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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Get ready for an exciting update with Version 1.9.10! What fantastic features and improvements can you expect?

A brief list of the main feature changes and additions:
  • Added a dedicated standalone tutorial for new players
  • FPS optimization (Object Culling)
  • Radial damage hit indicator (player/vessel combat)
  • Improved Animations
  • Improved damage indication visuals (player)
  • Device/Signal group hotkeys (Control Panel)

Check out our update release video and the detailed changelog below for more details

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the contributors of bases and ships. With this update, we have added a larger batch of your submissions from the public Builders Forum (with more to come!).

As always:
For bug reports and errors, please post in this forum:

For feedback on specific points, please share your thoughts in the pinned or new threads here:

The Eleon team wishes you loads of fun playing the new version!

Changes: Convenience
  • Added hotkeys for control panel signals & device groups:
    1. Device Groups are toggled with CTRL + SHIFT + 1 to 8
    2. Signals Column are toggled with CTRL + ALT + 1 to 8​
  • Adding Occlusion Culling to structure decoration blocks & NPC's in rooms the player cannot see when in a POI & optimisations to AI multithreading have been worked on
    With both of the above optimisations available as of this build you should see an FPS boost in POI’s.
    Note: Activating godmode disables the culling so the FPS will go down to how it used to be until godmode is disabled when at a POI.
Visuals & Effects
  • Added radial damage indicator to Vessel HUD. Now players damage will appear in red & vessel damage will appear in blue
  • Added new animations for Jumping, running & sprinting, falling & crouch walking with a weapon equipped (improved)
  • Added new screen vfx for:
    1. Radiation: Activates when Body Radiations reaches 4)
    2. Poison: Activates for both stages of Poison Bite
    3. Heat: Activates when Body Temperatures reaches 38
    4. Frost: When body temp lowers to 9
  • Improved new Load/Start menu:
    1. left-aligned buttons and window title with title menu
    2. exchanged Load and Start to have most used Load at top (and no mouse move needed for loading a single player game)​
  • Added a "clear pivot point" checkbox on the BP menu window to be used before using Save As / Overwrite
  • Added two new config files (see content/configuration); Read the info in the head of the files carefully
    1. +BlocksGroupsConfig.ecf: Define custom Block Group String for better balancing Block Groups MaxCount.
    2. +GlobalDefsConfig.ecf: Combine properties and reference them in the ItemsConfig.ecf and
  • BlocksConfig.ecf with a global parameter. This way you can easily use the same values on multiple entries.
  • Added GalaxyConfig properties to hide star system from search (HideFromSearch) or map display (HideFromMap), adapted respective properties for Sectors.yam
  • Added new PDA Checks: Player adding/removing armor booster (ArmorBoostEquipped / ArmorBoostUnequipped)
  • Added 'Comment' field in all PDA data structures
  • Added PDA Check: Player un-/equips armor type (ArmorEquipped, ArmorUnequipped)
  • POI update: please retest story missions if all replaced pois still work. Thx!
  • Added several new Warlord vessels and POI (thx to teakeycee)
  • Added/updated Warlord POI (thx to sulusdacor)
  • Updated/Added Kriel POI and OPV (thx to Stellar Titan & Escarli)
  • Added/Updated UCH POI (thx to Don2k7 & Stellar Titan)
  • Added/Updated Pirates BAO (thx to Stellar Titan)
  • Added new SV wreckages for orbital junkyards (thx to sulusdacor)
  • Added Karana and Tresari POIs and OPV (thx to Escarli, Ramachandra, MatCZ and others)
  • Fixed/updatede several story POI (GLaDOutpost, PirateBaseStory, GhystPrison; thx to sulusdacor)
  • Added 'collector' random POI placeables (thx to sulusdacor)
  • Updated OPVs that had an extreme amount of Pentaxid (thx to Escarli)
Technical & Other
  • Added a “Guided Tutorial” scenario which is aimed at helping new players to learn the basics before playing survival:
    Multiple new structures are set up to be used in this scenario thanks to all these builders!!
    CrazyZ, Frank the Witch, HeckenDiver, Hootsman, Jenniphurr, Kithid, LycanThrope, LyfeForse, Jrandall, Sulusdacor & Yunaleska_Kurryku.
  • Now validating playfield names in Sectors.yaml (as they are used as folder names)
  • Pointer: NPC weapons ZiraxAssaultRiflePlayer & ZiraxShotgunPlayer damage revert
  • Default Multiplayer: Removed Story related POIs
  • Main localization updated
  • Added Help buttons to Repair Bay, Repair Station and Armor Locker windows
  • When publishing / updating a Workshop scenario all .yaml.bin files are deleted before upload (to avoid possible problems for subscribers)
  • Add console command to switch loca texts with source KEYs in-session ("dt locakeys")
  • 00493: Possible fix for Players can get stuck in the loading screen when teleporting to another structure
  • 00171: Solar power & battery calculation issue when returning to a playfield
  • 00631: Killing one core in a multiple-core POI will deactivate NPC Spawners
  • 00560: Auto-leveling the player by gravity in 1PV.
  • 00691: copy block type works in Survival
  • Fixed spawners in Zirax Trading Outpost
  • 00536: Several PDA Checks don't work with 'Token:xyz' syntax in Types parameter list
  • Connected toolbar items disappear after using the game backup option
  • 00783: Vanishing deco after a POI block has been destroyed
  • 00780: Console map holo makes blocks behind invincible
  • 00798: Teleporters not in the network are also blocked by Friendly-only usage limitation
  • 00835: HeartBeat sound played multiple times after stamina depletes.
  • 00675: Personal Container has no working drop/trash boxes when opening the 2nd time
  • PDA signals not removed when exiting savegame -> still visible when loading another savegame
  • Signal logic circuit "SR Latch" didn't save its state
  • 00673: The airtight variant of Ramps 1x3x1 is not airtight
  • 00824: Laser SMG holo sight is off in relation to the point of impact
  • Fixed Merdar not loading in the Invader vs Defender Scenario
  • Invader vs Defender: Fixed PlanetType in SpaceWarpTarget: Resulted in Explorer Tokens not being given
  • Invader vs Defender: Fixed starting planets not loading in some cases

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