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1s hey folks John K here and this is going
5s to be a look at our official server for
9s Eco white tiger
11s and kind of a tour of the game and the
13s kinds of stuff people are building in it
15s so we're here in uh one of the Town
18s squares and you can see all these
21s various buildings that people are
23s creating and building
25s and the thing to keep in mind is that
27s this
28s world started from just a pure
32s wilderness
34s just plants and animals and the city
36s grows up
38s through the efforts of
40s dozens or hundreds of people
42s over the course of weeks and months
45s and the uh
49s buildings are just one part of what's uh
52s being created here the Civic structure
54s and the economy and all of the kind of
57s underpinnings of society are a huge part
59s of the game
61s also so let's kind of take a look at
63s those
65s so here you can see a world map
69s and I'm right here kind of in in dead
71s center of it
74s and all throughout this world there's
75s just dozens of little settlements and
78s outcroppings and these little resource
81s towns out in the kind of Arctic regions
85s and big skyscrapers
90s looks like we got some big Bridges
92s infrastructure
96s looks like some farmlands over here
100s so this huge
102s world that people are harvesting
105s resources for building up a society
108s and we can turn on different layers here
110s so we can see the property layer here
112s these are
113s these are plots that players have
115s claimed
116s and uh they have ownership access to
119s that and they can decide how they're
120s shared
121s we also have districts so these are all
124s different districts Within
126s the government that's being set up
129s so these are the different Federal
130s districts
132s and these are all just created by
134s players they just they decide we want to
137s create this new district map
139s this is how it's going to work
141s and these are the districts in it and
143s then they can paint on the map where it
145s goes so here they have
147s Road priority so this is probably for
149s some road building laws where they said
151s Road districts where you're able to
154s build roads only something like that
158s so a lot of this fits into the
160s government and how the government works
162s as well
163s laser placement Maps there's tons of
165s these different maps and these are all
167s all parts of the uh
170s well the player created government
172s we can also see the environment data
176s so this tells you where everything is
179s uh gives you heat maps of the different
182s populations so you see there's like a
184s big alligator population here
186s you know let's see where
191s um
194s coyotes there's coyote population here
198s they're really big in this kind of
200s warmer region down here
202s so the whole animal simulation is
205s affected by different biomes
209s here's all the like ice biomes ocean
212s biomes
214s rainforest biome so there's this whole
216s ecological simulation
218s that determines where resources grow
221s where plants and animals grow
224s on top of that there's kind of the
225s natural simulation too so here's fresh
227s water
229s rainfall this is basically which lands
232s are going to be best for uh
234s for crops so you see like there's a lot
236s of soil moisture here and different
237s crops are going to grow in different
238s moisture levels
241s you have different nutrients which are
243s needed for plants
245s and you can actually change these layers
247s by fertilizer for example in this case
252s plants as well like where is the
256s where's corn growing in the game
259s it looks like we've got a hot spot here
261s this must be a corn field
264s see
266s Tomatoes yep there's their tomatoes
269s yeah so we have this whole whole
271s simulation that's
273s you know the physics of the simulation
275s the the biomes the biological aspects of
277s it are are run by the server but then
280s there's also the Civic simulation which
282s are created by players
287s so let's dive into that a little bit
291s and check out the government for this
293s world
297s here is the current government this is a
300s really developed world so this all
301s starts from nothing and players
303s develop this process over time
306s so the Constitution is one of the first
308s things that they start and basically the
311s Constitution defines how the government
314s runs
320s so you can see all these different
321s constitutional articles that they put
323s together
325s um
330s yeah so this one is about
335s laws districts and demographics
339s so this group of people members of
340s parliament
342s can propose an election of type
344s Parliament vote
348s so they put a pretty complex system here
350s so members of parliament
355s has
357s pep Z he is the prime minister of this
360s world
361s his reputation is celebrated
364s he's got lots of
367s positive feedback there
369s and uh he is part of this uh this
373s Parliament vote you can see the history
375s of office holders here
377s looks like it's kind of changed hands a
379s few times
380s and this constitutional article
382s basically gives powers to specific
384s positions
386s and all those are defined by players
388s they Define the positions they define
389s the powers they define the laws
393s so it's really this this organizational
395s structure that built up over time
398s these are elected titles so these are
400s different positions you can be elected
402s for so here's the Prime Minister one and
405s you can Mouse over anything and see the
407s data here so you can see like
409s what are the actual settings for this
411s you know how it how is this person
413s elected who is eligible to become the
416s prime minister
418s um
420s what's required of them oh they can't
422s have these other positions that's
423s required of them
425s so all kinds of details you can set up
427s here
428s I cannot run for prime minister because
430s I'm not a member of parliament okay well
433s there we go so if I wanted to put my
435s sights on that I would know what to do
438s oh the terminal is expired it can be
440s replaced by a new election oh nice so a
442s new election could be started by that
445s and then here we have election processes
447s so this is actually how the elections
449s work who's allowed to vote who's allowed
451s to veto what happens in a tie how long
453s does it last
455s Etc so you can really customize how
456s decisions are made
458s this is really just about the group kind
460s of guiding the group
461s how does that take effect and the result
464s is it built this really
466s uh robust uh Community that's able to
470s kind of self
471s create and self-guide
474s so let's take a look at the legislation
476s tab here
479s so there's no elections currently active
481s but there's lots of laws wow this is a
484s really
485s well regulated server
488s let's minimize those
494s so yeah all kinds of laws here you can
496s kind of see the icons give you a hint of
497s what what it's doing like this is
500s research and endgame legislation so it
502s has like research
504s is authorized in certain cases and then
506s you can kind of drill in and see
508s what uh what that means
513s so it looks like it's preventing certain
515s trades
517s so every action that the player can do
521s goes through the law system so whenever
524s they perform an action like
528s chopping a stump for example this is
530s just an action you can perform
532s it'll go through and detect this law and
534s decide okay let's check conditions on it
536s is the sump destroyed
538s and as the action location inside of
540s this District
542s then we issue a payment
545s to this person
547s so this is actually like programmed and
549s part of the server now so whenever every
551s single Stone action is going to go go
553s through the system
555s and there's just dozens of actions that
557s are that attract
558s and the laws can do all kinds of things
560s like collecting taxes charging fines
564s pain stimulus preventing it
568s um
569s all manner of stuff that's that's
570s automated by the system and these laws
573s are proposed and voted on by players so
576s they're kind of building up the rules
577s for their community
579s and establishing how things work in this
582s world
584s let's look at the population tab so
586s here's a district map so we're looking
587s at earlier
588s tons of different ways that they divide
590s up the world these are all maps on the
592s same landscape you're able to divide it
594s up in different ways and make different
595s kinds of rules about it
597s and then these are demographics which
598s are just group groupings of people
602s so you you can Define the rules to say
605s like
606s a member of a private company
611s see
615s yeah it's doing some check to see if
617s they're in part of a public prior to
619s company and now this grouping can be
621s used as kind of a Target like you could
623s say only employ a private company is
625s taxed a certain amount
628s so this is a way of defining groups that
629s are updated constantly
632s um
633s eligible for Ubi oh this is an
635s interesting one
640s see what's required of this one online
642s hours is greater than 0.25
645s so that's not too bad so once you've
647s played 0.25 hours you're eligible for
650s uh
651s Ubi oh that's
654s online hours in the last a day yeah so
656s you got all these people who have played
659s enough and they'll start earning uh Ubi
662s you can see it's referenced by the
665s Universal basic income law okay so this
668s this server has a Ubi law that they've
670s set up
674s and let's see what does it do on event
677s chat sense
680s reverse the login payment so it has all
683s these different Clauses they've set up
684s here we go up Ubi payment once per hour
689s everyone receives their Ubi based on
690s their pool
694s interesting so all kinds of complexities
695s about how Ubi is determined and you can
699s go through this and see the records and
700s see uh see how that happens but the end
702s result is that I'm going to get money in
704s my bank account which I can then spend
706s in the economy of the world
709s so let's take a look at
713s here's an example of the law programming
716s interface
717s so it's done through through these
719s templates this is I'm just viewing this
721s so I can't change it but basically you
723s would be able to pull these drop downs
725s and decide
728s different uh
729s slots that you could fill
731s you know how how decisions are made what
734s are the conditions Etc so this is for a
738s that was for demographic oh let's look
740s at a law specifically
749s yeah here we go so you can kind of see
751s all the different Clauses within a
752s single law
755s so let's take a look at the economy so
758s we looked at the simulation the
759s ecosystem we looked at the government
762s and another huge aspect of the game is
765s the economy
768s this is the economy viewer which gives
770s you a high level view of
772s everything going on in the world so this
773s is a full list of all the things for
776s sale
777s or wanting to be purchased in a game
781s so there's there's thousands of these
782s things there's a really active economy
784s on this world and you can filter it
787s by various things let's feature down the
790s hewn logs
792s so we can see Q logs are being sold
796s 500 meters away from me at teals
799s trinkets
801s and they are on sale for 0.82
805s so they're super cheap whereas if you
807s look at these other places
809s it's going to be a lot uh a lot higher
812s prices so there could be an Arbitrage
814s kind of opportunity here I could become
816s a merchant and I could buy the Hume logs
817s here and then I could go and sell them
820s to somebody you know that has a Buy
822s price that wants them
823s which is good might be across the map so
826s I can kind of travel and make money
827s there's like an opportunity right there
830s and you'll see that the currency is
832s defined for each of these so some of
834s these are actually
835s Burger stores
837s but it looks like pretty much they just
840s have one currency on this world so the
842s euro is
843s their their main currency there's 3.5
846s million in circulation
849s there's 170k debt so you make loans to
852s other players in this game
854s and uh
856s yeah this currency it doesn't exist when
858s the game has started this is created by
860s players and it only has value that they
864s basically Define so they can create a
865s limited number of this currency
868s and allow players to set up stores that
871s trade in it
872s and then you can set up taxes on it
875s so the whole creation of that uh that
878s part of the economy down to the currency
880s itself down to what what backs the
882s currency is
886s player created
888s and you can see the bank accounts of who
890s has the most money in these things
893s so yeah
894s some really rich people in here
898s and uh right now everything is public so
901s you can see
902s like let's go look at
904s one of these bank accounts here Ray
907s Earth bank account
910s you can see all of his transactions
914s and this guy has been busy doing lots of
916s shopping
918s buying stuff receiving Universal basic
921s income
922s they get 25 Euros basic income
925s paid for by the Federal Bank let's look
927s at the Federal Bank here's the Federal
929s Bank
930s massive number of
933s transactions here
935s mostly universal basic income payouts
940s so I just I mean this server is pretty
943s mature so as you ramp up you can just
945s kind of see the complexity that builds
946s up but all of that becomes visible and
949s you can dive in and understand what's
950s going on and really find points to uh to
954s insert yourself as a player find your
955s Niche within this
957s this massive system of systems
960s so other aspects of the economy it's not
963s just selling Goods but selling services
964s so there's a few work parties
966s and these are requesting services from
968s people where you can go and perform
970s labor
971s on these projects and receive payments
975s so it tells you what kind of Labor is
977s needed you know you might need a certain
979s skill for it
981s what kind of payment you get for it
985s Etc
986s and then we have contracts
989s so it's another way to sell buy and sell
992s services
994s and these are these have specific kind
997s of Clauses to them
999s so this one is selling a bond this is
1001s how you you have debt in the game you
1004s can actually loan the people
1007s lots of loans in here
1011s elevator permission interesting
1014s so this person is selling
1016s rights to
1019s an elevator
1021s so they must have built an elevator and
1023s you can basically like
1024s buy it from them
1026s in order to to use that elevator
1031s that's pretty cool
1033s so lots of creative ways they can kind
1035s of program these these contracts the
1037s same way that others do while someone
1039s has permissions to pick flowers
1043s that's quite nice
1046s and uh yeah it just really makes a much
1047s more Rich economy when it's not just
1049s Goods being sold but Services as well
1051s then we have public crafting stations
1053s usually people build their own crafting
1055s stations but these ones you can sell
1057s access to it
1059s looks like everybody is allowing them
1062s mostly for free there's a few that like
1065s charge for use of crafting tables
1069s currencies and use
1071s so it's like there's just a few
1073s different types of currencies
1076s garbage man credit Euros donation
1078s receipts
1080s emission permit so they're kind of using
1082s these in creative ways to track
1084s different uh values in the economy you
1087s know they have their main kind of
1089s monetary currency it's the Euro and then
1091s they have other ways that they can
1093s uh
1094s track uh how things happen there
1097s and then lastly we have Reds so you can
1099s rent properties out to people and that
1101s allows them to
1104s get the skill points from having that
1105s particular house
1107s and uh
1109s you get to earn some some money in the
1111s process so it's another

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