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0s foreign
6s do you want to say hi
9s hey hello
12s yeah I thought he's uh
15s he's Dr Stella uh he's going to talk a
19s little bit about dinner in a moment
21s so let's start right away we are going
24s to talk about avatars on new the new
26s face tracking demo with a small
29s introduction for for a feature that we
32s have already talked about that is the
33s the cameras but the focus is avatarsan
37s on Face tracking so let's start right
40s now you should be able to see topics
42s screen
44s nice yeah hi everyone
47s um yeah you may notice I'm not using my
48s camera because I'm going to be using
50s that to show off the face tracking
53s so I'll just go straight into your
55s avatar here
59s and on this Avatar creation screen now
62s we've got this little webcam icon
65s so if you click on that it'll go under
66s calibration and hopefully it calibrates
70s so you gotta pull a bunch of faces
74s I got to make sure I get all the faces
76s you can't see what I'm doing but it's um
79s exactly what the Avatar is doing
83s or 94 percent
86s there we go success
89s so yeah this is the
92s new face tracking feature
94s it seems to be mostly working which is
96s good except for when that happens
99s hang on I'll just move my camera into a
102s slightly better spot yeah so go on my
104s lenko I don't know just I'm just
108s chipping in it happens in real life too
110s my neck goes like that all the time
113s yeah that is true especially at this
115s time of the morning you know
117s it's unpredictable
119s cool so you may also notice like new UI
121s new layout for everything this new
123s lighting
125s um
126s thanks to everyone who gave feedback on
128s the uh the last survey that we did
131s um like we took a lot of things on board
133s there was some things that are like a
135s little bit too tricky to do now but we
136s would like to do in the future
139s um
139s but it was there's a lot of really
141s useful feedback
143s so I'll just go through this um
146s from sort of the start so you've got the
149s uh you start off on this body Tab and
151s this gives you like options like your
153s skin colors
157s so hopefully these are a little bit
158s better than the ones that you may have
160s been testing in staging there was an
162s issue with the lighting which made
163s everything
164s the the contrast a lot
166s trickier so
171s but yeah give us any feedback on these
173s colors
174s um
175s if you get a chance to play with it on
177s staging or just based on the Stream
182s the other thing is your hair color
186s a bunch of different hair colors here
188s but then you can do whatever you want as
189s well
190s we didn't give you full
192s uh creative freedom of skin color
194s because we didn't want like purple skin
196s and
199s um like green I don't know if that's
202s racist or not but I'm pretty sure
206s um nobody in real life has purple skin
208s is that have you ever come across that
210s malenko no no purple no green
215s all right
217s if people want it let us know
221s yeah I guess yeah
223s got it kind of breaks a lot of things
227s this game like I'm art point of view
231s this game is really hard to manage
233s anyway because of a lot of things that
237s are out of art control
239s so adding skin to the mix
242s yeah
244s at the end of the day
247s yeah we'll just leave purple out for now
249s yeah purple and green out
252s that's right
254s um yeah so the other options through
255s here are also some different body shapes
257s so we've got like a skinny one let me
259s get bigger
263s a few different options
264s um
265s it was a
266s bit tricky at the moment to kind of
268s expose all these parameters to everyone
270s we kind of want to keep a bit of control
272s over it but let us know if you want more
275s options
276s um something we'll keep on polishing and
278s adding to as well it's um
282s also got some different sort of head
284s shapes
293s uh you've got different hair options
297s which I think we've kind of shown all of
299s these already
300s but I like this Mohawk this is cool
304s I wish I had the guts to do this in real
306s life maybe I should just do it
309s yeah just that I'm curious
312s yeah and some different eyebrows
318s and again on all of these like if
320s there's colors that are associated with
321s whatever you're editing that editor will
323s be down the bottom so this kind of
325s controls your hair color
329s um and you can also get to that from the
330s hair or in this like overall color
333s selection for the body
339s right so once you're kind of happy with
341s your setup there also there's the
344s male and female
346s button right there
349s Mel has a few other options because he's
350s got some sort of decals sideburns and
353s then some mesh ones
357s got a few different options here
362s mustaches
368s and click um some of the face shapes as
370s well work better with beards like
372s there's like
375s I can't remember which one it is there's
376s there's one where the guy has no Chin
379s that one
380s yeah and you kind of need a beard to to
383s get that one to work
385s I think I don't think sideburns are
387s helping with that one to
389s you know so I think you would look
390s better with goatee no sideburns
394s um
397s nice
400s yeah so a few options
402s quite fun to have a play around with but
405s I'm gonna stick with her though she
407s looks cool
409s uh from there there's the so the
412s clothing tab is the next one so you can
413s go through all of these and
416s I think
417s a big difference
419s different shirts
421s I think most of these work there's a
423s couple that we've still got some
424s collisions with but I think I think it
427s might be a good actually I've been
428s working hard to get everything sort of
430s working together nicely
434s again you got like different colors for
437s like changing the stitching
440s so there's a lot more like control
442s compared to the last Avatar
444s foreign
448s [Music]
453s backpacks
457s yeah new backpacks fancy new backpacks
460s smell like who's done a great job with
462s these normal Maps
463s look at them
466s look at these normal Maps beautiful yeah
470s they look very normal
473s ha
475s terrible
479s yeah so some of these even have like
480s three color options
482s um again you can always choose like
484s preset stuff but make your own as well
488s the bottle on this looks cool look how
490s shiny it is
493s good
496s um
497s the other thing
499s I'm kind of show you
509s see you might might have noticed there
512s so when she's not wearing any shoes the
514s jeans are
516s full length but then there's like
518s certain shoe combinations where the
520s pants get kind of
522s important or sort of tucked in
525s and this is kind of like
527s her pants per shoe basis there's
529s different sort of meshes that swap out
531s based on that to prevent things crashing
533s through each other
534s that's been kind of a fun thing to
536s figure out and
537s work on
543s we've got a question there actually
549s uh old man meatball the only issue is
553s I think I see having as lots of clothing
555s options to take away from the Taylor
556s career to see everyone start with the
559s same generic junky clothes yeah that's a
562s good point
563s um so I should have probably mentioned
565s that at the moment this is kind of just
566s like everything is available in here
570s um we're going to limit the clothing
571s options at the start so that you know
572s tailors still have to make all of these
574s um
575s this was this was pretty much um unlock
578s all for show and tell
581s but the actual game will be starting
583s with standard outfits that people are
585s used to so far and then the rest of the
588s clothes will be introduced throughout
591s the game
592s yeah
594s everybody starts with a loin Club show
597s like three sets of outfits it would be
599s much of a
601s much of an avatar stream so we're just
603s show you what we've got but yeah
606s when it gets in the game proper it will
608s actually be
612s the way until there is actually one
614s suggestion on the chat that that player
617s should start with just a caveman
618s clothing
620s yeah and then let's start from there we
622s have talked about that actually
627s that's awesome
630s yeah or I mean like really really simple
634s handmade clothes
637s yeah
640s um
641s actually sorry you know I think like 100
645s years ago the only way to get pants was
648s to make ones yourself
650s because you couldn't just go to
653s yeah like a shop and buy a pair
656s yeah
658s it was only like
660s that far back
663s yeah
665s that's something we could look at for
666s sure like it's it's getting easier and
668s easier to add clothes now so
671s um honestly I would really like to do it
674s as well it would go together with
676s everything else
678s yeah uh there was another comment uh if
681s it's possible to go back to their body
683s types that it seems like they couldn't
685s see all the only body types of you their
687s mind to be
699s actually shows better with clothes um it
702s is easier to see the difference
704s yeah
706s we can definitely go crazier with these
709s like more proportion difference but we
714s also trying to keep it within reasonable
717s limits
719s yeah
720s there's other things to consider as well
722s with like changing the body sizes too
724s much is like the animations you need to
727s kind of work with everything so we're
729s trying to find a balance with that but
730s it's like something we can keep looking
732s for another solution to if you want to
734s once you hit the threshold basically
737s things start going wrong
739s and then and then there's so many things
743s to fix to make it work it makes it not
746s worth it
747s yeah
749s somebody's asking for geophysics yeah
752s that's that's very too hard at the
755s moment yeah
756s we totally didn't didn't test them we
760s never really
762s catastrophic and turn them off yeah
765s that's for sure it definitely wasn't
766s catastrophic
768s um effects from doing that yeah
771s um
774s yeah yeah the other thing I'm not sure
776s if we've mentioned before but like
778s with the the hats there was always like
780s an issue with
782s you know you had a certain hairstyle if
785s you put a hat on you just had that hair
786s and there wasn't a lot of control over
788s it so you can see here like this
790s hairstyle is kind of carried across to
792s the hat but it's it's hidden some things
794s as if it's kind of been tucked in
797s um and then you do still have the
799s ability to change the the hair color
802s separate to the Hat now this hat has two
805s colors that you can choose plus the hair
807s is another thing
808s um
811s at all times
814s yeah so some of these hairstyles that
815s are kind of tucked away just have you
818s can see the
819s just the sort of shaved bit of the hair
822s except for that one for some reason but
824s up and that one should not have clicked
826s on that one
827s no problem
830s we agreed
834s I'll never click on it again
836s yeah so different hairstyles do work
839s with the hats
843s it's kind of cool
845s I think there was a like a issue for
848s that from like two or three years ago or
850s something like that and we finally
852s managed to do it with the new avatars
854s there good
856s I'm going to change the hair to back to
858s this and get rid of the Hat
860s so you can see my eyebrows
862s [Music]
868s cool
871s yeah
875s are you are you smiling and looking off
877s to the side at the moment I was I was
880s looking at the um my second monitor
883s um
884s just assume no matter what the Avatar is
887s doing that's what my real face is doing
888s so
891s all right
892s um
893s I think we showed a bit of this last
895s time but there's
896s a bunch of these sort of decaly
899s makeupy things as well we're adding so
905s I'm not sure how many in like exactly
907s how this is going to fit into the
908s gameplay but they're kind of just
909s cosmetic then at the moment so
912s that's something
915s yeah
916s I mean basically like that they can also
919s you can also have a body paints not just
922s face paints or tattoos or whatever you
925s want to call it
926s so I don't know if there's like
929s profession or if there's a tattoo pack
931s or you know like how we go about it but
933s we have possibility to do
936s like a war panes or tattoos or you know
940s body type things on the whole Avatar
944s head to toe
946s at the moment this was just a test we're
949s just trying different
950s yeah little things face
955s very light Almost White
958s little stars and stuff yeah
964s so I guess from here I might just move
968s on to the next phase where there's
970s there's one thing like in the case
973s people don't have webcam
976s oh yes there's still option to have fun
981s because there's another little thing for
983s no webcam people which is yep
987s expression wheel which will be a wheel
989s not yet but will be the moment it's a
993s drop down of buttons that don't fit on
995s the screen but yeah pretty much yeah
997s yeah
1000s I didn't tweak the speeds of them
1003s yeah so if basically if your webcam is
1008s not working
1009s you can you can choose different
1011s expressions for your avatar we call them
1015s we call them emojis
1017s or emotions
1020s so even in like and this is in-game
1022s feature as well so when when you meet
1025s other players in the game you can show
1026s them how you feel about them by
1030s choosing a different expression yeah
1035s all right
1037s um
1037s okay we make to this next
1039s screen I think this this one was still
1042s working on a bit but
1046s this is all working now which is nice
1048s it's got kind of a
1051s background and a four round color
1055s and this is where you take your photo
1056s that's kind of becomes your sort of
1058s profile image and
1061s [Music]
1062s this is visible like on the mini map
1067s to your driver's license photo
1070s government issued ID
1074s so
1076s can I take a photo of that
1081s just have to make this smaller don't we
1083s yeah yeah I mean there's still tweaks to
1086s happen
1087s yeah
1089s yeah so then it kind of Pops down there
1091s and other people will be able to see
1092s this image on the minimap if they're
1094s kind of hovering over
1096s oh there's actually something
1100s actually I might bring that up later
1101s it's all good we might jump into the
1103s game now on Geo if you want to like are
1105s you in the server at the moment yep I am
1108s in the server I'll share my screen to
1112s should people hide looks one second
1114s join you in a minute
1116s okay
1118s so you should be able to see my my
1121s screen now
1123s so
1125s um right now I'm using the the face
1127s tracking uh it has some parameters that
1130s you can turn up so right now it looks uh
1134s a little bit weird but right now I can
1137s show here is my hand
1139s so the right hand looks really weird but
1143s that's because that's because my
1144s microphone is on the way of my right
1146s hand so I'm just waiting in my left hand
1149s right now to the display
1151s so we can see that the Avatar tries to
1156s mimic uh
1158s what you're doing very sorry okay so for
1162s example if I
1164s if I wink the player trace a wig too if
1168s I try to make a angry face the Avatar
1171s tries to make the same phase I can move
1174s my my eyebrows
1179s I imagine that you can see on the on the
1181s camera and and the character that the
1183s neighbors are are moving and the same
1186s for the for remote
1189s or smile
1192s I can see you talking yeah it's it's a a
1196s little bit weird this might but yeah it
1199s it works you can
1200s uh try to send like that face I think is
1203s the name
1204s it kind of works I mean you kind of
1206s still move a little of uh a couple of
1208s parameters because it depends for
1210s example in my case my eyes are
1214s kind of close by default I mean I don't
1216s have like like really big big eyes
1219s so for the program is released to
1221s confuse when my eyes are actually close
1224s or open
1226s so you can actually move parameters to
1229s set up how much do you need to close
1231s your eyes in real life so the character
1233s includes the the eyes it's really
1235s interesting so it's going to show the
1237s the screen in a moment I'm going to
1240s share from from my screen I'm going to
1242s open the the uncle camera and look at
1245s Toby Toby you need to stop moving
1250s okay so I'm going to okay uh here it is
1255s how it looks on Toby from my camera
1259s on Earth
1261s my right hand
1262s Say it'll be there'll be a lot of
1264s settings that you can kind of tweak with
1266s these to get get it working for you um
1268s including just be able to turn on and
1269s off hand tracking because it's it's a
1272s little bit experimental but it
1274s definitely has some uses so
1276s like we were playing around last night
1279s um just taking a bunch of photos and you
1280s get some really cool stuff when when
1282s this isn't happening
1287s yeah but we can see your face moving uh
1290s I it's probably not so different to what
1292s you're doing the hand is a little bit
1294s broken because it's like inside your
1296s body but face looks good
1299s um I mean if Toby closes his eyes or
1302s open his mouth is what the character is
1305s going to do
1306s yeah I might just play with some of the
1309s settings anyway to try and get it a bit
1311s better
1312s sure I'll show my my character again one
1316s moment so you can also uh move your
1319s character hit rotation imagine that you
1322s can see on my camera that I'm I'm let me
1325s move so I'm not so like it's better
1328s so if I move my neck
1331s I can see that the character is doing
1334s what I'm doing
1337s so I think that's pretty cool the idea
1339s is to
1340s make the interactions feel more more
1343s natural I mean I
1345s I don't know if it happened to to
1347s everyone but for example for me during
1349s the pandemic it was weird not being able
1352s to interact with the people so sometimes
1355s we would make bigger calls with friends
1357s and play big games while having the the
1360s camera on because it feel more natural
1363s so imagine that that's kind of the
1365s concept that that you can interact with
1368s people while playing and and that it
1369s feels more natural than just watching
1372s the the other people water because the
1373s Avatar is doing what you are doing
1376s and you can actually say like hi or
1379s stuff like that on using your hands and
1382s I think that's really cool I mean there
1384s is still it's still a work in progress
1386s so there is a lot of things to to
1389s improve but uh we really wanted to share
1392s this version and as always we're open to
1395s feedback on on the chat to tour it and
1398s that people is saying so I'm going to go
1400s back to Toby do you have uh
1405s your did you calibrate again to be
1411s yeah I could actually go through this um
1413s setting screen if we want oh yeah sure I
1416s should switch to your screen
1418s so your screen is visible now and you
1420s can talk about these settings
1422s yeah cool
1423s yes in the settings menu on the right
1425s here we've got the Avatar menu this is
1428s where you can kind of like turn Face
1429s tracking on and off
1431s um
1431s you can also enable the Avatar view
1433s which gives you the little window in
1435s game
1436s we've got the option for lip sync as
1438s well so this is based on like the
1440s in-game voice chat so it'll it'll make
1442s the mouth shapes based on your
1444s your sound rather than your webcam
1447s I can't really do that right now with
1449s the setup I've got but
1451s um
1452s underneath that you got like different
1454s settings for your cameras so you can
1455s choose which webcam you want to use play
1457s around with the different
1459s like frames per second and resolution oh
1462s I'm sorry to be as small Interruption
1464s there so right now where you can see the
1466s the cameras if you don't have a webcam
1469s and you want to use this feature uh you
1471s can use your phone I mean right now I
1473s have two cameras like the one that I'm
1474s using for the stream and the one that
1476s I'm using for the character the one that
1477s I'm using for the character is actually
1479s my phone so some some smartphones have
1483s the possibility that you connect the USB
1486s and they just allow the option to use it
1488s as a webcam if your phone doesn't do
1491s that remember there are apps that allow
1493s you to use your phone as a webcam so
1496s it's a good option and it should work I
1499s mean I tested with two different fonts
1501s and they work for me on eco
1503s so that's it and I'm sorry the last
1506s thing before I forget uh someone asked
1508s if there is a problem if you use glasses
1511s uh no it's not problem at all you can
1513s you will see that Toby is probably
1514s wearing glasses right now
1518s yeah and also also one another thing to
1522s mention I guess for people kind of
1525s being being weary is uh the the the
1530s camera is only used for face tracking so
1534s it's only kind of recognizing positions
1537s of your eyebrows and stuff and that's
1538s the data that's being used so there's no
1541s like a video audio from the camera that
1544s goes into anywhere
1546s yeah you're good Toby yeah so this is
1549s the data here so this this webcam like
1553s the video feed never leaves the computer
1554s it's not used for anything else there's
1556s just these data points that are
1559s the little dots being used and you can
1562s even see like the the hand tracking
1564s there when I bring my hand up there's a
1566s little circle I'm wearing a dressing
1568s gown because it's like yeah
1571s six o'clock in the morning okay
1573s sure I didn't realize I've kind of
1576s forgot that I might show my face so
1578s that's right um yeah I'm not wearing my
1580s glasses at the moment because I wanted
1581s to show you so this gaze tracking
1584s is something you can enable and disable
1588s so that should is it working
1593s I think that you need to
1596s set your phase more more straight onto
1598s the camera and maybe open your lights a
1602s little bit more
1604s there we go I think you have to also oh
1606s yeah you need to do a color range yeah
1609s so in case that that is not clear look
1612s at the characterize are moving based on
1614s the on Adobe size
1618s so you can roll up your eyes when
1620s someone says something that you like
1621s like
1625s exactly
1627s um yeah and if if you're having troubles
1628s with glasses because I normally wear
1630s glasses um
1632s you can turn that off if it's a bit of
1634s an issue and your avatar will just kind
1636s of look around like they normally do
1639s um then there's a bunch of settings down
1641s here for just like tweaking the eye
1643s closed and open thresholds eyebrows zero
1646s points it's like
1652s can have
1654s constant angry face
1656s I think kind of get a bit of control
1658s over this
1663s so yeah you can kind of turn off as well
1665s the motion of certain things if you want
1668s to like have it so your eyebrows
1670s don't react at all then they'll just
1672s kind of stay where they are
1676s expression detectors like
1679s um it tries to detect what it what sort
1682s of emotion you're making and then it
1683s uses blend shapes to just go straight to
1685s that if you've got that turned all the
1687s way down then it won't do that it'll
1689s just kind of try and map the actual
1691s shapes that you're making instead of
1693s using those expressions
1696s mouth open mouth wide thresholds this
1700s one here is really cool like if you turn
1702s off head drift
1703s basically if I if I look around it it
1706s stays one to one
1709s to enable this
1711s the head will kind of move back to the
1713s center point so if you're looking around
1714s the screen that's not so
1717s obvious that you're doing that
1719s yeah and you've also got control over
1721s like how quickly that sort of happens so
1729s yeah see let's slowly go back and if you
1731s turn it all the way up
1736s whoa here you're in my view
1739s oh sorry oh yeah
1742s yeah that's fun yeah so that's all of
1745s this is calibration those advanced
1747s settings
1750s we'll just leave this now
1755s um I'll share my screen for just a
1758s second uh to answer the question so
1761s you can see that my face is struggling
1763s uh where I wear glasses or not the face
1768s tracking keeps the same I mean I kind of
1770s still
1772s control the demand
1774s move the head and the eyebrows are still
1778s working even with with the glasses so
1781s that stands for the the question that
1783s someone asked if glasses are going to be
1785s a problem but not at all uh
1787s I mean just uh so it is clear is not
1790s like we made a face rocking algorithm
1793s from zero we use some face rocking
1796s algorithms that already exist and modern
1798s face tracking uh code already allowed to
1801s work even with people are wearing
1803s glasses and stuff like that so that's
1805s why it shouldn't be a problem at all so
1808s going back to your screen tovi
1813s or you can see the the small window on
1817s the left of the toolbar that's awesome
1820s yeah
1822s so yeah this is the FW you can
1823s reposition this as well
1826s um there's another cool feature that is
1828s like really useful for this and I guess
1830s like if you're making videos and stuff
1832s if you click the middle Mouse button
1834s it'll sort of Center onto your avatar
1836s and you can
1838s circle around why am I making that face
1841s I don't know elk
1845s yeah
1847s elk yeah
1850s why not
1852s I just have to put my eyebrows up I
1854s think
1856s I just naturally
1858s have uh angry face
1861s yeah you were you were born angry hmm
1868s cool
1869s um I don't know if anything else you
1871s want to take a group photo with me Geo
1874s sure yeah let's let's say that so for
1876s that we have uh
1878s new item uh that is the tripod that that
1882s should be
1884s should be working
1887s uh
1889s is not I'm sorry it's not working for
1892s that can you try it uh just in case
1895s study I'm going to create the item again
1897s because
1916s is it working and no I mean for me not
1920s probably I need to to resolve probably a
1922s book because yeah I can see that for you
1923s is working
1924s it seems like uh working my version and
1928s Toby and I are on the same version right
1930s now I was working on some stuff before
1932s yeah
1934s uh okay the next we can see the the
1936s tripod from your camera
1938s I've got to give myself some
1941s camera film camera film as well I'll get
1944s a few just in case
1946s oh
1950s okay
1952s all right do you want to oh wait I'll
1953s take I'll take the photo you came up so
1960s got this fun old-timey effect like can
1963s you move a little bit to your
1965s uh left yep
1969s we're going to take a album photo
1973s for our band
1976s so I'll turn on this timer yeah and
1978s that's my hand actually moving oh yeah
1980s you can just receive on the on the
1982s camera
1983s you can see it let's see if we can get
1984s this elk in this shot as well it's kind
1986s of been a bit crazy yeah I've started
1988s the timer so I'm gonna run into place
1991s uh I didn't get a chance to pull a face
1995s you probably need additional time with
1997s the timer
1998s you can use three seconds five seconds
2001s or 10 seconds
2006s here go on
2018s oh yeah that's a nice picture
2021s we'll get the high-res one there
2026s yeah that's the face I was pulling I was
2028s not ready for that photo
2032s just imagining somebody getting a photo
2033s taken mid sneeze or something in real
2035s life and then
2038s yeah
2040s cool
2041s do you want to take another photo yeah
2043s 15 seconds
2059s ah cute Precious Memories
2067s [Music]
2067s um
2068s so yeah the when you use the the tripod
2071s you can uh take the picture right away
2074s or you can select the time review press
2076s the timer you can move around for the
2078s amount of time then the for is going to
2079s be
2080s taken uh you do need to craft camera
2084s film in order to use it because it
2086s records film to be to be used
2089s yeah the same for the handheld camera I
2091s was just transfer answering a question
2093s that I saw on the on the stream uh chat
2097s uh about the tripod camera once you use
2101s it you can always go back to the tripod
2103s and use it again or just press escape to
2105s to go back to normal mode or you just go
2107s too far away from the tripod the UI is
2110s going to be too close because it assumes
2112s that you you don't want to take any
2114s picture at all so I don't know you can
2116s show the last picture that you that you
2119s took
2121s yeah
2123s which would be neat I think I closed it
2132s uh Island's nice yep so you put the band
2135s name up the top here
2138s [Music]
2139s um
2140s should be good
2143s um I'll go through some of the photos we
2145s had some
2147s I didn't show off the flash as well but
2150s you've shown that in the previous stream
2155s oh those ones were a little broken
2160s yeah
2161s anyway I feel like the hand tracking and
2163s the face tracking and adds a lot more to
2166s like the types of photos you can get
2167s they can be a bit funky at times but you
2169s can also get some kind of dynamic shots
2171s which is cool Keen to see what people do
2174s like imagining like big group photos
2176s where everyone's pulling faces and
2179s waving their hands around or something
2181s but
2183s yeah
2184s it
2185s looks good too
2187s yeah I will also have some questions on
2190s the on the YouTube channel I was
2191s checking solely only teach Channel sorry
2193s if you do you have hop it up and
2198s I don't know I've just got the twitch
2200s one actually
2202s running out of screen space yes I'm here
2205s yeah I have we do have a question there
2206s about the pictures
2208s um but yeah you go
2212s sure uh yeah I'm sorry that we have an
2214s answer all the questions yeah I have my
2216s like three screens with one with ovas
2219s one checking the twitch and one with the
2221s game so it's it's kind of hard to to
2224s keep track of of allocation I'm sorry
2225s that I that we have an answer all right
2227s so let's check the question are the
2230s pictures you take in the game
2233s in the game somehow uh yep uh you can
2237s use it on a frame uh actually two if you
2240s have a picture you should be able to use
2242s it uh I hope that it doesn't break
2244s anything but yeah so on the game we have
2248s different type types of frames we have
2251s wood frame uh on
2255s I can't remember all the materials but
2257s like a lot of different frames and once
2260s you
2262s place the frame on your house or
2263s whatever you can place the picture that
2265s you just used
2267s you can decorate your house with
2270s yeah pictures you take
2274s in as many ways to take a picture so you
2277s can get some really nice stuff happening
2278s as well
2280s yeah so there's a bunch of picture
2283s picture frames um and these are also
2285s used for sort of cultural value so I
2288s think this
2290s um you showed off a bit of this in
2291s actually Jen showed this off um in this
2294s settlement stream
2296s but you can see that photo that we took
2298s is now in the picture frame you can also
2300s print photos from your um
2303s just locally that aren't taking an Eco
2305s so if you want to upload your own images
2306s but they do have to be approved by the
2309s server admins
2311s by default
2313s um and then there's also like the rating
2315s of the picture
2319s so that kind of adds to the cultural
2321s value
2322s so you've got like a really like nice
2325s photo of your town or something it could
2327s be like a really historic
2330s um like photo of the the creation of
2333s your town it could have a lot of
2334s cultural value perhaps
2338s um yeah it is it is nice like uh we we
2342s actually added a couple of different
2344s options when you when you place a flame
2347s I'm going to share my screen for
2350s for a moment
2352s um
2354s to move here I I made it like as a small
2357s video showing the that how it works but
2360s basically uh when you have different
2363s frame options that do not always match
2366s like the photo you take imagine that you
2369s took a photo that is landscape but you
2371s have a portrait frame so the idea is
2374s that you can use any of the pictures
2376s those icons that are not visible are the
2379s pictures that I took with the camera
2381s so they will fit
2384s any frame you can just enlarge it like
2388s is right now or you can remove the
2390s adoption of enlarge and you can see the
2392s original aspect ratio and it's going to
2394s have a white pixels to fill the the area
2399s so that you can use any any of the of
2401s the frames
2402s so you can see here how it looks on the
2405s on the pots so so yeah about the
2409s question we can use it on the game and
2412s also to answer the
2414s the second question that we had on
2417s YouTube was about chlorine numbers if
2421s basically the person is asking if
2424s clothes are going to include both like
2426s speed Booth or reduce calories they can
2431s um but I think that's something that we
2433s have discussed previously with James I
2435s don't know if someone is updated on that
2440s no okay I
2443s I yeah I never know I know that we have
2447s uh talk with the game designer James how
2450s about that and it's something that we
2453s keep in mind but right now is not on the
2456s top of our priority because we still
2458s have a bunch of features that we have
2461s that we want to include for the next
2462s version but I know that that's being
2465s considered I'm sorry that I don't have
2467s more information that probably is more a
2469s question for James but he's not on the
2470s stream uh but you can always DM him just
2474s in case
2477s on your screen uh anything else that you
2480s want to to talk about
2483s um I think
2485s probably the only other thing was I want
2486s to briefly touch on like the modding
2488s that we want to like modding tools we
2491s want to bring to the Avatar so
2494s unless there's anything else in game you
2496s can think of
2499s we need to show
2501s I think I think we good
2503s yeah considering
2505s cool yeah
2507s yeah so this is just
2509s just quickly like
2511s um
2514s we're gonna be uh releasing like a
2517s blender file with the avatars in it
2520s um
2521s there's also these protocols that
2522s malenko's done up that kind of
2524s could cover most clothing
2527s um
2528s like situations you can kind of drop
2530s into them and edit them and all of that
2533s the textures are all UVS
2536s nicely so you can kind of
2542s um
2544s but yeah it should be fairly easy like
2545s even if you're wanting to make like
2546s custom
2547s accessories and things like that that
2550s should be doable
2551s all of the bones are there that we use
2552s so you can
2554s like add on to the rig or you know
2556s parent certain things to certain places
2559s and there'll be like guides on how to
2561s how to work with that
2563s um
2564s and speaking of guides
2567s malenko's done one of these
2570s famous Milenko
2572s modding guides some painful experience
2575s like we we experienced painful
2578s experiences
2579s so other people too and then we shared
2584s results of a you know conclusions
2588s and solutions into this little document
2590s yeah
2592s I mean rules are still you know like
2595s they can be broken but then it becomes
2598s your problem not ours other than
2602s other than that you know you can do
2604s whatever
2605s yeah
2607s these are just things that work
2611s so yeah yeah so like we we kind of use
2615s this internally as well but
2617s yeah yeah this is basically our team our
2620s team references starting points for them
2623s to do work but it it can be applied
2627s universally
2628s just some general ideas about
2632s you know when making clothes
2634s so the wrinkles I'm I I became
2639s uh wrinkle connoisseur in the process of
2643s working or this Avatar thing I didn't
2644s even know how wrinkles work before this
2648s but then now I do
2650s yeah
2653s yeah so that's that should be useful
2656s um I'm not sure how many people on the
2657s stream are into their models
2660s I wouldn't seek too many but the few
2663s people who are Keen to do their own
2666s stuff it's there for them
2671s so yeah
2672s yeah I think that's about it
2676s um
2678s I'll just check the chats and see if
2681s anyone's screaming at me that I missed
2683s wardrobe
2684s Luca yeah sorry
2690s I did put down a wardrobe and it had
2692s stuff in it
2696s I think it was over here there it is
2699s once you get in game
2702s you can put your clothes in the
2704s wardrobes and then you can access them
2706s and there's a there's a similar Avatar
2710s editor interface that allows you to
2713s bring clothes up and into them and color
2717s them and do things
2719s ah Toby pepperoni
2724s um yeah so this this basically takes
2727s um oh actually a lot of these body
2730s modification stuff won't be
2732s possible probably from here but
2736s it'd be more of a more focused on
2737s wardrobe but it takes whatever whatever
2740s inventory you've got on your person but
2742s also stored in the um the dresses
2748s um
2749s the Wardrobe contains all the clothing
2752s assets that
2754s you accumulated in a game up until that
2757s point and I think they will be the only
2761s things accessible in this UI but once
2765s you access them you should be able to
2767s modify them and
2769s adjust them
2771s and they said not don't click on that
2774s shirt yet
2777s keep forgetting
2778s yeah
2780s Camera Pants yeah they're cool
2783s yeah
2784s everything should become
2787s yeah can my camera makes everything look
2790s good
2790s it just looks looks good
2793s like
2796s Smith outfit the outfit just came up
2801s keep on saying it
2803s that that feature is nice because you
2805s can't go from your sport clothes or to
2808s your office clothes in no time
2811s yeah
2813s exactly
2814s and there's also addition that that we
2817s didn't get to yet with his which is
2820s mannequins
2822s hmm
2823s I I don't know if this point mentioning
2826s it at this point but I guess I I
2827s mentioned it already but you know yeah
2829s that's cool and I didn't say it but it
2833s technically you can do an outfit and do
2835s like direct outfit swap
2838s all of it at once yeah they kind of save
2842s you different outfits yeah um you
2846s yeah just arrange them and just like
2849s go through swap one with the other
2853s yep
2854s but this that's down the line still so
2857s yeah
2859s I didn't stress sucks either yeah
2862s I'll show them
2864s all right
2867s we also we added because we felt like it
2872s was lacking
2880s do I have some shorts
2890s yes some shots and then yeah like we can
2893s we can wrap up
2895s stream on sucks
2898s that seems like as good a place as any
2900s to yeah why not yeah oh no
2910s my shorts ah
2913s I know where that happened
2921s Geo would you like to show you some
2922s socks
2923s you're already wearing shorts
2925s oh yeah but I don't have access to the
2930s um I think you need to give me
2933s permission because it's not sure for
2936s everyone
2939s it's an unknown property um if you give
2942s yourself the dev tool
2947s difficult
2949s yeah we should be able to
2954s then right click on it it should
2957s not he's not I mean he's not uh
2962s getting highlighted but I think that it
2963s has to do with my book where I couldn't
2965s place our object before uh I think that
2968s my staging version has some issues that
2972s because
2974s oh there we go
2978s I could just take the pants off
2980s let's make another stream
2983s nah I can show the socks we're showing
2985s the socks
2988s well I can show you some of the socks
2991s yeah
2992s yeah
2994s hey
2997s get wet socks with
3000s red hearts
3002s [Music]
3007s you've been asking for it the community
3009s wanted socks yes and now they get this
3012s one
3014s occurrence about sucks
3016s all the time every day I read them yeah
3019s people message where's me sucks
3024s it actually takes up a significant part
3026s of the day reading comments about socks
3028s so
3029s good they're here you can stop messaging
3032s yep they exist they're they're different
3036s lengths
3038s you can put them on tint them
3041s some of them have hearts
3043s patterns yeah
3049s cool uh there's one last question I
3053s think about the clothes color being
3055s stored with the clothes yep another one
3062s I think yeah at the moment it will be
3064s the color of to sort of you you've set
3067s these colors based on
3069s you know your pants are this color your
3071s shirts this color
3073s um that is something we want to
3075s look at I remember talking to Jen's
3077s about it um
3079s sort of each each one having its own
3082s color
3083s um maybe not even being able to sort of
3085s change it after you've bought it from
3086s the Taylor so the tailor kind of gets up
3089s but
3094s game Design Elements basically and you
3097s will you will
3099s you will use whatever is the best to be
3102s used I am big fan of people with
3105s specific skills only being able to
3109s create particular clothes and you know
3111s like once you get them you can't alter
3113s them
3114s yeah but you know those people are the
3118s only ones who can sell you or Supply
3120s those quotes for you
3122s and same we were talking about again
3125s like buddy pains and tattoos and even
3128s maybe haircuts I don't know
3131s yeah
3133s even some people mentioned the idea of
3135s having tattoo artists that can create
3137s custom stencils for your screen that'd
3140s be cool
3141s yeah
3144s also the hairdresser
3148s yeah
3150s and maybe Taylor and I don't know boot
3153s maker the Steeler make backpacks if if
3156s you were to get a backpack would it be
3159s from the tailor
3160s yeah
3163s all right so oh Cloud all the all the
3167s stuff clothes is Taylor
3172s and then there's also we didn't do a
3174s match of the of the face where but yeah
3178s we would have like masks and glasses in
3182s you know different things that you can
3184s put on your face
3186s yeah
3187s so at the moment we're kind of just
3188s trying to get it up to the level that it
3190s was like option wise
3193s yeah but it's really easy for us to add
3196s new stuff now so we can kind of we've
3198s learned so much
3199s and and we we developed
3203s we developed it to the point where we
3205s can add new stuff pretty quickly and
3208s usually so
3209s yep
3212s cool
3213s um I think that's it if I've missed
3216s anything feel free to scream at me in
3218s the chat somewhere
3220s yeah I think that we don't have uh any
3222s more questions on on either of the on
3225s the chats
3226s uh as always we are open to feedback so
3230s feel free to contact us if you have any
3233s question
3234s and I think that should be anyone want
3238s to say anything else
3241s no all good thanks for watching I guess
3245s yeah thanks heaps
3248s thank you everyone uh we'll do a
3250s Nordstrom this week and thank you again
3254s bye bye see ya

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