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0s Columbia
2s [Music]
4s I am one of the Eco developers and I'll
7s be doing some streams every week to show
11s some of the Eco features that we have
13s been working on so the idea uh on every
16s stream is to have another developer so I
20s guess
20s right now it does is another developer
23s his name is Jordan Jordan do you want to
25s introduce you introduce yourself
28s uh sure hi I am Jordan some people in
32s the community may know me as the test
33s game or test I do a lot of the tech and
39s behind the scenes kind of stuff for Eco
42s as well as the uh the mod kit
46s hey nice well the the Jordan uh and yeah
50s he he's like the expert of the mods so
53s feel free to ask questions that we will
55s be checking at the end of The Stream So
57s first let's talk what are the system is
59s about so the idea is that we will we are
62s going to have streams every week to show
64s some features that are already
65s implemented but that maybe you are not
68s aware of them and also to talk about the
71s features that we are working on
73s and here comes uh first really important
76s disclaimer and it is that uh it is
81s really important for us that you
82s understand that the things that we are
84s working on not necessarily are going to
86s be on the game
88s so it it depends I mean there is no
93s let me explain uh we everything that we
96s Implement a feature we do something
99s called an internal play test what is
101s that where basically all the developers
103s play the game we joined as airplane as
106s players and then we test the servers but
109s in the perspective of a player So based
111s on that we may decide if the feature is
114s worth keeping or if maybe it goes
116s against the gameplay maybe it is too
118s confusing
119s and well also some technical things like
122s maybe it affects the performance too
123s much and stuff like that so what we are
126s going to see that is work on progress is
128s not always going to be including the
130s game but we hope that it is including
132s the game also for our DC streams we are
134s going to have uh different streams we
137s are going to have uh some more focus on
140s gameplay design so feel free to join
142s those and ask whatever you you want to
145s to ask or comment about our gameplay now
148s even more important that to talk about
150s the features and the gameplay we would
153s like that this streams become a space
155s where we can talk to the community where
158s we can hear the questions that you have
160s the comments that you have
162s know what you think about the features
164s that we have been working now when you
166s think about the complete decisions that
168s we have been making and also we are open
170s to here ideas about uh what what
173s expectations do you have about these
175s streams let us know what do you like to
177s see in the streams and we can make plans
179s for the Nexus and strings
185s is that uh this is my first stream and
189s as you can imagine my main language is
191s Spanish so we may have uh technical
194s issues I mean we have issues because
197s when on for my first stream we have
199s Isuzu vs or lighten up whatever and
203s second I am quite aware that my English
205s is way too far from perfect and
207s sometimes maybe hard to understand me so
210s feel free to use the chat when you don't
212s understand something
213s [Music]
215s um
215s yeah well the the idea is that
218s that everything is as clear as possible
220s we'll try to to check the chat to to
224s help when when something is not clear
226s uh well now that we are done with this
228s with the disclaimers let's talk about
231s the the features I would like to start
234s with a feature that I've been working on
236s and it's a feature that I have been
238s working on with John one CEO
253s stuff that you are going to see is the
255s minimum
256s and what we see here is some potential
259s uh initial points for dependence of the
261s game uh I mean it depends on every
263s player but for example every time that I
265s start the game in another position I
267s always check the map and try to find
270s something that is
281s is that
284s is
287s based on
290s uh well I'm based on the decisions
294s to select uh dimensional point that fits
298s you with so for example we have here
300s some great I'll constantly here is that
303s this means that these places are close
306s to the wild animals so you solid focus
310s more on Hunting it's pleasure for you to
312s stop you need to have different
315s spots like the green ones for example
317s mean that is close to the forest it'd be
320s nice if you would like to work with wood
322s for example and we also have
326s um
329s please give me a second I think I'm I'm
332s having some issues with the audio as if
335s you don't do
336s okay
338s yeah I think I think that my microphone
340s is just too far and I have that uh like
343s noise reduction uh
346s feature enabled uh
349s uh and and sometimes I imagine that I
352s speak so loud that
354s it recognizes as a as a noise I imagine
358s uh okay sorry about that
361s um a little recapped so we have some
364s initial points
366s you can select your initial Point based
369s on what fits you better for example if
372s you are usually into farming
374s these like orange spots are going to be
377s places that are like real playing where
380s you can store your Farms with business
382s issues green indicates that we are going
385s to be close to a forest in the start and
388s we also have different ones for one foot
391s now here we don't have any surrounding
394s yet
394s I mean I know that not everyone is is
397s aware about settlements but settlements
400s is a new feature that we have been
402s working on I won't do a lot of spoilers
405s over that feature because it's a feature
408s that is going to have its own stream and
411s it's on demo so let's just think of
414s settlements like cities or countries but
416s but let's say Series so imagine that you
419s join a server that's that has already
421s started in they already have that series
424s they have different cities around the
426s world
427s each City may have its own rules its own
430s preference for new players and based on
434s that you could
436s basically start like yeah I want to
438s serve near the forest or no I would like
440s to study in a settlement so Solomon
443s should also be available here but as I
445s mentioned we were going to to talk more
448s about that feature later so right now
450s let's start in a place where I actually
452s with a start as a player I prefer to
455s start as I mentioned close to the
457s warrior and close to the forest I'm
460s almost sure that is
462s this this would be a good place for me
465s for example to start so I just press
467s this over here
469s um well please it's going to solve that
471s supposedly oh
473s yeah that was definitely not supposed to
476s happen
477s uh sorry about that
479s technically just so as I mentioned this
481s is uh
482s the develop
484s um
485s Branch for actually more information we
488s have isolated the project in different
491s like branches so we have the one that
494s you play on this team that is supposed
496s to be book free and we have one when we
499s work all the features and the new
501s features sometimes have inches so that's
503s why that's isolated from the game uh and
506s yeah it does it a bunch of times before
507s of the stream and never Crash Pad but
510s yeah
511s that's always uh
513s something that that may happen either be
515s of course be fixed a
518s before the
521s before we eventually we launched it into
523s the game
525s so about the starting points we have uh
527s initial questions and an initial
529s question and it's if this third point is
533s defined by the Admin so how it works
536s right now is that those initial points
539s that we saw on
540s uh let's let me show it again with
543s another con because this one really
545s is this book so so what happens is that
550s the server use an algorithm called
554s clustering so the clustering algorithm
557s automatically select those initial
559s points but it will also take into
562s consideration the settlements that
565s already exist on the game so the server
568s takes some points that they were
571s automatically selected by the server but
574s we'll also consider the the already
576s existence series
578s but we can talk about that for example
580s as uh as an admin uh do you think that
585s it should be defined by the admins or do
587s you prefer that is a feature that is
590s selected automatically or do you want
592s like a mixture like I want to have the
594s option to place them myself to remove
597s some points because I can't say based on
600s that question I can see like there's
602s some useful scenarios where you would
605s like to to select the points I'm sorry
607s I'm going to to log with a random
609s account
611s so so for example imagine that if I am
613s the admin and I know the I like to have
616s more Farmers on the game I could remove
620s some initial points like I know I don't
622s want people starting the forest we
624s already have a lot of people working
625s there so maybe I'm going to move the
627s points or new players start here I I
630s think that that could be
631s interesting is not how it works now it's
633s not holding its plan but but yeah feel
636s free to comment about that feature so as
639s I mentioned we can uh improve based on
641s the feedback so here again let's hope it
644s doesn't crash again
646s and let's select a random pointer yeah
650s here light works
652s so yeah once you select the point you're
654s going to start on that point
657s and as it mentioned for example this is
660s a point close to one foot so I should
662s already see some old animals here nice
665s place to sell if you you're into hunting
668s so I'll yes I'll talk now our the second
671s feature I'm sorry about the debug and
673s the first one uh
675s yeah that that stuff happens sometimes
678s for us developer time and we of course
680s work on that before the launch so for
683s the second feature there is one feature
685s that is already implemented but I'm not
687s sure if if a lot of people is aware of
689s that it's a feature that I implemented
691s and that I really liked and it is the
693s AFK system so what is an AFK system is
697s basically a system that checks when
699s layers are inactive of their some period
703s of time and they basically keep them out
706s of the server
707s it is important because as you can
710s imagine the performance on the server
712s depends on the amount of people you have
714s if you have less people well the This
717s Server will
718s perform better and it makes no sense to
722s have people that haven't been active in
725s a while I mean they had players is is
727s been there for three hours and hasn't
729s done or write anything so so why do I
732s need to happen in my circle right now I
734s can kick it kick him and once he come
737s back to a computer he just needs to
738s login again I mean really easy just give
741s me a second
751s to enable this feature
753s on This Server you will see these two
756s parameters the first one is time
758s required for AFK it means how many time
762s do you need in minutes to consider that
766s someone that someone is inactive
770s so if the value is zero or you can even
773s use a negative value it means that you
775s don't want this feature uninsurable like
777s like yeah I don't mind I don't mind if
778s people are inactive so I'm just going to
780s leave it in zero if you change it for
782s example right 60 it means that after one
785s hour a player that hasn't moved at all
788s that hasn't moved the mouse or the
789s keyboard will be considered inactive and
792s will be
793s uh kicked from the server of course you
795s will get our enemy he will get a pop-up
797s warning and he can move like oh yeah I
800s don't want to be kick out and like he
801s can move the mouse or keyboard or
803s anything and he will be considered again
804s as an active player and won't be kicked
807s uh this works with minutes or 60 would
810s mean an hour one would be one minute one
812s you can even use decimals I don't think
815s that's a good idea because it would be
817s like uh too little time but I'll do it
820s right now for the for the test so I have
823s my player here
824s and I'm going to to use a 0.1 meaning 6
831s seconds say Factor at 6 seconds I am
834s inactive I should get a pop-up
836s with our link here it is
838s and the warning has like a countdown if
842s I the move after 10 seconds then I'll
845s become server but if I move the mouse
847s from the keyboard then I'll be a
850s disabled again
852s uh I'm sorry I do a small post about the
857s feature I'm talking about right now that
860s is the AFK system let's see it's a
863s bigger value here because I don't want
864s to get gigaby I'll talk uh to answer
867s that different question that we have so
869s we have a question about the the last uh
873s feature that I was talking about initial
874s spawn point
876s uh it says if a few people have already
879s built in for this area well it then
882s still show that spot as a good for this
885s spot that's that's a good question I
887s mean right now we haven't done a lot of
889s testing on on this feature because it's
892s extremely new I mean it's like a feature
894s that we start working on for a couple of
897s weeks basically uh right now the server
901s takes the the spots automatically based
906s on the layers I'm not sure how updated
910s they are at the moment the points are
912s created because I have the idea that
915s they are created at the beginning I mean
917s when the server starts but it's not
919s updated based on the time but that's
921s actually something really important to
923s to take into consideration we we can
925s check that because if the points are
928s defined when the server is created and
930s of course the game change or when the
934s time passes those expose that we
938s initially defined may not be as good as
942s we would like so that that's a really
945s good question and we will really look
946s into that to check if
949s it just points keep being valid I mean
952s it would be awful to start yeah I want
953s to start in this project you start and
955s now it's a city because the the forest
958s is is gone for a while so yeah yeah no
960s that's that's a a nice question is
963s comment that will take into
965s consideration thanks for that
967s so going back to to the Future I'm
970s talking about right now and and also
972s feel free to to ask questions about this
974s AFK system feature so as I mentioned
977s this would be the time required if you
979s don't want to use the the feature
981s remember that you can just set it in
982s zero it's actually the default value so
984s if you just start the server default
987s value 0 and it won't be a
990s you won't have any
991s also for admins it's important to know
995s that they are not part of the HK system
997s I mean if you are the admin of the
999s server you can be inactive and you will
1001s never be kick off the system
1003s also do we have another parameter here
1006s that is important for for this feature
1008s and it is the required occupancy before
1012s dfk system effect
1015s the default value is zero it means that
1018s it doesn't matter if you have people
1020s connected them in server or if you just
1022s have three people connecting with server
1024s once a player is inactive it will be
1026s kicked that's what what zero means it
1028s doesn't matter to your coupons you will
1030s just use the system no matter what but
1033s you can also change this value for
1035s example I can say now I just want that
1038s when my server reached 50 percent of the
1041s occupancy and the system is enabled so
1045s let's imagine that we have a server uh
1049s class uh
1050s 60 default
1053s but once you finish theoretic players
1055s this system will react before that
1058s it is important to understand that
1063s the final configuration
1066s for example if we
1070s the specific message
1083s because it seems like I'm having some
1085s issues with the audio
1095s but I'm actually one
1098s like substance configuration
1100s but okay
1103s it seems like yeah it could be the
1106s production
1111s check it out
1118s I just will use the the noise reduction
1122s uh filter that you have
1125s just let me know if the determination is
1127s so nice because I mean I know that my
1129s CPU
1133s it's all check
1136s like the parameter
1142s maybe here is better
1145s I'm checking the chat so so I love it to
1149s finally if it is
1151s like on the right one
1161s I really didn't do my spot just try to
1164s be closer moving to a microphone
1168s budget
1171s okay so let's talk about a
1175s this feature
1177s the second parameter that I was talking
1179s about was the word part occupancy
1183s for the vfk system and start that
1188s depends on the on another Network
1191s product
1197s we
1199s can select here up by the way it is if
1202s this has a default volume of negative
1204s one it means that you don't have a limit
1207s of default slots on your server but you
1210s can set a different value like I think I
1212s mentioned I could have before this load
1214s set to 16 and the result is that once
1218s you have to replace connected in the
1222s system will stop for example I can use
1225s again uh release mobile and I want it
1227s because I have one on Facebook so that's
1230s basically how this bishop Works once
1233s again let us know what you think about
1235s this feature what if you think it's too
1238s confusing if you think the name is not
1241s clear if you think that there is
1243s something that is missing that you'd
1244s like to have control over let us know
1248s now let's talk about the last feature
1251s that I wanted to mention and it is uh
1255s something more visual I work a while ago
1259s on check on changing how the property
1262s looks when you are going to claim a a
1265s spot so I don't know if you remember I
1267s mean people that have been playing for a
1270s while and remember probably
1272s but when
1274s for example you are going to place a
1276s house the terrain around that you are
1279s going to claim would look different
1281s uh now this is how it looks it's
1285s different uh now it's like what what
1289s what happened before is that it was
1292s tinted the sound that we were going to
1295s claim now what happened is that the
1298s actual texture that we have there is
1300s replaced so I'll go to a place that we
1302s had like a lot of texture like here and
1305s we see that we have like the green
1308s texture for the green for the leaves and
1310s the texture for the Earth but it's
1313s completely gone once I want to claim
1316s something then it just takes uh the
1319s texture is replaced by a hue that is
1322s based on the selection color
1324s and it should be way easier to see that
1327s the place that you want to claim is a
1330s viable or a viable and also with big
1332s series it would used to be a problem
1334s because when you active the property
1337s claim involved it would be like so much
1339s information that it'd be hard to see so
1341s I'm going to go where I have already uh
1344s a property to display how it looks I
1347s have one here
1354s I'm not really good with you in
1357s positioning
1358s like in real life and on the games
1364s in an issue that happens in but but yeah
1367s it seems like I'm pretty close
1371s so for example here let me take a moment
1374s to load before because I am on the
1375s Google promote I come right extremely
1377s fast reply
1379s but basically what what we have here is
1382s that we will see uh a different queue
1386s for the properties that are clean
1389s than it was before and I'll see a red
1393s color when it's a property that I can
1395s claim because I mean this is this
1397s terrain Village and so when belongs to
1399s someone else so I can really play
1401s something here but if I can play
1403s something here I can see it all I'm
1405s going to play something here and
1409s I'm going to a gram and
1413s a tool just to show that it will also be
1416s affected by the effect you can always go
1418s to minimap core layers activate the
1421s properties and overlay in main View
1424s when you do this then you will see the
1427s Shader all the time so I can see here
1429s this is my property and this is the
1432s property I can see actually my X here is
1434s blue I am property and now it's green I
1436s am a different property but yeah the
1438s idea is that this Shader was was updated
1441s um trying to make it easier to
1443s understand but also easier to see
1445s because even when I am on the inside the
1450s building or inside like a lot of
1451s buildings I still can see the terrain
1454s and here we have like been a little more
1457s technically here we have two things that
1460s are happening DQ is being replaced like
1463s the text will be replaced by the Hue
1465s that we want to use but also I added uh
1468s the outlines so the outlines of each
1472s object are added like a white outline is
1474s very subtle but for example here we can
1476s see you in the
1478s on the flowers that they have like these
1480s outlines the same here with the lips and
1484s that's to make easier for you to to walk
1487s while you have this ID
1489s that's the the feature the the last
1492s feature that I wanted to talk about
1495s um
1495s and now uh it's time for
1498s to hear Jordan so Jordan are you ready
1504s yes uh one second let's do this
1513s yeah it seems like hearing the screen
1515s okay
1517s so
1518s I mostly do things like the uh the our
1522s account server and things of that nature
1524s though they played out Eco however
1527s another thing that I also participate in
1529s is
1530s uh more of the technical like tested
1533s experiments and this is one of them
1536s um
1537s for a while people have noticed that uh
1540s the trucks on the main menu
1542s are a completely different color than
1544s the rest of the game and
1546s I went through the effort of actually
1548s seeing if we could bring the idea of
1550s recoloring trucks or really anything in
1553s eco
1555s two actual gameplay mechanics
1557s and this is the start of that this is
1562s a an initial idea of being able to check
1565s paint any color you want
1568s and um
1571s there's also a second demo which is a
1574s little a little more complicated it part
1577s of the uh the lines here
1580s because this is not a perfect texture
1582s but if you can actually independently
1587s pick what you would want to show on the
1590s truck now keep in mind obviously this is
1592s still an idea an experiment you may not
1595s necessarily see this
1597s in an upcoming release
1598s or if you will likely not
1602s in the near future because other things
1604s take priority
1605s however
1607s if the office is something people are
1609s interested in I we would be more than
1611s willing to you know probably look into
1613s it more than we are at the moment
1616s I am I'm so not used to being on camera
1621s uh
1623s yeah I I I I don't really have too much
1626s to show with that it's just a little
1628s Tech demo
1630s um
1634s uh
1636s I don't know if anyone has any questions
1638s about this this obviously I believe
1640s we're taking questions at the end but
1643s yeah it's fine I mean this this actually
1645s concludes uh the the feature that we
1649s want to explain I think it's a nice
1651s feature to to be able to like find the
1653s color of some more objects so so I think
1655s that that as you were saying that yeah
1657s we we have time to to take some
1659s questions
1660s um to your comments about what would you
1662s like to see on the Nexus streams
1670s I'll be I'll be checking the chats
1685s I see the colored Vehicles Mark came up
1688s so the colored Vehicles mod is uh
1691s well the original one it's it's
1693s duplicating the trucks it's not all the
1696s same truck
1697s so there's one for each color I think
1699s Kai has one that does it a little
1701s differently the idea with this is It's
1704s one truck so it's a lot easier to manage
1706s and it's also modable that's the other
1708s thing I forgot to mention other my
1710s anxiety dropped a little bit
1712s um
1713s so in theory by having a an ecosystem of
1717s these colorable objects is we would
1719s likely do more than just trucks you
1721s would be able to
1722s pick whatever color you wanted as well
1725s as possibly modded more colors depending
1728s on how we did the coloring mechanic
1730s which is still to be determined
1732s that's a little bit different than how
1734s the mod does it
1738s I I see there is another question uh
1741s Jordan I don't know if you can check the
1742s chat will will the coloring work also on
1746s building blocks
1747s uh this one no that is something that
1751s has been talked about
1753s uh a little more challenging because
1756s obviously we want Eco to run well the
1758s more things you start throwing in there
1760s the more problems you may start having
1762s so a lot of thought has to go into it
1763s prior to
1765s adding color
1768s okay okay I see another question that is
1771s that when will we see both uh so yeah
1775s the idea is that we will actually have
1777s votes on the in on the next version and
1780s the echo temperature
1782s that's that's the idea I mean we we
1784s still had to run the the internal test
1786s to make sure that the liquid works as
1788s expected and and I use like a for for
1791s people that were waiting to see boats to
1793s understand that there is a lot of
1795s implications there I mean not only is
1799s about the the technical issue of
1800s creating the world the model and
1803s decoding but also to to set a gameplay
1808s where boats are actually useful or they
1811s are worth I mean if you can swim why do
1813s you want about what why how do you
1816s change or or how do we update the
1818s gameplay
1819s to making to make them uh something
1822s really useful something that people want
1824s to use and also something that is not an
1827s exploited because as you can imagine
1829s with every plane that that you have
1831s played sometimes there are exploits that
1833s when there are some updates or
1835s modifications and that's that's really
1837s complicated but the good thing is that a
1840s one of our next streams will be with
1843s gens he will be talking about Bots and
1845s gameplay so yeah if you're interested we
1848s be make sure to be on on that stream
1852s I I don't know if you have oh sorry
1854s Jordan go ahead I
1857s I might have a question for the
1859s community because well I have the the
1860s colored thing up I see uh one of the the
1863s chats here someone is talking about uh
1865s three channels only
1866s there actually is an experimental I
1871s can't demo it but there's an
1872s experimental version that takes more
1875s colors and I want to if that's something
1877s people would be interested in you know
1879s obviously let us know because this one
1881s it's three colors and then whatever the
1884s artist has decided the rest of the
1886s object should look like but you can see
1888s how that looks down here there's a red
1890s green and blue
1891s however
1892s we can technically do more it's so it
1896s becomes a little less modern friendly
1899s but more can be done if you would want
1902s that really deep level of customization
1904s obviously that is you know a feedback
1907s thing let us know in like the Discord
1908s what you would think of that but
1922s all right forgot to to mute me I'm sorry
1925s so things are done I I think that that
1928s having more control would be nice but
1930s but yeah imagine
1932s um that would be more complicated you
1934s know or if some of our players are
1937s familiar of the 3D modeling process uh
1940s what is a UV map and and I mean it's not
1944s that user friendly but it should be cool
1946s to have some really different uh options
1949s to do more modifications modifications
1952s so so yeah let us know in the chat
1956s um
1956s we we also will have some streams with
1960s artists so so maybe if you have some
1962s more artistically related question on
1965s comments we may be sure that we're going
1968s to have part of the artist team here on
1970s the streams and you'll have the chance
1971s to to talk with them too
1975s um and yeah I see another question if
1977s the stream will be weekly uh yeah the
1980s idea is that every Friday at this time I
1983s mean it's 3 P.M here in Colombia but
1985s yeah it's different time zones of course
1988s uh we'll have a stream with a different
1991s guests based on basically the feedback
1994s that we get from from the Stream So for
1997s this first stream we have Jordan that
1999s has a lot of experience in modeling if
2001s you would like to know more about money
2003s you can also let alone know and we can
2005s talk to Children again like to see if
2007s he's interested in coming again with us
2010s and if you are more interested in
2012s gameplay we also have people for that
2014s artists audio we of course need to
2017s validate with the team and and the time
2019s zones Etc but but yeah we are really
2022s happy with the idea of doing the streams
2025s every week now
2026s uh do we have more questions Maybe
2029s or comments I'll check the chat again
2067s oh yeah there is a question about
2069s composing a forming update so so yeah we
2072s are definitely working on that there is
2075s a lot of updates that we are planning
2077s for the forming and we we meet we will
2081s try to to talk more about that in the
2083s future but yeah some features are like
2085s so complex that they have their own
2088s stream about it so yeah that that would
2090s be all um
2092s um finish the stream now thank you
2094s everyone for coming I'll check the the
2096s chat and with the team so we can be sure
2099s to read all the questions uh that you
2102s may have if you want to contact me
2103s directly on Discord uh you can find me
2106s on Discord like jio here is my my ID on
2110s the screen actually so so yeah feel free
2112s to contact me that would be all thank
2114s you everyone
2115s bye bye