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0s so my name is Jens living in Northern
3s Sweden or used to live in northern
5s Sweden
6s um northern Europe Southern Sweden I've
9s been working at strange Loop games since
11s 2020 and started off its QA and moved up
15s to game design and game balance now so
17s that is main resident in spreadsheets
20s and all things
22s economy-wise when it comes to crafting
24s and utilitarian in-game
28s so yeah that that was the ends we're
31s going to have the chance to talk with
32s him in a moment so prepare all the
34s questions that you have uh questions and
37s comments that you have about balance but
39s first let's start with the isobar
42s breakup we are going to have streams
43s every week to display features to talk
46s about gameplay and balance and the most
48s important is to talk to the community
50s listen to the questions and opinions
52s about the features so feel free to
54s comment or ask questions in the chat and
56s we will try to answer all of them
59s so I would like to start with a
62s teacher specifications to switch the
66s screen I like to do this
68s um so I would like to start with a
71s feature that has existed for a while but
73s has been updated multiple times by
75s multiple depths including me and we are
79s aware that it can be improved a lot I'm
81s talking about the economy billboard
84s so
85s what is the economy River it is
88s some sort of spreadsheet where you can
91s see information please give me a second
93s so I just enabled the small QR code here
97s on the corner of the screen is it it
100s will take you to Google forms where you
102s can send us information about what do
104s you think about this feature and what
107s did you change about it we would like to
109s read the comments and try to improve the
112s feature based on on that information
114s that we receive
115s so what is the economy viewer is uh some
120s sort of expression you can open using
122s the shortcut y and once you open it you
125s will see information about the products
127s that are being sold and the different
129s installs it starts compare prices
132s Etc so one of the basic will suggests
136s that you can have is that imagine that
139s you want to craft something but you
142s don't have all the ingredients
144s so you can check the sales ingredient
146s let's say that I need a lock so I can
148s check with selling logs and I can't
150s check what what that is what is the
152s distance to that sort I can compare
155s prices click the distance to see on the
157s map where that store is
160s and well that that's like kind of the
162s basic research but we can have some more
165s complex messages for example let's
167s imagine that I have this fish that I
171s want to solve but it's about to go but
172s actually I mean she started with a
174s command let's say that the frenchness is
177s just 50 and yeah I don't want this this
181s food to to go bad so I want to sell it
183s first and I can just go to the store and
186s say that I want to sell
188s this fish
191s you know sorry oh please
196s and uh here I can see that is out of
198s stock that's because the default version
200s is required is is 50. I'll say that at
204s least five should be enough and now it's
207s on the store so the idea is that when
210s people buy stuff they can sort by price
213s but they can also sort by durability so
216s you can check what is just about to go
218s bad I know that the fish may go bad
221s really soon so probably the price will
224s be lower I mean as a seller you can
226s decide to use as uh reduce price for the
230s food that is about to go back that will
232s help to reduce the overall waste on the
235s server but will also reduce your like
239s the amount of money you'd lose if the
241s food just go back that's just like some
245s example of usages of the of this feature
248s we also have for parties contract
250s customizations and rents
252s so the idea is is that as we know that
256s this can be improved a lot we would like
258s to hear your opinion about it so let us
261s know why do you use the economy River if
263s you use it at all and when you use it do
266s you find everything you need there is
267s there something that you'd like to
269s remove like yeah I have never used
270s really this I don't see why it should be
273s displayed or in the contrary I like to
275s see this and it's not available
277s so feel free to use the chat or send
280s information using the dqr code whatever
283s works for you it's fine for us and that
286s would be all about this seasonal feature
288s I wanted to display as I as you may know
292s today's ring is focused on balance so it
294s was just a small display to to kind of
297s information
298s so now
300s um we we will be checking the chat but
304s now let's hear change this what do you
305s have to to tell us
308s uh well as of as might be uh hinted by
312s the stream name
315s um we're gonna discuss a little bit
316s about balance and overall implementation
320s and ingredients related to the boats
322s which everyone is super hyped for
326s um and
331s oh yeah
332s um
334s do you want to flip over screen
339s yeah
341s do you
344s you should be able to see your your
346s screen now I mean my screen is
349s it should be below
351s still still showing your Unity
356s ah sorry yeah my bad sorry
361s uh right so let's start off strong with
366s both a broken object and a fully working
368s object
370s uh we have the uh one of our biggest
373s Assets in the game right now
376s um you've seen the oil refinery before
378s that's pretty high up
380s um we're now introducing a
383s giant construction yard for the bigger
387s Naval vessels
389s which is currently named iron Shipyard
392s but
394s uh Let's ignore everything that's in the
397s background
400s uh yeah so this is our
404s substantially bigger object we're
406s working on some some new building
408s requirements to be able to place this as
410s well so this will be needing to be
413s placed in water or partially in water
416s which means you're not going to be able
417s to you know construct these
419s huge boats up in the mountains across
422s from from everywhere
424s um but the bigger boats are gonna need
426s actual water connections
430s and then we unfortunately the small
433s Shipyard broke which is this amazing
436s gray box
438s it's beautiful
440s um Milenko spent a lot of time making it
442s making it this shiny
445s which brings us to the first sort of
448s initial view of the new intermediary
450s ingredients
452s that are involved in crafting this
456s and
459s oh yeah um
461s might be prudent to also mention that
463s Milenko is our amazing lead artist uh
468s has worked quite significantly on the
470s Avatar that's going to come up in a
471s later stream
474s um so these are some of the new objects
475s these are some of the new boats that are
477s coming
478s we have
479s a couple of small ones that's going to
481s be introduced
483s um early on in gameplay
488s um which is gonna be sort of your
490s equivalent to Naval cards they're gonna
493s have a small inventory space they're
494s gonna be fairly fairly cheap to produce
498s in the same sort of range
501s um
502s you've got the small canoe you've got
504s the large canoe and these are made by
506s just wooden materials
508s which is comprised of all planks and
513s wooden oars as well as small wooden ship
516s frames
516s [Music]
519s and one of our
521s sort of big balance impact
526s um requirements when it came to boats in
529s general and and overall is
533s um how how are these going to be
535s interacting why are we needing them and
538s what role would they play in economy
542s um where early game I think a lot of
545s people are
549s sort of cutting close to the whole issue
551s of you need to transport something in
553s over rivers or you need to transport
555s things across deserts and into
558s uh into other Regional areas that might
560s have resources that you that you want or
562s you know you really wanted to have those
565s bricks but they're on another Island so
567s you're gonna have to either build a
569s giant Bridge or you're gonna need to
571s track them one at a time across
575s um so
577s uh one of the big things was that we
580s need these to be available early but
582s also have a clear path of upgrading from
585s having your small boat to a medium-sized
588s boat as well as to be able to move over
590s to bigger shipping when you come into
591s late game where there's a large volume
594s of materials need to travel over larger
596s distances but you don't want to compete
598s and build giant asphalt roads across all
601s the land and big tunnels
604s yeah
607s and yeah so we have wooden hole planks
610s which is going to be your basic General
612s material for all the wooden bases
615s crops you have wooden Keels as you can
618s see it's been made by logging
620s um what I have learned which isn't shown
622s here is that we have a new profession to
624s go along with these which is the
626s shipwright
627s and that is why we
630s you can't really see it here but we are
633s missing an icon for it and that's why
635s it's just showing off as the default
636s sort of missing icon icon
639s and that is going to be your new
642s intermediary
644s competitive vehicle profession with
648s basic engineering and mechanics
650s um
651s we can go into
655s I just
656s fix that quickly there we go
659s and you can go in here you can have a
662s clearer view of the new intermediary
664s parts
666s we have the whole planks
669s and they're made in the wooden Shipyard
671s their basis of human logs which is
675s pretty straightforward you've got your
677s more advanced vessels which use iron
680s Hull sheets which are made at the bigger
682s Shipyard and they're comprised of plates
686s and screws and this will be your
688s starting point for involving mechanics
690s in crafting these boats
692s and then you've got in the early tier
696s rather you've got the metallic version
698s counterpart for the modern ones
701s and that will be your factor of if it's
703s going to be a small early boat or if
705s it's going to be a middle tier as ores
708s are used for controlling the boats
710s x-wise for the canoes
713s and then the rudder will be moving over
715s into carpentry so sort of stepping up
717s your tier one two three vessels
721s um you've got a couple of different ship
722s frames to account for this so there will
724s be a bit of intermediary Construction in
727s between them
731s [Music]
733s we move over to the big one
737s you have the more advanced vessels as
739s well so you have your wooden transport
741s ship which is going to be your
743s mid-tier range transport
746s and that'll be sort of your bread and
749s butter
750s uh middle tier which is kind of
752s technologically equivalent to the steam
755s truck just for water with a little bit
757s more carry capacity obviously because
760s boats are built for bulk cargo
765s you have the medium fishing troller
769s that is going to be your craft or your
773s harvesting vessel which is going to be
775s driving around and collecting fish as it
777s passes over and
779s we'll go into more in detail
782s sort of showing you off these vessels in
785s a later dedicated boat stream
788s um
789s just sort of touching on the balance
791s part of it and the crafting and where
793s you go from point A to now I'm in the
796s water and sailing around
798s foreign
801s these also have a couple of new
803s ingredients which is Mooring ropes and
807s that's going to be your way to Anchor
809s the boats to not be pushed around
812s as probably a lot of people have voiced
815s concerns about what if your boat is idle
817s in the water because of trucks having
820s friction they're standing still even if
822s you're colliding with them
825s um they're not really going anywhere
826s although you can push them around a
828s little bit but you know they're they're
829s a hurdle to move around if someone
832s parked it inconveniently in front of you
835s um boats on the other hand is on water
837s so they're pushable
841s and
843s so one of our solutions to this is being
845s able to Anchor Up Your Vessel to a port
848s or an entity in the water
851s so that's sort of where your morning
853s ropes are going to come into play
856s um these are going into the craft of the
858s object so that will be
860s uh it'll be a bit more clarified on on a
863s later one
864s and that's the I'm sorry that I
867s interviewed there are a couple of
868s questions would you mind to if I read
871s them to you
872s so nice I I we have been collecting some
874s of the questions that we have seen on
876s the on the chats uh the first one is
878s winter behavior of dynamic water I'm
881s placing things in water change for the
884s templation if we are pleasing thinking
886s what it would be nice to have rather
888s behave a bit better
890s uh yeah Walter behavior is something
893s that we're continuously sort of looking
895s at improving and we're working on some
897s new
897s some new block occupancy and placement
900s systems to deal with when you're placing
903s things in water when you're removing
904s things out of water
906s um
908s and yeah it's a tricky system and it is
910s something that we're constantly trying
912s to upgrade and improve on um it is
915s it is a bit unruly as of the current
918s state
919s nice uh there is also a lot of people
922s talking about the possibility of getting
924s job roads like we have the top card will
927s we get all sorts of boats
930s um not initially it is something that
933s we've speculated about and
936s um it is quite modable in a sense that
940s due to our systems with components and
943s everything being modular attachable
944s attachable core like script system wise
949s um it would be pretty straightforward to
951s if you would want to take one of these
953s boats and attach
955s a store type component to it and you
959s know that convert that boat into a store
961s boat essentially but as of so point no
965s right now we won't feature any
969s any actual dedicated shopping boats per
972s se
973s nice uh there is also with uh some
976s questions about the visuals for example
978s it would be virtually different if you
981s use different wood Style
985s uh no there's no aesthetic difference in
988s in the wooden material that you're using
992s okay see I I think that it would be cool
995s to have a mod for something like that
996s but but that comes really after uh I
1000s think that it has been implemented
1002s tested and really it takes a quite
1004s something to to be much working but yeah
1007s that I think that would be a nice
1009s feature to include eventually so we have
1011s uh another question ah there's a comment
1014s someone say that 1915 more useful would
1017s be awesome so the question would be more
1019s like would be field soon be balanced for
1022s the boats release
1024s uh yeah there's likely gonna be a
1026s rebalance of some of the fish types and
1029s the
1031s deer types of fish and you're also going
1033s to look at a big fundamental change in
1036s in sort of fish quantity
1042s um harvesting because we have a bunch of
1044s recipes that are hinged on explicit
1046s types of fish like the shark uh the
1050s Pacific sardine that everyone just
1052s absolutely loves
1054s [Music]
1055s um
1056s and these are gonna be sort of impacted
1060s differently due to the fact that you're
1062s not just reliant on fish traps to get
1065s them but you are going to be able to
1067s actively Harvest them in the same way
1069s that you are with hunting
1071s and so there's gonna be a big
1075s um bulk Harvest quantity increase
1078s um that was that'll be something that we
1080s are taking account for in terms of
1083s um food balance in general as fish will
1086s be more
1087s uh fish will overall be more available
1090s so
1091s I I understand with that it makes a lot
1093s of sense I have a there is I actually
1097s have so let's imagine that I'm going on
1099s on my boat and I get to a point really
1102s foreign from the coast and I don't have
1106s calories and I don't have a way to go
1109s back to the city what what is the
1111s situation that I mean what what should I
1113s do in that case if I don't have calories
1115s to return to back to the land
1120s um
1122s as of right now you're there's nothing
1125s really
1128s um there's nothing really changing in
1130s terms of not being able to move around
1135s um
1136s but overall swimming and improvements to
1140s that as well as possible equipment for
1142s it is something that we're looking into
1143s okay that's nice uh we have a couple of
1147s more questions uh let me check one
1150s moment
1151s and a cable secretion also if it could
1155s be possible to to take cars on it on a
1158s boat and also if you have to break the
1160s car to taken about to make it a little
1163s more realistic
1165s um yeah no the um with the barges that
1168s we have
1169s um as you can see in the crafting list
1170s here you got the um
1174s you got the industrial barge here but I
1178s think the wooden barge has gone a bit
1181s astray now it's yeah it's in here it
1184s shouldn't be in here but it's in here
1186s um so the wooden barge as well as the
1187s industrial barge our big platform
1189s Vehicles Sim ass you would anticipate to
1194s anticipate them to be and they can carry
1196s Vehicles directly they don't have a
1198s dedicated storage and storage as of
1200s right now
1202s um so you can you can take two trucks
1204s and drive onto one of them if you want
1205s to do and and ship the ship the vehicles
1208s themselves filled with materials
1210s that's nice I think it's a nice feature
1212s to be able to to carry vehicles on the
1215s on the wall so we have
1217s um another question uh and that's the
1220s additional boats really slow down human
1222s swimmers
1225s um there is a potential for that yes
1229s yes as you can imagine uh balancing
1232s boats is it's very complicated James and
1235s John have talked about our dad a lot
1237s because we need to find like the right
1240s motivation for people to use boats and
1243s it may imply balancing different stuff I
1245s mean of course should be learning like
1247s we mentioned before but yeah swimmers
1249s it's one of the things that may require
1250s balance once the e-boats are introduced
1253s uh another question we have here is
1257s what happened to the ferry from early
1259s earlier trailers
1261s uh it's still there that would be the
1263s wooden barge
1265s okay nice so just change the the name
1268s nice uh another question see it will be
1271s will there be words that can Harvest
1274s help
1276s um not at the moment no that it's all
1280s the kelp is still manually harvested and
1284s that is something that we are I I am
1288s looking into potential
1290s um farming
1293s um applications for it but
1296s um nothing that that we have on the
1298s table to change for 10.0
1300s [Music]
1303s um okay that's nice I sorry let me check
1305s the other question uh Window World
1307s Generation we changed to Admiral Warrior
1309s between islands now that we have boats
1313s uh potentially some minor tweaks is
1317s gonna be on the table yeah
1319s um
1321s but as as of world gen in general we do
1324s try to accommodate
1326s a large variety of different presets as
1329s well as trying to accommodate to be
1331s sorted by a
1333s a moderate middle ground and then allow
1336s server administrators to sort of tweak
1339s and increase the water quantity if they
1341s want to have more of an island scenario
1343s or reduce it if they want to have sort
1345s of a more Coastal world where
1350s um you have more land mass and you have
1351s more land land gameplay versus Naval
1354s interactions so that's something that's
1356s up to most of the admins to decide on
1358s their own
1359s okay see that's nice uh there is another
1362s question for the for the machines for
1364s example if I have a excavator on the top
1367s of a barge where I've been able to be
1370s yeah the all the vehicle function now
1373s this will still be open you're you're
1374s driving the vehicle on top of it and you
1377s can interact with the vehicle from it
1379s um it'll be a bit tricky because
1381s it's going to be locked in with the
1383s railing but
1384s [Music]
1384s um
1385s you can still do
1388s weird things or dump failings into the
1391s ocean if you wanted to or
1394s whatever you felt like
1396s that's not nice so yes you can continue
1398s telling us about the balance and I'll
1402s let you know when you have additional
1403s questions
1405s yeah so
1407s um on that moving goods from from left
1409s and right and up and down
1411s um this is going to be sort of an
1412s integral part of some of the new system
1415s changes with with settlements and
1418s everything else that comes into play
1420s it'll revolve
1422s a lot of regionalizations and I think a
1426s lot of people are gonna opt for
1428s getting into a canoe or or a middle tier
1431s vessel
1433s um
1434s quite quickly as a means of not have to
1438s deal with any infrastructure on land
1439s because you know once you're in a boat
1442s you have an entire ocean that is a road
1444s for you
1445s so you have no you have no uh no other
1448s players in the way if you're the first
1451s one on the water with a boat once once
1453s there's more players you're gonna have a
1456s um
1457s an interesting Highway of people trying
1459s to shuttle Goods back and forth
1461s and some of the interactions to make
1464s sure that you'll be able to lock your
1466s boats down is
1468s two of the new other World objects which
1471s is the morning posts a wooden one and a
1475s steel one that will come in mid early
1477s early gameplay as well as late gameplay
1480s and allow you to uh sort of hook up your
1483s boat and
1486s nail it down
1489s [Music]
1498s that is probably most of it we have some
1504s some of the parts of it being sort of
1507s heavily economical wise is the integral
1509s part of which we try to spend a lot of
1512s the professions dealing with the
1513s crafting these
1515s um so you have Iron Works you've got the
1518s anchors being made by
1519s the smelter
1521s you have some of the mechanical Parts
1523s being made by the mechanic you've got
1525s the the ropes being made by the tailor
1528s um
1530s and these are gonna have to sort of get
1533s along sell each other intermediary parts
1536s and
1537s be able to help players get their goods
1540s to where they need them to be
1543s and hopefully we'll see a lot more
1546s um Riverside towns and
1548s Shore provinces sort of crop up due to
1552s this
1555s and to sort of go into a little bit of
1558s how this looks behind the scene
1561s um as you know you've all seen these
1563s these pretty assets and it's easy to
1565s calculate on
1567s what you're crafting how you're crafting
1569s and what resources you need to do and
1573s sort of give an in indication of how it
1575s looks for um
1577s when you're actually setting these
1578s things up
1582s I'm sorry James a couple of minutes ago
1585s mentioned that that we need to balance
1588s some stuff like for example the fitting
1591s so this is like the template that that
1595s is used for that I'm sorry for the
1596s interruptions go go ahead
1599s yeah um no so this is how it looks at
1602s the back end when we're dealing with
1605s implementing new items
1607s um adding new costs changing out
1609s resource materials adding descriptions
1611s to items
1613s changing out where they're being crafted
1615s and you know since then is Promised
1617s spreadsheets I had to give them have to
1620s give
1622s some display of it
1623s and
1626s it is quite rudimentary in terms of you
1629s know it is straightforward it is an
1631s Excel sheet so we take this sheet we
1634s convert it into something that the
1636s server reads and
1639s picks into its place and creates the
1643s scripts that the server runs on and that
1646s pops into game as
1648s as items
1650s there's a couple of more things in in
1652s unity and under the hood there that
1654s works in regards to setting these up
1657s um technically but
1659s um on my end it's essentially plugging
1661s these things in making sure that I
1663s communicate with art and having these
1665s assets created and sort of play with the
1669s team and make sure that everything is
1671s working correctly
1673s and then I do a lot of calculations off
1675s and with multiple other spreadsheets but
1677s I'm not going to show you those this
1679s time
1680s it's that that is really cool I have
1683s used uh that Excel before I work on the
1686s on the spoilage of the foot I mean I I
1689s don't know how for how long have you
1691s played uh I mean the people watching
1693s this room but for another Point uh we
1696s established that food can go bad I mean
1699s it was a figure that didn't exist before
1701s so we need to to add some elements to
1705s this Excel template to add the ability
1709s for the for the food and also to create
1712s different items or modifying existing
1715s items that could help the food to
1718s preserved for foreign for longer so it's
1721s really cool because you can literally
1723s move the values on the Excel and once
1726s you go to the game the beginning has
1728s been updated I mean of course we need to
1730s do some some therapy initially but
1732s Advanced method is done and you just
1734s need to move the values and it is
1736s updated it's very cool the way that that
1738s it's once so yeah it's really
1741s go ahead
1743s yeah not it's it's very true um you know
1746s when the technical stuff aside
1749s um once you have an item created and
1751s it's implemented and everything's set up
1755s um actually coming into you know
1757s calculating how much it's gonna cost how
1759s much it's going to impact the
1760s environment
1762s um in terms of something being added to
1764s the blast furnace for instance how long
1766s is it going to take to craft
1768s that will result in x amount of
1771s pollution being generated
1773s um so being able to add these both
1776s recipes in a sense and being able to
1778s read out how much of an environmental
1781s impact they're gonna have when they're
1783s being crafted compared to say an
1785s excavator
1787s um and sort of evaluate
1789s what the cost should be is a very
1792s intricate and fine-tuning
1795s um
1796s Endeavor I should say
1798s um it's a lot of fun if you like
1800s spreadsheets and calculations
1803s um
1803s but if you're if you're looking at it
1806s from an art standpoint might not be as
1808s fun
1810s yeah but but yeah yeah it's a really
1812s complicated uh trust I mean a lot of
1814s games that I have played have had issues
1817s with violence when it features having
1819s added I I think that's it's a a really
1822s nice task maybe not for me but yeah it's
1825s really nice and yes we have a couple of
1827s additional questions so let me tell you
1831s we have uh another question here
1833s historically Parts could carry a huge
1836s amount of material especially heavy
1838s material what's the balance with
1840s industrial barge compared with modern
1842s rock uh you know there are much expect
1846s in the future with more capacity
1850s um the barges per se are not hinged on
1853s an inventory
1855s um they're more of a flat surface
1856s allowing you to transport Vehicles
1858s themselves
1860s so you could essentially take
1863s I think the industrial barge size wise
1865s can fit four modern trucks
1868s um
1870s but we have speculated on being able to
1872s use it as a storage
1874s per se but we're also kind of wanting to
1878s keep some of that special purpose
1881s um
1882s methods through their own vehicles
1884s to give more of a the bar just being
1887s more of a direct vehicle transport so
1889s kind of ferrying over ferrying over your
1892s truck or your excavator to where it's
1894s needing to go without having to pick
1897s them up all the time
1899s and
1901s um you're gonna be looking at the
1903s transport ship
1904s initially the wooden one
1907s for your actual Goods transport which
1910s are going to allow a lot more than you
1912s just your truck itself
1914s okay that but I'm sorry that but it
1918s actually triggers another question that
1920s we have on the channel already so we
1922s mentioned that the the departures don't
1925s carry materials itself is more like a
1927s platform so are we going to have like
1929s some sort of cargo chip that that can
1932s carry materials
1933s yeah you've got four four point Tano
1938s that the Townsend Nation release with
1940s these
1941s um you're looking at the medium sized
1943s wooden transport chip
1945s and were more than likely looking at a
1949s more modern advanced bigger one later on
1954s um but it is sort of open air
1956s to additions
1958s um both in terms of potential upgraded
1961s fishing boats but also transports
1963s themselves
1965s that's nice a couple of minutes ago we
1968s talked about the fishing violence uh not
1972s that that speaking is going to be more
1973s common are we also going to add more
1976s recipes I mean is that something that
1977s that you already have in mind
1981s um they're being looked at yeah
1983s um I will I will have to convince Toby
1985s to uh
1988s um to spend more more of his time to
1990s create more Foods
1992s um since we added the 3D foods they're
1994s also a little bit more complex to add
1996s more of
1997s um but they're also a lot more fun to
1998s have in game
2000s yeah I imagine that our players haven't
2003s really noticed we have pretty food
2005s that's really nice I love how it looks I
2007s have seen a couple of pictures from from
2010s players I mean screen cuts from players
2012s and and I love how the food looks but it
2015s comes with with submissions for example
2018s now that we want to introduce new
2020s recipes either imply a more additional
2023s task for the for the art team yeah
2025s that's that's right I I haven't
2027s considered that before the question but
2028s yeah that that's that makes a lot of
2030s sense
2031s so we have a another question uh let me
2035s give you a second since we are talking
2037s about balance now what are your thoughts
2040s on model upgrades they get a bit
2042s problematic with long product chains as
2044s each step will add the plugin production
2047s again
2048s you can also read it on Discord just in
2050s case yeah I I see that
2054s um upgrade modules is something that
2057s we're continuously monitoring
2060s um
2060s there is something that I
2062s want to
2065s want to sort of rework and how they how
2068s they're applied to tables in general but
2071s it's it's a little bit too early to go
2073s in on that so I'll leave that hanging
2075s um and answer that potentially in a
2077s later stream
2079s okay does night start so I mean we we
2082s will check in if we can talk about that
2084s in in uh in another stream let's keep
2086s with the questions will there be current
2089s or wine introduced so both can travel
2091s away then win the hook
2096s um weather systems in general is is
2100s another thing that we're
2102s we've looked at and
2106s It's tricky because there's a lot of
2108s factors involved in
2110s making it play nice with different
2112s systems right now we have a simulated
2114s wind system
2116s um as well as solar which is kind of
2120s height dependent and
2123s um
2125s you know it's visually only applying on
2128s artificially on trees and brushes to to
2131s get the world to look more alive but
2133s it's nothing that actually
2135s physically impacts it
2137s it comes with its own its own positives
2141s and negatives
2142s [Music]
2143s it is something that's on the board and
2146s something we're interested in
2148s implementing but it's also
2150s something out of concern for performance
2153s but also kind of figuring out how the
2156s system would fit in and what the
2159s positives would be and you know what
2161s effects we want out of it
2163s um
2164s because it would be something that could
2166s look really cool to push
2168s push water around and have a breeze or
2172s you know if you add sailing boats and
2174s they would move them faster or
2177s um
2178s catch them dead still in the water if
2180s you don't have wind
2181s um but yeah it's a system that we're
2184s playing around with but it's nothing
2186s nothing nailed down to any specific
2188s version and or
2190s um
2191s when it's happening but it is being
2193s looked at out of design point
2197s okay nice uh another question but but
2200s yeah no I I every weekends here the
2202s weather systems I mean even only
2204s including wine it's really complicated
2207s and the Mad behind that would be really
2211s expensive for the for the CPU for
2213s example I mean well they think all the
2215s iteration that it need to be done to
2218s achieve our realistic system it's quite
2220s complicated so that way before we
2223s include a picture we still need to
2225s to decide if it is work for the for the
2228s gameplay considering all uh another
2231s question that we have here how do we
2233s overcome a difference in Reverse with
2236s boats
2240s first
2243s um
2245s let me give you a second yeah I sent you
2248s on the on Discord challenge just in case
2250s oh yeah um the the height differences
2252s between reversed
2254s um
2256s generally boats don't go Upstream
2259s I I think is the uh is the summary of
2262s that
2264s um
2265s it is one of our most tricky parts of
2269s physics and maneuverability with the
2272s boats that we're looking into
2275s um so it's it's still undecided how we
2277s want to kind of deal with it it's
2281s where we're testing out the system
2282s internally um so I don't really have a
2284s good answer for that
2287s um
2289s all I can say it looks really funny
2291s right now
2292s I think is the uh the answer for that
2295s one
2296s yeah that's that's a really complicated
2298s problem I mean even in the real world I
2301s mean we have for example if we
2305s see how the how Panama solves that issue
2308s it's really complicated because they had
2311s like to to create multiple platforms to
2313s adjust the height of the Wilderness it's
2316s really complicated in real life not in
2319s the game it's it's something that yeah
2320s we need to
2324s it's already something that that they
2328s are working on
2329s so let's talk about the next question
2332s will the boats rust I mean do the Bots
2335s will need some sort of maintenance
2339s not well partially I should say
2343s um the similar to how cards and the
2345s trucks are not really
2348s having a maintenance or a modular system
2350s to them where things break or things get
2352s damaged the workable vehicle has so we
2356s we have a modular system for the um the
2360s fishing boat similar in terms of the way
2363s we have it applied to
2365s we finally have it applied to the um
2368s uh the steam tractor where your your
2371s plow and your Harvester and see their
2374s brakes on durability as if you're using
2377s it
2378s the fishing boats will also have durable
2381s parts for the
2384s um the fishing nets or the mesh Nets
2386s that they're trolling with so those will
2389s be needing to be repaired
2391s which I currently have assigned to
2396s tailoring I think or if it's hunting I
2399s left it at
2400s um
2402s sort of give it a touch of the whole
2405s fishing rod and the fishing expansion
2409s um in the annual so yeah we'll have
2410s we'll have a repairable part for the
2412s fishing boat so you're not going to be
2413s able to just fish infinitely for free
2418s yeah that's that's all the questions
2420s that that we had so far so so yeah you
2422s can continue if you want to tell us more
2424s about the virtual balance itself
2431s I think I'm kinda
2434s counting or running out of things to
2436s sort of go ahead without touching too
2438s far into
2440s some of the mechanics and the
2442s intricacies that we we want to showcase
2445s later on
2447s they the boats have some new some new
2450s general features that
2454s um
2455s I think everyone's going to be happy
2457s with
2460s um
2460s as far as you can see Dennis
2463s on the on the upgrade modules
2466s um I think I cupboard
2469s some of it but yeah they they um they do
2472s get problematic and it's something that
2474s I want to change out and if we want to
2475s go on on a bit more detailed
2478s design choice for them is
2482s um I I want to semi scrap them if you
2486s will
2487s um
2489s so instead of instead of you being able
2492s to Interchange uh intermittently change
2495s them out between module one two three
2498s four you would sort of permanently
2500s upgrade your workbench towards a
2503s specific upgrade so you would grab parts
2504s from someone crafting them apply the
2507s upgrade to the table it'll permanently
2509s improve the table and its capacity but
2512s it'll also increase the requirements of
2515s that table in terms of either room
2517s room quality material tier
2521s and potential energy
2524s applicants and adding different
2527s properties
2528s well that's that's really nice I think
2530s that's sort of the only questions that
2532s we have about some balance there was
2534s another question for the economy B War
2536s uh the question was if the if we are
2540s going to film two times that are out of
2542s a stock I think that's a nice feature to
2545s consider because while I mean it can
2547s help to
2549s realize what their server and the people
2551s need I think that is a nice feature we
2554s also I picked the document the Google
2556s forms and we have uh we had a lot of
2559s answers I'm really happy with that I'm
2561s going to read them but nothing stupid
2563s because it has a lot of information
2565s there but but yeah that that is being
2568s all for today thank you everyone for
2570s coming to the stream we are going to
2573s have another stream the next week and
2575s well Dennis will be giving you more
2577s information about the Linux Stream So
2580s that would be all for today thank you
2582s everyone
2583s and see you later bye bye
2586s bye bye