Hey both - we're aware of this one. It's likely due to the servers being under a lot of pressure right now, but the team are looking into it.
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It's been two days

Just a couple for you:

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Hi there - we are currently implementing Update 11 so the servers are offline. Nothing bad on your end!
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This is almost comical ERROR 403 . I have had some recent issues with the game, Mainly the galaxy map locked up after I departed from Sag A. Its important to note the rest of the game ran fine!
I reported the issue to Frontier whom blamed my graphics card as it had not been updated for about a year. However I managed to turn off many of the options within the galaxy map and it seemed to clear the problem without updating the card drivers. So to keep Frontier happy I have updated the graphics card drivers and everything was back to normal with no determinable difference to the game........Today I try to play the game and this error comes up (see attached screen shot). Is anyone else got this as the game usually updates its self.

We are currently implementing Update 11 - servers are offline.
It's due to the galaxy being busy in general with Fleet Carrier jumps - it will return to normal eventually.
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Same here, seems to have been a few bugs submitted on this too.


{This is the one my friend was asked to update when he contacted support}

Sorry I've been a little quiet, been focusing on reading rather than typing. I've heavily noted the fleet carrier issues reported as one for the priorty list.

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