s...

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Originally posted by spiritmammoth

I live in a city founded on extensive mining. There are huge mine dumps, and of course they are ugly and very little grows near them 50 years later. The rivers downstream are polluted still. Every so often a dam near the mines breaks and kills more of the environment.

There are entire companies whose sole job it is to transport the tailings and waste from the mines.

Don't worry, you have the realism quite well modeled.

And it's still a lot of fun.

That's what i see working best ingame too. On some servers i play on some players that are loving mining, mine stuff, sell it and offer tailings storage as a company for the whole server. That works best and the miners are mostly rich given what they sell the ores for and take for the tailings. Still, i'm totally aware not every server has such dedicated people that are into mining anyway and don't feel any tediousness, so we'll surely try to balance it out so it is fun for most people.

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