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1s and we're live hello everyone welcome to
5s another Friday stream with strange Loop
7s games
8s I'm Jens and we have Toby here with us
11s that we've seen a couple of streams now
13s hopefully we'll see him more on more on
15s camera here
17s hi how's it going everyone
20s uh it's very early for me so I'm still
22s drinking my coffee yeah yeah Toby's
26s down down under far away on on an
29s opposite time zone so he is very early
32s in the morning on on Saturday
35s uh so very very happy to have you here
38s and very
39s thankful to um have you be able to
42s participate in this in this Saturday
45s morning streams
46s it should be fun yeah
48s um so to start off
51s um there is a slight delay in what we
54s were hoping to have our settlement
56s stream
58s um today as I know a lot of people have
60s been looking forward to but
61s unfortunately that got a post uh pushed
63s and postponed to next week
66s um I believe Dennis can probably
67s accurately
69s um correct me if I'm wrong
71s and today we'll simply go over some of
75s the uh some of the post 10 ideas plans
78s designs and
79s things that we are cooking things that
82s we have not really shown off yet
85s um yeah the the reason for the delay
87s being GDC being this week so that an
90s occupied John which
92s uh is a main component to be able to be
95s able to show off settlements
98s um
98s and
100s yeah that that's it for settlements I
103s think we'll just hide and pretend that
105s we
107s um we can see it next week
109s uh
112s so for what we have planned for today
114s well we've got a couple of objects that
116s we haven't really shown off yet that
118s we've added recently and that kind of
120s fits in with the settlement theme and we
123s wanted some new some new signs some
125s bigger bigger Billboards and things that
128s can help people write the text and
130s [Music]
131s um
132s also
134s kind of just help give a bit more
137s Aesthetics and then just like General
139s General extra things in the world that
141s makes it look more like an actual world
145s and you can have more
147s um just more unique uniqueness to your
149s settlements
153s I think we can just dig straight through
155s it I do have a couple of issues with
156s unity right now that is it's misbehaving
158s a little bit so the frame rate is
160s tanking uh from somewhere I haven't
162s really been able to nail it down so I do
165s apologize for it
166s the slightly lower frame rate than usual
169s uh it's still probably gonna be better
171s than Australian internet screaming so
175s gotta frame rate
176s uh yes we can transition over here and
181s we have
184s adjust that a little bit uh there we go
187s now we have unity and unity is playing
189s a bit foul as said so
193s banners and billboards and borders or
195s kind of Border declarations I guess or
197s however you want to see it like big
200s signs that you come up along highways
202s and Roads and things like that
204s is something that we
207s haven't really had in Eco we have a
209s bunch of signs which is quite a large
212s volume and a lot of different
213s Alternatives and and visual styles that
216s I'm really really happy that we have so
219s everyone can kind of make their own
220s things and we have the ability to add
222s icons and different kind of colorization
225s on the text and a lot of a lot of
228s customizations for it
230s but we haven't really had these really
232s big
234s announcement signs or like really really
237s huge signs which we're kind of remedying
240s today
242s um apparently shop doesn't really want
244s to hide let's
245s just we can get rid of that
248s we have the
250s we have three variations of them and we
252s have three with two types but three
254s variation formats we have the huge
259s I think it's called huge wooden sign
264s I'm absolutely fantastic when it comes
266s to remembering the names of the items
269s I've added to the tech tree myself so
271s uh game sign let's just do this and get
274s the whole
275s this is this is the amount of science we
277s have in the game
279s that's a lot of science that is a lot of
281s science
282s uh
283s and apparently I scaled up as well
287s huge that's the one that's that's the
289s ones we're looking for huge
292s and they're a sign
294s and then we have huge iron that's right
298s and we have a steel one
301s so let's start with
304s currently not steel iron steel iron is
308s not a thing apparently and I apologize
310s for the
312s I mean can we disappear there we go
317s so we have the ground version of them
319s and we have
322s um
323s these are among the the new ones this is
326s the canvas wooden one
327s which is crafted through uh the hewn
331s logs and fabric and
334s some of the new linen yarn that you
337s acquire from plants
339s uh this is
341s an amazingly sized sign
347s look at that amazing
350s it's it's pretty big it is pretty big
353s this thing is
356s the other one
357s these signs are eight tiles wide so they
361s can cover most roads that you're trying
363s to place them on
368s that one yeah as well
370s we got this deal on
373s and these have equivalents in tiers as
376s well so you have the wooden one which is
379s this nice canvas looking one and then we
381s have the iron one which is
384s and a flat steel looking
386s iron Cyanogen change your time of the
389s agents oh yeah well I I do want to but I
393s mean give me just just a second here
395s okay we have one more which is the steel
397s modern one
400s um which is
402s looking like this
404s and this thing where I kind of wanted to
406s keep it my time actually has lights and
408s I see is lighting up
410s so these are the ones that you can kind
413s of place on the wall or on the ground
414s and can have along along buildings or
417s whatnot and then we also have
419s equivalent ones that are standing on
423s pillars or legs portals uh frames
426s which whichever you kind of
430s use frame
432s raised wise to do and I believe that one
434s was the iron one so it is the same kind
438s of format for it but it's in a
441s elevated States you can have this over
442s highways or entrances into towns or
446s you want to have it on your parking lot
448s and advertise sale of goods or
451s whatever you feel like
453s and we have of course we have the
455s equivalent one for the
457s that one as well and I wanna
461s have the uh
464s what was that one called a good one help
466s me here
467s can you can you find it for me
469s I'll find it
472s so
474s fines or or
475s the advertisement bread and butter where
478s people can just like write up whatever
481s they want whatever they feel like and
484s something that
486s not all too many people were seemingly
489s aware of I've been talking about it on
491s Discord a little bit where
494s you have the colorization for fonts
497s um
497s not sure how well the font the actual
499s TMP font change works
502s so I'll probably avoid that but
505s or
507s there we go
509s um when you're adding text here so we
511s got text template here
514s and then that pops up as as normal we're
518s still adding things so you can you can
519s be able to do this on both sides
522s yeah that's the one thank you
525s um so what how do you do it if you
527s wanted to add colorization to it well
528s you you run it as HTML code
532s which is basically just telling it to
534s use color
535s and then telling it either in HEX code
538s or just what color you want to use and
541s then that will colorize anything that is
543s beyond that point
545s so now we have red text on this
547s and this is looking amazing kind of hard
550s to see in the dark due to the nature of
552s the dark red color
555s uh
557s time noon
561s and as I said this works with hex code
564s as well so this would just be like
566s uh
571s that I think
573s isn't that how hex code works yeah
575s there we go
577s so this also allows you to kind of add
580s signs and add different types of icons
583s and you can see if I can remember
586s uh
588s uh how to how the phrasing for this is
591s so we got icon
593s or is it Eco icon
595s go icon
597s icon and the name mechanics
601s and I believe that's the case
606s um that's for a question the the lights
609s on the signs I believe that's not
611s necessary at the moment yeah look at
613s that I even remember how to use icons
615s properly immediately
617s nice
621s it'd be nice to have some sort of editor
623s for that one day like instead of having
625s to remember the code but yeah like in
629s insert just insert icon and then you
631s just drag the icon in here or something
633s that's definitely something that we can
636s look at from kind of usability because
638s this is this is a lot to remember or
641s constantly have to check up if you're
644s not all too familiar with HTML which
647s I'm not yeah you know we're not
649s expecting everyone to do which is
652s partially why the Wikipedia page popped
655s up and we might actually do an entry on
658s that in our own
659s ecopedia here like
662s dealing with with like
664s um
665s lines or something in here where you
667s could have these kind of formats and
669s different examples on how you can use
670s this but this will take like underlying
673s bold
673s it did take size to a certain degree
677s um
679s so this will take any string or any
682s reference to any type of item or object
685s so if we do like red
687s it'll grab the tag or the bread
691s or if you wanted the actual specific
693s bread you would need to do red item
696s and it kind of pops up and just
698s beautiful
700s you can do
702s an amazing
704s awesome cheap red at the highest quality
712s how can someone resist that bread it's
714s amazing yeah
716s um so
718s this this all let me just grab that one
721s because like we got close that one last
724s year
725s huge wooden Banner
728s we have this one as well for the
731s wooden the wooden one so that one has a
733s little bit of detail with wood and rope
735s and
737s other things
739s currently I don't have the new Avatar
741s enabled on on develop so that's why you
744s have this Martian looking guy yeah
748s the Hulk yeah the Hulk
751s um
753s yeah we've got we've got those that will
755s probably help
757s give that entry and maybe advertise say
759s Hey you know looking for new settlers
762s um please come over here or
764s if you really really need that iron bar
766s you can write it out on a bigger side
768s now so anyone can pass and then know
770s that you need iron bars
772s we also have a bunch of new fun things
776s stripes and
779s smaller banners and smaller kinda
782s player to celebrations
786s one thing
788s these currently don't have icons yet but
793s they do they're being plugged in at the
795s moment yeah I should correct that yeah
797s they're underway they do have icons
799s they're just not completely
805s so there's a couple of them and they
807s look a little bit like curtain-ish we'll
810s need the canal
813s are you sad there we go
817s um as you can see we're still you know
819s should be should be obviously stated
821s that this is a developed build we are
823s working on things heavily
825s um
826s so things are a little bit less working
828s than
831s um optimal and
834s you're not representing the the actual
836s complete state of it
837s um as we've done some pretty significant
840s system upgrades which has been
842s critical in terms of continued
844s development in terms of the interactions
847s it's allowed us to do things like
848s optimizations with the entity changes
851s and how you're interacting with crops
853s and plants and World objects
865s Do you want to build
867s as I'm flying around here are you you're
869s in here somewhere having
871s you're up to something around here
874s I have a feeling well I'm not I'm not
877s but I should be you should be uh
882s I think you can pop out the rest of the
885s buntings and kind of
887s can I drop that out or
889s um we also have
890s did those get plugged in yet I think
892s they got
893s we do give them to and we can take a
896s look at the human blocks
900s uh you know
902s that's called
909s and we have
913s I believe some of these starting to get
916s their accurate
919s um
920s accurate textures
926s which are more
929s you should be getting
931s there we go
940s do we have
944s these are now getting a bit more to
946s their polished finalized texture shapes
949s um in terms of human blocks
951s and I believe we have them plugged in
953s for the software team blocks
957s which Toby I believe that being the case
961s or you know what it is I was not looking
963s at your screen sorry
966s dark blocks yes
969s yeah I believe the softwood and the
971s hardwood should be done now
974s yeah there's one little bug with the
975s soft wooden hardwood but the
978s they should be all done
981s oh
982s and and on that subject our interaction
984s well we weren't really or I wasn't
987s really gonna go into it too much
989s but I do kind of want to give people a
992s bit of insight into this and something
994s that we would really appreciate some
997s feedback on once we go into and
999s not just feedback but
1002s General
1003s people's opinions and experiences when
1006s they're when they do test out the um
1009s to play this build as we rework the
1012s algorithm for how blocks are being
1014s detected when you're trying to build and
1015s place them so this is something that's
1017s still highly experimental and
1020s where it
1022s previously you kind of
1025s it got kind of unpredictive where if you
1028s wanted to build something
1032s flying just to give that proper way so
1035s when you were trying to build something
1036s forward
1037s you had to be in point of view
1041s or a point placement
1043s and then it was kind of unpredictable to
1047s which direction you were placing your
1049s blocks
1050s but still a little bit
1052s some overlapping and some fine tuning on
1054s it but essentially now
1056s the block is properly allocated into
1058s different grids
1060s and depending on where your
1062s where you're pointing or where your
1064s interaction cursor is kind of heading
1067s towards is where you're placing
1068s different blocks so this allows you to
1070s do something like placing diagonally
1071s which you haven't been able to do before
1074s and I'm hoping that this is something
1076s that will help
1078s increase the quality of life a little
1079s bit about for people especially that
1081s enjoys building and
1084s this makes it a lot easier to kind of
1087s adjust and
1088s place in a Precision manner
1091s unless it's it it's still got some like
1095s issues and weird edge cases but this is
1097s like this this would be my favorite
1099s feature that goes into 10 almost
1101s get this um if we get this all working
1104s and Polished up it's like there's been
1107s so many times like it's it's difficult
1109s to place things like ramps and
1112s um like yeah basically any of those sort
1113s of pieces this is way more predictive so
1119s I hope we can get it all polished up
1121s time for Tim yeah and I think I think
1124s it's it's an it's an unsuspected little
1127s nice feature that people are gonna
1129s enjoy
1131s um as I said it is more predictive and
1133s it's also easier for us to do changes
1135s too and make sure that we eliminate more
1138s of these edge cases where they do have
1140s kind of like a weird overlap when you go
1142s from a left block to right block and
1144s then the first initial pass still kind
1146s of puts you on the left side which isn't
1147s really intended so
1149s there's still a couple of things that
1150s are leaving out but
1152s pretty confident that we'll be able to
1154s to get most of these
1156s all this stuff and then
1158s ironed out during the play test as
1160s people
1161s people have different opinions and and
1163s hopefully hopefully provide those
1165s opinions to us
1167s um
1167s so we can work on it and then gonna
1170s improve everyone's
1172s everyone's situation
1175s now
1176s uh we have some some cool things that
1180s we're planning on and working around
1182s for post 10. so this is you know a big
1186s disclaimer of this is things that you'll
1188s likely not see in 10 but more towards
1192s a follow-up sequential update for like
1194s 10.1 10.2 or
1197s um
1198s depending a little bit on on you know
1202s um parts around it either it be certain
1206s food as or certain food items that needs
1208s to be generated or
1210s just general technical things that might
1212s come up
1213s um
1215s and one of them is
1218s the canary
1223s um is that is that I think it should be
1225s in or is that not
1227s did I not add that to detectory Prior do
1229s I need to do I need to do a prefab thing
1231s for it
1234s yeah I do well
1238s while
1239s drag it in
1241s yeah I can I can drag it in but I need
1243s to
1244s you go out of go out of full screen
1247s let's do
1249s let's fetch it
1251s [Music]
1255s if it's in here wasn't it called Canary
1257s or is it called something completely
1259s different
1260s we can grab the uh we can grab the
1262s smoker because that is also part of that
1265s now Improvement into cooking and
1268s it'll be a bit of a continued subject
1271s here on the stream as well
1272s food is a super important part of Eco
1274s and
1276s the production of it the collection of
1279s and the supply chain along the way and
1282s as well as crafting stations and
1283s interactions for them
1285s so a few things that we felt were
1287s missing out is one kind of a way to
1289s further improve storage
1292s as well as kind of treatment and and
1295s longevity of produce which Humanity has
1300s solved by introducing a cool feature for
1304s canning Goods which everyone is probably
1307s familiar with
1308s and
1310s smoking is the other part of it where
1313s you salt or smoke to kind of drain
1316s moisture out of out of meat in
1319s particular
1321s you make it last longer
1323s and
1325s if it wants to play nice here does it
1327s want to play nice
1329s wrapped into the scene View
1333s I gotcha I got your canner as well
1336s oh yeah
1337s canning assembly so that's called that's
1339s what it's called so yeah since I didn't
1342s have this added to the tech tree we
1343s can't see the fancy animations for it
1345s right now but that's that's my bad it
1347s does have a little smokiness here to it
1350s so this will be one of the sort of
1353s future upcoming things that we want to
1355s add into and get some new some new Foods
1359s um some new recipes some cool ways to
1361s kind of make food that might last longer
1363s than your average cooked meal
1366s uh has tons of potential
1369s uh
1371s and I'll go into full screen here in a
1373s second
1375s and then we've got
1377s this bad boy as well
1380s let's just grab this one and this is
1383s yeah I can actually Place one down
1386s oh it was it it was in there somewhere
1389s yeah
1390s you've just called canning assembly
1393s uh it's got all the animations running
1395s as well some really nice animations
1397s that's what I did on this yeah could
1399s this machine
1401s yeah so this is our second Corner second
1404s width I can kind of machine that will
1406s allow you to do this so we have a couple
1408s of ideas here where
1411s there is a generic type
1413s input for say canned vegetables or
1416s canned fruit and then you would have the
1419s tagged usage for it which means you
1421s could have a multiple variations now
1424s this is this animation is and and
1426s Cannery is kind of specific to fish
1429s um but this will probably be something
1431s that we cannot weak with with the
1432s animations and having different kind of
1433s produce
1435s um
1436s so this will produce thin cans of goods
1441s and
1442s I'm gonna check in here and
1445s right now it doesn't have any recipes or
1447s anything set up so
1449s pretty pretty blank pretty sad but
1452s once it gets in and once it gets going I
1455s think everyone's gonna appreciate some
1457s some new ways to kind of sustain
1459s food and storage in a more
1462s interactive way
1464s and offer Alternatives in terms of
1466s stores being able to sell different
1469s different types of produce where
1474s fresh food versus canned food is going
1475s to be kind of susceptible to
1479s different potential changes
1482s and then we have
1485s so on we've got one more that kind of or
1490s two more objects that
1492s some servers have seen usage for that
1496s they might have toggled them on one of
1498s them is a follow-up on the camera
1500s discussion and Camera debate now we were
1503s we were having this old timey camera
1507s um that would be representative to the
1510s mid stages of the game
1514s and you have this handheld semi-digital
1517s camera that leads into
1521s leads into kind of Modern Age it allows
1524s Zoom it allowed you know some some
1525s different kind of filtrations and
1527s options Flash and then fancy things that
1530s you can toggle and cannot play around
1532s with but we were discussioning the
1534s possibility of adding some way to kind
1537s of track history
1538s and take pictures early game from like
1542s you know crude stage their own age into
1545s early Iron Age where
1547s you don't have access to the mechanical
1549s devices or you don't have access to high
1550s technology and cameras not really
1553s something that you kind of cook up with
1554s two sticks and
1556s in our Stone and just slap together
1559s so we were discussing
1561s how we wanted to introduce something
1563s that would allow you to take images
1567s without that fancy technology and one of
1569s the things that kind of cropped up was
1570s the whole idea with paintings
1573s or you know painting paintings
1575s and the immediate concern when it comes
1579s to
1580s on my end from a design perspective is I
1583s also need to take into consideration
1586s General
1587s player
1591s security but also
1594s um
1595s the whole kind of controversy with
1597s profanity and and the internet as a
1599s whole where we've seen some crazy things
1602s in other games that allow you to do free
1603s painting like
1605s Arc and rust and and those types of
1608s games where you have on you you
1610s basically get feather canvas and you can
1612s just draw on it like
1613s Ms paint
1615s yet we still wanted to
1618s capture scenery and capture objects and
1621s be able to do that
1623s early on so we were cooking up was
1628s uh
1630s having something like this
1634s ask the camera tool object so you would
1637s interact with an easel
1639s and you would get
1641s you would have this kind of stationary
1644s position
1645s where you take a framed image similar to
1648s how you interact with the camera
1650s but instead of giving you an actual
1652s photograph you would get a stylized
1656s rendition of the world
1658s so instead of being in this perfect
1659s picture frame you would have you know
1662s something that looks like the picture
1664s but ran through
1667s um
1671s a conversion to kind of look like a
1672s realistic painting or you know it would
1674s turn into an oil painting
1677s yeah we could maybe have different
1679s filters for different different paint
1680s Styles and I also really liked Yo's idea
1683s of the instead of the camera UI you kind
1685s of like putting your fingers up like
1687s this to
1689s to do the frame or using your thumb or
1692s something like that
1693s yeah
1694s that'd be cool
1697s um so that's kind of where our where our
1699s thoughts are on the camera and and I
1701s think
1702s it could potentially have a lot of
1705s a lot of extra things and there was kind
1707s of this Novella novelty idea of you know
1710s you could take these a bunch of images
1712s on your town or on your bottle
1713s settlement and you would have these made
1716s with the easel and you can kind of see
1718s the transition when you're taking images
1720s between the old-timey camera and then
1722s the modern one then you can see this
1724s rural landscape on the initial photos
1727s and then it kind of has time and then
1729s technology progresses you get these
1731s budding Industries and and advanced
1733s complexes kind of sprung in sprung up
1735s around it
1737s that doesn't that doesn't limit you in
1739s being able to use these throughout the
1740s entire thing and take these amazing
1743s oil painting like things of
1745s your modern buildings which could look
1747s really cool
1752s uh we have one more object that is that
1755s is
1756s model and asset wise is done you've seen
1760s the printing press
1762s for people that miss the user
1766s uh were people that missed the um the
1769s user texture stream or haven't seen it
1772s this has been kind of hidden in the
1774s files for a while
1776s but this is your implementation and
1779s usage for the new user texture and
1782s photography kind of copy system
1785s where
1787s um
1788s UI still not updated on my Branch here
1790s but
1791s essentially you would grab a texture on
1793s your PC and you can print it out and
1795s then that turns into an object so that's
1798s something that we wanted to expand on
1801s now we have this amazing
1803s amazing assets and you know kind of
1806s boiling into the whole improving and
1808s adding things to
1810s paper Milling as a profession
1813s and we have
1816s this bad boy here
1819s I believe it's called paper machine name
1821s pending
1824s so this is
1827s your later stages paper production
1832s and something that
1835s I I have personally been wanting to kind
1837s of put a little bit of attention to for
1839s a while
1841s um with paper Milling being kind of a
1843s tricky profession because
1845s to not make it kind of a one trick
1847s Wonder profession
1849s we have been looking at ways to kind of
1851s introduce paper as a resource but also
1854s different types and interactions that
1856s you can do
1857s with paper
1859s and one thing that immediately kind of
1862s sprung into our minds I think in in one
1865s way or another is the idea of
1869s newspapers mail and other kind of
1872s associated areas where you would use
1874s paper
1875s there's also been speculation about
1877s adding paper as kind of a resource for
1879s civics but that one is still
1882s being kind of discussed internally so
1885s don't really have a lot to kind of go in
1887s on depth on that one
1890s but newspapers I started to draft the
1894s design for
1895s and
1896s I think I'm quite happy with it
1899s um
1900s where the general idea is to allow users
1905s to use the printing press
1907s create a kind of a template for
1911s um a visualization or a stylization of
1914s how you want things to be posted in like
1916s where you have
1918s um
1920s paper or text formats and then you have
1922s images and then you can kind of finalize
1925s things and I'm not sure how much
1927s how much I can get shoot out from
1930s Dennis if I go in and then
1932s fill some of that off
1936s got that one
1939s this is kind of sneak sneak preview here
1944s um
1944s they do have a couple of drafts for
1950s uh
1953s here we go
1955s so this would be something that
1958s as a as a very very whip
1962s um
1963s way of showing off and kind of mock-up
1965s UI where
1967s you know fiddling around with the
1967s elements and then where we want to do it
1969s before we actually make
1971s an in-game rendition of a UI example
1975s so we have these kind of three four
1977s iterations of how a UI kind of gets
1979s cooked up and
1981s combined with the features we want to be
1983s doing
1984s so in this case you would you would
1987s select or drag kind of things around or
1989s place them however you want these to be
1991s depicted and once you have these kind of
1994s printed out you would create a template
1996s the template is what you would use to
2000s feed into the pin the printer press
2003s and that would generate newspapers
2006s and these newspapers could then be used
2008s to distribute through new stands and be
2012s broadcasted as notifications to players
2015s um
2017s and there was we just need to add
2018s bicycles so we can do paper routes yeah
2020s yeah I think that could be quite fun
2023s um
2023s but no so there was there was two kind
2025s of underlying thoughts here or three in
2028s general one of them being we want paper
2030s Milling to kind of be more ingrained
2033s into the industrial sprawl and
2035s civilization but also generate the
2037s garbage
2038s um but at the same time we also want we
2041s have been wanting for quite a
2043s significant time being allow players to
2046s be more Community communicative while
2050s offline
2051s both from an administrative point on the
2055s server but also between users
2058s and
2060s one of the ideas there was that you
2062s would have this
2064s newspaper and you would deliver it to a
2067s settlement or a town
2069s and this would then be broadcasted
2071s through another notification similar to
2074s this one
2076s and then show up here and you can click
2077s read the newspaper that is in you know
2080s the newspapers that are in the region
2085s uh just giving giving a bit more
2089s to do in general just outside of buying
2092s iron work progress build more machines
2094s progress and can add more into the
2098s cultural depth and
2100s change it or interchange
2103s um
2104s sorry words
2108s I am I think as well like we talked
2111s about it a little bit with the
2112s photography stream but like
2115s you could kind of have these journalists
2117s popping up that are going out and
2118s getting stories and taking photos and
2120s writing things up
2123s um you have like a
2124s a huge like newspaper that's buying
2127s these stories from all different people
2128s you kind of like if you get a really
2130s cool picture of something you can sell
2131s it to the paper
2133s so it's there's some interesting
2134s gameplay opportunities there as well
2137s yeah and also you would have urinalists
2140s being able to sell papers or you know
2143s make these Publications or have have the
2146s players post ads in them or
2149s yeah discounted food at my store
2152s only for today and then that article is
2155s up for 24 hours and then once it the
2157s case you know you don't have to worry
2158s about
2159s changing out that article because the
2161s newspapers kind of
2163s gone through the gone through the
2165s process and gotten dismantled because
2166s it's it ran out or its time ran out
2170s so there's a lot of a lot of
2172s possibilities here that we're wanting to
2174s explore and
2176s look into
2178s and
2181s we have
2184s I think one more thing
2186s that is that is kind of a huge thing
2191s um
2193s we were I've teased about it a little
2195s bit in in
2196s and about let me just
2200s find that thing
2202s and we got this one and then you
2204s probably saw that title up there
2206s so something that
2209s is quite far out but
2213s kind of starting to get its underlaying
2216s design
2217s ready to go now anything in here is
2222s really preliminary and and should be
2225s taken with a truckload of salt
2228s possibly
2230s but one profession tree as well that's
2233s been kind of hanging out and and been
2235s very bland is the whole hunting section
2238s and The Butchery
2240s where we feel that it's a vital
2243s essential part of the food industry
2246s as well as producing a lot of waste due
2248s to biomaterials and
2250s processing methods but also quite
2252s heavily involved into farming and why
2255s crop growth and and fertilizing and all
2258s of those kind of intertwining Arts
2262s deserves quite a significant amount of
2265s attention and something that we want to
2268s expand on
2270s so I'm really looking forward to keep
2273s working on this and keep kind of
2275s iterating on it until I'm happy with it
2277s and we can start
2279s working on it and implementing it in
2281s game and I'm hoping that a lot of
2283s players are
2285s as stoked as I am for it
2289s um this this whole hunting but true
2292s thing is also leading into something
2294s that
2295s has been promised for for a long time
2297s and still not ready
2299s for quite a bit yet but
2303s um
2304s looking forward to kind of dig into it
2306s and that is animal husbandry as a whole
2309s so hunting Hunter will be renamed into
2313s animal husbandry and that will kind of
2316s umbrella
2317s all the different parts of it
2320s so all of these names kinda
2324s patent pending
2326s um
2328s where The Butchery part kind of takes
2329s care of all the different parts of the
2332s animals
2333s and
2335s open that up a little bit
2339s pork do I see do I see pork on there I I
2343s don't know what you're talking about
2348s oh sorry no no pork there okay cool
2351s [Laughter]
2354s no there's there's a couple of
2356s a couple of animals that we're looking
2358s into adding expanding the ecosystem
2360s we've done some changes to plants and
2364s its spread rate
2366s um
2367s Butchery as a whole I think I think
2369s everyone is
2371s it works as is right now but we feel
2373s that it is a part where it can be so
2376s much more
2377s and it deserves to be so much more
2379s because it is an essential transition in
2382s between
2384s when you went from wild animals to wild
2387s animals being Kano
2389s either gets hunted down to low
2394s population levels or simply because you
2397s need a more reliable stable production
2401s and that is where
2403s domestication kind of comes in where
2406s Humanity decided that you know we don't
2409s want to run around in the forest to hunt
2410s things we want it to be reliably
2412s available
2414s um throughout the year or
2416s for things like milk and wool production
2419s or eggs where
2421s it was a necessary survival path for a
2424s lot of regions
2426s and this is kind of growing this is
2430s probably going to be twice twice in
2432s scale in terms of this
2434s this the flow chart where I'm gonna go
2436s into each of these steps what do you
2439s want
2441s um starting from the top here you would
2442s go into the different animal types
2445s what are they producing do they have
2448s um waste and how do you manage the waste
2452s the different types of products how do
2454s those how does those products link into
2456s Butchery
2458s um
2459s maintaining these animals are they Wild
2461s free roaming
2463s are you catching them are you taming
2465s them are you using bait rope there's a
2467s lot of a lot of fine Parts here
2470s that will go through on a dedicated
2474s stream in the future once we and I
2477s really breaking this up a little bit
2479s more but
2481s hopefully serves us enough of a
2483s distraction from
2485s from missing the settlement today
2489s yeah giving people a little bit to kind
2492s of think about what what we have in
2494s store in future for Eco as we'll keep
2496s developing it
2498s you know one just because we're done
2500s with 10.0 and we got boats in and we got
2502s battlements in we're not done not by a
2504s long shot
2506s um looking forward to adding all these
2508s new all these new cool improvements and
2511s just
2512s extra things to the game that makes it
2514s more interactive and
2517s um
2518s yeah it's gonna be good to spend a bit
2521s of time looking at the animals because
2522s like
2523s obviously they've got a few issues at
2525s the moment that need polishing up so to
2527s be able to dedicate that time get get
2530s the ones that are in polished up but
2531s then also adding new ones we've got a
2534s couple in the in the works as well that
2535s are pretty much done but we're just
2538s holding off to putting them in until we
2540s kind of get that chance to polish it all
2543s yeah um but yeah this would be a fun one
2545s to work on
2547s yes Utopia is a lot of interesting stuff
2549s I hope he's really looking forward to it
2550s it has been
2552s it's been one thing to to really dig
2553s into animals and everything animal for a
2555s time here
2557s and so is our animated um he's like
2561s he's he's excited but there's a lot of
2564s work to do for animating those as
2566s animals but he definitely wants them
2567s fixed so
2569s yeah so on on post settlements you'll
2573s you'll likely see some animal fixes and
2575s some ecosystem focus and that kind of
2577s boils into
2580s polish off the crafting UI some changes
2583s garbage pollution because pollution is
2585s kind of the trifecta tying these things
2587s together where you're crafting things it
2590s creates waste waste to produces
2592s pollution pollution is treated somehow
2595s to be able to sustain that production
2597s you're gonna need food food kind of
2599s boils into
2600s either Gathering farming expanding crops
2604s dealing with animals
2607s and animal husbandry kind of gives you
2611s that hour of not having to constantly
2614s run out and Hunt things but to be able
2616s to just
2618s um make bigger Farm fields to feed these
2621s animals to then allow you to kind of
2624s have
2625s localized production for things like
2627s meat furball that has so far in Eco
2630s always been kind of dependent on someone
2632s running around and hunting these
2634s um so that'll be a very exciting New
2636s Branch to kind of dig into
2639s and eggs and eggs
2642s we've got we've got turkeys here
2646s we might have some other animals as well
2650s um
2651s I'm hoping this kind of gives everyone
2654s a bit of a vision into the future where
2657s we're looking for in terms of
2659s mechanics improvements and and
2664s other cool things
2666s yeah there's a couple of comments there
2668s on that this like Ahmed Stone saying so
2671s long as Hunters don't become obsolete oh
2673s yeah
2674s um
2675s I can yeah we've got like hunting
2679s um some food in general will with
2682s Butchery as as people probably saw here
2684s we're we we have intention to kind of
2687s break up the different meat varieties
2689s so you'll have a separation for
2692s um Bisons and beef based animals versus
2695s uh birds and and like turkeys and
2698s whatnot which would be poultry
2700s um
2701s and then you had different types of wild
2703s Meats which would be Venison and
2707s um I think alligators would probably be
2709s something that were or might not allow
2711s Ranchers
2713s uh although we do we we do have some
2715s some Gator Farms
2718s um
2720s but I think that's that's going to come
2722s down to uh the game balance decision
2724s more than
2726s um a general design or an ability to do
2729s so
2730s um just to keep that relevance of
2732s hunting being a thing
2734s um and Hunter
2737s expanding into be able to play straps
2740s similar to
2741s the fish traps
2743s um to be able to hunt
2746s um I know it's kind of part passively
2748s over time as well like the fish traps
2750s but in a more predictive manner
2752s yeah
2754s um
2756s so there's there's some things coming
2758s there as well but this
2760s this whole tribe tripod between The
2763s Butchery Rancher and hunting it will
2765s probably be bundled into one like huge
2768s animal husbandry update eventually
2773s um so I'm hoping hoping people look
2774s forward to that
2775s um gonna be fun working on it and it's
2778s gonna be amazing to see what crazy
2780s things people come up with once it's out
2784s uh yeah I think
2788s I think we'll probably wrap it up there
2790s unless unless you have something Toby
2794s nah I think it's a good just been
2796s watching your screen for a bit so
2798s yeah coming up to
2800s coming up to an hour here and I think
2803s I think it's probably a good time to cut
2804s it out
2805s um
2806s and hopefully we'll have the settlement
2808s stream next week
2811s um
2813s yeah
2814s I think I think that's it
2816s um thank you everyone for watching
2819s and yeah hope to see everyone next
2822s Friday
2823s and
2829s goodbye goodbye

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