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04 Jul

When is 9.0 coming??

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We didn't promise anything. There never has been any release date announced. Stating otherwise is plain wrong. We announce our release dates about a week before they happen. All information that was given was rough estimates based on planning at that time and plans have changed several times as has been communicated in nearly every single livestream.

Even John himself has communicated on his behalf on the comments that we had the choice of either releasing with no performance improvements or getting the backend ready for notable performance improvements and monthly release cycles in the future, in exchange requiring much more time for the Update. We've chosen the latter. Either way we'd have people complain, which is very fine, as mistakes HAVE BEEN MADE (No reason to not say that) in the past we'll need to live with, but we do not need to live with people stating simply wrong information for the sake of provocation. We didn't move the release date a single time as none ... Read more

03 Jul

You have an outdated file, please remove that. Either regenerate a world afterwards or wait a few real days for it to revert.

02 Jul

When is 9.0 coming??

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At least try to stay respectful, thank you.
If the Server started, so did the Web-Server. Unfortunately i cannot be of much assistance for networking issues, but that's the most likely cause here. Especially when you can access it via localhost.

01 Jul

You need to open the port in your firewall for others to be able to connect to it.

Research overview ?

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We're working on something like that for a future Update :)

29 Jun

Originally posted by hyrle

But can i take animal handling and be a bard? :D

Roll initiative.

26 Jun

25 Jun

In a previous Eco Peaks update I showed some of the big updates to world generation for geology and mining coming in update 9.0 for Eco. In this post I’ll present the very closely related updates to mineral processing and pollution in 9.0. Mining and mineral processing is an essential part of the global economy, since it provides the raw materials for many industries. It also raises many questions about land management, pollution, and waste storage. Tailings ponds and stacks are places where products and byproducts of mineral processing are stored long term, and they are some of the biggest structures humans build in the real world. We are excited to continue updating Eco until we have a satisfying representation of this kind of mass extraction and management of earth resources, and the consequences of their byproducts.

Underground Mining... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
No, there isn't. It's still a block based game.

23 Jun

Hello Scott,
yes there is. Hover next to the bar on the bottom and a black gear should appear, click on that:

22 Jun

A possibility is a corrupted database or turned off stats. Check your server logs if there are any DB errors.

21 Jun

we need your Server Logs after you are getting this error to investigate:

Please send them to [email protected]

19 Jun

18 Jun

Originally posted by Prof_Awesome_GER

Oh that is nice. We having a good time in the game but the grind is real for the four of us! Thanks for time. Is there an eta?

Unfortunately not :(

We'll have such a option in Update 9.0.

17 Jun

Hey all, John K here to talk about one of the most core systems in eco, the Law system, and how we’re evolving it for Eco 9.

Before we dive into that deeper, here is the overview over our Eco Update 9.0 Blogs:
  1. New Government system: Constitution
Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

16 Jun

Try with localhost:3001, otherwise you need to open the port.
The lawmaking is partially moving to ingame, but was in the interface as Eco was originally build for schools, where teachers and pupils could look it up in the browser without having to go ingame.

Originally posted by uniquepassword

What does this have to do with the game?

It's a funny reference to the game, which is fine.

10 Jun

Automation is not in the scope currently, we actually took back some of the Automation we already had for the manual labour. Automation is something on our list, but that's definately more to the end of EA, as it's a big standalone feature.

08 Jun

Dorianmode is correct.

Why so slow walking?

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Originally posted by City Builder: Truly annoying. What if I don't want to spam road everywhere? It's your game and all and you dictate how to play it, but I for one hate spamming roads and trying to simply walk through short'ish grass at a fraction of the speed of bare ground.

I'm pretty sure that when I walk through the forest grounds near my home with weeds near waist high, it doesn't impair my walking speed at all.
Well, that's the point of the game. You can of course decide to not upgrade infrastructure for the sake of the planet - but you will have to live with the consequences. That's what Eco is about ...